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lake SUCCESS, Stpt. w-
(AP)—RuMil laffered a imaih-
inc defeat late yeiterday in her
firpt teat of itrMttll with the
UnIM State* on the Balkan profe-
letn before the politicnl committee
of the United Natmna Aaaemhly.
The teat waa on an American-
that Albania
of Ruaala'a aat-
barred from partlcipat-
In the Balkan debate before
b&~ nation pommittee unle**
acrepted the principle* of the
4. charter in advanfe,
Volume 47
I • AUSTIN, TEX,, Sept. H (ASl
' The law Mhuul of the newly aa
iahllahed Tea*. State Unlverelty
for Negnte* ha* enrolUI lie *ee
"tid eiodent, Me wa* lleattllah K.
a I,"it, ilH, of Auatin, who loll
Henry Eman Doyle of Aueiln
rotiiwea nf inetroetion onder
five nrofeeaare aaalghMl to
HOUSTON, TEX.. Se,.t 2d
(AI'l*-Two half-ftoaen ronvicte
who eacaped from Central Priaon
Karm No, 8 near Sugar I .and
a refrigerator truck Were "rea-
rued" by Houaton police and aher-
iff* depotie* after a paaaing mo|
Ariat spotted a hand through the
truck'* rear door.
FRANKFURT. Sept. 2«-(AP)
-More than 3,000 Americana have
applied for permission to marry
German girls since the ban on tuch
winidinga was lifted la|t December
U, S. Army headquarters said
San Antonio Bright Spot
For Aggies This Weehend
(AP)-Dr. Herbert V. Evatt Au»
trnlia's minister for ekteraal af
fairs, was elected chairman of the
extraordinary United State* as
sembly committee on. Palestine
yesterday. J
, \ ' «
CLEVELAND, Sept. 86 (AP)
—The American Bar Association
is weighing proposal* for the bet
tn ntant of military justice.
liar Association committees, fol
l"»mg earlier investigations, have
icpoited a need of changing pr*r
tires which, they said, have trous
ed public distrust of court* mnr
! MJ
r DETROIT, kept
• Weeh's pnameUiih
hh lM In the United Ntafas will to
tal IMIW |Mi**enget cart and 80
86- (AP)Thls
of motor
Number S4
Reorganized; Many Get Promotions
Seniors In
Santone For
Board Meetinj;
Four Diamonds for Brown;
Named ‘Colonel of Corps’
to the Texas AAM
bandry department,
H* Arthur C, Nunn
Hnrrlnif fluutla, firm*, or c«
Mr), thn whiM»|iiM-nai apo( In
Hmh Antonin, nn thouMndn
fun* move In. HoUl niweo Km
nntl many Ark it* Miwctw
Hllfh (Hilnt of tho activlUw and
thy football game Saturday'
hlgbt at * in Alamo Stadium be
tween the Aggies and Texas Tech
Other noteworthy happenings In
clude a midnight yell practice, a
dance, ami a meeting of the AdM
Board pf Director*.
five senior cl*** members will
appear before the college Board of
Director* when it meeU Friday
morning at 9. They are: Elmo Liv
ingston, president of the Senior
Claas; Cadet Colonel Bill Brown;
Jimmie Nelson, co-editor of the
Battalion; A*a Holieman, head yell
leader; and Louie Hardy, Captain
of B Battery, Artillery.
These men, a* a committee of
the Senior Clhsa, are working in
the interest of smoother relations
between the Corps and the Board
of Directors.
Friday night in the Auditorium
Plata the Aggies will hold their
traditional midnight yell practice.
Throngs of Aggies will hold-up
traffic for blocks around the
Municipal Auditorium while the
Twelfth Man urges the other Ele
ven on. ?
For pure entertainment, there is
the San Antonio AAM Club’s danee
in tho Rose Room, of the Gunter
Hotel. Starting after the game
Saturday night, the dance is ex
pected to have a big turn out of
Aggies and their dates.
The Athletic Department announ
ced Thursday afternoon that 6100
tickets to the football game had
been sold her*, :«KK) student tick
ets and 2600 reserved seats.
Clasaac at AAM begin Monday
morning at the usual timo.
HP h«(t ft fbott U*t
this will
ftmi Tftch fiMitiiftll
premium for wnnks
In thft lohblnn
for most of them
Ryan, Bailey
Join P. H. Dept.
