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    Farmer Golfers Shoo
;ainst TU, Tomorrow
From over towards Austin Word
haa come to us “Golf belongs to
Texas.” In tbia office it was as-
sumad that the possessive refer
ence was in regard to Texas as
a state and not the University.
The Aggie golf team> veterans
of six pre-conference matches and
one SWC match with Baylor, will
meet the Texas University links-
men Wednesday afternoon at the
Bryan Country Club, home course
* for the Aggies.
Playing their first conference
match of the 1960 season, the
Longhcrm golfers will be defending
their 1949 Conference champion-
( ship with three of the four team'
members who led them to the
crown a. ^ear ago.
Touring the bourse for the Ag
gies will be the same team that
met the Baylor team last Satur
day. Two members of the Farmer
team saw service last spason as
squadmcn while the Remaining
members are in their first year
of SWC competition.
Gene Darby, No. 1 man on the
team, will • lead the Aggies^ with
Otto GupcTero following in the No.
2 position! Guerrero is returning
to the team after being idle dur
ing pre-conference meets because
of a serious attack of ptomaine
poisoning. , 1 - ,
‘ i Shooting in the third and fourth
spots for the Cadets will be Monte
Currie and J. C. Fletcher, respec
According to Gayther Nowell,
Aggie golf coach, the Aggies are
improving steadily and will be
smart competition for t^ defend
ing conferhnce~ champs. 1
Lead-off man for the I .onghorns
and a seasoned linksmau, is Mor
ris Williams. Playing in the NCA
Tournament in Iowa Iasi:
Williams shot his way tj
ais and since then has con
several tournaments in ti is stai
Marion Pfluger, a winner in
year’s match the Aggies,
reported to have shown fine
mise earlieri^this yea
rounds in both the Texas! Open
the Houston Open. Hel fills
No t 2 hole for the Longhorns^
The only loser on the
year when they played
er team was Reece
holder of third place on
horn squad. Alexander ib
VP the
ner of the Massingill trophy ejai
in March when he sho t the
qualifying round in tryouts for
The fourth match player
year on Coach Harvey Penti
team is Billy Penn, up from
freshman team.
The Aggies will be out
the .defeat administered
year by the Longhorns
a better position in
standings after the- loss
the Loni
to avpng
and to _
to Baylor
Don Heft
Heft, Who Was also a starter on
the Fish cage team, fa doub
ling as; the starting catcher for
the Fish nine, and is recently
leading the freshman baseball
team with nine runs.
TUES* APRIL 4, 1950 Page 3
And All llecHuse
of a Knee
Intramural News
For Flag
With the finish of intramural
wrestling and boxing, team stand-
places re-
ile the third
still far out
y hang on to
as they
ings for the first
mained unchanged
and fourth places *
close. A Infantry
front and will prol
their intramural
lead second place A
by 73 points. s ir ’
The top four tea
points as they stan
Infantry (607), A
(407), and C Infantry (403).
A Infantry won the 195 0
football, cross country, wrestling
championships and gained a tie
with A QMC and A$A in the box
bis with their
Ji today are A
(434), Army Security Agency
The Quartcrmas
not win a clean chi:
though they claimed
tie: fob the boxing,
place team were 1
football championsh
placed strong in the
Winning two crovi
Physics Club Slates \
Organization Tuesday
All physics majors and others
interested in"the establishment of
an A&M Physics Club arc asked
to attend a meeting for passing
on by-laws to be held in :he Phy
sics Lecture Room; Tuesdiy, April
4, at 7 p. m., according to J. G.
Potter, head of the Physics Depart
ter outfit did
mpionship, al-
a three way
but the second
nalists in the
ips, and have
other events,
ns in the box-
Batt Sporty Feature Editor
He changed Jtorses, but it v ain’t
in the middle of the strearb.
William “Shug” 'McPht rson,
CovTtown product, came to Ad M in
the'fall of ’47 on a football schol
arship with no stipulation hsi to
basebaHj whatsoever.
In fact he did equally well; at
both sports his first year. Under
freshbian coach Charlie DeWare,
the hefty baseballer, then playing
first base, hit the apple at a
.394 Clip for the season to be out-
McPherson’s Fame
pointed only
by teammate
When football time rolled around
Shug put on gridiron equipment
with a maroon and white .ersey
arid precepted to work himself into
a starting tailback position on the
Homer Norton coached club.
“Theri it happened”, said the |196
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pounder, “they got my knee.” For
it seerps his knee cartlage was
banged up considerably, so much
so, thaf he had to give up the grid
game completely.
; Too Many Adds
The Battalion does no^ have suf
ficient j space to list all of his
high school medals, ribbons, hon
ors, arid letters.
