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Tv !•'
[' *
m.:- J
■ '
| schedule, |
ball Sta
|f M
528 y*r
on tn«
J ninil, ,
^ total o(
ami 701
6t the
out in the
itself fij
b«‘cn challi
and 298
th|U with
LonKhorha haVa a
yifjdi—926 by Jrrbund
the air label, j
Ah for
deta make]
They trail the
jnce and have
—exactly ^66
collecliad aith
Marty Agifie
. laced therr Jo
ivc play, the
y ielded 1494' yards
more than A4M has]
its own offensive
individualists (have
m Doe hifrh in the
nutrkWoff the'Aggies’
■r i
led with 820.
1 ,—| ! 1 1 “V 1 ,—T
an average yaixlage of 36.6. Lary’a
boantctjl A fat 41.6 yards per try.
OtriMtaiMfn Sixth
John Christensen runs sixth with
the lead in
iter of
a lion ]
US, 1949 - Page 5
pint returners. Proc-
is the leader with re-
thati have averaged 20.2
William Garner. Kish grid
team guard from Wa^o, will be
playing against some of his old
running mates when the Fish
meet the Baylor Cubk here to*
morrOw night. He was first
string guard on) Waco’s state
champion high school grid team
last fall. J *»-
perfoi mere’I columns. Such are Bob
Smith, leading Conference grjound
gainir; YAlh Ui
er; Don Nichole i
er and John (JhrisUnsen, ^
.man, i k: i : • ’T
[.■{Smith Leads
uonterence gipuna
ry, top Cadet punt-
s, best Aggie )ass-
'hristensen, ^safetyf
The hiajvjtly worn cleats;of Bob
Smiths have left their impression
on 326 yards i or gridiron turf. Thi
means that Bob is thl leading con
ference gainer. Muscles Campbell
of Arkapsas ii right on Smith’:
heels—orte yaifd behind. Briisin
Bob has run upj and down the fobt-
ball field than three timed
while playing [in four contests
Bears, Raiders
Clash Saturday
In West Texas
Waco, Oct. 12 (Sjil.)—Bay
lor’s undef eated Bears will
take to the air Friday morn
ing for, Lubbock where they
will face the Texas Tech Red! 2i« yard
Raiders in the Honvetcoroing tilt 1
(tlwH. -k r'l ;
Coach Boh Woodruffs team,
playing flawless ball Saturday de-
{feated the j Aifkanpas Razorhacks
38-18 and fro at the top of the
co:/.erenee and sectional stand
ings In the Southwest! -
The Bruins came out of the Ar-
iiansas tilt with many bruises
tausod by the rugged! but excep
tionally clean game. Trainer Del-
((mar Brown indicated Monday that
Jhe thought all would he ready for
j Saturday s jjaiuc wilti thf* cxccptioti
of first string tackled, [Wesley Rob-i ri u .i in ,
erts and Steve Dowden. [■ ' NOW York, 0(it. 12 (
claimed by Johnson of Baylor.
Griffin, also of Baylor, is in the
number five spot with a 13.6. Then, d||j
in the six slot and leading four :;§•
other listed stalwarts, is the 13.2 If®
percentage of John Christensen.
Strange as it may seem, the
Cadefci do not place a soul on the ■
pass receiving list, regardless of j
their creditable passing achieve- [
ments, |
^1 i TCD’s Bailey {has snagged 20
Berry [Balls for [a total of 257
yards to lead this department.
