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Of Local Residents
Number 140: Volume 53
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A&M Students
For 75 Years
Price r ive Cents
Gen. Moore Award
Changes Will Go To
Executive Group
MONSOON SEASON—Paul R. Bassett, freshman from
Suffern, N.Y., gets his first taste of typical Brazos valley
weather. He had to learn that students are expected to
go to class, in spite of the puddles and clinging mud. He
needn’t bother to look up. Even if it clears, the rain will
be back soon.
The Executive committee will de
cide Tuesday on a new method for
awarding the Gen. George F. Moore
trophy, given each year to the out
standing unit in the cadet corps.
The awarding of the trophy has
been evaluated by a six-man stu
dent committee, which recommend
ed that grades be given less value
in the awarding of the trophy.
The committee also changed
some of the points given for extra
curricular activities.
The recommendation of the com
mittee is to count grades 40 per
cent of the total, military profic-
First Town Hall
Will Have Two
There will be two perform
ances of the first Town Hall
program, “The American Al
bum of Familiar Music”, be
cause of the limited seating
capacity of Guion Hall, according
to John Akard, Town Hall mana
Students who hold Town Hall
cai'ds can get tickets for either
performance by presenting their
cards at the student activties of
fice or at Duncan and Sbisa din
ing halls after the evening meal
on Monday, Nov. 16.
The first of six Town Hall pro
grams for this year “The American
Album of Familiar Music” will pre
sent music for every one’s taste,
Akard said.
Such songs as “On the Road to
Jhandaley,” “Warsaw Concerto,”
“There is Nothin' Like a Dame”,
“I Believe” and “Old Man Rivei'”
will be featured.
Soloists for the program ai’e
Vivian Della Chiesa, soprano; Earl
William, tenor; Michael Roberts,
baritone; and Ernest Ulmer,
Gustave Haenschen is musical
director and conductor of the pro
The concert will be similiar to
the program given over the radio
by the same group under the same
The A&M Film Society plans to
show three foreign language films
next semester.
These films are paid the society’s
program this year which includes
11 Hollywood productions.
Tickets are on sale at the main
desk of the Memorial Student cen
ter and in the Office of Student
Activities. Price is one dollar.
Titles of the foreign films and
their screening dates will be an
nounced later, said Jerry Bennett,
film society president.
The film society will bring back
“The Charge of the Light Brigade
on Dec. 13. The film first was
ghown here Oct. 26
Since the film society was late
in announcing the show’s date, few
ticket holders attended. Bennett
said the Film society wished to
apologize for its negelect and
hoped everyone could attend the
Dec. 13 showing.
Weather Today
Clear to partly cloudy today. In
creasing cloudiness tonight with
possible light rain and fog. Tem
peratures will remain about the
same. High yesterday 69. Low
this morning 50,
iency 25 per cent, intramurals 20
per cent, and extra-curricular ac
tivities 15 per cent.
The present method gives grades
50 per cent, military proficiency
25 per cent, intramurals 15 per
cent, and extra-curricular activi
ties 10 per cent.
Needs Approval
The recommended change has to
be approved by the Executive com
mittee before it can go into effect.
The Executive committee is com
posed of the deans of the school
and the commandant.
Bennie Zinn, assistant dean of
men, will present the recommen
dations to the Executive committee.
Kert Goode, corps executive officer
and a member of the evaluating
committee, will be at the meeting
to present committee’s views
and to answer questions.
Other members of the committee
were Bob Manner, Carl Wilson,
Frank Ford, Pat Wheat and John
“I doubt if the Executive com
mittee will approve the recommen
dations,” Zinn said.
He said that the Executive com
mittee might think that grades
should not be de-emphasized in the
awarding of the trophy.
Decreased Points
As part of the evaluation, the
committee recommended the fol
lowing extra - curricular activity
point decreases:
Band members, from two to one;
Aggieland orchestra members,
from two points to none; Who’s
Who selections, from two points to
They recommended increases for
student senators, from two points
to three; and student senate offi
cers, from three to four.
They recommended that the fol
lowing activities be added to the
Vice presidents and secretaries
of technical societies, with one
point; members of the student
councils in each school of the col
lege, with one point; home town
club pi’esidents, with one point.
The points for Memorial Student
Center students workers were re
vised to read MSG president, five
points; MSG vice-president, four
points; MSG council members,
three points; and MSC jdirfectorate
members, three points.
Other films to be shown this sea
son are “The Fan,” Nov. 6.
