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Battalion f '<*,
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Four Parties in Texas Now
Wkat't all thi* fuM about Texas being a
name four major
Pyyf in^Texaa, two of them Democratic
and two Republican. Far from having too
few parties, we have too many.
£ weeks ago the Republican partly
of Texas became split, in a manner similar
to the split among Democrats a few years
»Ro. Texas Republicans may not cast mangi
votes, statewide, but in Republican national
conventions the Texas delegation carries
plenty of weight. It sometimes seems that
the Republican party of Texas exists solely
-for the purpose of voting in convention ev-
•fy four years, then curling up in a corner
f *nd going to sleep.
According to news dispatches from Dal
las the state Republican leaders have fallen
out over whom to support in the presidential
race next year. At any rate, George Hop.
kina, state chairman, was supported by two-,
thirds of the state executive committee in
ousting from party office Alvin Lane, gen-
eral counsel, and Harrs McLean, finance
, ^ one of those believed to be
p edgHd to Thomas E. Dewey in the next Re-
publican national convention. Whether Lane
and McLean are working for some other Re-,
publican candidate is not known. However,
oi I th- *®FubttcgB Club
°* haa been urging K. publi-
cana in Texas to taka their party seriously
Texas Hypocrites...
Kvnrybody talks about racial diacrlmina*
Uoo and not tolerance. They discuss, they
■dvtooi ead they condemn; but all think
with blind oblivion that their houaee Is dean
Suddenly, eesmlngly behind the back, race
£5 jta ^ “ d • vwybody
loopholes in the law are ferreted out by
many in an attempt to evade ‘'obicctionaT
rulings. Just that Is the case in Cuero, where
a recent segregation made between Latin-
American pupila and other children in the
public schools brought to light other auch in-
cidents in the state. Because of political or
social standing, public officials condone these
practices in many cities. ,
The law has been interpreted to mean
that no child can be separated from the reg
ular public schools because af race or color.
But the loophole that has been capitalised is
that a student may be segregated on the ba-
sis of a literary test which discovers s lan
guage difficulty or other deficiency.
- Tsually the facilities provided for the
Latin-American students are inferior to the
regular schools. Even when these “step-
Mother India...
August 15, 1947: The birth of a lusty
sot of twins stirred newspaper readers from
their summer doldrums. Bellicose, yet
strangely pacific; racially disparate, yet poa-
OI raaistan w«
delivered from the womb of Mother India.
Su|M‘rviaing their birth were English ob
stetricians itndoubti'dly labor pains were
present, but perhaps this is the first time
that such pains were mors noticeable in at
tending midwives then In the mother herself.
The shades of history have been drawn
on tragic India. The era of Imperial lam, eco
nomic js’iict ration, and exploitation are paat.
The white m*n'a burden haa been lifted from
the ahouMers of a “superior" race and ahift-
ed to “heathen' backa.
Tories of thepaat—Cllve, Warren Hast-
Jnga. Wellesley, ftavelnck. Curaon - have
bowed to social lets of the present time. In-
dia haa taken ita place In the British Com-
monwealth of Nations No longer subeerv-
lent to British control, the two Dominions
are now on their own.
Economically, Bmpire preference agree
ments will place India and Pakistan in a pos
ition which should ultimately see great in-
duatrial development become a reality. Both
of the two new nation* will profit from such
agreements The remainder at the work!
market will enhance their chances of success
ful sales of sorely-needed raw materials
WKhgodlgtou, amount, of oiplUl, thTh«>
youngsters should mature rapidly . , . k ^o-
Th6 w pe ^!f? r b ? und * r y settlements, the
many hundreds of religious sects, the lack
of racial homogeneity within each dominion
and the praximity of the Russian Beer ap^
and make genuine campaigns for election, in-
'*for tl
steed of just runni._ .