B. Rysn an
have recently
d Bernie B
been added
poultry hus-
according to
Girls to Ride
In Aggie Rodeo
October 24-21)
CowmI retire*
•llig.s thro
Southwest»re t
ptiitlcipftte in this
irenentatlvea from
ug h o u t the
Dr. J. H. Quiaenberry, head of the
Ryan received his B. S. degree
in poultry husbandry from Texas
AAI in 1938 and his M. S. degree
from Texas AAM in 1947. He
taught for four years as vocation
al agriculture teacher in Gonxales
High School. For tpe past year
he has been a graduate assistant
in AAM poultry husbandry de
Bailey has been appointed as s
State Poultry Supervisor in the
AAM poultry husbandry depart
ment. He worked for two yean
as student assistant on the college
poultry farm at North Texas Ag
riculturv College
yaan in military service, he at
tended lews State College where
he majored In poultry husbandry,
for the past two years he haa
worked as fttata Poultry ftupervi-
ser tn (he laws Poultry Improve-
My Charlie Murray
16 The 'less* A, A M,hoard
dlreclur* began their Repii m
her meeting with an eseeullve
meeting thl* morning si * mi
a. m,
Present in Ran tnlimlo are
five member* nf the Renlur
t lean, who have asked tn appear
befnre the board In order tn el-
pres* their desire for ronpers-
Kminu t,. \ ,kw,, between the student body
• Bd ,K ’ administration.
In the group are radet (apt.
Klmn Livingston, president of
the Senior (lass; Hill Brawn,
cadet rolo net nf the corps;
James K. H. Nelson, cadet lieu
tenant colonel and co-editor of
the Battalion; cadet ('apt. Louie
M. Hardy, commander of “D"
Battery. Artillery; and Asa Hol-
leman. yell leader.
Enlargement of Kyle Field
stadium and acceptance of many
gift* to the college are among
other matters on the board
Dr. Mayo to Speak
To AV(’, Monday
chairman, announced Tuesday
night at a meeting of the Saddle
and Sirloin Club, 'nir girls wUl ride
in a barrel race, he declared.
The rodeo will be held on the
nights of October 24 and 25 at
the Bryan Rodeo Arena, Claude
Broome, president of the club, stat
ed at the meeting. He told mem
ber* that Student Activities is
planning a western-style dance
following the rodeo on Saturday
night A crowd is expected, since
that is the week-end of the Baylor-
AAM game.
Committees were appointed to
work on the different phases of
planning of the rodeo.
Dr. J. C. Miller, head of he de
partment of animal husbandry and
sponsor of the chib, gave a short
talk to the group concerning the
value of membership in the Saddle
and Sirloin Club.
Meetings of the club will be held
every Tuesday night until the ro-
(loachcH Speak At
Find Meeting Of
tyuarterhaek (Huh
The AAM (Juartertmek Club held
| ils ft rat meeting Thursday night In
the Assembly Mall with an #*(!•
s mated ItNMI present.
J. K. B. Nelson, co-editor of (he
Battalion, acting in'the capacity
of mastertif ceremonies introduced
Head Footimil Coach Homer Nor*
1 ton as first guest speaker. Norton
spoke briefly and frankly on team
prospects, team spirit, and the
coming Tech contest.
Norton warned that over-opti
mism, cither on the part of the
team of the student body, might
bring about defeat. He said, "the
33-0 victory of Texas Tech does
not any wa/ indicate the true
strength of the Raiders." Norton
further noted that Texas scone*
had com* in ten plays and were
based on speed, which AAM does
I not possess to such a degree.
In leaving, Norton reiterated
his warning about over-optimiam
Hv J, K, 0.
It) it nwwplng rmirgmiUfttlDn of thft cftdtH corp«, many
offlcftin w*rv rfttaftd om> notch. Mini it nnw top rftnk crMtnd.
