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ibPiaycn (04 th YEAR • ISSUE 61 • 10 PAGES
|o8 Ruddeil
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See extended forecast. Page 2.
jr a guests:
1 informatii
Igriculture official
present seminar
I James R. Lyons, under secretary
agriculture for natural resources
d environment, will present a semi-
Jr entitled “Critical Issues in Natural
fosse Tear! jsources Management: Implica-
4 to 6 p.m ms for National Policy” at 4 p.m.
bne is erica )V . 24, in 292 Rudder Tower.
Inotnecessi Lyons directs the policies and
bat 6946 ipervises the activities of the U.S.
rest Service and the Natural Re-
e Appretpyrces Conservation Service.
I free Anir
pns Librart
For more
na-s ^ad holiday service
Members of the Campus Minis-
rs Association will lead an All-Uni-
rsity Thanksgiving Service at 7:30
m. today at All Faiths Chapel on the
xas A&M campus.
Rev. Mark Crawford, director of
anterbury House, will give a sermon
rout Thanksgiving.
It will be an interfaith service with
lusic, prayers and scriptures.
All students are invited.
Pilots, colleagues join search for prof
|'s Rugby:
|i 6 to8:
onfire site,
ime, andi
pry. Fords
will be I
lampus Ministry to
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Sore offers loan to
exas air force base
Team:: SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Vice Presi-
10p.m.: entAI Gore visited San Antonio
/lainRom unday to honor retiring U.S. Repre-
iiitative Henry B. Gonzalez and to
kllowship: ffera $35 million lifeline to Kelly
group W if Force Base.
15 N. Coli "Nothing honors Congressman
li. ForniM ionzalez more than a diligent de-
Rev. Rr tnse of San Antonio’s economic in
vest,” Gore said Sunday.
The federal funds, a low interest
(Theretufanfrom Housing and Urban Devel-
:30p, pent, will cover the estimated
ost of upgrading Kelly’s C-5 hang-
support shops and ramp to
need cofake them acceptable to aero-
orksfiopl space companies considering mov-
OBYatoi Agto San Antonio,
ley ate lea
lease coo
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(ASA OKs shuttle
tetellite rescue try
onauts aboard the space shuttle
olumbia will attempt a daring satel-
an( j a( | a rescue — the first in 5 1/2 years
submil ' uncler a plan a PP rovecl b Y NASA
! rival oSunday after considerable study.
More than anything, the space
es’grjisnoy wente to avoid a collision. The
q bwly spinning, 3,000-pound satellite
Juld do serious damage if it struck
>e shuttle or the two spacewalkers
firing Monday night’s salvage effort.
Mission operations representative
bb Castle told reporters the risk of
collision is “very, very small.”
We feel very confident that this
going to work,” Castle said at a
iws conference. “The crew is
life capable of doing this. The fly-
ig tasks of bringing the orbiter up
lose to the tumbling spacecraft, I
, are very doable.”
The $10 million reusable science
lellite, called Spartan, has been
mbling out of control since Friday,
len Columbia’s crew released it, saw
wasn’t working and then failed to re
fer it with the shuttle robot arm.
en tertu i n m en t
‘When You’re a
brings legendary
musical ‘West
Side Story’ to
Texas A&M.
See Page 3
A&M Men’s Basketball
iam used new up-tempo style
|j owin season opener vs SFA.
See Page 7
iter: New-look Barbie shows
rporate attempt to improve
ersity product realism.
See Page 9
lo ok up with state and na-
hal news through The
r' r e, AP’s 24-hour online
By Robert Smith
Senior staff writer
Civil Air Patrol (CAP) officials
said Sunday they have geographi
cally narrowed the search for a
Texas A&M professor who has been
missing since Nov. 13.
Norman R. Tilford, an A&M geol
ogy professor, flew out of Coulter
Field in Bryan Nov. 13 to meet a
group of A&M students in West Texas.
Maj. Trip Jacks, a CAP mission
coordinator, said the CAP sent 21
“sorties,” or flight missions between
College Station and Georgetown to
search for Tilford.
Jacks said the (3JAP narrowed the
search area after “looking at the
time of night lie took off, people
saying they heard low-flying aircraft
and radar data.”
In his single engined, maroon-
and-white Cessna 180, Tilford de
parted Courter Field at 7:30 p.m. to
meet a group of students on a field
trip in Van Horn, Texas. The stu
dents called the airport the next
morning and reported Tilford had
not arrived.
Jacks said the CAP sent 34 aircraft,
including 74 sorties and 172 person
nel, to search for Tilford Saturday.
Jacks said the CAP dispatched rescue
missions from New Mexico,
Arkansas and Oklahoma Saturday
and Sunday to search for Tilford.
Tilford’s family and colleagues
helped search for Tilford last week
end, Jacks said.
Officials said crew flight search
should exceed 600 hours after
Sunday, covering over 7,600
square miles along a route extend
ing 383 miles.
CAR a volunteer organization, be
gan searching for Tilford Nov. 15 af
ter the Air Force rescue Coordination
Center reported Tilford missing.
“We sent those out just in case he
took a wrong turn somewhere
along the way,” Jacks said.
The CAP will send more aircraft
and personnel out today and plan
to continue searching for Tilford
until he is found, he said.
More than 340 CAP pilots, ob
servers and supporting staff have
joined in the search for Tilford.
Colonel Orlan Scott, mission
coordinator, said, “Many helpful
tips, leads and helpful informa
tion have been provided in the
past few days by concerned com
munity members.”
