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Ik. Ralph Himatttd, Exacptive
SacrrUry of tho Amorlcan Auo-
ri«Uon of l'mv*r»ily ppofroor*.
»ay» ho hai roeoivM»M off Mai
knowlodm of tho rvmo»«l of Dr.
i, Prank Dohlo from tho Unlvor*
alt/ of Toxm payrott,
Hlmatoad aald yootorday ho had
rooolvod a tolayram from tho Dal.
ly Toaan, Unlvorolty of Toxaa
noarapapor, aaklng If tho aaaorla-
tlon waa uklny cofnlaaiwa of tho
l TI aald hla roply waa that tho
aorh raaoa whoro tho iMloldual In
tho lanao roquoota Intorvontlon and
tMiapt thay 'may havo boon aomo
violation of tho prtnctploa of aca
domic frocdom.
Volume 47
Number 36
TEHRAN, Iran, Sopt SO (API-
Poor hundred persona wore killed
in a aerie* of earthquakes recently
which destroyed the vlltOKe of
Dowlatahad, in Eastern Khoraaan
Province, official* announced to
JERUSALEM, Sept, 30 <AP)-
The explosion of a. bomb outside
an Arab shop near the Jaffa Grto
touched off an eifht-minute f-r.
era! alarm today in Jerusalem, still
jittery from the bomb n* of a Hai
fa police station in which 10
, sons died yesterday. [7
HOUSTON, Tex., Sopt. 30 (AP)
R. A. Massey, representative of a
Longshoremen'* Union, refused to
comment directly on the possibility
of a walkout at midnight tonight
which would tie up all of Texas’
porta.^ .
CONROE, Tex., Sopt. SO (API-
National Guard troop* will not be
called to fight the wave of forest
fires swooping rich East Texas
forest land, Oov. Beau ford H. Jes
ter declared after an on-the-spot
At a late hour yesterday, 110
, biases wore reported. Sunday nlfht
at approximately the same time A
< fount showed only U6,
Jester was told in a eenferent*
that the operator* believed tenants
and squatters had eet the flies as
retaliation agalast large kuabei
X rutore, who had steptMuf theft
Interest Rises in Campus-Wide
Elections; Deadline at 5 {Today
Parade Schedule for Semester
Lists Infantry First on Oct* 1
Companies A, B, and C, Infantry will begin the parade
schedule for the 1947-48 fall semeRter, Major Lawson W.
Magruder Jr., operations officer, announced yesterday.
In the complete echedulc of parades for thia semester, ( nmpan-
iee A, B, add C, Infantry was listed for October 1 and November 5. The
three Veteran units are scheduled for January 7, and the five Artillery
batteries cn October 8, November 12, end January 14.
The Air Force unite will parade on October IK end November 19,
with the Cavalry units listed for January 21. Slated for October 22 and
December 3 are Companies A and B, Engineers, and Companies A, B,
and C, Composite.
Two Cadet Corps parades will be held on the main drill field:
October 29 and December 10.
Times, routes of march, and uniforms will he announced later.
If the event is postponed, the organization will not be rescheduled, and
the following week’s schedule will be conducted.
The complete schedule of parades is as follows:
Oct. 1, Nov. 5
Jan. 7
Oct 8, Nov. 12, Jan. 14
Oct 15, Nov. 19
Jan. 21
Oct 22, Dec. 3
ABC Infantry,
ABC Veteran
AB Engr.
Co. A (Sig C-ASA)
Co. B (QM-Trans)
Co. C (CtnlC-Ord)
Cadet Corps Oct. 29, Dec. 10.
CHOW' TIME AT LITTLE AGGIELAND—Frrwhmen must cut, and here’s how
they do it. Top: going through the line, army style. It may look like cafeteria style,
but every tray Is filled alike. Bottom: with nanklas at aecka, the fledglings faO to,
while water jup is waved la mid-air, la gbba-ftke style.