“A Message to Garcia,” Nov. 13;
“Man Hunt,” Dec. 2; “They Died
with Their Boots On,” Jan. 1;
“Sergeant York,” Feb. 12.
“Dark Victory,” March 25, “Kiss
of Death,” April 2, “Johnny
Belinda,” April 30 and “A Letter
to Three Wives,” May 17.
FIVE HUNDRED and thirty
four county agents are attending
in the MSC the 50th anniversary
year meeting of the statewide
membership of the Agricultural
extension service. The meeting
started Monday and ends Friday.
Also attending are the 99 mem
bers of the extension staff.
* * *
TSCW former students here with
home demonstration agents from
all over the state will have a ban
quet at 7 tonight in the MSC
ballroom. Most of the demonstra
tion agents here are former stu
dents of TSCW.
* * *
THERE ARE between 2,400 and
2,600 registered automobiles on the
campus this year, an increase of
200 since last year, according to
Fred Hickman, chief of campus
* * *
DR. WELCOME E. Wright, in
dustrial education department, will
speak at the annual conferences of
the American Vocational associa
tion and the National Association
of Industrial Teacher Educators.
The conferences will meet Nov.
22-28 in Chicago.
* * *
THE SQUARE D company has
selected three A&M seniors to tour
their plant and home office in
Detroit. The seniors are H, L. Me-
Fire Roasts
150 Peanuts
A conflagration in the Me
morial Center Tuesday caused
the loss of approximately 150
The peanut machine in the
MSC bowling alley caught fire,
resulting in the loss of the
peanuts. Only a few peanutk
were salvagable.
The fire was put out with
two soft-drink bottles full of
The fire was reportedly
caused by overheating of the
Society Appoints
Jones Director
Dr. Luther Jones of College Sta
tion has been appointed a state
director of the Texas Society for
Crippled Children. He will repre
sent the southeast Texas region.
The directors are in charge of
alloting the society’s funds.
Jones is president of the Brazos
and Robertson counties Crippled
Children’s society.
Adams, William L. Nix and Wil
liam Ehst.
* * *
A TALK on applying meteoro
logy to animal husbandry and a
talk on a Japanese agricultural re
search institute will be given at the
Nov. 6 meeting of the College Sta
tion branch of the American
Meteorolgical society at 7:45 p. m.
in room 107, Biological Sciences
* * *
W. B. CALLAN, president of the
Victoria National Bank, Victoria,
will discuss the Texas livestock
situation and outlook at the third
annual Texas Farm and Ranch
Credit School for Commercial
Bankers here Dec. 6-9.
* * *
A. L. KRAMER, a supervisor
trainer with the Engineering Ex
tension service, is preparing a
series of supervisor training
courses for the highway chapter of
the Associated General Contractors
* * *
THE ELECTRICAL engineering
department will sponsor here a
short course for electrical meter-
men, Nov. 9-13. Norman F. Rode
of that department will be chair
man. About 150 persons are ex
* * *
R. F. MATTHEW’S, a supervisor
Corps Trip
Route of March
Picked Monday
Route of march for the
Houston corps trip parade was
selected Monday by repre-
sentitives of the college meet
ing with Tom Sawyer, Hous
ton traffic chief.
A&M personnel who made the
trip were Fred Mitchell, corps
commander; Roy Sullivan, corps
operations officer; Dick Porter,
band commander; and Lt. Col. Tay
lor Wilkins, assistant commandant.
The corps will form on Bell
street. At 10 a. m. the parade will
start up Main to Texas Ave., turn
: right on Texas and march down
Fannin. The parade will be 19
blocks long.
The reviewing stand will be on
the northeast corner of Main and
Rusk, and the band will be across
the street on Rusk.
Uniform for the parade will be
class A winter with white gloves.
Seniors will wear green caps.
A&M headquarters for the corps
trip will be in the Rice hotel.
trainer with the Engineering Ex
tension service is now conducting
a two - week accident prevention
course for the San Antonio
Machine and Supply company.
* * *
BOB SHORT with his “Phonetic
Punctuation” will be the first act
on the Intercollegiate Talent show
March 19, 1954. He was chosen by
members of the music committee of
the Memorial Student Center at
the 21st annual Pigskin Review at
SMU in Dallas this weekend.
* * *
Air Force chief of staff, will not
be aavilable for the MSC Student
Forum. Previously considered by
the forum, Twining is in Europe
and will not return before Nov. 19.