With a quick glance over the
field we find he has accumulated
twelvelhigh school numerals out of
a possible fifteen. Captaining the
football, baseball, and basketball
teams his senior year, Shug man
aged to win himself a letter in the
three imost popular high i school
sports,! three straight years.
Track and tennis also took some
of his f time though. He went to
the regional finals in doubles in
tennis : and ran the half mile in
track to collect another numeral.
“Soipe of those sweaters I’Ve
never worn” says the well-clothed
diamorid ace.
The j fact that he was all-district
in a Stough Ft. Worth gridiron
district for two straight years’ also
needs jnientioning.
His -senior year he was selected
to compete on the North squad in
the ’47 North-South All-Star Class
ic in El Paso. “We got beat 27 to
7”, said Shug. We didn’t find out
till later though that Shug himself
had sejored that lone TD on a seven
yard line plunge.
j Leading the Swatters \
At present McPherson is belting
the horsehide at a .530 clip to lead
the -club. He is second in walks
with ri'Rht, second in RBIs with
12 an(i e® 8 crossed the plate twelve
times; in twelve contests to rank
second to Wally Moon in runs
It io»k twenty minutes to find
out that the big Cowtown lad had
received full tunc scholarship of
fers ] from Rice, Baylor, TCU,
SMUl JCansas State, Tulsa and
nunierous^other schools before do-
cidirii to come to A&M to ' play
“Crime down with Bab Bates in
’47 tio visit With the boys,” said
Shug. “Liked; it so much that I
decidied to cotwg? hack in the fall"
hq added. ^
“Cbuld hardly pick up a bat,
guess I was about five years old”
said McPherson when asked when
he started playing baseball.
seven different
seen action in
_ but gave - it
started getting
In the fifteen years he has been
playing, Shug estimates he has
played in at least
leagues, and has
every position on the field at one
tiriie or another.
His first taste of organized ball
came in ’42 with the fighting, Oak-
knell Wildcats in [the Ft. Worth
twelve-and-under league. “I pitch
ed then” said Shdg,
up later wlton I
my eye ori the ball.
This past summer the talented
Aggie gardner saw action with the,
Alpine Cowboys in the Texas-New
Mexico League. Stmg swung the
long stick at a .339 clip to rank
among the top teri hitters in the
league. “Would lijke to go back
there again this summer,” he com
mented. J J. ]
“Haven’t been Ranked up very
much” said McPherson,' “but did
receive an injury two,” when
asked if he had received a"riy ser
ious injuries competing in the dia
mond game. , f
Not Only Hits Ball
Last season thb big junior hit
the center field fence trying to
catch a fly in jthe Ohio State
game, “Caught it| too” he added.
Three stitches above the left eye
kind of quited Shug down a bit,
arid he missed several games after
thlat. The versatile PE major did
manage to end jthe season with
two home runs and a batting aver
age of .247.' !'[ T l ^
He lists as the most outstanding
player ever completed against as
Bob Henry, an Amarillo boy, who
pitched last season with Southwest
ern with Oklahoma. Since then the
little moundsman has signed a
pro contract with the Chicago
“Would like to play pro ball” said
McPherson when asked what he
would like to do upon graduation.
“Have received'Several-offers, but
nothing is definite at the present..”
A little embarrassed, but with a
smile on his face, McPherson said,
when asked how he stacked up
with the women, “Pretty good I
reckon, atill lookin’ though.”
Nothing seems to bo too rough
for the 196 pounder When he’s not
E ing football, baseball, basket-
tennis, or handbal| youTI
him down at the home barns,
looking over the rodeo stock.
“This summer, said Shug, when
I wasn’t playing baseball I did
bronc busting and calf roping on
the ranch down in Alpine.”
ing tournament this year, tossed
ASA into third place on the intra
mural ladder- The ASA, like A
QMC, has placed near the finals in
almost every event.
Team tennis champions—C In
fantry—arid a tie for third place in
the wrestling plus a fair showing
in the boxing, places the infantry
men only 4 points behind ASA.
Three of the above teams reach-,
ed the quarterfinals of the hand
ball team tourney and will gain
some points from this event. Only
A Infantry of the above four didn’t
reach the quarterfinals.
Four events—softball, volley
ball, swimming, and track— still
remained to be completed, and the
lead could easily change, but it
seems that only A QMC can over
take A Infantry.
Ag Handballers Beat SMU
A&M’s handball team trounced
the SMU handball squad, 4-1, over
the weekend. Burr Layne won the
top singles match for the Aggies
downing Cy Finklestein, Joe Wood
defeated Mustang Floyd Schuman,
21-7, 21-11, and Russ Morrison
took the only SMU win defeating
Ed Hatzenbucbler, 21-12 2-12.
The Aggie team of Layne and
Wood dropped Finklestein and
Morrison, 21-8, 19-1’i, 21-15.
