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    Wednesday, September 29, 1954 THE BATTALION
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Department Heads
Entertain Staffs
Two A&M departments were
honored with open house celebra
tions Sunday afternoon.
Dr. and Mrs. E. C. Klipple hon
ored new members of the ' mathe
matics department staff at their
home at 117 Pershing, and Dr. and
Mrs. Fred W. Jensen received
members of the chemistry depart
ment staff into their home at 204
About 60 guests were received
at the door of the Klipple home
by Helen Klipple. Dr. and Mrs.
Klipple introduced new staff mem
bers to the other guests.
Mrs. W. L. Potter served cake,
and Mrs. John Hillman and Mrs.
B. C. Moore alternated at the crys
tal punch bowl.
A decorating theme of maroon
and white was carried out through
out the house.
An oval centerpiece of maroon
coxcomb and princess feathers was
used with the white embroidered
linen, cloth on the dining table.
The floral arrangement was
made by Mrs. R. R. Lyle.
* * *
Approximately 100 chemistry de
partment staff members and grad
uate students and wives attended
open house given by Dr. and Mrs.
Ladies Golf
Group Meets
About 16 women met Tuesday
morning at the College Golf Club
house to form the 1954-55 Ladies
Golf club, special interest group
of the College Women’s Social
Ladies’ Day for golf will be
each Tuesday at 9 a.m. at the Col
lege Golf course.
Group lessons for beginners and
those who wish to improve their
golf will be held at the college
course on Wednesday mornings at
9 a.m. 1
Mrs. William B. Martin, chair
man of the ladies golf group, an
nounced that plans are being made
for golf tournaments to be held
later this fall.
Any member of the College
Women’s Social chib is eligible for
membership in the special interest
Judgeship Fight
In State Politics
AUSTIN, Sept. 28 — (IP) — A
judgeship fight deeply rooted in
State politics will be aired in oral
arguments before the Supreme
Court Thursday.
Attorneys for Eugene C. Wil
liams today asked the court to re
quire that his name be placed on
the ballot for judge of the newly-
created 37th District Court in San
Williams was backed by the
Bexar County delegation favorable
to Gov. Allan Shivers at the Sept.
14 State Democratic Convention.
The convention nominated Wil
Also seeking the nomination was
Adrian Spears, San Antonio law
yer backed by the anti-Shivers
delegation thrown out by the Sdpt.
14 convention.
What’s Cooking
7:15: Aggie Christian Fellow
ship, 2C and D MSC.
Rely On Us for
Superior Service
When you put clothes in
our hands, you know
they’ll be returned clean,
well pressed and in top
form. Our reputation
rests on your satisfaction.
White and orchid chrysanthe
mums were the floral decorations
in the home and on the tea table.
Green candles in silver holders ac
cented the white linen cutwork
Flowers were furnished by Mrs.
C. Winfield Burchard, and arranged
by Mrs. E. B. Middleton.
At the tea table were Mrs. G. M.
Watson and Mrs. A. F. Isbel. Al
ternating were Mrs. C. K. Hancock
and Mrs. Middleton.
Guests were invited to the serv
ing table by Mrs. W. M. Potts and
Mrs. T. S. Burkhalter.
A New Kind
Of Roll Flavoring
If you like your rolls with
mustard and tabasco sauce, go
ahead and follow Thursday’s
Family Favorites recipe faith
You see, we made a mistake.
A line that said “Add a dash
of Tabasco sauce and lYz ta
blespoons of dark mustard”
was under the recipe for re
frigerator rolls, when it should
have been under the recipe for
shrimp remoulade.
We’re sorry, but maybe those
rolls would taste good with the
added flavoring.
Social Whirl
3 p.m. Newcomers club will be
honored with informal lawn party
at home of Mrs. M. T. Harrington,
Throckmorton Street. Mrs. C. D.
Campbell will be guest speaker.
7:30 p.m. Architectural Wives
society will meet in the South So
larium of the YMCA for election
of officers.
8 p.m. American Veterinary
Medicine association student wives
auxiliary meets in the social room
of the MSC.
Officials Queston
Fort Bliss Charge
EL PASO, Tex., Sept. 29—CP)—
Ft. Bliss officials began an inves
tigation of a charge by a Negro
congressman that the Army post
permits racial discrimination.
Rep. Adam Clayton Powell Jr.,
R-NY, said in New York that he
had complained of the alleged dis
crimination in a telegram to Presi
dent Eisenhower.
A Ft. Bliss spokesman said au
thorities will investigate and add
ed: “We do not condone any
segregation or discrimination at
Ft. Bliss.” He also said that there
is no segregation in service clubs,
officers’ clubs, barracks, housing
areas or anywhere else on the post.
Powell sent the”' following tele
gram to the President:
“I have just discovered segrega
tion and discrimination at Fort
Bliss, Tex, 591st Military Police
Squad. An order was posted Sep
tember 21 ‘for Caucasians only.’