He will speak in Dallas Nov. 20
and will leave immediately after
wards for Washington, D.C.
Korean Vets Must
Sign Certificates
Korean veterans who have not
signed monthly certification forms
must do so before Saturday morn
ing, Nov. 14, in order to receive
monthly subsistence checks fi-om
the government, said Bennie Zinn,
veterans adviser.
The forms are in room 106,
Goodwin hall. The government re
quires that they be signed before
the checks are given out.
Film Club To Show
Three Foreign Films
News Briefs
Mitchell Students Lose
Over $7 0 to SneakTli let*
How About
Well-Planned Theft
The Hotdogs
And Steaks?
Sammy Kaye and his band
have never been to A&M be
fore, but they’re going to be
well prepared when they get
They will play for a dance
in Sbisa hall Nov. 25, the night
of the bonfire before the
A&M-Texas game.
When Kaye asked why the
dance wasn’t scheduled until
9:30 that night, he was told
about the bonfire and was in
vited to come.
“Fine,” he accepted. “I’ll
bring my own marshmallows.”
Executed by Robber
Battalion Managing Editor
Seven students in Mitchell hall were robbed early Wed
nesday morning of from $70 to $80 by a sneak thief.
All seven men lived on the second floor of the dormitory
in the northwest corner of the building.
The thief entered the rooms of students who were asleep
and quietly picked their wallets.
None of the students in the robbed rooms was awakened
by the burglar as he made his rounds.
Apparently, said Tom Dunagan, who lost between $7 and
$8, the thief entered by the south stairway and worked his
way up the west end of the dorm to the north.
The thief was discovered by Charles Salmon, Corpus
♦Christi junior.
Salmon came into his room
around 2 a.m., took off his
clothes and got into bed. As
he did, he noticed a strange
For ’54 RE Week
Speakers for Religious Emphasis
week have been selected. They are
headed by Dr. Louis H. Evans of
the First Presbyterian church in
Hollywood, Calif.
The list of speakers for Re
ligious Emphasis week of 1954 is
as follows:
Convocation Speaker, Dr. Evans,
Carl Spain of Houston, Dr. Hay
den Edwards of Foi't Worth, Dr.
Sidney Hamilton of North Texas
State college, Rev. Luther Hol
comb of Dallas, Robert G. Gordon
of the University of Texas.
Dr. A. G. Weideraenders of
Seguin, Dr. Edward H. Johnson of
New York city, Dr. John W. Fritts
of Rice Institute and the Univer
sity of Houston, Rev. Everett Seale
of Beeville.
Rev. Hubert Hopper of Houston,
U of A Off ers
To Explain
The president of the Ark
ansas university student body
has offered to send a repre-
sensative to A&M to explain
that Arkansas students were
not responsible for cadets
being evicted from their sta
dium seats last Saturday in
Little Rock.
Jerry Green yesterday tele
phoned Ide P. Trotter, presi
dent of A&M’s student senate,
and said he would like to
send a representative to speak
to the A&M student body.
Trotter told Green he did
not think this would be neces
sary because he believed Ag
gies didn’t blame Arkansas’
However, Trotter said he
would present Green’s offer to
the student senate at tonight’s
Gardner Elected
By Dorm 5,14-4
Ronald G. Gardner, sophomore
from Humble, was elected stu
dent senator for dormitory 5 Mon
Gardner, who received 14 out of
18 votes cast in the election, de
feated Eugene T. Skidmore, senior
from El Paso. One hundred one
non - military students were
eligible to vote in the election.
The election was held to provide
a senator for the students living
on the first two floors of the
dormitory. Non-military students
were moved into dormitory 5 to
ease crowded housing conditions.
Aggie Debators
Appear in Bryan
The Aggie Debate and Discus
sion club appeared Friday before
an assembly at Stephen F. Austin
high school in Bryan.
They presented an exhibition de
Members of the club who ap
peared were Ken Scott, David
Bower, John Wilson and Bud
Whitney. Charles Briggs served as
Rev. Bruce Mclver of San Marcos,
Rev. Harold G. Brown of Dallas,
Rabbi Milton Rosenbaum of Fort
Worth and Lt. Col. V. M. Good-
hand, office of air force chaplains,
Washington, D. C.
Bishop John E. Hines, assistant
Episcopal bishop of Texas, will
head the program in 1955. Hines
is from Austin.
