The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, October 08, 1947, Image 3

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1 - LIT ^ •T S B ait a lio n O PORTo WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8, mi ; Quarterback Gub Contest Blank MorZ h U^H l 7 l S" t 3? 5'"“* e * 0 ~ rt K> ik ttMt 527.^ AAM^ir 1 ^ f,*** 4 " 1 ~*<» f n» le\A> A\M-TCI1 football famo on October 18. lM ^ '"“ dur- LknnKTk *?*— lr '„ C< ! 0P * r * tl0 ® Wl ‘ h tht "r. - Tk« Win«.r wiU ht wununred it tlw reftalar mectlnf of the Quarterback Club on Thurs(i a > nik'hi Texas A A M Taxaa U. Arkansas ra. Ok la. vs. Tulane . vs. Baylor . vs. Ok la. AIM lomlottf- 7 PERFECT MITES' Pock your Curtombih pipe with Curtom-Mi* tobocco lor real snekino pleawre. Custom-Mix is on exeknive blend of the finer to baccos. For every type ... there's a Custombilt pipe . . . b* dividual at a thumbprint ... no 2 alike . . , each hand-crafted from aged, imparted briar. eeUThreagb Stiff Veriest On Kyle Field Tues. Coach Homer Norton aant the Aggie football team through a rugged two-hour drill Tuesday afternoon, fin ishing up under the lights with the fliet teun drflUat on running plsyn “We’ve «os e tot of herd yroHr to do brfero tb* conference gsmoo come oroend”, Norton explained ax ha watched hit atarten running against a spirited Fiah team “This team is in good best, in fact, of any Aggie team I’ve ever coached, but you saw what that »0 degree weether did to them at Oklahoma last weak. Yes, we’ve got work to do, plenty oi it, ee- pocialiy with that L. S. U. bunch coming up." The Affgiee appeared in good Physical condition after the 0. U. game G.-orgc Kadara is still out with an injured ankle and Bobby Goff remaini sidelined with an ailing kidney but both may break into the Baton Rouge tuasie Sat urday night The “B" aqaad threw L 8. U. paaees at the varaity during Tues day’s play, with an uncomforting degiw of success. The fire! team, running off the double-wing, found the going a bit rugged against the “Fish*. The starters made steady, but alow progress inside the tackles with Jimmy Cashion providing the day’s neatest tet of artistry, a twisting U yard win after being trapped trying to pass. Norton said He planned to use the same team as against 0. U. with Bobto Dsw starting if the Aggies biokoff and Cashion slated te open if the Cadets rerelw. Joe ••era, a converted guard and Jim Tulls, will share the duties at one tackle, with Sacra operating on defense and Tulit on the attack. The Aggies will have another stiff workout Wednesday, easing up Thursday before entertaining for Baton Rouge Thursday night. monoplT BATON ROUGE, U., Holder of! <me of Louisiana's finest prep I coachin grecords is Jules Roux. |L 8. U.'s trainer, who master minded Baton Rouge high to nine state track titles in ten years prior to joining the Bengal staff. v f CLOTHIERS ♦' f * . College and Bryan COACH BKRNIK MOORE O.U. Gaimi Picture!, Clark Ntalon To Feature Q-Back Club Thursday The third edition of tho weekly A. A M. Quarterback Off IkuiBiteg AiRJit at the A urn Mr Muib of Uw oyMtemm-Aifla fttMl pml ht program. Tht amtUag Iwglna at 7:»i p. Nimioa, Hporta KxtHor of tilt Houaton Prtaa, wt! be gutat agMlNr fir tlmt occwlon. a.ddy known th IrvaM sports tirrlea. Nealnn h«* appeared nUUt> IlmtB M Smm "t certmoniea at nporta functions acraoa tho aUti. Consolidated, Allen Pec wees Meet Tbiirsday Tht Consolidated Grad* School Patwtti will tangle with tht Alltn Academy Pto- wwa Thursday evening at 7 ► el Tiger Field, Peek Vaea, Aggie •U*<Wnt-ooach, announced Admission will be free for all who want to ate tkc U-year-olds 80 LID BACK (.ROUND and below play fbahr first in a 1AT0N ROUGE, U - Ed Wal- eariae of gradf school tilts. Haw- kar, Louisiana State’s widely-tra- evtr, donations wig be accepted at yeled aasiataat grid roach, propped |hs ^jpite to^cow lighting eoate ior his chosen profession by play- The boys, all members of the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades at Consolidated or the equivalent at Allen Academy, avevage in weight from 106 te 116 pounds. Quarters will be cut to about 10 minutes each. Vasa, baseball star for A. A M., ts coaching the junior gridmen. receiving only lab credit for his lag Mx fall years ef college f hall, three at Louisiana Tech sad three at Louisiana tack sad three more at Stanford, where he attgiaad All-America stetaa as an end la 1026. Aggie Fish Team Meets T.C.II. Frosh In Second Game of Season Tonight Thu Text* Aggie Pith will play their aacond football game of the currant aaaaon when they meet the T. C. U freahmen In Ft. Worth, Wednaadgy night, October 16th. According to Flah Coach Charlie DeWare, tl# current freshman squad of aixty is rounding into form nicely, the epuattig game loet to N.TA.C. ♦ U...Tr!7. Tl three jrears at PiedHckabun. He Probahls starting tomorrow ni^it is: Allen Sweeney, Jr. McNsir Roark Sutton Delaney Franks Sweeney, E. alone* The prehable starting lineup will be: L. K.