Penberthy to Present Gen. Moore
TrophytoSignalCorps Thursday
Fighters Try Dry lee to Rain
Out 96 Forest Fires in East Tex.
at m«rv
i" -M'erty dtSlaM
s than 9S,OOOJOI
I In Injury to 70 (
■and had
Austin, TEX., Sept. 80 (Af|-
A student movement to ask the
University of Texas Board of Re
gents to reinstate J. Frank Dobie
as an English professor has sm
ed under direction of Ben Jeffery
of Auetin and Stuart Chamberlin
of Paris.
’'Student* for Dobie” is the asm*
of the organisation. Jaffery said
ita only purposes was to persuade
the regents to reinstate Dobie and
not “to stir up trouble.’*
Thursday it ratraat W L. PuAburthr,
daan of m«u, will present U A" Company Rig*
nal Corps with the General George V Moore
Plaque,*W. G. Rreateale, assistant dean of
men. announced yesterday.
The plaque, signifying that "A" Com
pany Signal Corpa was the beet all-around
pt. (AH.—More attemp
produce rain by the uae of dry ice will be made in an effort to
quell nearly
J O. Bu
One sueh Ittempt yesterday fall-*
Burnside said that Paul Ales
airier ef Conroe drupeed between
II and Mi pound* ri to iee •* a
cloud snd auMieied (ewering II
1.100 feet, but did net preduee any
100 forest fires sweeping East Texas woodland
E t fire chief of the Texas Forest Service, an
Joe McCarthy Out Mainstream Opens
Of Retirement To Annual Literary
Handle Red Sox Student Contest
orpntRalion In 1946*47, wilt be irireivai by
Klmo Livingston, commander of ''A" tym*
Pam, and will stay In tho company'a posses
sion permanently.This is the second time |he Hs quotod Alexander as saying
award has been made; the first winner was 0*st weather eondltlona were not
**r Company Infantry. The Moore Flag *a* """ iU#mpU
present »*d to “A'' Company last Mother's Iky* | "'T* M Individ
Th« coveted award, which en
As N Individual fires swept over
Harris County, north portion,
The fire ehlef declared that ap-
■jy the fires were malicious*
a^A Mm asaumAmfetalatii III
M^w* e»M eMMa JywMmwsMMM wlr
rat were set In one traet, II in
another and II In •till another
Me said a II,9M reward fur la
fermatlon leading te the arrest
and ronvlrtloa of aayeae setting
the fires still stand* the sum waa
titles the winning outfit to cnrr> w f Oklahoma snd Umialans offered
Tesa* roontles, ef feted by • group id landowner*
the Moore Flog nt all reviews and
to wear the distinctive “G M”
shoulder patch, was instituted in
1945 by the Dean of Men in honor
luipmeat to fight the blase*., Gov. Reauford M Jester Satur-
NEW YORK, Sept 8fr-(AP)-
The weather man has predicted
scattered showers and consider
able cloudiness far New Yark City
agd vicinity today—opening date at
the 1947 world series.
NEW YORK. Sept. 30—(AP>— The editors of Mainntrram,
Joe Cronin, manager of the Boston the new literary quarterly, r #t
^ S° Xl which Will complete its first intramural proficiency. 15W; and
Thousands of acre* of tree* have i day had said he believed the fire*
been burned in five counlie*. but were caused by the burning of
^ Is ooe, Walker, the blason have: fluids by farmers,
of General George F. Moore W, been brought under rontrol or have Montgomery county schools were
commandant of cadets from 1937 to burned themselves out. | to close today to make available
1939 and hero of the last war. times we think we’re getting 300 high school boys as firefight-
The trophy is presented to the t head and at other times w# think j era.
unit judged best on the basis of! we * re i^jn, f round," Burnside
the following factors scholarship, 1 s#M j
50 r /t; military proficiency, 25%;
ice and of the 111th Texas Nation
16 Now Filed for 4 Seats, / !
On Student Life Committee
The deadline for filing for positions in the new student
government Is 6 p. m. today, according to the Student Activ
ities Office. Any aspirant who has not vet filed, may do no
in the Student Activities Office, Room 209, Goodwin Hall.