Pioctcr of Texas is second with 13
|nasse<i caught and 219 yards col
lected, George ! Boal, the other
TCU end who worked himself up
from i be third string since spring,
is third with 14 passes caught ana
196 yurds picked ; up. I
: Smith 3rd in Scoring
Don Nicholas, senior quarter
back, is [near the top in the passe*
completed percentages; Doak l|Valk+
er of SMU is t» e only one who sUr-
passes pim. .Lindy Berry' o; tho
Homed is leading the 1
in net, passing! yards. Berry has
heaved the pigiskin for *o4 yards;
Paul Caanphellj Texas, 48S; Rice’£
Tobin Rote, 330; Adrian Bu^-k of
Baylor, ;308; RMU’s Walker with
282 and then i Don Nicholas with
In thie punting parade-..VCU’I
Wilde Idadnithe field With hn avei^
37.8 yai ,
Rice aWd ^Agjl’a Yale w^t
age of 42.7 iier trj’. Walker, SMli
and Hiijkckr ofi TCU each .average
J': Then coriies wyftt of because SMU has played only two
HA "games, r | ]i '
As:|f<W leading scorers, Bob
Smith! is tied for| third with three
otherj contestants- Randall Clay
is. leading thia division with a total
of if pblnts.j j
Clay has 6 touchdowns and 16
conversions. He and Walker are
the oply main string backs in the
league who double as conversion-
ists. This, of course, is of great as
sistance to them; while competing
for storing honors. Logue of Ar
kansas is second with , 5 touch
down^. • Then come* .Smith with
four. Doak Waljker, the leading
scorejr of '48 hasn't received an
adequate chance to boost himself
Harry Stiteler To
——■—--—Toniffht it 7:30. the fourth mectim
ling On
♦K :[ Tonight at 7:30, the
Club meeti in the Assembly
Another varied program
Coach Harry Stiteler will give!
will be upon the Aggie* thi*
from TCU m Ft. Worth Saturday,^
’ll "'"I
{A k,t
of the QuarterbitA
Tennis co
with six hard
of the six me
:isivc defeats
inued Monday
tches. Four
hes were de-
r hile two were
iard fought to the last min-
jte. [ T.
E yets, UnJ by Marshall Ruth-
erfoiy and Richard Moiris, downed
B. Field in a orte-way match.
C Infantry whitewashed G Aii
Force by a thref-nothing score. E
Field stomped !B Infantry with
Red Wright and! Cecil Lewis lead
ing the victory.
In a tight battle
E Infantry and f;D
tap for topig]
gain prljees wlll be awafdtd to
11 people; who wbn last week’s
Quartcrhapk Club, guessimj: /roq.
u*st. I • /I • i
To wind up tonight* program,
movies ofi tie A&M-L8U game b
Baton Rouge wdll be shown wit!
Stiteler doing the narration, i
dll be awarded \o the
B AF defeated
Infantiy down-
ed the Senior Company despite
stellar play by , Boh Thomas and
David Stiles.
The strongest [contested match of , /■<
the day was between B Enginedra kfp
and F Flight. After a long hard '
battle, B Engineers won led bj j*)j
a strong team of Leo McCann and |;||
Pate and Jim iry™
itstanding for the ‘ " i
A. 4. (Jim) Dugas, 205-pound junior guard from Port Arthur,
frtade all-diet riel, all-tale and all-southern teams u h'le playing
high school football. Rltdng fast as a lineman, he will he flght-
ing for a first string berth he.vt year.’. !
Pish Gridders Meet
. ^ip Joe Burdett
Storrie were
losers. '
t ^ On the basketball courts, a ?i v ,
strong Army Security team led by i.fl
Hul. (Hands) Hqrton hiu.| Fish Har- “
old Smith downed D Vets 18-10
with tricky ball handling,
i B Cavalry defeated B Athletics
in a tight garde, 11-7. A QMC
edged bv B Coast 14-12, led by
Carl, Neil.
j, I i E Flight edged by A Chem War
fare 15-14 but due to an ineligible
player E Flight-Warf disqurflified,
givi.fg thr, win the CWS.
the tout git
tonight. Head
Hia talk
person* that lumtkl .tit
esse* oq gammi in whichi
Cnnfmvnco team* piny
#d last Sitiirdalyj
John F Biichanan, Box 16113,
(jollagc Station; Mrs.
ilrr, Box 7g(l .1 Co U|gv Station | Rob-
#rt L - ■HH
Sta t ion,
B. Neal, (Box 5i
tionj-Ted Means. 104 S. Po!
College Station; Ralph L
• Mmi Odell Friz-
509, Ci
, YMfJ.
Oil, Collegi stai.
YMf A: E.
rLiv: -i.
every winner cpr-
!.| ■ ■ , |M
is the first^woniali
in this year’s con-
Hill, bruising fullback
on the F sh grid squad’s start-
• > orte
Hill hails from Hal
ing lineup, is expected tp/be orte
of the .tdg guns for the
against tie Baylor Clubs tomor
row nigh
Notre Dame, Army ^ m
Grab Lead in Poll CubsThprsdayNight
. . It—NotTe Dame ia! the top college
Woodruff was vfery [pleased with | football team, the experts decided Monday in the second As-
jiinc Bears performance last week, | s0c j atc j p res8 nation-tvide poll of the season.