group has been publishing *
the record.** This
„— t— • "The Two-Party
Newa, urging conservative Democrats, so
often in sympathy with Republican objec-
tivM, to swap the donkey for the elephant
We believe Texas should have two major
parties. During the history of the United
States, there have been two fundamental
schools of thought on government and eco
nomics, roughly spoken of as the Hamilton
ian and the Jeffersonian. The Republican
party, with ita antecedent Whig and Feder
alist groups, has usually spoken for the Ham
iltonian ideas. The Democrats hsve frequent
ly wobbled from the Jeffersonian basis so
that we have Jackson Democrats, Wilson
Democrats, and Roosevelt Democrats. But
certain lines of thought link all Democrats
together, except for the Texas Regulars,
who revolted from the Democratic party a
few years ago. Their philosophy Hnlr^ them
more closely with Republican thought. Which
is one reason the ‘Two-Party Newa” has been
urging the “Regulars** to come over Into the
Republican camp. •
Now that the Republicans have been split
ao badly, they have probably lost their
chanm for a heavy vote in Texaa in 1948
^ We bslieve it would be heal-
th L^ r . Tex *J“ * abU# * <*°oae between
candidates of either national party, without
feeling that ont party’s candidate, however
excellent, couldn't possibly win in Texas
children" are allowed to attend classes with
all the other children, they are discouraged
: c r M^ ftam “ yo ' th * ph “- 0 '
It haa been seen, however, that when the
opportunity Is given time, they prove to be
a credit to the school they represent They
are conscientious and capable students and
their ftew" 14 ** ° f * V * ry chano * to excel in
We agree with Dr. H. T. Manuel, profes-
sor of educational psychology at the Univer-
Bty of Texas who says, "These children want
no special privileges, but only opportunity.
Latm Americana wish to be participants m
the drama of life rather than mere specta
tors. They want reasonable security, edu
cation and recitation as full-fledged metn-
, r* of the group. They want democracy;
democracy wants them/
Such incidents as these cropping up in
7. exa f T bow hypocritical the people in
States are at times, especially
when Latin Americans still must strive for
ln °® e °f *he largest and seemingly
most tolerant nations in the world.
pear to assure India and Pakistan a lively
political future The Colossus of the North
* "M—illy interested in all the exciting
events which have recently taken place at
waitin^wm d S r * t SLi, A E? Ucy of watch ful
™Ung will undoubtedly be pursued by of
ficials of each of the new nations.
Both Pakistan and India have had the
most persistent problem which has faced
governments duntped right into their
. immediate consideration ... a social
problem the magnitude of which is all but
Inconceivable by most Americans. Illiteracy,
disease, superstition, and a lack of hospitals
m’MLBhnv ^ th* more
l>r o bl»ms The two dominions will
""b a f> rconomlc or nollUcal position
oomparabls to that of Canada. New Zealand
2U ny of dominions until the nee-
••eery social seeds hsve been planted For
iu* world’* people,
fbr the benefit of msnkMT tcemendmisBo-
«*1 improvements must be stressed bv lead-
•rs of each government
... aoctally In-
dia sad PakisUn face years of struggle. It
m BOt a ii U ? tion of l *ffing one's aetf up by
his own bootstraps. A planned course of ac-
an^ U * t u be # ado,,t ^ andfol,ow ® d * It Is the
or»F»ortunlty for which Indians have waited
hopt that oppor
tunity will not be thrown away.
wlf 81 quibble ov#r our democratic
TiL ♦ fe / 0m r / 1 roTn th* National Auth-
- Handbag Indastry,
f * that 7°men need handbags as
much as men need pockets and that to tax
and ^ ^ 18
Ht Know* Which Side I*
Firsthand Report on Saudi
Arabia’s Worldly Position
»r Mrs. wasem ArasM
RsaSw’s ASrinw
Thlg to s atrelfh(forward m-
•«»"( of tte •nwr»*nc# of s HttU-
‘‘"owii nation mis the msdeta
world. lu author to an Amoriesn
wlnln* onetnoor who Invwtlf..^
tte natural ranouroo* of Saudi Ar-
abU at tho raquMt of Klttg Abdul
Ail* ibn-flaud, travdlnc ortr SO,-
f 00 "‘ir, ^ ^ rwrton* ntror ho-
SnT® a n0,1 M<)»lorn
•■•oetsMos with
uiu any ouwr An
lean to wdto on Saudi Arabia.
Bar* to firsthand information on
tha noography and climaU, waUr
•upply and tranaporution fadlitiaa
of a new nation, ona-third tha aiaa
of the United State*. Mr. TwitchaU
daacribea the eustonu of tha conn-
try to ba ancountered by foreign
wntara of naional Ufa
that Kara hitherto been little more
than legendary names to tha West
ern world. Ha includes a hiatory of
the powerful ruling house of Saud
and an outline of the political ad-
Lastly he considers tha position
of Saudi Arabia in world economy
—Ha contact with the West, ita
valuable o.l and mine resources,
and future possibilities for Saudi
Arabia in commerce and agrieul-
, ture. His report is illustrated by
photographs taken during his trae-
, els in the Arab kingdom.