+ As of 5 p. m. Monday 42 men
had filad. So far the Student Ufa
Committee leads the field In com-
R tiUon, with sixteen applications.
ley ars: Farris Blow, Arthur
Brunson, William Bumpas, Joe Gul-
linan, Pete Hardesty, Jess Hargis,
Scott Hood, John Huddleston, Vi«k
Undley, Jack Moore, John Parma-
lee, John Poole, Jerry Sutherland,
Will Thanhebier, James Willis, and
Sam Williams.
The following five men have
filed for the position of student
member of the Athletic Council:
Clifton Ackerman, Marvin Kuers,
Leslie Palmer, Rudolph Schoddc,
and Tommy. Tighe.
The candidates for student rep
resentative* are: Kenneth Bond
and Vick Lindley, day students
from Bryan; Glen Butler and Vir- I
gil Shaw from Dorm 1; Henry
Robatrds, Dorm 3; James Edgar,
Dorm 4; “Duke” Hobbs and J T.
Miller, Dorm 8; N. R. ”J«
Leatherwood, Dorm 8; William I
Fowler, Dorm 9; David Gentry and|
Henry Pate, Dorm 10; Dave Br
Dorm 14; Thomas Laroa, Law Hall,|
Charles jCirkham and Arthur Ma-
tula, Puryear Hall; Edward Court-
ade and Marvin Kuera, Walton I
Hall; Harry Saundeti, Vet Village;
Wilson Beardsley, Trailer ('amp;
ami Tom Weatbrook, Bryan Fn M|
No filing haa been made ior rep
resentative of Dorma 2, 5, 7, 11, 12,1
15, 18. 17, Milnar, Leggett, Hart,
Bissell, or the A, A M Annex.
Neither have any application* been
received from the Project tlousu
area ami College View apartmaiiU.|
Three freahmepuslll ha elected
to represent •ludeata at the A, I
A M ('ullvgt Vhm#i NtriitoiiU
laterealed la spplvtng task da aa
la Luke IlsrrUon * of fire befare |
I p. at today,
Th# elocllmi will be held Thittsi
day. (Holier I. Bnllot* will be prr^
vlried by the iwapoetlve housema*
ter* for th«M»e veteran* living Irl
dormitories. < tirp* memhera wil
reeelve their hallot* from the sen
lor cadet officer (the highest rank
In the dorm.
Thus,* stuthviU living In Brynt)
or College Station, will vote o
ballots printed in The Battalioi
Ballots will be brought or mall
to the Student Actlvitiles Office i
or before 8 a. m., Friday, Oct. 8.
'Students For
Dobie’ Organized
For Reinstatement
AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 30 (Sp)
Initial steps in organising a stu
dent movement to ask the Texas
University Board of Regents to
reinetate J. Frank Dobie sa a far-*
ulty member vere taken Saturday
afternoon by a group which se
looted the title of “Students for
Dobie” aa its naqm.
Ben Jeffery, derving as tem
porary chairman, told the group
that the only objective of the new
organisation was to persuade the
Board of Regents to reinstate Mr.
Dobie. Jeffery pointed out that
Mr. Dobie waa important to the
University and to the students, and
that Students for Dolm* would
work exclusively on the Dobie
With Stuart Chamberlin, execu
tive secretary, in the chair, the
executive committee was instructed
to prepare a petition for the Board
of Regents and stated just what
are considered the important facts
in the Dobir question.
Chamberlin said about the or-
A surge of student opinion ha*
toflopml In favor of Professor
Dobit Our mreimg today, and th*
lim of o«r assitciaiion, Is tg work
•ut ways ami moans of giving
MpraMriit ta that sUdant
W» bad rather have Paw
with us ana samoatar than
him no semester st all, Wo urge
the Beard of Hegedte to approve
Mr, ItoWe's request for leave thte
amkaatiiil the pur*
Imm* ef Student* fer Dobie when
he aald, "Our only purpose la to
keep Dobie at the University—
not to stir up trouble.”
No one has been injured and no
_ . p a home* have been burned. Burn-
•*** »*•*'"< "* **M M—
were groupd fires, and very de-
sn.* it i liT. “** th - 1
C. R. Weymouth, Texas Tech re
gent from Amarillo, said business
meeting school’s board regents here
Saturday discussed little of im
portance outside routine affairs.