Jnit was quick to warn of overcon- ^ t th f.vhtinp-Irish landed the No 1 snot bv onlv weeK ^ L,oacnes; Marion pugn and MUton Ko
.saff-ivas agaiimt TCU, “Woodruff last week’s leader—Michig?n-irit ^—
> commented; "Apd of; course, it will a 21-tw7[. (upisdt i Saturday(.a|; Anh -4 }>*' f • j»>
plane. The Baylor line was more Michi|pran, which received; 34 first-
than the schcjol song against the {place vdtes a week ago, didn’t get
Hogs, playing magnificient ball a single ^one this time, ibtjjt ; tl|e |
throughout the contest. From end sports editor! and sportscasters
to end there'weefe outstanding men still thought enough of the Wolvef-
•>'; every—position." lines to jgive them enough other
'— : 'p-! { ballots { ti>[ land them in ytHie to{p
■ ‘ • ■■ ' ir ^ 10—in seventh place, to he fxact;
Notre Dame which brusjieq aside
Purdue Saturday, 34 to 1^, [toj ro-
ww -a jrtr k i main among the undefegted and
HaVPTIT Ail \ \ I unt ’ e< ^’ co !* lart ‘d Hrst-place votes
long time! ifu
And the TCU Horned Frogs will j
be lemombering that it has been : tea,.._ . -, T , r —. Tl .—,,
just thatrlrmg since they wpn -a | lane, Mijinescta, and North Caro
home game when they play {hot t! Hii^, renijained right in that drdei
io the'Texas Aggie,sl’on Saturday again.; I j
rcu $
horned Frogs
Slated To Be
’49 Big Guns
The Aggie accent will not be on numbers when the Cadet
Fish tackle the Baylor Cubs under the Kyle Field arcs Thurs
day nig&t starting at 7:30 p. m^
Last week. Coaches’ Marion Pugh and Milton Routt
. ded 82 Aggie Fish gridme
their team trimmed Weathejrfordt
Junior College, 28^13. ;{ M j
It’;i likely that only 25 or (M of 1
the top-drawer performers oil the
Aggie Fish Roster 1 will * get| into
the Thursday night fracas. The
Cubs were the only team to defeat
A&M’s 1948 freshman toam, and
the 1949 Aggie Fish would like to
wiii this ope.
Baylor’s first year tyam jdrop-
Dame and Army again have two
of the best backjs in the nation. A
_ big reason why! Notre Dame will
_ and a [tot^l iof 1,4891points.! score almost at |vill is Emil (Red)
T ■ ^ 1 Aniny, Which was seventh in the f^o. A Wg W* tor Amy is Ar-
n» rt j * no |]i WII L ricr ht behind with ^ oI(i Daliffa, tho Cadet T quarter-
New York, Oft. 12—<)P>-Early ^ jtf( openeri ^ to tCU’s
season indicatiojis arc the Notre freshmen, but in halfback Donald
■Home Since
i first-place biiJloLs, as 172 isports
Fort Worth, Octi 12—Seven ; "ritei-s ahd broadcasters took patt
hundred and twenty - eight
days, just three days shy of in
poll. [Ojnly 80 voted labt
because of primary interest-
the iclc
a full two years—that is a ! the National land American Lei
Carpenter and guard Charles
Athey, the Cubs showed a pair of
performers who will give any team
trouble. •
Athey is the big boy who made
, most 1948 all-state high teams as
hark. Both are in their last season. ! a member of Waco’s state champ-
To say that 5itko is the most • j ons< When the Aggies’ bulk ozing
experiehded cotegian performing 1 ”’ 1 '"- - '»«<»-.
today would b; an understate
ment. This is his seventh season
pennant wfndupa Khe 00 ^ 1 rnTpUyed^t
■ ! Great Likes, Stj. Mary’s pre-flight
Walter Hill, a 212-pqunder from
a th
u l'
Ballinger, tries to go through
Great Lakes, Sti
j [ and Norman, Ojda,
wet-i—Oklahoma, ft It Wf» Sitkp’s forward pass
ucs, and the World Series.
