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Discrimination Rides Rampant..
• Tho lotttr i>olnto4 out that undtr mfrt-
I vatlun, the “Mexican" aehoola are renerally
• inforior to thoae pruvkled for "white child'
ftohool huparintemlent ran," The bullUlnfa are pour, ‘— w — —
lll-pai«l and lem. well traiiunl
farititie* are below eUndard
jDie Mtthinf oueetinn of racial dlecHm*
jpBLP pSS Hchoola la frowlng
aajddltUmal chargee reach Uovwnor Beau
gSBrr Bp I
Thne UttlHNte of Tesae atudenl or-
■anliNtiona. In a letter to Je«i< r laet week.
iWiemJ the exietenee of Illegal eegregailutt
^ **jP > *Pl* lf 18iaa" chlklren In many eonool.
WMM throughout the etate, naming ftvo
Texae oommunito a aa apeclflc examnlee. The
letter pointed out that thiw five acnool aye-
tcma were merely aelo<t«Ni aa llluatrationa
,fr«*n a large group of similarly dinorimlna-
tcry groups and were not lingular rxamplee.
The charge of Illegal o|>eration waa baaed
on the fact that "SpanUh-name" achool
chiMivn are at^rek-atod In numerous Texas
cormnuniUeH without reference to valid testa
equitably applied.
The State Attorney General held earlier
this year that segregation waa legal only
if valid testa, equally applied, indicated the
need for separate classes or aehoola for stu
dents with language deficiencies or other
individual needs or aptitudes.
twohsra art
IllUaa are Mow aUndaid.
That thaaa conditions do Mist is doubted
by fuw Texans,
11 w' v«r, until sufficient free minded
public spirited cltlaene assume their respon
sibility toward this unfairly treat'd minor
ity, "Pablo" and "Juanita" Witt continue to
receive schooling far Mow that of their
“white'* contemporaries, and Uttle better
than “Sambo" and “Uxa" receive In their
part of tovnl
Many custom bound and^prqjudke clad
“educators" will have to be educated to the
mode of present times and many of this asms
class' will have to be removed foon office be
fore state institutions become anywhere near
Until such time aa these changes occur.
Texas cannot claim the distinction of free
and impartial educational opportunity for
Puzzle from West Texas..
If you want to get your tongue twisted
in your mouth, try explaining the College
Building Amendment imbroglio to an out-of
stater. You can’t do it and make good sense.
The amendment, authorizing TU and A.
& M. to issue bonds against interest from
oil revenue, and authorizing a tax for the
| benefit of all other state-supported colleges,
* was passed this summer by a slim margin.
; The vote was extremely li^ht in all parts of
* the state except West Texas. Polks out there
. contended that the amendment was unfair
’,to Texas Tech, although Tech officials had
* agreed to the plan, and that college would
’ (receive seven and a half million dollars dur-
* (big the rtext 20 years. _
Although the bill wa* passed by the
* electorate, action is held up pending clear
ance of auits brought hr Went Texans on
technical grounds. • L ,
Now Btate Hep, Harley Hadler of Bweet-
; water has announced that he tnteni|i to run
agalmit Governor Jester next faction on the
noll'grpurtdtt that Jester approved the
Unless a governor discharges hU du
ties “In an equitable fashion to all of our
K mle and each section of our great state,"
liler said In a recent statement, he should
not #<wk or expect a second term
rrhlitj hr added, waa^ direct reference
F. **»■
^ 1
Hollywood Roiadup
Texas War Hero
Buys House From
Ittovie Income
Conwt Wilds, who hat told 20th
Pox ht la not well onsuch is work,
la planning to go to Now York
wit week. He juet returned from
Hawaii . , . Trend Oept.i If Papa*
tasunt plana to return is fwil-asalt
prudueUon, than why is it releas
ing »Ur» like Dorothy Uniter
and Diant l.ytm aa ona-pieturwa*
year daalsT , ,,
Hat earn-
- Smijn
and •iiwre
European Agriculture Is ~
Hopeless, Faimer Reports
GARNER, IOWA, Oct B (Ap) ban and thajr ao unlucky to hava
—Bte-»Minad Jack Dathmera, cow- baan ham Hi Eurapa/
(ortahly walMonio. altar yarn of Ha told with a look' of wander
rugged work in the hlaok rich asil 0(1 hi*
of Iowa* want abroad to aae how
tho farmer* of
othar lands wera
He waa one
the mueh deaoratod ao)dWr<
alaepe in Terry Hunt * gym
Max Rohmer la raportad at
As MacKenzie Beet II....
Frauee, Italy Get Brunt Of
New Drive by G»ffi»unists
AT feeUa* Attain *mI>4
Jester’s outspoken approval of the plan
finance 60.000,000 in conhtructiou fqr sUte-
supported colleges stimulated a Sadler-for-
Govemor boom there.
In view of the fact that a majority of
those who voted also favored the amendment,
it is hard to see how Governor J« >ter could
be accused of “using the good graces and
prestige of this high office to promote self
ish interests, crusading on issues that could
work a hardship on the small property own
ers. taxi>ayers and fanners and by such ac
tions possibly retard the growth and service
of some of our state institutions." .