cftllfttl "colonel of the con*," Thft it*w rnnk will b« Imilcntwi
Ity four dlftmoiuk ticcortliiMf to Col, tiuy R Moloy, Jr,. UMM
A T, who Mnouiwod thft rftorRftttlitftlloB yuftlcrtlfty,
“Jlwora ii™ £°uC and under -r»tin« Texas Tech
After several < deo * Broome announced
TRIESTE. Sept 26~)AP)-A
general strike which paralysed
shipping in Trieste's port for 24
hours was brought to an end ear-
SAN ANTONIO. Tex,, Sept. 26
(AID—^ “
Board „ ,
action today raising to 61.000,000 i Botchy Koch, second speaker on
the school's bond with the Federal lh * program, discussed the Tech
government covering military t»wm, that he had scouted during
equipment used in training. 1 Longhorn-Red Raider match,
Authority for the preaident to the ,t " n » th of
sign a new bond m this figure. A4M ' Saturd *y
replacing the- previous bond of The Aggie assistant football
6682.796, was on the agenda for c '» e *' mentioned the effectiveness
the board’s meeting here today. °I Tech offensive, the use of
Enlargement ami complete mod-1 tk* T formation, and tha reserve
•rnixstion of training equipment
for the military department of the
world's largest
been under way
a year. New equipment now in use
here for radet tralni
strength nf Dell Moigsn'* charges,
which, nn pupei, .mtnumher the
AAM reserve*,
following Knrh'« talk, Wayne
Cure, assistant fhsbmao coach,
wa* Introducad. Citrc talked dur
ing the showing nf the film of
the Aggie-Pirate game which fol
lowed, explaining in detail each
play and often commenting on the
action of individual player*.
The poiat was brought out by
-6ur* that motion picture films, as
used by the coaches, made it pos
sible to study previous mistakes
more closely and correct theae be
fore the next game.
Following the program, T. A.
Davenport wae_ announced winner
of last week’s "Armchair Quarter
back Score-Guessing contest and
awarded two reserve seat tickets
, to the Texas Tech game.
The club and the contest are
sponsored by the Battalion with
the aid of the Athletic Department
and is a weekly affair, the club
meeting each Thursday evening at
7:30, at which time the winner of
the previous week’* contest is an
nounced and presented with two
reeirve seat tickets to the next
Week’s football game
(Coupons for the score-guessing
cpnti-st a re to be found on the
sports page of the Battalion every
Wednesday and include only tho*<
games in which Southwest Con
ference U
r department of the! m 1 TV ill T
military college has I emporary Lourt Order Holds Up
( ertification of College Bonds
Irish-Texan Horse Trainer Retires
RAN MARUOS, Tea., Rept. 8«
-(API- RnUihweal Tssas Rl*le
CoHegi’ haa fecohled It* largest
fall enrollment In hbdnry—1,640
registered students,
(APt-i-Th* State D<'|iartment has
announced it will take up “immed-
• iHioly" with the Yugoslavia gov
ernment the case of three Ameri
can soldiers seined and held cap
tive by Yugoelav troop* along the
* Trieste frontier.)
Pres* officer Michael McDer
mott told a new* conference that
a protest by Gen. T. S. Airey,
commander of the British-Ameri-
can force* at the free territory at
Trieste, has produced “no results."
Dr, T H Msyo, KnylUh d»-
imrtmftnt.hftftd, will apaak bt-
for* Jhe Arnsrlcftn Vfttftruns
( ommlttftft Mundfty night at
7 In lh* rablaet room of the Y,
M 0. A.
Dr Mayo has selected "The
mocratic Ideal an Analysts'
the suhject tar his talk An open
forum will be conducted following
tho a<|dre**
All veterans are invited to at
tend regardless of whether they
are AVC members.
, De , »
at more than $f,ooo,i
'' ; AURTtN, Ter. Sept 86 (Afl
—A court order temporarily re
straining Secretary of Rial* Paul
Brown from "tabulating, estimat
ing or canvassing" lh* returns In
the election »t which the College
building amendment waa voted was
issued hy Judge Boy Arther tn
116th Dtslfttct (lourt yesterday.
No date was set for s final
hearing nf either the suit contest
ing the oleclloo or a suit filed
previously eontendlng the amend
ment had been unconatltiitl.Nial In
form In that la submitted more
than one question to lie voted on a*
ft cingte qiMfttien,
The Judge said, however, that
the court Would be open to bear
the case Whenever a date could l»e
agreed upon hy both sides
The suit alleged that tn Bexar.
Galveston, El Paso. Hill,
Thl* order was followed by anft<
(Nf NWtiftlly reorganiimg lkft T
’adel Uttrp* Of (he four original
Wglments, one wa* iimh*n up, and
another added
fourth regiment wa* re*'
with th, Veteran Hettal*-
ing shifted to the Flint Re*
it. and the Senior Battalion
designated the Headquarten
) and joining the conaoltdaled
to form the Corps Troop*.