The thjrd, fouijth, fifth and sixt
jams last
“ adium here. | ]\ newteomer to tlhc fop ten i:
fit was against the Aggies, oh Kentucky, which jupiped [from fif
Oct. 18, 1947, that ti c Frogs ,wop tejertthij place eighth affor hand
their-last home gam-. ing Geoifgia p 25-tO-O shellacking
Since that time, TC J has dropped
five games and tied two in Fort
Worth, -tosing all four home games
last fall gnd having :o come from
behind to: .tie Qklahi ma A
this fall’s home opeicr.
On the basis of (he respective
records tlitis far tifs -fall, the
.Frogs have",every right, to hope
that thi- Aggies w||l once ' again
provide the fodder for serving up
a victory fi-ast to tne home folks.
TCU come* into the t
[victories, one tie and
it. credit while Texas
one victory against
ante with two
(hie di-roiit to
Saturday. Cdlifornii miovpd yj
from tertth tb ninth, trading plac'
os with Routbern Mkhodistl whirl
waH jdle! last wijek.! ’ ! !
Tho tojam was; Ixiunciri from th»
leading |ten,-f Southtj-rn California
Th<* Trojans, wrho'tteil Ohio Stat-e
13. iS, fifll frorji {eighth fo twelfth
On thy basis of thsit tie game
the expejrts eiamt' rethai kubly rids-
in bnflotlng pn Ohio {State and th<
Trojans.; Ohio Plate got 1506 poiati
to retaiij«loventh plgice, Where t-Hd;
\&M has only j wore i feck ijr^. atji|l rMht bjuhlirti
"of J6fr In favor
Forest Fires Hit
By Postal Office
three defeats.! name Southern Cnliforni* with 18
- J ' points. {All of the]
the exception of Mild
jbjtrtiten land untied.
Athey’s jibsition, it
something to tsee.
Carpenter was quite ja back for
Houston’s Milby. .
Ray Graves of StephenvilleL Con--
nie Jlagouirk of New London; Ray-
catch that enajbled Great Lakes mond Haas of Kingsville anil Hill
to beat Notre Dame. 19-14, in art due to open in the baqkfield
i the last minute of their 1913 ! for the Aggie Fish.; Grave^, Hans
j game. It was the only game , and Hill each scored- touchdownb
Frank Leahy's (team lost that sea- j in the Weatherford game.
Darrow Hooper of Fort Worth, '
who engineered one Aggitj Fish j
'll I
against A Coadt to win 19-12 on
excellent play by the Arronson
hers. / | v.T 1
Fish Thursday
Aini^h, a»h * -•"-■iBear CuWW|
Brothers. 1 ' IF OF Will 1 IVPr is
A Infantry led bv Green stomped 1*7 **« Vg v v*!
B Transportation! by a 34-6 score.
A Composite won over B Vet, 12-
7. { / ‘ :f': ■■ rH
One of the toughest games of the
day [was between A Field and H
FligJit. H Flight, led by Bob Mil
ter and Butch Bed sole; took tho
decision 23-17 after a hard fought
Schedule For Thursday
Basketball—Nort Military
Team vs. Team Court
16 Mite hell 4 .
Puryea 15 ! 3
Milner TCWV 1
17 Waltojn 2.
Bov '4815. College 'Station; lh.V
t liMTt College Station;
vi^. City Nat’l. [Bank
Bldgi, Rrjan; and Ray N. Williams,
Box :512, College Station.
