The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, October 16, 1947, Image 3

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* IMI01I ▼ f v/IlVUUiO^
Due in Cowtown Friday
l orty Gridders to Make Trip; Nortomen Set to Stop
P* r 9 e d Progs Free-wheeling Triple-flanker Offense
they exneet 1 "H 1 th f air with footb| dl« »nd maybe give them a little more than
omul.°Ll he sr , r ° Und - a fort y mtn Aggie football team Thuraday completed final
- ne ,y u j, myt Friday morning at 9t60 a. m., arriving in ‘ 1 — ^ .
J )n v at l T «£i7-,? ud, J u,ni Q uiet confidence was the keynote
],^ Utld Tbmuday, replacing the spirited horseplay
h. 1 ^L < nIl C u 0m • r < No^to • roJe ^ inil <
h* HWjltlU oum for optimum oo th*
■■M Moyer h*» • «u«Jily
ease wK*n w* play th«
The _
the afternoon
th™r“lu »"|wJIj.‘ Wd Tb ' md * y • r * 1 ^ ctn » tht ‘P irit «<
I hi*d[L < u3^^ ,#m * r « Norto 1 vole#d • nKl * l y oror Um ram* and
W »aw_lUU« «*VH far opMmleia <* Ut« AffcUa' part "Duu-h
MbMr kaa a aUndily lni»rovtni Uam at TCU
and, a« ii uauaily Uw caat whan wa play On
rrofi, wo haven't the ilightMt idaa what ha’ll
throw at ua, Tho Kroy. ara ubM aa a f round
Uam 'hta Mar, hut wa can |>n>UMy aipact
Plenty of abort paaaaa laturdv. ,,
» , ^roUtf from a doubta wlng
Mup taillAr la i»ma way., to AAM'i ara
•xpretad to throw a wiia mae atyla of attack
M tho A|«i.v (maturing handoffi. iwtopa. and
•hurt pataca. Mayar'a famad “triple-flankrr"
j- M i offanaa, which taada flva man la to tha aat
w c™’ w ^
h »a run TCU formation* ayalnat
tha varalty.
The Afylaa go Into tha rama
mlnua tha aarvica of Jamaa ( aah-
ion, firat-atrlnt quartaahack and
ai»nal caller, and iaoega Kadara.
aacond airing fullback who la atill
nuraing a had agkla. Tha aituatitm
** ‘t 00 ^ 1 t,K f the tame line
will aUrt agpinat tha Purplaa aa
opanad againkt O. U. and LSU.
Stan Hollmlg, tha eonfarenca’a
leading puntar and mnnerup in
yard* gained paating, wUl ukc
over ( aahion’a quarterback dutlaa,
with Rob (ioode. Ed Ihu«k and
Barney Welch rounding out the
Norton hinted^, a po*aible
ahift in the Aggie*’ offensive tac-
tica againat TCU, espacially in re
gard to tna ground attack, but
declined to comment further “Wait
I’ll tall you," tha vtUnta
-A aellout crowd of 30,000 will
fcff a ^ H0rTWd rr0f SU<lluw '
etth 6,000 Umporary Mata being
erected In tha and tonaa to acco-
modaU tha haga turnout.
Tha game will be tha 43rd rw-
nawal of t^joaiant rivalry, be-
gun batk i« m Sinew that time,
m 24 while TCU
re have been
for AAM are:
tip*. Prokop,
Ihklar. Tali*. Sette-
Routt, Goode, and
. . Stautsenberger,
Dupree, and Sacra,
«»lar» . .Gary, Blia, Guly, Ben-
Mttj VMiterhaak* ... HoUmig.
Baty and Hallmark; fullback* . . .
Duaek, Kadera. Daniel*. Yatea;
Frog Passer
"GAZING Rice Tackles SMU, Arkansas
Meets TU in Top SWC Games
Owls Favored to Open Conference Slate Successfully;
I c\as Top-heavy Pick to Maul Arkansas in Memphis
_ iy PAUL
Tune again far another round
ya olde crystal rarer re ■ M * ’
but Matty Bell and hia
the Axhanaaa Poriar*.
the 47 8WC reaakn against TCU in the last of a series
•f four road gamaa. the Aggies are doe to
^ 906 •f m)mi well b* a
M •core. Still deploring the loaa of star
martarhaek and touchdown toarer Jimmy
Ca*hion, Homer Norton's charge* are on the
rebound. We've contended all season that the
Dutchman is due to upset a few sure-fire
conqueren this year but the Crystal Ball wit
iprir.kled Hberall
. J P They beffin for kee P« in the Southwest S«tupday with a full slate of three
? n w renCe TeX “ 40 Mcm P hi * for a SW C duel with
taJb ua AAM u, TCU u. witlf *if Porkeri Ji nt “ °l ^ ^ *ttractions of the week, vyin*
Looking at tha future of John Barnhill's wl *5 tlig iinportaiit Hice-8.M.U. pame in Dallas. T.C.U. plays host to A&M in tht? third
B,y,or “ T ““ T “ h •” J ^
shouldn't nrovc to., h.n.,* t' r n— ^ ■ M H I
•houWnt prove too happy for tha .