Tin- Artillery Battalion wa* de-’
tached from the First Regiment
and designated the Second Ravi--
ment The original Second RefU?
ment consisting of the Air Force
and Cavalry Squadrons remained
intact as the ’niird Regiment.
The original Third Regiment
consisting of the Engineer end,’
( ,imp,,site Battalions was also un
affected by the change except for*
its official designation being *
changed to the Fourth Regiment..
In addition to the boost ia the
Corps Commander’s rank, all ca
det officers serving on the
Corps. Reginmntal. or Battalion ;
staff* were raised one raak. ,*■
Company officers retained their •
same rank.
The new corp* organisation will
Consist of the Corps Staff, the
Corpa troops, and four regiments.
The Corp* Troops will he com
posed of the Consolidated Bands
and a Headquarters Group, con
sisting of the Senior Companies.
The First Regiment, will consist
of the Infantry Battalion and th*
Vvteran Battalion.
« Th* Second Regiment will be
mad* up of the Fir»l and Second
Artillery Battalions.
Th* Third Regtawat mill be com-
lowed of the Air Fore* Bqupdron
and the CaValry Squadron ^
The Fourth Regiment will ton
list of th* Engineai Rattalinft. and
the Composite Battalion
lluptUt Student*
To Convene In
Wichita FuIIn
A report from Tokyo of huge
crops yields in radioactive Mil at
Nagasaki brought expressions of
surprise and some skeptieiam from
American atomic scientists, ac-,
cording to Associated Press.
SAN ANTONIO. Tex . Sept. '2«
night told the people of Texas
(Af)—Sen. '
Award to Student
The Ande non-Clayton Award to
a student from Brasil has been
awarded to Plino Brotero Jun-
queira for the second year, ac
cording to Charles N. Shepardson,
dean of th* Texas AAM school of
Each year Andenon-Clayton and
Company of Houaton awards a
$600 acholanhip to a student from
Brazil for the purpose of promot
ing stud yin agriculture at Texaa
AAM. Junqueira won the sward
last year and is working on his
masters degree in dairy husbandry.
Promt* Chunn, Baptist student
secretary hero, snnouneee that the
Baptist Student State Convention
will be held in WbhM* Falla, Or-
tuber 84 86
A l^nlt of flfteek hundred stu
dents has been set, but quota*
, Mooro I have »n» been prorated for Indt-
end Teylor counties the proposed viduai school*. Baptist student*
blished here AN invited to attend end
I tu
j they should eh-ct congressmen who
will withdraw the power* of the
u. o‘i>Mi«t i.* (; 08 „ 10 | )0 |ii an Qub
Organizes Saturday,
DALLAS, Teg., Sept. 2« (AP)
"Wetback" labor for Texas may
be permanently ended hy the throat
‘ enemy aliens using th* open
border to filter into th*
States, Ugo Cftrusi, assis
tant tn U. S. Attorney Gental
Tmn Clark, warned here y*»Ur-
"T ■ '• '
WASHINGTON, Rept. 16 (Af)
Plana fer a nAtft sinmN rhain re-
artiir pH* at 0«k Ridge "tevftTftl
lime* moN tHiwerfuP’ ihan th* en*
MOW operating at \j§ T*nn**#ee
plant w#N announced t
An organisational n
th* Coamopolitan Club
called for Saturday night,
Heiba announced. To he hel
o'clock in th* YMCA, the
will elect offleen and plan activi-
ties for th* year.
All foreign student* are invited
to join, a* this is a club oxprassly
organised for thorn, Holho ca
(Huh PlanR Social
lant were announrrtl today hy tho
tii,mk Energy Commlaslon,
,&.x M 33 Sara
tuo of Nuclear Rtudioe, will to-
operate with th* Unlverelty of
(ihkafo In reooftrch at tho Ctln-
ton labor*tori**, (he announcement
The 14 southern Institutions ftl-
lied with th* Clinton project In*
elude Louisiana State, Tulane, and
tha University of Texas.
wys r. .•
-w . . rtri NtJS’V w «
n ^ Vy M
m A
B 1
Th* fall ftftelal seaeon waft »Uft-
o*d at th* InlUftl meeting *f th*
Wsro-MeLonnen Club Thurwlay
nljkt. A Ckrietma* danee and ftft
affair to bo Hold October 4 won
decided upon.
