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Written by
Celeste Bedford Walker
Presented by
MSC Black Awareness Comm. &
Texas A&M Univ. Corps of Cadets
hi mib Mjjiij Muj'jjjuUuu jtea
Date: October 15
Time: 7 PM
Place: Rudder Theater
Office located in the Rudder Complex.
For more information please contact the MSC Black Awareness Comm, at (409) 845-1515. :
WJM Persons with disabilities please call 845-1515 to inform us of your special needs. We request three (3)
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Bivinl.. Ilowoll IW7
O The Battalion
Monday • October 13,11
A Swift satire of abortior
Partial-birth abortion vetoed; America could benefit from fetal wof
TH '
W ith re-
Swift’s satire, “A
Modest Pro
Once again,
abortions are
being threat
ened by a near
sighted Con
gress, with a
very real chance of overturning
President Clinton’s imminent veto.
If partial-birth falls, other classes
of abortion cannot be far behind.
Apparently, the abortion indus
try needs another support to pro
tect it from the resurgent fascists-
prolifers, and the perfect support
is the food industry.
It is not likely that the abortion
rights campaign will continue to
hold the high ground unless it can
get more money behind it. A mul
ti-million dollar medical industry
is backing abortion rights now,
raking in the dough at a few hun
dred dollars per abortion, but fed
eral safety regulation is imminent
if another source for lobby money
is not found.
Enter the food industry.
Five million units a year of the
most tender flesh are being
thrown in the dumpsters of abor
tion clinics when they could be
marketed as another food source.
The justifications for such an
industry are inarguable.
First, it would boost the econo
my enormously. Not only would it
create an enormous prepackaged
food and restaurant industry but
it would also give respectability
and an enormous surge to the
whole abortion industry.
Instead of being a burden, sud
den pregnancies could be a boon,
much like a Christmas bonus.
The food industry could prob
ably cover the medical costs so
well that the government could
save all that money used for
funding clinics.
This economic stimulus pack
age would also do wonders solving
the problems of our economically
and sexually prejudiced society.
One can only imagine the respect
that women would gain as the
prized producers of this delicacy.
A chicken on a farm spends no
time at all on its egg, but to nour
ish and grow a fetus for nine
months, the healthy kicking assur
ing you of its quality, is a skill de
serving of professional standing,
women only of course.
Also, impoverished women
could exit the ranks of poverty
through their wombs. Of course,
the sperm donor should be picked
specifically for the type of fetus the
woman is trying to grow and sell.
This idea is the missing piece in
the puzzle of world affairs. It
would produce fewer people,
more food, a robust economy (es
pecially in those fast-reproducing
third-world countries) and happi
ness (since the child families keep
can be picked well and bestowed
with all their parents’ attention
and resources).
The only hitch stopping this
beautiful industry from becoming
a reality is the old-fashioned revul
sion most people have for institu
tionalized cannibalism.
These people should be canni
balized themselves if they cannot
progress with humankind. Besides,
we are already practicing what they
have the arrogance to condemn.
Abortion maintains the produc
tivity and rightfully extravagant
lifestyles of the American people,
feeding them with what would
have been feeding the fetus. This is
cannibalism in every way but the
actual consumption of flesh.
The proposed system is still
legally dangerous, but Clinton’s
veto of the fetal tissue testing ban
stood up a couple of years ago, de-
Mail Call
Myths plague
message of NOW
In response Donny Ferguson’s Oct. 8
As members of The National
Organization for Women, the com
ments made by Ferguson showed a
lack of research on his part.
The National Organization for
Women does not support the
Promise Keepers, not because it is a
Christian organization, but because
it does not recognize the rights of
women and their autonomy.
Ferguson mentions that NOW
has “waged an anti-Christian carq^
paign against the Promise Keep
ers” when in actuality, NOW is in
clusive of all races, religions, sexes
and sexual orientations. NOW ex
cludes no one.
The problem that NOW has
with the Promise Keepers is that
they make all of their decisions,
and the wife has no say in that fi
nal decision.
Although the Promise Keepers
claim to promote racial harmony,
their leaders have been known to
make racial comments regarding
Uncle Tom as a role model and
slavery as redemptive.
NOW simply will not support
such an organization. Apparently
there are many misconceptions
about NOW.
It is not a militant, ultra-radi
cal, hate group who wants to dom
inate the world. NOW simply
wants equality for all.
spite being on a legal “tighl
The Partial-birth abortion
much the same procedureas
procedure to obtain fetal bn
sue. The baby is carried totw»..
and partially delivered, butplOllCG
out feet first leaving the head ji„x ■
inside the birth canal.ThesljW*^
then collapsed inside thebinHiree Ur
canal before it can be pullen ree Texas
four inches to legal personifies after«
Americans would nothaway mot
go nearly as far to pluck the© Universi
of the womb for shish-kebai The UPD
and hied thighs. (proximate
The supporters of thebarftat' 011 S P (
partial-birth abortions arevd* i n Dune?
till after the next electiontotrjp 013
override of Clinton’s veto, rpo [ im eo
It is the responsibility of JS P ect ^
sible Americans to tightfor(j® ravate ^
right to cannibalism, bothin|
sense we enjoy it today and® 0 * t0
cure-all fetus consumptiono;’ri! rni1:y ^
near future. .
Think it over. You might! .A, t [
take a look at your nephewsJ W| . )tt sa
cousins, and even yourowni|k re cuU
Imagine how well you could.^,
their bodies to enhancevou[|B7 i3tt
After all, we have the power ;rs su ff er
control our lives; they do no T|-| e cau
have that right. In deter
Joshua Hill iso
&*; itory
Kell, Texas Ac
Q, uny will be
ost Amerit
accompanied by 1 sift’s “ Fror
ss, at 8 tc
The Battalion encourageslettefstjjllarrisor
itor. Letters must be 300 words or lesiijg nrograi
elude the author’s name, class, ar::.
number. ImOVie
The opinion editor reserves the r, arajevo.
letters for length, style, andaccuracvi “FrontI
may be submitted in personat013 nJ^joonr
Donald with a valid student ID. Letters'™ P ^
be mailed to: Clas
The Battalion - Mall Call (6 from A<
t 013 R A^ Donal ( d He disai
Texas A&M University H .
iission to
College Station, TX
Campus Mall: 1111
Fax: (409) 845-2647
Cuny wa
orps of C
E-mail: Batt@tamvmltamu.edt|j “Ted”
rity will
ths thr
Mi/ay to t
■Valley, r
oviding c
d their fa
■he prici
d mailing
ased for
^e^ibers v
Qk in De
judicial ii
ental hea
fflsday if
grees with
Wt monr
iharis last
are stand
’ -" “ Itate Hosp
^^Kilfill the
iH fi ettlement
ving Li
exas A&
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ok up
re, AP
i/vs ser