' [j About 260 entries were turned In
to the Quarterback contest this
week; and 11 {persons, those named
ibovf, gueaabd every winner cpr-
•rtrtly.-i j'
Mrk. Ftaaidr
=tb Win a prize
TOj [ 1 I'lf • I V. e i
Thy .wiimeiJs named above will
[be dwarddd a |>ri*e by one
; teria; J. J, Pqtcre Music Co., Cbar-,
:lie Terreli of 'ihe Triangle Drive
; Inn,; Cl R. Giif|K»er of Grieiser’s
Kleciric Co., Joe Faulk of Lack's
Auto Supply; W. S D. Clothiers,
Travis B. Bryan of the Pirn Nat
tioiuil Bnjnk, The Parker-Astin
Hardware Ca, Charlie Cade of The
Efrynn Motoi] f.’p!, and Tho Battal-
iottif j .1
j The contest continues again this
wedf wiijh {the'; sponsors nkme<l
above again! offering 11 free prizes
to the lli.wdbndk'' 11 ,
Tb frntlej-.'! pefsons should; fliif
5out.;tbe nbtn- blank on’.-i
Quai-terbifek {Oh#) page, or optaitl
bnejfrom onie’/if the sponsors,
Tbe enf.ry;hliiri|k should be filled
lioui .with guessrij a * fo ihe score*
and winrjerd next 8i|t9|fMn*
gaitws in
which [Southwest Comer-
That is a .625 uvetude against ond points. {All pf; {the { top ten, wjtl
oh of tic Frogs. i»hc exceptiotj of Mi{hignn| urj! un
. V' \
A now postal cafncellatibn di-
to he usad on mail; going througl
tho College Station postoffiee hi
been announced by T.„ O. Waltotii
postmaater. _j
The slbgan on the new die reads,
“Remember—Ohly You Cpn Pre
vent Forest Fire*” It is intended
to help publicize thtf.'apjbeal made
to all Texans to aid in protecting
the state’s timber resources from
forest fires. ‘ 's’* -j! '• ’*
ist year 38 cities including
3ton and Daillas used the can
cellation dies. This year, 44 addi*
tional cities have been added to
the list including Austin, College
Station, and Lufkip. 1 ‘f, 4;
6. North Carolina; (Si)
fan 1
, u uokj
9. Califomiu f 85
The toLd vplje wrjjthi i>ointa fig
red on la 10-9l8*7-6i-j6.4.8.2-l basi
(first-pioeo vojoa id pafcntheiii)
1. Notj-c Dn*nic IjlT)...4,48»
2. Army (68;) L.iu.4 ..1,45'
3. Oklrthoma .(28) [ji.:..-. J.20 i
4.- Tulane (Ijjlp;l.. [ rl.T) :U)5
S. Minnesota (6) !, 9( )
10. Southern ^letbodlet (1) 841
i The second tert—il, 01no Stab ,
206; 1’4 Southeni California, 181;
13, U. jC. L. Ud if; J4. Com'eB,
98; 15,[ Pittsliirgh. |65;! 16, Texaf,
63; Villaiwva,|43; 18f Njivg, 36)Ti),
Michigan State, 30;; atld 20, ar d
PW dfriul
c Senice, A&M College System, has Gcoi
authorized the Uae jof tjhe special J m<)u
cuua’liug die bearing the slogan. ;e
The- Postoffiee; Department in
cooperation with the Texas Forest
lege System, has
M l.
Othefs •m’<jiring
1 or moJc
^ -
Sitko, through only five, eight.
chaiTfeS throbgb the line like a bull.
The 180-pounder from Fort Wayne,
Iml., js calledj “Six-yard Sitgo,”
nr good {reason. In the last
three sH'rtsoms at Notre Dame he h*s
carried the 24.'!t times for 1514
yards, an average gain of 6.2 yards.
In the Irish qpaner this season
he tallied three of sever touchdowns
against Indiana. He made 64 yardr
in eight tries against the Boosters,
though he hud switched from half-
buck to the i fullback spot.
Galina hud u big hand in Army’s
unbeaten record last season, his
Second ns Cadet quarterback.; Tho
six, tivn 190-pound athlete, also
a West Point letter winner in base
ball and basketball, comes from
Donorji, Pa., the same town that
gave Stan Musial to the world
Sam Moses. 220 lb. tackle from
Lockhart, is one of the most out
standing jopliomorc linemen to
play for .V&M this year. He was
a .standout at the position on the
Fish team last year -alqa
Ag Fencers Down
! Jengals at LSD
, The Texas A,ggto Fencing Team
'tame through with all wins in its
intorsectional meet with the newly
organized LSU swordsmen, Satur
day evening in Baton Rouge.
Ihvited up for an exhibition irt
the afternoon, the Aggies put on „ aKnj ,
a good intrasquad show .as Mistrot, j onoR ]^ jd th at he would'start!'
defeated Fails fob m fioth foil and | Milbv sexton and Conpie Wright at !
saber. Fails eked out a 3-2 win L nds . Rjol^rt Mehaffey and Chareh La
over Wilson m epee. k . s Moak at taekles; Milton Lorf.
In interasquad competition, Mis- and ill Aihey at gua^
!trot,; Fails, Wilson, and Ragusa co, center; Claud Kii
wept the roundk for the Aggies and * ' ~
came home wiijh'a clean slate.
