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April 8, 1982
New bee may increase
U.S. fruit production
United Press International
American orchardists and
home fruit growers may soon
have a new helper to increase
their fruit yields — the horn
faced bee from Japan.
Unlike the destructive
Japanese beetle that hit Amer
ican shores in 1912 and has been
chewing its way south and west
ever since, the Japanese horn
faced bee is a good bug.
It can pollinate 105 flowers to
the honey bee’s four in the same
time span, thus increasing fruit
yields. It has a mild, mosquito
like sting, it concentrates on
fruit tree blossoms and it re
quires little year-round manage
These desirable attributes of
the Japanese bee were reported
im a recent issue of a news maga
zine published by Gardens For
All, a non-profit organization
that searches for and develops
productive gardening methods.
The Japanese horn-faced bee
was first imported in 1978 and
already is helping to increase
fruit yields in U.S. orchards by
efficiently pollinating peach,
cherry, plum and apple flowers.
They are not yet available for
purchase in this country, says
Gardens For All. Researchers,
however, are working to in
crease their colonies so that in a
few years they will be generally
Reporting on a side-by-side
comparison of honey bees and
the horn-faced bees conducted
in an orchard near Hirosaki,
Japan, Gardens for All said that
in the same time period that
honey bees pollinated four flow
ers, the horn-faced bees pollin
ated 105 flowers.
The Japanese bees prefer
fruit tree flowers and are not
attracted to flowering weeds.
They have a mild sting and are
safer to handle than honey bees.
Adult bees are alive only for a
few weeks in the spring when
fruit trees are blooming and re
quire very little year-round
management by farmers.
The horn-faced bee produces
no honey. They live in strawlike
stems from a common reed cal
led Phragmites, or in cardboard
tubes. When they are used as
pollinators, pesticide spraying
must be suspended. After their
reproductive cycle is completed
in the spring, the brood over
winters as larvae, protected in
side the straws or reeds.
Gardens For All reported that
horn-faced bee colonies have
been established in Maryland,
New Jersey, New York, North
Carolina and the District of Col
photd by Laura Hatch
Take my advice ...
Airey, a senior industrial engineering major
Houston, gives some friendly advice for
e choices to Lee Neathery, a sophomore
Paper company
buys bag-maker
I here. 1 cameintoi
tment of three yac
low I 'm thinking I
in the .Army." IP
klition to a lull pH
sh chapel services,|
cultural and eiM
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ood suburbs of Ki
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nd from thenearkl
mi and Temple,
hr N oons heeveniH United Press International
kitchen aiid del I WAYNE, N.j. - The Union
bier job loronelttB^P Cor P- 1S expanding its
tvs he gets ,i Ion! P a P er , processing operations
r outside Wlt " t " e purchase of the I larley
Corp., a Spartanburg, S.C.-
liased bag maker, for more than
than $20 million.
I William B. House, vice presi
dent and general manager of
Union Camp’s paper bag divi
sion, Tuesday said the Harley
plants will be a geographic com
plement to Union Camp facili
I Union Camp’s existing multi
wall bag plants are at Savannah
and Tifton, Ga., St. Louis, Mo.,
and New Hope, Pa. The com
pany already has a corrugated
container manufacturing plant
. in Spartanburg.
1 o.l bemg ec#® £ ast December, the Wayne,
N.J., firm and Harley reached
an agreement in principle for
this week’s purchase, which in
cludes Harley’s headquarters
e the philosoph] building near Spartanburg.
Harley has two multi-wall bag
plants — factories for making
, K‘ ,n( i says, I heavy-duty paper bags — in
ate protest;® Spartanburg, one for commer
cial bags and the other for smal-
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ople attending!! 1
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attack another
says. “The whole
the United Sfi
accounting major from Arlington. The two were
outside Hart Hall discussing the class possibilities
for pre-registration week which begins April 19.
April 12-16
Howdy Dance: Thursday, Apr. 15
Hall of Fame
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The firm also has commercial
bag plants in Seymour, Ind., and
Denton, Texas.
The Harley Corp., with 500
workers, will operate as the Har
ley Bag Division of Union Camp
Corp. It will become part of the
company’s Industrial Products
Group, Union Camp’s Tom
Hunter said.
Robert Harley, former chair
man of the board of Harley
Corp., becomes general mana
ger of the division, with head
quarters in Spartanburg.
The Spartanburg operation
produces multi-wall packaging
for a wide range of industrial
and agricultural products, in
cluding feed, fertilizer, chemic
als and cement. Principle pack
aging uses for the consumer
bags include pet food, charcoal
and flour and other food pro
Throughout the Southeast,
Union Camp owns or leases ab
out 1.7 million acres of wood
land. The company, in the top
half of the Fortune 500 listing of
the country’s largest corpora
tions, had 1981 sales of $1.6 bil
lion, Hunter said.
Sale through Sat.
: or many h 1 f
while the; |
s. You wilj =:
e selection ?
nd fat m. \
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