--L. K. (Butter) Murray, weighs 176 pounds and la a three- year letterman from Waco having made AIl-DistrtcL L T.—Richard (General) Obre- gon weighs 201 pounds and lettee- cd at Thomas Jefferson (San An tonio) three years and was also selected on the All-District team. L. G.-Hubert (Buddy) Molberg weighs ISO pounds and lettered 4HBRKY * HH» CLRTHES A wonderful selection of . , . ties ... gabardine slacks (Twill A Channeen) GREY FLANNEL SLACKS (Longa) A WONDERFUL SELECTION OF Tailor Made Suit* Delivery now around 4 weeks •The Store of Peraonal Attention" was All-Dlstriet and was awarded the ••Moat Valuable Player In the District Awa*C*i c.-iab Bites weighs IN pounds and lettered three yuan at River side in Fort Worth; R. G.—Michael (Mickey) Spen cer is a three-year letterman from Paaadrna and wsmhs IN pounds. Mickey won All-District honors three years and was All-State one year. R. T.-~Wil|iam (BUI) Butler nr John Long. Butler weighs 816 pounds and lettered three years at Pasadena, where he was All- Dftrict one year. Long weighs 208 pounds ,nd won four letters at Crockett He was also All-District one year. R. E.—CedTic (Cope) Copeland weight 170 pounds and tattered two years at Waco. Cope was AII- f District two years and played ser vice hall on the 2nd Arn\y team, i .-t H.-J^sniy Hallmark weighs 170 pounds and lettered two yean j at Lufkin. He was All-District two years and honorable mention for All-State. R. H.—Dorbandy Barton weighs 185 pounds apd lettered four years at Ft. Stockton. Barton was All- Distriet and played in the North and South All Star Football gams. F. B.—Doyle Moore weiglu 176 pounds and lettered two year* at Austin High. He was on the All- District 2nd team for two years. T. B.—Edward Lechler weighs 166 pounds, lettered three yean at McGregor and was All-District two Although six weeks' rsaidsnee i» required in Idaho and Nevada before divorce proceedings may be etartad, 80-day residence is required in Arkansas and Wyo ming. Stmt aixtuir Ak Shnr If* th# louit disc for Doccq.m “ON THE AVENUE" \ T hom terrifically popular Andrews Sisters Have an individual singing style all then; own. When it comes to cigarettes—well, let Patty tell you: Tut smoked many different brands and compared, and I learned from experience that Camels suit me best!’’ With thousands aad thousands of smokers who have compared cigarettes—Camels are the "Choice of Experience.” j Try Camels. Let your own experience tell you why Camels are setting a new record! \ i I LB LT LG C RG RT RE Consolidated Hatchstt, B. Vadan. P. Fraa, M Moms, D Vincent, H Walker, R. HNor, Roy Karov, I. Manthic, J. Batts, J. Hatvvy, 0. Odessa Still Tops State Schoolltoys t Faculty Members DALLAS, TEX.. Oct I-(AP) —Odwsa and Wichita Falla domi nated high school football for the ilrd straight weok In the Dallas oralng Nsws’ poll of tho Tsxas wtwiH. ’ OdowM. dofondtuf state cham pion, was msntionsd by all of the sporta writers taking part and rs- eahrod 284 points to load tho top n teams. Wichita Falls was awntionad by 39 of 40 sports writers and ranked second with 367 points. Corpus Christ! held on to tht third place spot a scant ten points ahaad of Austin. Both art in Dist i9*AA. The root of the top ten included Bracken ridge (San Antonio) Wax- ahachie. North Side (Ft. Worth), Longview, Amarillo, and Highland Park (DaUaa). All but North Side and Highland Park are undefeat ed. .Tha second strongest ten teams .ncked included Marshall, Thomas Jefferson (Ban Antonio), Waco, Texariuna, Goose Creek. Austin (El Paso), Corsicana and Forest (Dejias). Ties, Port Arthur and Abilene. Veteran Augie Galan, now of Cincinnati, topped the National L«ague in woricing pitchers for bases on balls for two consecutive years, 1943 and ’44. weep no more v, C 1 sure dick with me/ H a i awwtsi t-sms v». »wMe.s«a«. a e. Is Old Homam mmkhm a fxidiroxi comaback? If go, ifi all due to Charlie Caldwell, the coach who engineered the moet hair-raiiing form reversal of 1946. His 17-14 victory over Penn last fall restored the Tiger* to respectability in Eagtem football society. Known for trying the unorthodox, he hag parlayed the power of prayer into the greategt revival of football ever seen at Princeton dnee the game wa* invented there in 1869. Don't mm the exalting article, "They Weep Ho More at Princeton,' in this week , a Poet... by Red Smith who wu mam fo CaroW AvorioWon 1847 Al-Axwrlcaaf MMNrfNb