•a the blond# gentlaman will probably be
tossing foothaH. all ovar tha Arkansas* md
of the field. Here wi t | call R Togas, 84-7.
_ , „ R, ro haro a atruggle with 8MU but
PMl Martin ! V Owl# sbould be Kitting on all sia in thi*
v I encounter. Doak Walker ha* carried th.i p na u.
UimwJ wm. rtw|h lilt. «iul •III coMtou. M b. I.cubl. «,th , cmp'ul
l N.vmk.I.M.r— ^
J It loaka like Hire by 19-4.
Del Morgan and hie Red Raiders
have eseenttaliy the aame team
that downed three of Its four
iMthweet Conference foe* last
year hut here the Baylor Bean
oror Tech at laaat
■4. The Bruin* wartnad up enough
Mt » w r* 1 to pul1 * •o-rollrd upset
on ArkanMa and Indications are
that they are still hot We'll live
■sylor the mal here. T <.
S B a ((a H o n
Lee« Jealin. T. C. U.'e veraioo
of Bobby Layne, will he o« the
threwtag .end of the
Psreea agalaat tha Afgiea Satar-
Four Intramural Teams Hold Foes
Scoreless in Flag Football Openers
Fmir of the five opening Intra-+~
muial flag football team* won to •core | touchdown was
tlwir game* this week by holding
Wmgbacks . . . Good, Welch, Goff.
Smith, Andersqn. Burditt. Daw
Qraene, Anderson and Ballantine.
Aggie Bees Bow
ToTCU ^ogs.
In Fort Worth
Hoys «i11*
Import tint
C/i«iiii yours!
FORT WORTH, Oct. 16 <8p>-
Th# Aggie BUM bowed to the TCU
Polywog. laat night in a battle on
ort Worth's Farrington Field by
j More of4M. The Mfrsting tatty
cam# ia tht last 40 of play
what tha Wags drove to tha Aggie
6-yard line and Hickey pasted to
Dunn tor I points.
A" Inureeption by the Aggie*
9 tkf VCU 47 yard strip* eat up
•»*«• of plays leading to the
M# Aggla aaore. Moore rerriad
tha ball la arorlng poaition and
UlMar Mdh the pigskin acroas tha
their opponents scoreless
Dorm 8 took its opener by a 20
to 0 score. Lee for the winners
excellent work on the ground
by bit teammates Layne
and Rose.'
Taking an early lead, A Air
roree hung on to its advantage to
beat B Engineers, 7 to 0. Mayo
crossed the goal line for the Fly
ers with Hinkle making the extra
In another dose game Bijrell
Hall took a one touchdown \ u tot \
from Law Hall, 7 to 0. A P. Wiley
and Sam William* each scored a
touchdown with Sherrod making
an extra point aa Mitchell Hall
l* c « 5*^ ton ***** •corelesa in a 13
to 0 Win.
Tha only loaing team af tha day
«r '
£ Northwestern •
Michigan Clash
(oUttff Shoe Repair
North date
finish Una. Meyer converted to put
the Aggies ahead in the first quar
TCU lyaasd the ball game In
« * riod • auatainsd
47-pafi drive. The Aggies threat-
•nH twle# but a tumble on the
TCU on* yaH Una and a holding
l" n **Mf .*»« the aii-yard atrip*
muffed the attempts.
A week pea* defense waa avl-
dent on the part «f tha Aggie*
which aaat them In the final wore.
The famed "T formation aa wall
m •Ingle and double wing play*
were used by the Aggies with en-
tire team aubstltuilon used.
■alas, M'fcr-Urklar, R«y,iiy,
Moga, aad Molbsrg showed they
«"uld bear watching In time to
Leaving the southwest con-
ference for a brief scan over
" the other top football games
in the Nation, two important
Hehu'? G *r ,00, " “ ^
lifhu for tha coming weak-uad.
