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Vohimt 4?
Number 90
Bill Brown Appointed Corps Cadet Colonel
Krueger, Jackson, Shannon,
Lewis -- Command Regiments
• l
Sullivan to Play For
VSA Dance Aug. 23
Five Winners in Key Design Contest
To Be Announced in Tuesday’s Balt
Johnny Sullivan and his Houston orchestra have ao>
\ cepted the invitation to play at the AH-CoUege Dance Satur-
day evening, August 23, it was announced early this week,
i The dance, under the sponsorship of the Veteran Students
. Association, will be held in the Grove from 8 'till midnight.
Sullivan, who has been playing at the Houston Plantar
tion, received such an ovation at the Senior Ring Dance in
May that he was asked to make a return engagement
Tickets, selling for $1 and $1.50, stag or drag, may be
purchased from any officer of the Veteran Students Asso
ciation or from any dormitory representative. Students
holding social aa.^ ssment cards will be charged $1, where
as tickets for non-paid members will cost $1.50.
I. H la Next Issue ^
Winners in the Veteran Students Association key de
sign contest will be announced in the next issue of The Bat
talion. The five winning designs will also be printed at that
time. -
Let'a Make Thin Dream Come True
Teague To Visit Greece And
Turkey on Inspection Tour
By F. F. Block
Representaitve Olin E. Teague announced Tuesday in an
interview that he would leave next month with a group of
congn ssmen on an inspection of Greece and Turkey. The
purpose of the trip is to see how money borrowed from the
“t Uni tod State* la batnf used for
tirook and Turkiah aid.
Boforo flying to l»niinn on tho
first lag of taa tnp tho group
will apond a fow days in Waah-
tacton aad Now York CRjr, visit
ing (Ha (lanaral Aaatmhiy of Uto
U. M. 0. and making final prop-
Tongue tkougfci tk* group would
bo abroad for about f woobs, apond.
ing I wooba in Qroooo, I wooaa in
Turkey, and a work in other part*
of Kuropo. Toagua addod that h«
hoped to vtalt aoeto of thr foreign
uslvofitloa wWrv votorana art at*
tending under tho 0. I. Bill and
observe condition* at those place*
Teague conaidered being a mem
ber of the inspecting committee an
honor, and aald that Charles A.
Baton, chairman of tho Foreign
Affair* Committee, was responsible
for his appointment
When asked about the auocess
or failure of the recently adjourn
ed 80th Congees*, Teague stated
be was unable to Judge
Win Top Honors At
Hood Rifle Meet
Ayfts Infhntry advancptl
ROTC atudsnts took tho high
est honors In rills competi
tion at Cnmp Hood this rum
mer. Colonel 0. 8. Msloy, Jr., Com-
mandant and FM8AT, announced
Scores for tho match will bo sent
to HsodsusrbgfA -Army Ground
Forooo, for comportaon with ro-
sutta of similar contoato held In
summer camps in every Army
area. The winning school will re
ceive the "Warrior erf the Pacific”
Trophy, a small statuette donated
by the University at
' a period of on# year.
Rill Brown, senior pre-mod stu
dent from Cleburne, was appointed
Cadet Colonel for next your, Col
onel G. 8. Meioy, Commandant and
PMSAT, announced Thoradny. Bo
wil command the four regiments
on the main campus and the two
at Bryan Army Air Field Annex.
Brown was first sergeant of D
Battery, Field Artillery loot year,
Housing Office
Conducting Survey
For Apartments
The Student Housing Office
is repeating their house-to-
house telephone canvas for
available apartments and
rooms for married couples, Harry
Boyer, Chief of Housing, announc
ed Wednesday.
Approximaely two weeks will be
required to complete the survey
Boyer said. Member* of tho Hous
ing Office staff spend several
hours of the day telephoning resi
dents of the Bryan and College
Station area requesting their coop
eration In reporting nil spnee which
can bo used for bousing.