The LSU fehcers with members ! ^ oun g. fullback,
from Madaglsi-nr Island, France,
Istanbul and Louisiana are attempt
ing to get fencing recognized fn
the Southwestern Conference us it
is in the Southwest
; .»f»
Oct. 12 (Spl.)—The;
Baylor (jubn, eager; to break
into the win cohimn. will in
vade Aggieland Thursday
night to display their warea
against Ijhe Texas A&M Fish.
The Cubs lost tl^eir openeij
three wee is ago. 1 | J
Taking Ihe road for the second
time, the jCuhs should be m bet^
tor phyj;Tu! condition ithaif they
were in when they met the "Wogsi
Quarterly ik Claud Kincannon, who
was suffering with a shoulder in(
jury at ihe time of the opener
will be )aek to strengthen the
Cub aerja; attack. Although Kin-
cannon tja v action in the final per
iod, his {assing was considerably
hamjierod by the injury,
In tnc | intervening weeks the
Cubs hay4 shown iinprm ; ement ac.
cording Coach Pete Jones, bui ; .; t
the powie 1 is concentrated in th4
enejn teams play, Entries should hi
turrted in! toj Battalion 8ports
1 Deiik by 6 pi [ni;! Friday.
• All gudssiii! iWotild be written on
[| the'[entry hljuik# on the games in
terbaek j )on CarpenjLer and Bobo
i Patton, halfbacks and Luthoy!
! ■
Jack Sisr I ! ;Ken Recjs, Fish back from Or-
nnon, quar-1 aitge. is exported to be one of
Fis i team’s standouts on
team’s ,*
against the Baylor Cutis
touchdown and kicked four extra 13 ra l r A*
points in the oi>ener, also will see IO oDCUH -(wt
considerable sendee for the Cadet * 1
Kish Thursday night.
diiy of cutting off hia wife’ ! noae,
“1 did it with the razor during
un argument,” lie said; according
to a statement m|»do by polire Sgt,
E* Driver in magiatrute’s eburt.
Mrs. Smith’s i|onditi<*n a crit
ical. Smith entered drtalm)d
for u liearing October 13 on u
charge of causing grievous
! 1'
CLEANING . . . .
We Deliver
- •!■
brtl 1 Gate - ■ ! * j i PlJonc
' > ' • -ii " xJfi
••• ;j4 ^. v .
’ I - I'lj'.l-
Annex Chapel
Guel»t pastor at the A&M An-
j ncx Chapel Sunday morning will
I be Diek Ryan, second-year stud-
|ent at the Austin Rhesbyterian
Theological Seminary, jjceordihg
Wife Loses Nose
During Argument
l/mdon,—t.'P>— Police thr’vurtin'• rt ‘?T mr; ^ ‘
photo printer John Smith,>, ° ( T ^
Wives Bridge Club
Elects Mrs. Ward i
Mm. liorniine Ward wais elected
president of tne Veteran’a Wives
Bridge Ciub last Thursday even
ing at the club’s regular meeting
in the YMCAj
Other officers elected were Mrs.
Dorothy Bradshaw, vice-president;
Mb. Jean Rutledge, aecretory-
treaxurer; Mrs. Jackjk Troiinger,
reporter; and Mrs. Jan Reiman,
She'll adore fee Paintiest
of writingjinstrument^l.
isfo I'AjI
' V
’’P. / j
.! ■ -t
L; ]
beminury. 1 [Ho&tofnes for th« meeting were.
Ryan, aukraduate of Texas Upi- Mrs. Betty Drake «nd Mre. Jose-
yersity and a navy veteran, served \ phlne Atterhefy. First prize for the
last stnmiKM' as assistant pastor of vrt’ning wrehtito Mrs. Lucille Hyd-
the {first Presbyterian Church at s"n, wlthiMrt. Caroline McMurray
McAllen. / 1 winning sreoijd.
- |" 1 ■di 1 "- T 11 1 »r—
North Gate
wtiowm *QAK> or rm UNoatwtiTm
If thof gidjof Yourdreom*
P'pr it drAamino of aomathlngli
roolly OKcltin^i in writing Inilrto*
mentj—giro h#r Sbeaff»r'« Cr«t Tuck
et way ri i dointy. famirtint, colorfull And
" L Hlng
Coma in
I '■ -
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