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i EL PASO. T«x, S*pt *9 (AP)-
T«xm Minn roifed i>p 424
and licked Kancaa State 20-6
eaawtkim «f aa upaet Friday
aa the Border Conference team
won its second game of the season.
. |
00ft VV«.5T OLWte-TO
caoss tut, goal-me
Aggies Prepare for Oklahoma Clash;
Hand Red Raiders 29-7 Shellacking
O Battalion
J P 0 R T S
Page 3
Razorbacb Defeat
North Texas 12-0 •
By Associated Press
\& M Line, FWkfiekl Snianh Opponent’’ s
Vi ith Runnings and Air Attack
V a rar«w r»iv& uoama.
hMt> a AMtauiao ano
iiAl a tmn uotsmtial *oaie.
W« Kavsw mna naww 0N«at<at ,
t>M |M NUAN»ia6
atR.«MNX IN fUfsss*
A thoroughly mauM and roantfty otrtrlaiwpd Texaa
LITTLE ROCK, Sept. »-Touah. Tech eleven was back in Lubbock today, minting the wounds
inspired North Trass Jute c«l- 0 f a 29-7 defeat buffered at the hands of an alert and, at
Mf» «m> the UaiMuli a4 At- times, downright powerful A A XI eleven in San Antonio**
Alamo Stadium Saturday night
A. & M. Defense Effective Against Red
Raiders; Aggies Show Improvement
m TO
r Techh
Saturday's game was. in one
way, a crucial tilt for the Aggies.
In addition to being a pleasing
1- V
Longhorns Swamp Oregon 38 to 13;
Rice Drops Crucial Tiger Game
»«r»|ittahs! work,
first TP. In this play. Barney
Welch tdok the opposing halfback
out neatly.
Statistic in the g ^co^d |N ||t return, Goode
won ami lost took Reynolds kick on the Farmer
29 ami carried it the length of the
field to strike pay dirt,
(Mail Ktautienberger too, proved
his fWxibilitv by making khe con
version following Red Rurdm's
flashy run of si, yard* for n tally.
H|ieeialist John Hallentinc had re-;
injured his ankle diuhtly on a pro-
vinus kick
Most not side thing about the Ag-
itle eleven was the powerful de
fensive nlay, Time ami again the
Tech offense ea« thrown fm suh
siaidtal hisses nr the passer *us
for ceil in thin* the ball away. I
A iotas front Jimmy (Msltbot lo I
Kiri* Dpfpat i oxafi Win May Change*
RutingM in SoutliVedt (lonference
back Bobby Layne, the Steers
made no effort to breach the pow
erful line of the host*.
’ Longhorn TPs came in the *0c-
Whilc the rampAging Texas University Longhorns • nd fourlh «?dt 2t)
‘ ^ r '- - - and IS points mptctMf 1
i«l throu
tway, LS
crucial Baton Rouge clash
Both I^SU and Rice are rated*
t. and around the Oregon defense in a 38-13 , l ».
came thr..u e h to auMuc Rice 21-14 in the ,0 “
column, the
Tech event plac
ed A AM among
the contenders.
•Great' is the
best word to dr
scribe (he Cadet
gridster* most
t»f the time hut
there Were
Id hi I limes,
Among the
aten who did
llitli Good* seehts
iwat to start off wjlh, tlidnie prov
ed »Hne «nd sgsln that when It -
rornea to running, there aren't .
many men who can catch him, Hind
after they do the|r still have to
worry about stopping him.
Early In the eecood quarter,
(inode took EarhartV punt on the
Aggie 1(1 and carried the ball ini
yard* for * TIV A little matter of
kansas Ratorhacks a full after
noon of trouble here Saturday, but
bowed before the Southwest Con
ference co-champkms, 12 to a
Arkansas' speed demon backs, I
Clyde Scott and Aubrey Fowler, j
proviried the victory punch, Scott
scoring on an 11-yard end run in
1 the fit*t quarter and Fowler racing
, 75 yards on a punt return for the
other touchdown in the third pe
The capacity crowd of 15,000
: wss amaied hut pleased liy the
Texan*' resigtance. >
Except for the Ratorhacks’ first
scoring dried, the Eagles, 1946
I-4>ne Star ('(inference champions,
held the quick stepping Scott fair
ly well in ck'-ck, allowing him a
net gain for the day of only IS
A« was th«t case when It topped
the South west loop last year, Ar
kansas saved face with a series
of mi) lehlinp goal-line stands
North Texas, 1 playing in ArkftnuM..
territory matt of the first half, | ,tt gone,
drove to the 'flamrbaek ten In the
opening twHoM and to the eight altd
the II In the seyntd period hut
was repulsed eaeh time
Ai kansas muffed nne giddhtt Upi
parade began n>M-
the opening period,
hall on their own 42
had punted aut of
Taking the second half kickoff.