A brief joint session wea held witk
the* board directors of Texas A.
and M. College, discussing ron|*r
stive program offered by the two
school* in Psnhandls, Weymouth
count that revealed these fires:
rect the Boston Club with Cronin to to • »*"” »" nu » l Tn . Llb ^ ty County ' northw<,t P° r
becoming the eeneral manairer awards under the sponsorship of P® lnt f- , e 2? nd . P 1 * 0 * * ent ^ i t,on * 29 -
becoming the general manager. |... F I “A» Chemical Warfare with 2485 Montgomery County, 54.
- Notice -
All student* interested In
flight training are requested to
meet in the Petroleum lecture
room Tuesday evening, Septem
ber 30 at 7 p.m.
Port Arthur Club to Meet
Nins parsons warn k Iliad snd ap
prullmatoly 50 wounded yastarday
whan s district polls* haadMart-
•m in Haifa was wraahad if s
shsttorlng bamb saplasian whteh
Jswuh irndarground AganU boast
#d thay had sat off s* raarieal fu)
th* depoitatian af uii,#rlifi,Mi
i*h immtfrants ,
Fai (truck a
Trieste yastarday aftrmaan
was haadinc tor this ha*
lory, Twa man trere klltsd, i
Inf te a massage f
rr J. C. Owan, wl
Fot’s raarue
from th* destroy.
Ihleh Want to the
! Tbs Intartar Dapartmant reltarated
yastarday that no bracarot (cab-
tract farm workers) would be
parmittad to go to Texas M untll
discrimination against Mexicans
McCarthy wbobftthe Wnkaes Four tward(| of |lM ^ wi „ , points and third pUce to
k uP. ? 1M * k be< ^ U ‘ , 0f k ’ * offered Two of these swards Squadron Army Air Forces
health take, over hu new job at wi|| ^ prwnted for thr un . . total of 2480 point.
tlTJrSi *5° “If 0 0 ^ r published short story and poem er Competition is becoming greater
M^hu’s aaU.?^ « rou P ot V*™' »ubmitted b) stu- thehighhon-
tet h k hy k toll in American colleges and uni- ® r atUched to this award. It is
aafey „ W f h ° h versities The other two award. ho P^ General Moore will be
general manager of the Red Soft, .| . . . . , on hand to make the award next
Collin, has directed the Boston Thi , yeBr *, competition will end
Club since October. 1934, and Mlrch 21i Thp w i nninK ito .
toMfbt th* dub into the world , r ies and poems will be published in
arris, last year 1111. year a slow ' lUhwtr*,,*. Judge, of the awards
tftart dropped the Rod Sox to third wi || ^ the editors of Mainstream,
atosa bahind the pannant winning induing Editor-inChlaf Samuel
Yankaaa. I Billon, Dalton Trumbo, John How-
McCarthy Is th* only manager ard law son, Howard Fast, Meri-
aver to win pannant* in both the del Le Sueur, Theodore Ward, and
American and National League* A maud d'Uaaeau.
Ha waa In rharg* as the Cub* tri- Manuscripts should be addros*-
umuhed In the National in I92U ed to tho Mainstream Award*
ami than directed tho Yankees dur Committee, 832 Broadway, New
Ing their long reign at the lop in York I, N. Y, with accompanying
the MV return |NMtage.
Cronin asM he railed McCatthy i SUttlng with the winlor, lw4a,
at Buffalo last week and naked number (Volume II, No 11, the
him to meal him hare Inal Mghi nf *lngl* eo|He. of Main*
' "wa *ot up all nlghl diieuasing •traam will he an eants, anmml
It, ami Jo* flnslly nevenlisir" ha •ftoripRtna |M, Malaatream is
told rapottars 'Mri'arlhy will dtatrliuled sniumally by New
have rompleie rharg* of the team • jHituir hilduhar*. also at ski
and will nave Ih# |u»wer to mok* Broadway. New York,
ash tola." j __ gf 1
FFA Rwrivw $IS
could have gone with other club*, m Ant
h,, i .to. ,k- to- | j* nmi 2 Mudrnts
Agronomy Society
Elects Kunze Head
Large timber has escaped se
rious damage, he said, but declar
ed heavy damage to large trees j raf * t
San Jacinto County, southwest might take place unless it rains or *£.J P* m -i® ^ ooni Academic
portion, 12. 1 the fires were controlled. | BriMME. AH students from Port
I Arthur are invited to attend.