Taking the stage
By Rachel Dawley
Staff writer
The review was an opportunity
to showcase the Corps of Cadets to
the University.
Maj. Gen. M.T. “Ted” Hopgood,
Corps commandant, served as a
reviewing officer.
Danny Feather, Corps com
mander and a senior economics
major, said the review was a
chance for the commandant to re
view the troops and give out
Outfits are judged on their uni
son, the appearance of their uni
forms and organization between
lines. The outfits are ranked ac
cording to how their performance
at each march-in before football
games and the review.
The results are compiled at the
end of the year and the outfit with
the most points is awarded a
streamer for their guidon, the out
fit flag.
During the review, seven se
nior and eight junior cadets re
ceived the Woofer Cain Boot and
Saber awards for outstanding
achievement. The award is pre
sented to the top cadets in the
Corps each year.
David Shwiff, brigade comman
der and a senior English major,
was one of this year’s Cain Award
“The award is a big honor,” he
“It is handed out to top cadets.
We watched last year’s winners
and hoped to be up there too. It
was very humbling.”
The awards were named for
Woofer Cain, Class of ’13, and are
sponsored by a foundation bearing
his name.
The awards include scholar
ships ranging from $500 to $1,500
for each cadet.
Please see Review on Page 6.
Lindsey Alexander, a junior general studies major, and Ninaad Vaidya, a sophomore business administration major, perform the song “Seven Seas”
Saturday night at Rudder Theatre for the Indian Students Association Talent Extravaganza.
Grudge match
University of Texas defeats Texas A&M in inaugural flag football game Sunday
By Colleen Kavanagh
Staff writer
The University of Texas won the
first intramural flag football show
down Sunday, defeating Texas
A&M 2-1 overall at Penberthy In
tramural Fields.
The competition, sponsored by
AT&T, included three games:
womep, men and coed.
The school to win two of the
three games gained possession of a
traveling trophy for the year.
James Welford, director of intra
murals at the Recreation Sports
Center, said the games between the
two teams showed the rivalry be
tween the schools.
“They had fun out there,” he said.
“The rules don’t allow for a lot of con
tact, so the game relies on the ability of
the players to pass and run quickly.”
Welford said the event was a co
operation between A&M and the
University of Texas, and he said he
hopes AT&T will sponsor the com
petition next year.
“If we play again next year, we
will play in Austin, where the foot
ball game is,” he said. “The prize is
a traveling trophy, so the winner
keeps it for a year.”
Cheryl Ettinger, a member of the
A&M coed team and a senior kine
siology major, has been playing flag
football intramurals for two years,
She said she would like to compete
again next year.
“This game was exciting because
it was against Texas, and it was a
competitive game,” she said.
Antoinette Swanson, education
marketing manager for AT&T, said
one of the goals of the competition
was to bring the two schools to
gether for friendly competition.
“This was a good opportunity to
enhance the recreation departments
and to reinforce our commitment to
education in the state of Texas,” she
said. “These were key goals, and we
are going to evaluate the outcome of
the competition to decide whether or
not to have a second annual flag foot
ball competition.”
Welford said he hopes more
sponsors like AT&T will come for
ward to sponsor similar competi
tions in other sports.
Gatorade quenches its curiosity with tour of campus
6 Ws service.
Michael Drake of
segment on A&M
DEREK DEMERE/The Battalion
Gatorade tours the Texas A&M campus in the Gatorade Hummer Sunday in preparation for a
for the ‘Big 12 Showcase’ television show.
By Erica Roy
City editor
Texas A&M student will show
representatives from
jL JkGatorade and Fox television
around the A&M campus today to
film parts of the University.
Texas A&M will be highlighted
on the “Big 12 Showcase” Fox tele
vision show this week.
Gatorade has a three to four
minute segment on the show.
Michael Drake, the “Gatorade guy”
and a junior physical therapy major
at the University of Texas, travels
with a camera man in the Gatorade
Hummer to different schools in the
Big 12 conference.
Gatorade chooses a student
from each school to escort
Gatorade and Fox television around
the campus.
Drake said hosts are chosen by
an application process.
“They (the students) show us
what makes their campus unique
or great,” he said.
Drake and Jason Ewing, the
camera man and driver of the
Hummer, spent the weekend tour
ing College Station.
Drake said he and Ewing try to
find the most interesting parts of
the city and the campus before the
Fox television crew arrive.
Chelsi Conway, a senior market
ing and management major, is the
student host from A&M.
The group will meet with the
Corps of Cadets at 5:45 a.m. to par
ticipate in morning drill. Fox televi
sion will meet the Gatorade group
at 10:30 a.m. at the Student Recre
ation Center to film a student
climbing the rock wall. Conway will
ski down Mount Aggie at 11:15 a.m.
At 1 p.m., the group will practice
with the A&M Polo Team.
Conway said she will bring the
Gatorade guys to Bonfire site, the
MSC and Kyle Field.
She said she wanted to show Fox
television and Gatorade that Aggies
are a big family.
“[I want to] show them different
things that symbolize our tradi
tions,” she said.
The tour of Big 12 schools be
gan Aug. 26 in San Antonio, the
site of the Big 12 championship
game. The University of Texas, the
University of Nebraska, the Uni
versity of Oklahoma and Kansas
State University are some of the
seven schools that have been
highlighted on the show.
The show with footage of A&M
will air Wednesday, Friday and Sat
urday on Fox television.