Tech put tha ball in play from it*
own eight yard line, where Ear-
b'.t had fumbled the ball out at
the Tech
bad hole, the Aggies qukkly got bounds. On the first play, a deep
down to the business of scoring t reverse, Norton Htggina broke
points. In just nine plays. tH^y sc-
romplished just that. QuarteHmclt
Jim fashion, who played a truly
fine game, hurled a 2.1 yard ttiss
to Ed Duaek to start the ball rofW
ing. Dusek got four over tadkle,
fashion added four more at the
same gpot ami Dusek made it a
first down *n the Tech 22 in two
fashioii ph knl up four, Dusek was
thrown for p lass back to the 2*
on an attempted sweep. A fashion
to Howell pas* carried to the Ik,
ami on the next nlay, Rob Goode
swept end behind good blocking
through to throw the Tech runner
in the end sene for a safety.
With the score now 9-0, Tech
kicked off. The score promptly be
es me 15-0 Goode took the boot on
Jiis own SO, scooted up the skie-
Haea to the mid-strtpe, cut in and
ptAked up a
the w-l*--
•<l up a flotilla of blockers on
^grtta- k. at the line. After kim
six points. BaUMt)w%
ion attempt was wide and
the seme stood at 1S-0 with eg-
actly 29 seconds having elapsed in
the third psriod.
Tha thirt)-string put ovar the fj.
w ^ i > inirgvatn _
for' tha' tally fhs 'injuixi j'niin "“I‘• 1 >T *• ‘V ^®urth period
Hellanllns hohhM off the Unch to i Knd Wray Wkltuksr
hoot thr point uihl It was 7 <) with f
nmH •ana . > *'
In the seomd perlml, GimmI
In tlm flmt rtenla restilled |t4irtunity when Its attack imgRwj
In a Ji-yanl gain. I his was •ntne- „ VHr ,| .hmt of a first Jjown
thing new ... (he husky fullbark Kntl> ffMir , hr fh(r ,,
from Temple has been confining quarter
his talenla to nmntng MU broket, T ,„. fUiorbacks made II first
flehl dashes were worth watching down* tn ,h^ Eagles* ten and gain-
On the defensive end, 0. L. F'd | ed 177 yahls net rushing to Mi for
slapped 9(1 yards wllh a Terb pund,
•ut the play wan called hack and
| the hall placed on the Aggie 4U
where Made mnlgad the aide line
•tripe Hull later In (he pertml, the
\ggtas drove to fhe Teeh (wo yawl
line, but two fumhlea In a row halt
ed the effort,
stepping out of bounds on the '‘wk. Mrrl Pmkop, Cotton Howell,! the Texans.
third and fourth quarters.
Luyne's passes to Byron Gillory
accounted for the two counts early
ASM 10 railed the play hark hut
the big (6-2, 206) halfback fwim
Bastrop went through nearly the
entire Raider team.
It was Goode who carried the
ball around right end for AAM’s
Jim Winkler, Rtaulxcnberge, ami
Charles (Red) Overly all looked
fashion, Rtan Holmig, and Bu
ryi Raty took turns tossing passes
to pick up yardage,
as tha saying goes
the inlerml«*lnn, the
roared bafk ami Teeh,
had "had It. '
Oklahoma U M Fresh from Victory Over
among the top teams in the na- offensive, with passes, line drives, in the second stanxa, both coming Detroit. Seen RN TrtUirhPst FoC Yft
tiolf, with the Owls being touted and (mss defense. The speedy Ti- in rapid succession as s* result of ^ v a ‘ ^
ger quarterback also made the
thnW conversions.
Texas fniversity, operating in
the Pacific northwest, thwarted
Oregon’s long-awaited revenge at-
to count high in Southwest Con
ference circles.
Rice held a 'J4-7 lead until the
last quarter when the Tigers cap
ped a 91-yard march by striking
pay dirt, and a determined drivv tempt by passing over isnd run-, Pampa. dashed three yards for an-
oy suh fullback Zollie Toth that ning away fram the stotft defense other while JJcrry
resulted in another tally, giving of the hosts
the hosts the victory. Again relying on sp«-ed and the
Jj. A. Tittle sparkt-d the Tiger
Oregon fumbles. With the Tech contest now past*
A pass from Layne to end Max history and the Oklahoma tilt only ,
Bunibardner who scampered 2X a week away. Homer Norton wiil
yards resulted in the third touch- begin preparing his charges to
down. Randall (’lay. fullback from one of the biggest ami rough
But North Texas covered most
ground passing, gaining 77 yards
by completing six of 15 tosses. Ar
kansas completed three of eight
for 6‘j.
North Texas’ fast thrusts from
the T formation gave the Rfetor-
hack* a nigged first half, but aft
er the intermission Arkansas had
the bettor of both offensive and
defensive play, though it* edge
was slight.