Last year a similar campaign
yiaUied about 10 rooms with kitch
en privileges and over 100 indi
vidual rooms for single men. At
that lima residents of Bryan, Cald
well, Hearns. Navaaota and Snook
wato phoned, but fow vase
and winner of the Caldwell Trophy
for the outstanding cadet.
Executive Officer of the Corps
of Codots is Billy M. Vaughn, Bus.
incss end Accounting major from
Temple Hc-wea Albert Bantu
Scholarship winner |eat spring,
and bos been o distinguished stu
dent for several semester*. He
was in D Infantry last year.
The first regimental comman
der, Jack A. Krueger, is o Business
1 Accounting major from New
Braunfels, ana is a distinguished
student. He was first sergeant
A Message to Every
A&M Man in Texas
On August 23rd the citlsena of Tex*s will vote upon
the College Building Constitutional Amendment. The Amend
ment carriM the endorsement and support of all sixteen Tex
as State colleges and universities. It was overwhelmingly
approved by the Legislature.
A fivo-mlllion-dollsr building program for Texas A. A M.
will be made possible If the Amendment is passed on Au
gust Sard. Like the other sehoofc, we need these added fa
cilities badly, Laek of claasmoms am! laboratory facllltiea
on (he campua la one of the big reasons A, A M. la teaching
and housing students at the Bryan Air Base Annex, 18 miles
from the campua.
p far as I know, there la no general or organised op- ^ A M
position to the Amendment. But It la In grave danger be- ‘•Communlam and How to Combat H*\ testimony given
cause of Indifference and lack of Information on the part of by J. Edgar Hoover before the House Committee on Invest
of A Battery, FloM Artillery, tost
your. .
Jock E. Jack ton, second regt- A
WsMtol commander, U a veteran
student from FarmomBto, Texes.
He holds tho Air McdofiritB four
dusters, the Good Conduct IMh
end the ETO ribbon with two
bronsc battle stars. Serving in
tho Army Air Corp- .luring the
war, Jackson was aa aerial gunner.
He to an accounting major, and
in B Squadron. AWjForee,
last year. He to atoo a dtotingutoh-
od itudaoA.
Ralph L. Shannon, electrical en-
_ neering student and a member
of Vet Company 1, toot year, will
head the third regiment this fall.
During the war. Shannon served in
the / AridMe^btlfli Theater, and
was chief techniciaa on an Amu-d
Forces Radio station. Hto home
Bonita, Texas.
Another electrical
student. Gene B.
named fourth res
dor. He to a
from Terrell,
her at A
listed below to a complete rooter
of promotion*:
Cayt* David R. Howell, ( ommen
der; 1st Lt. William B. LaRoeht,
'-in-Command; 1st Sgt., Jos.
kinaon, First Sergeant; and
Carl B. Whyte, Supply s,-r
Kawanians Hear Hoover Disc
On Un-American Investigation
the voters of tl.g utatc.
A. A M. men, the ex-students of the other state schools,
C stlon of Un-American Activities last soring, was prsseuud
y transcription at ths Kiwanians luncheon Tuesday. Th
to judge beCHUKP
w __ Hawaii, for thia had been his first term, bat
' a period of one year. he thought our having a Demo-
High man for the Aggies was "■Be President and a Republican
William H. Whitoett. of Seguin. a "V • healthy sitaatian.
* I Marino Corps veteran student. He “T™* rivee the Government a much
scored 193 points out of s possible needed balance of power”. Teague
110. Fifty-three Aggies averaged continued.
178 in tho contest, Concerning Veteran legislation
rolUeea in he Southwest 11****®. * I ** ,nber ^ House
romtltid teX Hfle mee? I oui* Affairs Committee, grant-
l.n.”sut» Urn,,™,,. OkUlwiB. - 1 *«« ««"«”•. M
AAM. New Mexico College of Ag- 1 * or V
ricultun and Mechanical Arts, Ar- ” t
kauu Um«r,lty, Crtiu ClW. " ^
IT at«te TWherm Oklleee 0r * 01 Cn *ST , M to pass SB meres*
i ^ subsistence, a suitable bill for
Prairie View AAM, and Texas A. ^ tor|u| b<mgtaf( , bill MUb .