In the event that this is denied, I
have just procured the original
order signed by the company com
mander and will be happy to turn
this over to you.”
Every watch tested and
regulated electronically.
J. Troy Wynn
Next Door to A&M Grill
North Gate
Student council officers were
elected at the organization’s first
meeting Monday.
Clifton Bates, president of the
student body, will be assisted by
Vice President J. B. Carroll, Re
cording Secretary Eugenia Rush,
Treasurer Lucy Rogers, Corres
ponding Secretary Anna Parson,
and Reporter Betsy Burchard.
Selection of class officers was
completed Tuesday. The senior
homerooms jointly elected Henry
Philips, president; George Littofi,
vice president; Martha Blum,
treasurer; Jean Puddy and Anna
Beady, secretaries; Eugenia Rush,
business manager; and Betsy
Burchard, reporter.
Room mothers will be Mrs. J. S.
Beaty, Mrs. I. G. Adams, Mrs.
Bennie Marie Lewis, and Mrs.
Blum. Room fathers will be Eu
gene Rush, and Tom Puddy.
In homeroom 9-3 Jeanette was
chosen president; Jerry Holland,
vice president; Amy Norcross, sec
retary; David McNeely, treasurer;
and Carolyn Wilson, reporter.
Homeroom 11-2 did not complete
their slate of officers. J. B. Car-
roll will seiVe as president and
Jean Ann Smith will be vice presi
dent. Room mothers for the com
ing year are Mrs. R. O. Berry and
Mrs. C. F. Williams.
Faye Simms was elected presi
dent; Jack McNeely, vice-president;
Ann Fleming, secretary; Grant
Lindsay, treasurer; and Barbara
Arlt, reporter for homeroom 11-1.
Mrs. J. G. McNeely and Mrs. R.
L. Simms are room mothers.
In 10-2 the president is Bill Hite;
vice-president, Larry Leighton; sec
retary, Nell Ross; treasurer, Betty
Mean; and reporter, Maurice Olian.
Mrs. E. J. Ross and Mrs. R. G.
Phillips serve as sponsoring moth
Dan Davis was chosen president
of 10-3. Billy Taylor will serve
as vice-president, Ann Hite as jec-
CAIRO, Egypt, Sept. 29—-CP)—
Egypt accused ■ a little Israeli
freighter—trying to gain passage
through the Suez Canal—of mak
ing an armed attack yesterday on
some Egyptian fishing boats south
of Suez which left three fishermen
drowned and several wounded.
Officials said the Israelis opened
fire with small automatic arms
without provocation. Overturning
of a boat was reported to have ac
counted for the three drowning
A spokesman for Egypt’s mili
tary regime, Maj. Amin Shaker,
said the 500-ton Bat Galim made
the attack near Sharm El Sheikh, a
village 25 miles from the southern
retary, Sylvia Williams as student
council representative and Mrs.
John Way and Mrs. Raymond Hite
as room mothers.
The president of 9-1 for the com
ing year will be Clyde Carey. Vice-
president, Mary Margaret Hierth;
secretary, Mary Linda Cathcart;
and treasurer, Judy Bishop; com
plete the slate of officers. Room
mothers will be Mrs. M. S. Kava-
naugh and Mrs. V. D. Thompson.
Elected to office in 9-2 are Rich
ard Allen, president; John Hamner,
vice-president; Ann Cleland, sec
retary; Sue Ellen Mowery, treas
urer; and Christopher Kent, report
er. Representatives on the student
council are Patsy Byrd and Stead
man Davis. Mrs. J. E. Davis and
Mrs. S. M. Cleland are room moth
Students can now buy ice cream
on the terrace and soft drink ma
chines will be installed later this
week. The teachers, the student
council, and the senior class will
receive the revenue from the ma
chines during the year.
Class pictures for the annual are
scheduled to be taken Thursday.
The seniors voted to wear caps
and gowns for the pictures.
Saturday night the homemaking
class of CHS will sponsor a sup
per-dance starting at 6:30 p.m.
Refreshments will be served and
the proceeds will furnish the new
homemaking cottage with curtains.
The homemaking classes’ project
for the past few weeks has been a
powder room for the gymnasium.
It is done in gray and pink and
has curtains and a wall-to-wall
Homecoming has boon set for
Oct. 15 and the Katy game. The
senior class sponsors the election
of a homecoming queen and the
dance following the game.
entrance of the 100-mile-long water
way linking the Red Sea and the
The vessel, flying Israel’s blue
and white flag, and its 10-man
crew were arrested. The first Is
raeli-owned ship to try to get
through the Suez Canal since the
Arab nations set up a trade block
ade against Israel, the Bat Galim
was overhauled by an armed Egyp
tian vessel and towed into Port
Tewfik Bay.