The Port Arthur A. 4 M. Club
Thursday, October
Fish-Game Club To
Meet Next Tuesday
The Fish and Game Club will
hold ita find matting of the year
on Tuesday, October 7, in Room
1115, Animal Induatris* Building
at 7:15 p m., H. K. Buechner,
sponsor, announcad today.
A br»#f business meeting will b*
held to elect new offtcars and ap
point activity vommiiteoi, he stat
ed Following thia, Bill Kiel will
ifemml a dlsvuaalon on the meet
ngs of the American Hociety of
dammalogi*!* and the Nuatety of
Irhlhyoluglala and HeiimtulugisU,
which he attended at liigglns Uk*
Mhhfcan, Rial attendeir th* ma
vent loo as a rapregentatlva of the
ARM, Fish and (lama Uluh,
All aid member* are urged M
attend, aa wall aa all new fi«h am
gam* student*, Anynh* else in*
tareatad In wildlife ta Invited t*
Third-Generation Minister
Leads College Methodists
S,*pt :tO (AP) -Caesar Hohn, Kx-
ti-nsion Service State Labor Super-
viaor, said that he knew of no in-
■taneas of discrimination against
Mexican Nationals in Taxaa, and
that hts office had bean engaged in
.an educational campaign against
any dis<nmination against Latin
George W. Kunte was elected
president of th* Agronomy Society
at the first meeting ef the semes
ter held last week, it was raportad
yesterday by Andrew W. Bell, new
club reporter. , j
ter for the scholarship fund, it was
reported yesterday.
The donation, part of the pro
ceeds from drinks and candy sold
at the 4-8 convention held earlier
thia month, was presented at the
FFA’s regular meeting of Septem
Houstonians Plan
Aggir-Rice Dance
Assisting Kunse for this year ber 22.
will b* Arnold Nowotny. vice-praai- Barrett and Kiel, both veteran*,
dent; Neal C. Patterson, secretary- remained on the campus for a week
treasurer; and Ball, reporter. between semesters to make the
AH agronomy majors who have scholarships money. The award
bad Agronomy 106 are urged to' will be presented to some worthy
attend the next regular meeting boy at the state FFA convention
stated for October 14. neat summer,
The Houston Club will make
plans for the traditional post-game
dance in Houston at a meeting to
be held Thursday. October 2. Rob
ert T. Drago, secretary-treasurer,
ita ted yesterday.
At last week’s mealing it was de
cided that the traditional A. A M
Rice game dance would be I
AU Houston students are invited
to attend this Thursday’s meeting
ta the YMCA chapel
By Kenaeth Bond
“Ours is a two-fold purpose in
Heft Station,” states Rev. James
Jacksbn, minister of the Metho
dist Church. "We arc hers to serve
the churah, th* constituency, and
the members of the church, and
through the interested members
of this church to serve the AAM
olleg# ”
If someon* had asked Rev,
Jackson's father what vocation h*
* spec tad his two son* to follow,
without thinking ho would hav*
rwplled, "Methodist Mintetara."
The faiher ha* carried on service*
in the Mathudtkt Church far th#
past flftjhflve rearsi hi* hrothe*
waa a Methodist minister, and
I heir faiher was aleo a Methodi.i
mlnlatai before them
RSf, Jackson wa
fourth #f five chil
Georgia In 19M Ha
rlout eehoola In Georgia and r«*
MMi hi
Mm lash*m»4et^aa
BftmorKiWs _
■C as a salesman
th* University
» ia, for a short
to enter the mlnlatry. While
attending Marcy Col lags la Otor-
t he acted as student mini* Ur
several churchea. Majoring in
Christianity, ha received hla Bach-
etor of Art* in 1984.