IrSh fumble on the Rat
lollmlg and Padl Yates ea#^ I
two cracks at the line, carrying
llhc I tall to the Ter h fi\. and then
Hula Jesse "Red** Nurdttt rtiwlad
Ilia Haider*' right end for the
»rnre HlattUetiheiger buutad Ilia
The Haiders scored shortly aflcfs
ward* when Reynold* and Thom a-
sun Ufait punching holca 19 (he
Atgght line. The drlrc carried Ml
j^rd* with the payoff turning'*!
Innmpaon'e II yard pass to Enr-
Thnrt with thret mtetHta M> May,
24-20. Dave Wallace,
kicking specialist, who
three extra points and a
1.1-yard an
Samuels and
for the
capable passing arm of quarter-
est opponents of the voar
A AM came out of thr- last clash
fairly well off. No had injuries
remaining scoring. . were reported and with luck in
Oregon ( oach Jmi Aiken sum-’practice this week, the entire team,
med it up thus, Texas was just except center Dick Callemlnr,
too teal." ‘ —
Nights' lOOl'falea was writ-
field goal to make up the differ- ten in Java, where a mighty sul
tan lived.
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• ,t • ■ i
• Alterations
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Baylor Shocks
Miami Viith 18-7
Surprise Score
should be ready to go
Peewee Smkh suited out for tho
Tech game but only in case he was
needed in an emergency. By next
Saturday, he should be ready to
Southwestern University provid
ed hardly a warm-up for thr- Ag
gie eleven and was in no way in
dicative of theirvStrcngih. The tilt
with the Raiders wb' rougher hut
MIAMI. Fla.. Sept. 29 (API— I>ell Morgan’s charges were hard-
Baylor’s surprising Bears added j ly in the same league with the
an intersectional victory for the Cadet* at the time
Southwest Conference that wasn't
expected last night as they admin- 1
istered a convincing 18-7 licking to
1 the University of Miami before an
Orange Bowl crowd of 11,727.
Rolling up 187 yard* on the
ground and Rt) in the air, the
bruin* came roaring hack after
Miami had counted a touchdown
in the first five minutes of play
to tally In each of the last three
The Hurricane* More kept on the
defensive all the lime after the
first period a* Dudley Parker, Jack
Priee, Eugene Huehher and J. D.
Ison sparked an offensive and de
fensive show that shocked the con
fident Miami eleven, rated a tw-o
touchdown favorite before the
Miami scored on a 69-yard drive 1 l*t''»- 22-6, that the Southwest
In the first peiiod, with Masejka Cottferenoe also can run the hall
You’ll like lie->oiMl»ful air bf the Stralolincr the deck,
rtrnn lines that are trim as a laprrnl wing. It's a
StrtM.n ihal’* light, alofl
a loan on the way up.
or aground, for f
Oklahoma edged out n strong
University of Detroit team on their
home grounds Friday by a score
SMI Bests Santa
(.lara 22-6 in Fast
Opener Saturday
By Associated I'reaa
Doak* Walker ran a kickoff Imrk
for 97 yards and a touchdown,
scored another on a 44-yanl break
through,j and, in all, aecounterl for
20 Southern Methgdist points Hat
I urday tn demon*!t ate to Hantn
diving over from the one-fool line
awl Harry Ghoul converting.
Twice, Baylor surged to the
Miami 14-yard line only to lie
thrown hark, and when the Hurri
cane* next took over on their 14
and tried a pa**, Huebner grabbed
the ball and ran 41 yards to a
touchdown Lyle Blackwood raced
17 yard* for the clinching touch
down in the third period and Park-
| er hung up the surplus score in
the fourth quarter.
Baylor made 15 first downs to
Miami's six and completed nine
of 18 pa*af*. Miami gained 116
yard* rushing and 17 in the air
bn three completions out of 12
Baylor .0 % 6 S-18
Miami L 7 0 0 0—7
Baylor scoring: Touchdowns,
Huetwicr. Blackwood, Parker.
Miami scoring: Masejka. Point
after touchdown, Ghaui (place
fense was
f I
The Mustangs, who came to
town lagged a* another "pass-
craiy" tegm, threw ; the hall plenty,
hut mixer) in running plays so well
thht the Hantn Clan* defr
never able to get set.
The Mustang* opened ap in tho
second period. Walker circled left
end to the Santa Clara 17 and
quickly ran the hall up to the 1.
From the one-yard line, Walker
dived over.
In the third period Walker raced
through a wide hole at right guard
and went 44 yard* for the second
score. He kicked the extra point.;
Later in the period S.M.U. got,
an automatic safety when a Santa
Clara shovel pass went astray,
rolling out of boaml*.
7 J
! f I f ;i • >' 1
•f,> >/i, "
College and Bryan
AUSTIN, Tax., Sept 26 (AP)
First sesipon of the state's first
administrative cabinet is schedul
ed for Oct. 1, Gov. Beauford H.
Jester has announced.
The unofficial cabinet is com
liased of state officials and de-
liartment heads named by Jester
in an effort to coordinate work of
the various departments.
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