Thomas. Henry Bolt and Company.
Tha subject of this book to the
knotty sad urgent problem of
evolving a workable peace while
is ttill time. Thomas seas
tha world rushing into a third and
more appalling world war, davoUl
of constructive leadership equal to
the task of preventing it.
In aix chapters he analyios bril-
llantly th# various proposals that
Hava bean triad or outlined In the
P** 1 ; Thte* include peace through
I 7.' P*** ‘hroufh the
l nltad Nations, peace through
| fear, peace through world com-
! m «"*•», peace through world or
ganisation. and peace through
preventlva war or appaaaemant j
Thomas points out trenchantly tha
Inadequacies of them all.
Ha restates tha problem, die-
rusaea the seedbed areas of war,
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*>» Veer Sporting Oooda Noada
the problem of Ruaaian and Eaat-
ern Europe. Bto four roncluding
•hapten contain Thomas’wrapra!
ponal for pease—his appeal to the
nation. 0^ world F Tim b.s.c
#laments of his argument are dto-
armament and the liquidstion of
should taka the Initiative In world
•f tha laauaa and tha minimum
Price of peace.
.y*** ^ *® defeatism or despair
In Thomas outlook; his proposal
to constructive and practicable, and
hie expreaaion of the whole eitua-
tion to with clarity and vigor.
Civil Service Jobs
Open to Engineers
Examinations for the position
of Engineering Aid have been an
nounced by the United States Civil
Service Commission. With salaries
ranging from *3,021 to *3,307 a
year, the positions to be filled an
located in Washington, D.C., Vir
ginia, and Maryland.
To qualify, applicants must p»««
s written test, and in addition they
must have had at least 4V4 year*
of engineering experience. At
least one year of this experience
must have ben in a specialised en
gineering branch. Appropriate
college study in engineering may
be substituted, year for year, for
the required experience.
Nary Improves Radar Device . . .
New GCA Spot Planes
»p»rng|> (OCA) radar equipment
te asetot piaMt Itidtogln over-
la now retdf for op-
tw ® »rtr dariMfTi* tower rontrol
para tors are Mown the exact po-
•ition of ax approaching plan)' and
^Thto to the first bwtallation of
tetoipi^ The eeveh sad hetehl
finding antennas are on «7-fo<.t
steel towers to help eliminate tha
f'rtted clutter" or radar echoes
from nearby obstacl.-*
FjlteWr ImportaXi in this la-
atelkdion to the inclusion of aU
hutni—1 tin tbs airport control
tower instead of ta • eopvmted
station on the field. All interns-
tkai received by them to fed to a
control room located directly be
neath the visual control tower,
thus eliminating the need for sep
arate crews ter instrument-weather
and normal contact tower opera
tional / , / . 7
Basically, OCA to equipment lo-
!• ML W. Bryaa—Rwy tl
SoUclte your patronage
Wo serve the boat of food—
fU*D cmcnav
Air Ocuwttttouod — Beautiful
Dance floor. Bor lleoar. • aftSSFU
Mil,at aa airfield whtoh ponalt*
tround operator* to eewn the sky
*i'd Artirt approaching plane,
•voa In heavy fog and dense over
••rt, when ptiota are entirely ua-
abto to aae the airport. Thaos
grouad operators communtoato with
the plaito by evdtaary aviation ra
dio, directing th* pilot to the prop
or approach petion and d„wo a
propte jBis mm teNilte 4 Bib
On# of the new devtoea te be em
ployed to 0 separate very high tn-
identification Indies-
/ r L hic , h n ' nh ** on * com W en
larged teas the bearing of any
plane coamurteaUag with the tow
er by voice radio. Tha plsne’e ex-
act position in Motion to the air
port to thus indicated. The other
new device to a radar height-find
ing antenna which the operator
CM poirt in aay direction, and ia-
medjately determine the altitude
of the plane.
2018 OoltafB Road
Engineers ...
Rdfhrtmtioo Day
Only Per Ycmr
Opona 1:00 p. M . Ph. 4.U8I
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and the
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