Michigan va. Nortkwastam and nui wwconam's
th * ,, ' id - numerous!
.V wl " •Wroct the -
•P-tliKht Michigan, after rolling
will be heavRy^favored'orer’ twire ‘ S “ Vy ov * r ^ orn ***' Nol ro Dame
beaten Northwestern. | ln k ,* n . w * n °v«r Nebraska,
n. .M, , ji",: fcsrfls 5 r . A .r P r
I'urn, The Oklahoma Aggie, to up.
r\ ( r r,rl ^. ^ roll tear I
( olumbla, MMssipp! in a close
i ywv need. Keep
96% Federal The
Hall a* they fill in defeat to^rm
9. 26 to 7.
The Aggie running attack will
find itself smack ap against the
296 pound frame of John Cooks,
starting tackle who is the only
three-letterman on the '47 TCU
■ The Rice - Southern Methodist
game matches the pre-season fa
vorite. Rice with a highly raggrtlad
Mustang eleven currently riding
high on the flying heels of Doak
Walker. The Owls, despite their
11-14 defeat t* L8U and a 7-7 Ue
with patent Sautham Californl,
are generally favored to knack
ljf«tty Bell's Ftonles from the un
beaten rank*.
k "py layorRa to
hand Arkanadi lU .reond confer-
ence loaa In aa many weeks when
ihc two teams collide at Mamphls
The Longhorn's hlgb-gvared of-
fen##, sparked by bullst-armed
Bobby Uyna and flest-foote.l By-
T°" ^ •ttroun-
ter Iittl, iifflcult in Punduring
tht Porker'* afrectlc defanst
°** Rs surprint' showing
ngaln* Arkanaa* last week, i* a
■jroro pJ"} favoriU to administer
the third defeat to Tech by a con-
ference team thi. m r. T.xa. and
A«M knocked off the Raiders by
■cores of 33-4 and 29-7 and tha
Bears while not expected to ap-
fufTf ; th ??* m *nrlns, anticipate
Texan* rOU b* ,lf *' n, * t***
PorUkle (llothc^
Waiilier *
I .
NOW, wa bring jmu that power-
f«l midget-washer In a brand-
new, improved model.
baby, powerful
QENTI.K aa a
aa a giant
IUFE for sheerest fabric* .
no njhfclM ... no agttatinn
Vacuum-action prlnrlpla.
Henry A. Miller
^ Co-
2 Blocks No, Port Office
North Gate
will prokaUv decide the Biff Six
champ. The Sooner*, with Jack
Mitchell and that rough Okie lina,
are definite favorites.
In the Weal, California’# Golden
Bears continue their fight for su
premacy on the Pacific Coast in a
battle with Washington State.
Lynn Waldorf’s Bear* will be
heavy favorite*. Another Pacific
Coast game that may have a de
cided bearing on the outcome of
the Conference race is the South-
wti California-Oregon Slat* battle.
The Troyans and the Beavers are
about aqual but the Trojans get
the nod.
Topping the Intersectional card
*• *• Yale-Wisconsin game which
would turn out to be a very close
***•. *f A9»«wl by many
hut Wisconsin • supporters arc
Here's how they shape up In the
VMLBOIfl • l *
! ™ 69> y :
rah: rah: rah* Just
watrh FUfMELL’M run ia-
tarfenmeo for y«Ki and break
right through that price ||ap!
Herr’s uRerr you’ll find f (W d
values tiehrer about. There\
no “kk ktug” about high food
costa here, for our skrlvrs
•wa d gnmdstaad full of vicll-
known food*, frnnh,
Jak^r meats and farni-frrah
Fridfty — Saturday
undoubUy be one of the rlopcRt 1
game* in the Nation. The iport*
•crib## are pretty wsll dividml a*
to who th* winner will l* although
Illlnola gsU the nod bsaauag of
the fact that they will bs plating
on their horn* grounds.
Oklahoma ami Kansas tanglr in
Norman. Oklahoma, in a game that
•y n iwi
.7.7 L in a rinse
win ovar Tolane, Vamlerbilt to con-'
jlnua falling by topping Kentucky,!
WU over Boston College in a FH.
day night gams, and |n the closest
* n l^s Houth, Alabama to
shade Tennessee.
•9® our aeloction by
Complete line of Attie Jewelry
and Gift Novellh h.
CoBege ami Bryan
APPUS . . . lb. I0r
• I'ouad Mesh (tag
No. so#
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’ IS oa.
PlliSBl RrS ftOtC. 3 lb. lie
PIvTSIEET PEAS ... No. 2 lit