Edward Courtrad* waa *l*«tod
preoidont of th* organlutlon. Oth
er men ehooon to hood tho club
during tho yoar inn Howard Da-
MMivjt Tifw«pi^iin#ni, Dfrnarti
Hlrach, secretary; Joe Whetstone,
treasurer; and Hal Stringer, sgt-
once each week for four weeks,
commencing at least three months
before the election
Jedge Arther said statute*
made iaeaonre of the order man
datory on th# court—even
though the official canvas* of
the election ha» already been
made—until disposition is made
of a suit filed this morning con
testing the election in six Texas
The effect of the ruling, Archer
said, wiJI be to prevent certifying
that there is no litigation against
the bonds authorized by the
jWestrup, Jiminez
Win Fleming Gift
David G. Weetrup, Monterey,
and Hector E. Jiminex, Saltillo,
Mexico, have been announced as
the winners of the Lam*r Fleming
Award ia agriculture at Texas A
A 6L, according to Charles N.
Shepardson, dean of the school of
Westrup and Jimines were at
tending the Mexi—i CoBege of
Agriculture at Haltilk,, Mexico, be
fore transferring to AAM to ma
jor tn agronomy.
Th* Lamar Fleming Award of
|dM eAfh ls given annually to
two Moakan student* to atudy ag
r tUN. The aw*rd is glean by
and Mr* Umar flaming nf
should turn in the registration feo
of 91,'- os soon as possible to re
serve ft place In th* HmHed quota
Chunn’s office i* In th# rear of
the First Baptist Church at Col
lege Station.
David Fort, preaident of the
Baptist Student Council, appointed
a number of committees to com
plete plans for a radio program, a
monthly newspaper, and general
Baptist student meetings, the fint
of which will he on the campus
sometime in October.
Ol—i 0«rri|ftn, uttft of Tax-
m' iMdtnv honftmftn, com-
plftgd 82 yfttrg u aUblc au-
uftiinUndont for t h • animal
huftbondry dapartment H«
wftnt on afmJ-raUrftmftnt thia
' OarrigM waa ban ta Water-
fold, tralaad. now Erie, ta 111.
MN father xras ft bayw of her
eon for lh# fear pewriaeee af
Own Oarvlgan aad ear of Ma pria* eatta,
Ireland, aad Ma Nre-fathrra were i
§1 wmwtk
Equina Malory haa been helped
ta be mad* in Teaaa and A A M
through Oarrigan i inUreet and
Ion for th* animals Oarrtgan
started his career with hone* at
th* ag* of 16 when he fit tad and
trained th* Wild Man from to ,
nn a great jumper that won the
English Grand National tn Liver
pool In 117.
The little Irishman, who etlli
haa Hi* ln*h bmeu#, ome to lh*
United Rtatm in lia to take car#
of a at ring of bore## for United
Mat** ftenator Jnoeph Weldon
Bailey of Tefta* The ftenator waa
mterooUd in aulky race* and waa
it tending a rare at Balloyie, Ire
land. near Dublin ftenator Bailey
•aw the Irieh lad and naked him to
come to Texaa and manage Me
airing of horaaa. Garrigan ro*
malnad with th* ftenator (or
yoara 'nkoev emn'ng to AAM
Th* walla of hla office at tha
bora# barn* are lined with troghtda
of horse# thet won shows over th*
1—6i. One of hla groat sat hot
see waa William the Conqueror,
who waa never defeated In any
•how ring In tha United Statea. An
other horse la Pat Murphf, twf-
tbi,(U horse and one-third mule,
who does almost anything In the
book except talk.
Vet Wive* Party
An open house wilt bo held for
all veteran wives neat Tueaday
tveninf at the home of Fro«td*nt
Gibb jBIrhrlst ( ondeeted hy the
Vatoran Wive* dub, tha affair
will be between tbe hours of 11
Tho gnantadtioa inriua all
wives, both old and aow to attend.
lm [o,
Tht rnrlitr found
thr ao<mrr eurtd
Tulierculosit eauaod the
deeth uf IT persona in
Rreaoe County beri—a
g—ftl L INI and
Derambar II, INI. Our
wNl6b UftR —Mil
•How that in tkoao
•am# yoara I time* aa
many aeraona won
•kk with tuhorvuioeia
aa died from tha die-