* I lish a higher ceiling of wage* for
High-point man far Camp Hood <>„ the job training, ends bill
TV »Uowing mors compensation for the
fus P. Cavil of Praiito Vtow. ; orphans and widows of veterans.
Teague stated he had introduced
T?* 1 ' f np s bill to sid orphans and widows.
tish-bame rrot lo ^*** b^rrubi.bock.
Assist With Utah of the Tnft-Horttoy Bill (consider
sd anti-labor in many ciretoe),
Antelope Research
Deuartmsut of FUh lind Gama I mid the courts would got rid of
and tha Taxaa Cooparattva the defect* >
Wlldllfa Rssaarch Unit «t A. . a ■ m,., ,
A M. hs« been roquasted to ssslsl A A,lvl l , OUltrVlllt % ll
siuT adataa Is ss oiiomIv# study L_, . _ * 7 J 1
gjB To Attend Parley
imhasfi whs now holds ths tho A J
- fw* ».h, .““k AZjSXiZ
Discuss and promote favorable votes for the
Amendment with ev*»ry person you see
Vote youraelf, your family and your friends
on August 23rd.
Devote a few hours on August 23rd to en
courage others to vote for the Amendment.
The biggest job we face is getting out the
I know we can count on every A. A M. man
part. With your help, August 23rd will be an important
date in the history of our College and of higher education
in Texas.
A. E. “Red” HINMAN,
and friend, of education In Texa. muat take the lead and do I‘""•"W 01 ' w »" lo • n * <, ‘o the group hy radio .tatlon KTHT
the work if the Amendment it to be paaaad. I" J n ?"_ *!_ . . . j/ .
1 am asking you to do the following:
Ag Field Trippers Lutheran Pastor
fir >c-
^^riS^riTe 1 tMu Ksr z
In hto study of snta>lop. ■ Busch- poultry sod poultry
nor he* found that lhey oat very In Texas,
tittle gross, evidently preferring: |
SVgWifeS Aero Head Attend*
do not thrive in competition with
sheep, which also cannums woods.
While in Utah, Buochnor will
work with Dr. Jos sop B. Low, toed-
or of tho Utah Cooperative Wild
life Research Unit, Logan, to make
a field examination of the pro
posed antelope rango.
Florida AF Show
Edward K. Brush, now hood
th* Aeronautical Engineering De
partment, represented A. A M
recent air exercises hold by the
AAF Air Proving Oround Com
mand at Elgin Field Florida
Hoover, in testifying before the
committee, stated that passing a
law agaiast Communism was no
way to fight it. Vigorous and in
telligent Americanism with eternal
vigitonce to the only way to com
bat Communists to the United
States. The party has already been
outlawed in the minds end hearts
of all true Americans, Hoover con
"In fighting communism we are
J not combating o political party but
to do his actually a way of life, empha-
m port ant * iMd Hooves. Thia way of life has
nothing in common with our form
of government, and it is th* in
tention of the Communist party
to destroy the capitalist system.
The F. B. I. is doing everything
to prevent their overthrowing the
i mted States by force and viol-
Association of Former Students | • n <* However, Hoover reminded
I the committee that it was not the
Visit Stockyards
Twelve agricultural students en-
rolled to livestock marketing and
K. Riggs, instructor, visited Fort
Worth Monday on s field trip to
th* market,
Wallace L Giles, s member of
the Fsokera end Bioskyordt Ad
ministration staff, addressed th*
■roup on th* enfureontont of U8
>A marketing rules) Waiter Hto*.
field man of th* atookysrds, rebi
nd the y»r»L‘ fu»rU«iu Odes 8ie»th,
manager of John flay and Com
pnny, talked on the function* of
a commies ten kouaei and Ted
Oeutdy discussed newspaper and
|||^|r||0| 9HPWH
jludents making the trip worei
Billy I, gMSerk Jiibert C Janos
Fred L folllnt, Tkeo P. Prim, ■
i iMWCBlMLlbBtT T,
Bspor, B. F, Qfsye, B. A, fetodek,
AnMi Dmmmi, Jr.. Bob Moffat t.
end WlUtom Hottond.