Ten games in the military soft
ball, Volleyball, and club softball
were completed yesterday. In the
three softball games of the mili-
tsry class, C Air Force downed. E
Field, 8-1, with Ray pitching for
the winners; Sherman Hink hurled
B Quartermaster to a 16-3 win
over A Vet; qndi D Infantry tied
with D Air Force, 8-8.
A Cavalry Won, 2 out of 3 gpmes
in the league B volleyball game
yesterday to defeat A Coast; D
Vet took two straight games over
A Field; I Fjlight grabbed two
games to B Transportation's one;
the Whitp B^nd clinched a win
oyer A Ordnalnce in two straight
games; and 4 Signal duplicated
the feat over C Cavalry. -
B. Butler patched the Beaumont
club to a 13-6 win over the Rio
Grande club; ; and the Marketing
and Finance club outscored the
Agronomy club, 12-9.
“Forfeit Doghouse”
Entering th
this week are
Jack Brinkley
A&M’s star pitcher on the fresh
man diamowT squad b Brinkley,
who hails from Austin.
‘forfeit doghouse”
_ the Galveston club,
A Athletics,, the Biology club, and
the Fish and
High Sc
Game club.
hool Malkes
Award Application
A&M Consolidated Senior High
School has n ade a formal appli
cation for the newly founded
Babe Ruth Soortsmanship Award,
L e s Richar Ison, superintendent
announced today. f
Two students from each school,
a boy and a girl, is selected by
th!e senior class for best displaying
sportsmanshi > qualities and are
presented medalians from the Babe
Ruth Sports nanship Foundation.
The winner’f names will be en
graved on a plaque each year to be
hung in the school trophy case.
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•ti'*,* a .xsUyw*
Z* oulT^ tad Ctstrow)
ixcist w
, 0\N P Rltt
I &
| fe, '
Notts G»te College St*.
Ag, Baylor Nettei s
Clash Here, Today
At 1:45 this afternoon the tennis
teams of Baylor and A&M began
their i960 SWC campaign on the
clay courts opposite Downs Nata-
Baylor hasn’t won a meet this
season, having bowed to LSU and
Loyola, and breaking even with
Central State Teachora College of
Oklahoma. <
The Aggie racketeers are un
defeated this year. Highlights of
the Cadet campaign wore victor
ies over the University of Hous'
ton and Colorado.
of the
A&M’s baseball
its first loss to a
in two years tomo;
when the Houston
Texas League in
The Aggies dealt
to Riee and the Ui
Houston last spring, i
the Buffs, 8-1. This s
Has beaten UH twice.
The Cadets squeezed by
4-3, Saturday to n
University on the
SWC competition,
tilt was the first
for A&M, and the
In thetr first nine
season, the Aggies
ing pitchers for 106
rims. But, in
, against Sam
lor, the Farmers
ed at the plate, collecting 1
ties and 10 rims to fall beh
Heavy stick WC5
ed in by Wally Moon, hank Gan-
delari, and John DeWitt. Moon has
collected five circuit I clouts, and
Cendel&ri and DeWitt have three
Pacing the Ags at the ^lato is
Shug McPherson who has a Very
healthy .529. The barrelfchestcd
right-fielder is tied with Moon,
who leads the Maroon hitters with
18. Runs-batted-in leader in also
Moon with -7, followed by Me-
Pherson and Herscho| Maltz, who
have 18 each.
Scanning the
most promisii
games played. I
Klingers for Ad
ieorge Brown I and
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Mexico-Guatemala, July 20-August 34, 1950
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elective credits. ; j "
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Dr. Joseph S. Werlin, Director
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International Study Centers
Houston, Texas
lowest co*t;« fle * ui pmeot-
"• k fine ien * hlacV*^:
1 ^ *
J ' A
AS: 1 ”'
• tall lefthander has pitched
in strikeouts.
This spring Kemp Wicker’s
Buffs have been tabbed with the
distinction of staging ninth inning
rallies which generally par off.
However, they were edged, 9*8,
by the Milwaukee Brewers Sun
day afternoon when one of their
rallies fell abort.
A batter, Ag pitchers will have
trouble with, is Frank Kellert,
.first baseman for the Herd. In
Sunday’s content Kellert collect
ed three for four at the
eluding a ninth inrting
Adsick Added to BfMa
romising addition to the Buff
at the Catching position is
Adzick, ;who finally came
for the team, poundtyig
doubles and watkhig tw
in Sunday’* game.
Other batters to watch are JJm
Ncufeldt, center fielder, and
George Hausman at third. Neu-
feldt made foiir hits and walked
once in the weekend tilt. 1
If Rip Repulski, station^
field, can flank some of
that gained slugging honors ft
him In the California Lcagu
he’ll ^le a dangerous Npian tomoi
row. r ; \
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