In Jerusalem, celebrating the
New Year holiday Rosh Hashonah,
a Foreign Ministry spokesman de
nied the Egyptian accusation.. He
declared the Bat Galim was en
tirely unarmed.
The senior class netted $15 from
the post-game dance last Friday
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Boone, Mr.
and Mrs. Blum, and C. L. Byrd
chaperoned the dance.
Another dance, sponsored by the
juniors, will be held after the
Hempstead game this Friday.
Donald Barker and Horace Hol
lingsworth, vice president and sec
retary of the Future Farmers of
America chapter, represented CHS
at the area awards dinner in Hous
ton Sept. 23.
Also making the trip were L. S.
Richardson, superintendent, and C.
L. Byrd, chapter Sponsor.
Four members of the FHA chap
ter attended the area and district
council meeting in Waco last Fri
Chapter sponsor, Mrs. C. L.
Byrd, accompanied Anna Beaty,
area VIII president, Jean Ann
Smith, distiuct IV song leader,
Bonnie Carroll, and Elsie Richards
on the trip.
The group stayed until Saturday
morning for a workshop on state
France Opposes
Rearmament Plan
LONDON, Sept. 29—-(/P)—France,
thrice invaded by German hordes,
yesterday proposed a seven-nation
armaments authority to put the
brakes on any runaway West Ger-.
man rearmament. The United
States, Britain and Germany
promptly opposed the plan.
Premier Pierre Mendes-France
made the French proposal at the
opening of a nitie-power confer
ence on granting West Germany
sovereignty and rearihing the. Ger
mans within ■ the North Atlantic
Treaty Organization.
Difficulties cropped up but key
delegations expressed cautious op
timism last night that agreements
in principle may be reached by the
end of the week.
West German Chancellor Konrad
Adenauer offered his own plan to
the conference, calling fox' an end
to the nearly 10 years of occupa
tion of his country by U. S., Brit
ish, and French troops. He re
newed the Bonn government’s of
fer to join NATO and an enlarged
Brussels alliance in order to con
tribute to. Western defense. He
promised to limit West German
rearmament to the quota^fixed by
the French-killed EDC unified
army plan.
K - 22’s
• K - 38’s
Israeli Accused
In Boat Attack
‘Ladies Night’ Honors
Squadron Wives Monday
Ladies night honored wives of
members of the 9807th Air Re
serve squadron Monday. The af
fair was the first get-acquainted
meeting of this sort for the squad
Wives present were Mrs. W. S.
McCulley, Mrs. Robert W. Thrush,
Mrs. Ralph E. Miller, Mrs. James
L. Liverman, Mrs. John H. Porter,
Mrs. Malcolm R. Smith, Mrs.
Charles C. Armstrong, Mrs. Jo
seph N. Holmgreen, Mrs. W. J.
Byford, Mrs. Joe W. Mogford, Mrs.
William D. Scoates, Mrs. Dan C.
Lowe and Mrs. John M. Prescott.
The women were given a general
picture of the squadron’s training
periods by a panel of staff mem
bers consisting of Lt. Col. W. S.
McCulley, commanding officer;
Jasper Hometown
Club Organized
The Jasper hometown club was
organized Wednesday night, the
first time for Aggies from Jasper
to organize here.
Officers for the new school year
will be Tommy Durdin, president,
Jimmy Jones, vice-president; Jer
ry- Jones, secretary-reporter; and
Jimmy Wilson, treasurer.
Nine students and one student’s
wife—Jasper’s entire representa
tion at A&M—were present for the
organizational meeting. Those
present in addition to the newly
elected officers were Jimmy Pace,
Herbert Minyard, Gene Easley,
John Bailey, Billy McFaddin and
James Byrd.
Bryan 2*8879
Maj. William O. Davis, executive
officer; Maj. Charles C. Arm
strong, flight “A” commander; Lt.
Dan C. Lowe, assistant flight “A”
commander; and Capt. Richard C.
Qualtrough, training officer.
Business Wives
Hold Meeting
Mrs. Cynthia Allen and Mrs. Joy
Jones were hostesses for the meet
ing of the Business Wives club
Tuesday night at the YMCA.
A dance was planned for Oct. 29
to be held at Maggie Parker’s din
ing room in Bryan.
Mrs. Allen, Jean Holcomb and
Jeanette Williams were winners of
the bridge games.
Next meeting will be Oct. 4 at
7:30 at the home of Mrs. T. W.
Leland, 1307 E. Walton.
A few good ones
Released thru
United Artists
Last Stop In
The Waterfront’s Underworld!
Plus —
Official Files of
Heavyweight Championship
Better Than a Ringside
THURS. - FRI. and SAT.
and how it started.
TERESA WRIGHT says: "Up to 16, my knowledge of acting
had been gleaned from seeing movies. When I saw my first
professional play, that was it: I only wanted to act. I got into
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sat for months in producers’ reception rooms. One rainy
night, sick with a cold, I read for a good role, and got it!”
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