Yet Sadler has made just such a state
< Behind'the whole program aeems to be
a foi ling that Texas Tech should be made a
constitutional aehool, like Texas University
gnd A. A M., rather than a statutory aehool
aa it la now. Hut to be logical about auch a
change, we should make all state colleges
constitutional, Including the teachera' col
leges and the new Stale University for Ne
groes. Would Tech Iwhafit by auch a change?
We think It le fine that West Texans
are so deeply Interested In Tech ; hut we
wonder If they are doing either Tech or the
entire state college system]any service by
their “dog In the manger" attitude. Except
on the football field, we are not uut to "out
id ogoa *♦
■Mweeat lor iw-
the drawl Cowue-
tha general staff
Babbamm has aaiaad
highly atratagtc
organization of
irrn lhat ia, tha ,
for world ravalalMW-aad for a
formal declaiwtioa at ideolognal
warfare aa the Democrat lea, head
rd by the U S. A.
Baa tern Europe, and part »f the
Central Coatipeat, already are in
Moacow’a grip.
Most of weatern
Europe i* in the
throes of a
fierce economic
which readers
it vulnerable to
political attack,
for people who
are suffering
privation, even
%nd cf> i < i
, grasp at strawa
BoeHiMiAwih 1 to save '
Ho Bolsheviam wtlMitrlke with
all its might St weetem Rurope,
and try to "Hnmunise it right
• hrinigh (n the English channel
before Amor Man aid nas a ehaeae
in beaomo effootlve, The way It
ka now. Italy and franc*,
whWh have powerful Com
1st parktsa, will k* the ea
prime ohjoeilvea, with polllleally
and eronnmleally chaotic Italy
id dawn aa the fire! victim
with a
fiwa fawnori
to Jtstpr's advocacy uf tho Collrgp lluttrtlng Tech's throat." W« raapoct our brother
Amondment hdoptad by a close vote In Aug- school and predict a great future for It. We
uat. It was violently opposed in West Texas, ask the same consideration for ouraalvaa.
A Chance to Sound Off...
Best news of the semester to many peo
ple is the fact that A. A M. will again have
a discussion society and debating team this
The new group will be formally orga
nized Tuesday, October 14, and The Batta
lion hopes that many Aggies will turn out,
- eager to raise their voices in controversy.
Certainly there is no lack of important mat-
'3ers to debate today—United Nations, the
-new Comintern, President Truman’s food
policy, etc. and still more etc.
Back in thetl930’s A. & M. bad a debat-
-Ing team which won the respect of other
achools. Coached by C. O. Spriggs, it won
its share of intercollegiate laurels. But like
many other activities, it succumbed when
Last year, when copies of the Battalion
were being studied by the Associated Colle
giate Press at the University of Minnesota,
some one noticed a remark in the editorial
column to the effect that A. & M. had no
debating team. “Hmm" remarked the re
viewer, indicating the general belief that a
College without a debating team is as incom
plete aa one without a football sauad.
~ During the yean befora the war, de-
j* . -n
- AN AP report from B'-nd.THnnville, N. C.
geld: 'The (Vivemor flew here from Ral
eigh today to make hia speech and to drown
tho Apple Blossom Queen" *
hating did slump in inton-xt, nationally. But
since the war, “forvnsic contests" have been
more popular than ever before. Yean ago,
achool debaters would talk about affairs of
Afghanistan or Indo-china in ringing tones
but without much knowledge about or Iik
tereat in those far-off countries. Today we
know well how important those distant re
gions can be; how trouble in any of those
regions can come home to us violently.
In the meantime, interest has shifted
somewhat from old style formal debates to
more modern methods of discussion such as
the panel forum, which is so effective on
the radio. The Battalion is glad to see that
such panels are an important part of the
plans for the new Discussion and Debating
“Debating is at the root of our citizen
ship.” says Karl Elmquist, one of the spon
sore of the new society. “It is used in our
legislatures, our city councils, and in our —
courts. Less formally, it appears as bull-ses
sion*. But we are always debating, one way
or another."
Here's our chance to sound off. Let's
take full advantage of It
In nfHmiiM tki« sHItl* I
Ihs MprsMlnti "Mrclntflral
fsto", and on arcond theught ikaPa
too much of • KuphcmUtn This
m tlm* to mine* words.
Tho Boiakov 1st offanalvc la for
the purpoa* of raUbliohln* the r**d
“tML” all right, but the Com
munlaU have been emplo
force, Including wldcsprctd I
dation of oppononU, In bath
Europe and the orient. We may ex
pect to aw those strong-arm meth
ods intensified, for this is • fight
to a finish.
I And lot non* bo unwlw enough
to boliovo that the conflict willbe
confined to the Eastorn Hemis
phere. Any notion in tho Ameri
cas which dallies with that idea
i* playing LitUc Red Ridinrhood
to the Big Bad Wolf. It may be
expected that the intensification
of strikes, and the creation of other
haaards to recovery in Europe, will
be accompanied by an increase of
Communist activities in the west
ern hemisphere.