The first Religious Emphasis
week was held in 1942. The pur
pose was to have one week each
year dedicated to religion to stimu
late interest in local churches.
Dr. George W. Truett was the
leader for the first RE week. The
rest of the program was made up
by the churches,, each of which had
its own guest leader.
Dr. Paul Quillian was leader in
1942. There were no RE weeks
held from 1942 through 1945 be
cause of the speed-up program at
A&M during World War II.
1950 was the first year classes
were suspended for the morning
meetings. Prior to that year, clas
ses were let out early.
The . first year in which more
than one leader came from out
side the campus was 1951. In that
year, men came to be leaders in in
dividual dormitories.
Since then, there have been 12
or more men invited to RE week.
They have been counselors for the
dormitories in which they lived
while staying on the campus.
Religious Emphasis week is
jointly sponsored by the YMCA
and the Inter-Faitk council. The
council is a special Y group com
posed of two men from each
church or religious group at A&M.
Fish to Choose
Class Yell Leaders
Five freshmen yell leaders will
be chosen from a field of 16 candi
dates in the November election of
class officers.
The 16 cadets now alternate,
letting five men serve at each
freshman football game. Each
candidate gets a chance to lead the
freshmen in yells and the fresh
man get to see the - candidates in
The yell leader nominees are J.
E. Spencer, J. C. Durbin, R. P.
Brentz, W. L. Rains, S. B. Crockett,
R. A. Portier, R. T. Bernard.
T. A. Krauel, J. E. Clary, J. B.
Rowland, J. R. McLarry, C. W.
Jenkins, D. W. Graul, D. A. Weber,
J. F. Heard and G. D. Hattox.
Three Reunions
Planned Saturday
The classes of ’28, ’38, and ’43
will hold reunions here Saturday.
The program will include a
luncheon and business meeting of
each class at 11:45 a. m. at the
Memorial Student Center. After
the luncheons, each class will at
tend the A&M - SMU football
game. Sections are reserved for
Registration for room assign
ments will begin in the MSC Satur
day morning. There will be an in
formal reception for each class
during the morning.
Class agents will preside over
the luncheons. They are W. R.
Carmichael ’28, John Boone ’38,
and J. B. Longley ’43,
dim shape over near the door.
He stared at it for a moment
and then jumped out of bed and
turned on the light.
The shape turned out to be a
male dressed in fatigues, with
white gloves and regulation socks
on without shoes.
When Salmon asked him what he
was doing there, the boy answered,
“I’m looking for a place to stay.”
He then asked Salmon where a
certain student lived.
Salmon said the man lAed on the
first floor.
The intruder said, “I don’t feel
well,” and went into the second
floor lavatory.
He must have left through the
other entrance to the lavatory, be
cause Salmon said he didn’t see
him again.
Salmon went down to the first
floor room of the student men
tioned by the fatigue-clothed “vis
itor,” and told the student there
was a fellow up in his room look
ing for him.
When the two went back up
stairs, the intruder was gone.
The two Mitchell residents then
became suspicious and called the
Campus Security office.
Two Campus Secui’ity officers
then made an investigation of all
the rooms in the dormitory to try
and find out how much was stolen.
One Mitchell roomer when ap
proached by the Campus Secur
ity officers, asked his roommate
to look in his wallet.
His roommate looked and an
swered, “It’s empty 1”
“I know,” said the still-sleepy
student, “I just wanted to make
Some of the students visited by
the officers and other students in
the dormitory who helped in the
survey, were apparently more in
terested in sleep than in whether
they had lost any money, said
Armando Bexar, who helped in the
All of the students who lost
money lived on the second floor in
the northwest part of the building.
None lived on the first, third or
“There’s no telling what might
have happened,” said Bexar, “if
Salmon hadn’t caught the guy
when he did.”
Non-Dorm Students
May Give Blood
Any person not living in a col
lege dormitory who wishes to give
a pint of blood Nov. 18 should call
4-5014 immediately for a schedule
and information, said Bill Reed,
blood drive chairman.
Schedules and permission slips
for dormitory students may be ob
tained form the orginization com
mander or housemaster.
Persons under 21 must have per
mission from their parents to give
Kivvanians to Sell
Box Lunches at Game
Box lunches will be sold before
the A&M-SMU game this weekend
by the Kiwanis club College Sta
Three hundred lunches will be
for sale by club members at
various points on the highwaysl
around the Campus.
The proceeds will be used to help
school children and crippled chil
dren in the College Station-Bryan