After working on hta master’s
degree for a while at Mercy Col
lege, he transferred to Duke Uni
versity and received hit Bachelor
of Divinity in 1918, majoring In
church history. He attended the
University of, Edinburgh, Edtn
burgh, Scotland, where he spent a
gear working towards him PhJ)
Iftssk st I ha to
■ In Gardele*
Am kttlmal tern
la and re
tteh sehosl diploma at
O4or«ta. After work-
n and attending
at Ogtethoraa,
mrt time, he de*
Mlaleter. A .AM. Methodist Churrh
red Europe and visited Pale*
tine, where he spent three months.
Upon his return to the states, ha
married the former Mias Helen
Thompson of Swsinshoro. Georgia
She has a Bachelor of Science De
gree from Andrew College, Geor
gia. They have a daughter, Vir
ginia, seven years old, and Jim
Junior, seventeen months.
Rev. Jackson joined the South
Georgia Methodist Conference and
waa assigned to Lumber Cit]
Georgia, where he spent two an I
eno-half years. The Methodist
Church ia Eastman, Georgia, bunt
ed and RtV. Jadkson was sent them
to rebuild and dedicate s new
church. He wt* in Eastman fdr
turn and one-half year*.
Hs transferred to Houston, Tog
as, and became the assistant min
ister to th* Ray. Paul (Julllian who
h paster of the Houston Methodist
Cburshi th* largast Methodist
Churah in the World pith 7800
members After spending two years
at CartJiag* Texas, h# was Iran
■ferrad te Collage Italian wMM
ha haa hatn th* past three mont
Ksv, Jaekaim haa Eraat pwii
fm the Melhadiat Chunk in th*
huiiaiilg l'*"giam a* wall a« wuik
U« with lha eullelf, |ia will hold
Mienttaal awrv)*** at am* ami el*v
aa aaah dunday te *t i ,■ t,,ti,i,,G (,
who wishee ta attend
liana, preshyleftana
hndleta are iwmhlnlng
tq g|Ua serviro* for lh» Freshmen
al "LitI la Aifftatand " Regular
servhw* wMI he hgld In tha rhapel
Rill Watt*, a Student (weparlni
far the mlntatnf, Will he hvallablia
for rouneetlng.
'42 Senior Prexy
Named Assistant
Secretary of Exi
J. B. “Dick” Hervey
Greenville hag been appointc
assistant secretary of the
nociation of Former Student
of A. & M., it was announc
yeaterday by President A.
Hinman of Corpua Chriati.
Hervey was selected by the E
ecutiv* Board of th* Associate
to complete the enlarged staff
th* Association office at Colla
Station, to which James T. Not<
of Austin was recently added
editor of the "Texas Aggie.”
Harvey is a 1942 graduate of
| M., who in his senior yej
served as president of the 19
class. H* entered the Army /
Corpa immediately upon gradl
lion and saw extensive servl
overaaat, both in the Euroix
Theater of Operations and the
cific Theater. H* attained th*
of eaptrin-
Nina* hta return bow servk
Harvey haa been engaged in
tnaulailnf husinesa li Dallas
Will enm* te ( olleg# Ntatmn
t dutta*
^^9 'a
Bl (hs Annex
Ttie Mrtitodi
a great building program, spon
sored by til* Wesley Foundation
whteh la locally represented by
Igv* Carlo* Davis. These bwild-
inga, when completed, will be land
marks in College Station for many
Uy impressed by this
,” asserted Rev. Jaek-
am very proud to be
able to work with such a fin* fac
ulty and such a manly group
students Such a combination can
not fail.”
as*time his
Mrlhotlwt Men
Sponsor Dinner
The Methodist Men's Fellow*
group of the Flret Mr
Churrh of College hta tlon la
•ortng an all-rhurrh dinner
neadav, Oriahsr 1, at 7 p. m.
the Methodist Churrh.
The entire ndrit*'
student membarahlp of the chu
are Invited to attend.
The program will Include
aatoattens by Mr*. C. H. Gr
and a quia program between
building committee and the
All members intending te b*
sent for the dinner are
to make reservations by
church office between 9 a. m.
3 p. m. prior to Wednesday.