And supposing the BolahevklU
are able to drive through to the
English channel and consolidate
their grip on the whole esnttnent?
This column has said before, and
says again, that such a situation
must almost inevitably
another world war.
There la only one barrier which
her* from England,
new Yu Manehu story far tbs
Chariss Korvln, back from ths
MM Express ** location to
Europe, reports that the London
and Berlin atages are bristling
with creaUvt activity. With the
theatre In Paris and New York
at a lour ebb. Chartos thinks that
tho reason for the boom in tho
other caoitala is the devastation
they suffered in the war . .
Ingrid Bergman is in practically
every aceac of “Joan" and there’s
not much chance of her bring ab
sent from work. The other day she
was suffgrinc * sore throat and
hoarseness. Her husband. Dr.
Peter Lindatrom, treated her and
ahe didn’t miae a take ... la the
Hedy LaiSarr-Keenan Wynn whirl
the real tiling? Some think ao
Bob Hbpe has received 2,000
photos of pki-nosed moppets whose
mothers Want them to appear with
Bob in "Sorrowful Jones.” But ths
gal won't play his daughter in tbs
film. The comic says he has been
flooded with ao many youngsters
that “I’m finding, them in my oat
meal” . . . Melvyn Douglas is re
ported set to star in the Groucbo
Marx Norman grasna pl«y, “Kli-
■ in here
hopslManaw uf Europe's
'Rsems as If ws knew less wh«n
got bash thag when «• start
ed," he laid Mbsrty
Editor, The Battalion,
Your article on The Texas Spec
tator was a very interesting one,
snd I enjoyed reading it For quite
some time The Spectator seems
to hava bit on a lot of issues You
brought that out too. But did you »beth.” It will break
bring out the little fact that the ] the coast . .
paper seemed to have hit on a
lot of things that happened at
this College last spring?
No, I don’t believe that you did.
Nor will you ever bring out that
1 Now how about oae at your
JMa aaraaatis remarks to this
. TVf picked up potatoas no
HhT than a piar he saCP'lut
is huagry he’ll
t>'W«r than a pia,
pu k 1 rtsa?
have to feed them the
er lbs re And we rant
eetl It to them because they're
ready bankrupt Wefll juet hi
to give H to (bam.
“It's either that or turn them
over to the rommuniaU. The* feel
ing Is pretty strong over there al
ready. *
The six-foot farmer, whs work
ed hia own way up from hired
hand, was considerably *hock.-,:
casts and class barrier* in Eurp
pean lands which make it difficidt
for men to better their lot Sum
ming up his memories of Euroia’s
distressed, be said: '
“They can't understand why ws
were so lucky to have U on bom
Drthmer* brought ImI a son-
Mm that European farming
method* are outmodrii and will
It be skangod before ms-
•binary aan be used watt.
"They don't uas ths maapower
sad the tools thug have afflrisnt-
Hr m MM "Even Urge farm*
MM'MM up Into amaU, IrrnguUr
Th England they vomplaln«d at*
Uah at manpowot, but toy had
•• mss working on one 1,4'mi n
wtk Oat fdfM Bad ton bigs and
all pn* man did was taka aara of *
them." -v-
i’«ni«MMng on Osemany, Doth-
mrs said i
“You can see everything you
nsod to ms in one day. U Is all
l»k»wn to.gtaaos.” «
Hr ntet a group at Gorman
"w r hV
vT fly
don’t we see any young
or mmole - aged German men
^•■■d are they all working in
tba mines or factories ins toad of
on the farm*?”
“All our young men,” said one
mayor, sharing Ms head, “are un
der the sod between hers and
i re on
For Your Visual Problems
Pr. Carlton R. pee
MB X. Mala — Bryaa
Phone 1-ISM
will hslt to Bed drive, *i)d that
Is a physical one. Puhliv opinion
smonir to demasrsclM 1* no great
er deterrent than a teator would
be to a battle tank BoMhevUm
must come up agaUat a tpbglbls
barrier That san only he provided
by a quirk rsbahll ution of to
nations of waatern Ruratie as as
to give tom ths Mrrnctn to ds
f*nd tomsslv and the time In
whleh ta effsrl that rshabllltatbm
Is very short.
This now Communist dortaratton
of action age Inst to tlemotrarlex
naturally has given rise to the
question of how to rods can sorry
on In to United Nation* now. And
there is quiet and unnfflelol dls
russion whether to U. N. would
n't be bettor off If It were re
formed. leaving to Communist
bloc out
Ws ere likely to beer much more
of test os time goss on. At this
writing one can only comment tot
to Bolshevists and their minions
will think twins before voluntarily
leaving an organisation which pro
vides them with such an admirable
theatre for cnating obstruction
snd at the same time spreading
Red propaganda.
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*' A PUBLICITY release for ‘The Miracle
of the Bella" informed movie columnists that
Jessy Lanky would produce the film version
with Fred MacMurray In the "Ulla roU.’*
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