Dorm 9 News Stand
MoweB to Dorm 7
At National Meet
Rev. Fred Mgehroff, AAM Luth
oron student-chaplain and pastor
the College Station American
Lutheran Church, toft this week to
attend tho annual staff mooting of
NilliIMP ‘Dubsran Council's
Student Berviee Oommtoaion.
Ing is scheduled for th# Do
Seven Foundation ot Racine, Wts
•onsin from August 1M1
On his return trip Rev Mgehroff
will rislt ths Ptritotot Rorvtos Crin-
mto* ton's sfftoe In fk tengn m MMI
The news stead located to Dor-
ashary » hoe boon swvod to tho
^a _ - M gy oa
7. O. L. Martin, memofer, has
Tho move
of the hmtsBstieo
ages to Dormttortoo
duty of the F. B. L to moke
commendations, but to pre
| facts and protect confidence.
Many woll-meaning liberal
progressive organisation* era noth
ing but tools for the Communist
party, Hoover pointed out This to
true of yuor labor unions, certain
youth movements, end a few in
tellectual and creative organisa
tion*. By n proo-M of draeit and
misguided emotionalism, they hove
managed to infiltrate into key poei-
tions. In many instance* only 6%
ot the total membership were able
to capture the controlling office*
to some organisation.
There ore 74,000 Communist
members to the United States, ac
cording to the Hoover record moat
of them residing in the state* of
New York, California, Illinois, and
Ohio. However, the real menace
are thoee who do not officially be
long to the portly but act in ag
reement with all their principles
Hoover thinks that if everyone
will become conscious of tho thirst
of the Communist party and ac
tively combat K, we can to the
long-run defeat k. >,
U. Col., Jack A. wxwn
momtori Mai, Henry A.
•cuttve; aad G*pl DfS
ham. Adjutant.
-Manlu BsttftUoa n% J
Luker, Bseeutiv*
« ■'n,l U.^GuSSh?' fit
ply Sergeant v. J
•r (ompagy tafMMT
Capt, Jam** W. Alexander, ( om
maader; 1st Lt John T. Wtor, Sec
omi-in-Command; 1st Sgt. El via
B. Chapman, First Sergeant; and
S/8gt. Aaron Charles, Supply Ber-
‘T” Company Infantry
Ut Lt James E. Kunkel, Sec
ond-In-Command; 1st Sgt Letood
G. Stewart, first Sergeant; and
8/Btt. Billie B. Wale., Supply
Artillery Betts hot. Hq.
Maj. Nathajntri R. I>>»thorw,Kvi.
1 "mmander; Capt. William D Bar
nett, Executive; and 1st Lt Frank
R. Hardin, Adjutant
-A” Buttery FJt.
(topt. James C. Wtoktor, Com
mander; l.t Lt Thomas R. Par-
omu, Second-iW-Oommand; and
S/8gt. Doyos;/ R. Block, Supply
”B” Battery FA
Cant Marvin L. Jones, Com
msndor; tot U Jack R. Jam**.
Second in Command; 1st Sgt Bur-
V. J. Day ... 2 Years Ago.. •
Aggies Were A U Over the World
final srraagemente fnrl»ulMtog p|t)rill V, J, j I, However, *S ihsl
up fi
hy "Duhs” Hebhs
It seems that wine, woman, and
song wore the order of ths day oa
Auguat 14, 1141,. , V. J. Day,
Bes Fes, eerier F. K student
am JUrper, was on Ward la
land, Corpus CkrtoU, Toast, when
the MHts of Nina surremterad He
use on duty that day as the poor
fellow had to remain on tho past
m bn irri.
intPI III HE Utm mfia^m III graft Ij^ gkgMI 1 fig# kg sraraalra
wv r™eefr*raer fy* riura*f™v»» we»ra^^ris| I ^sri vwratfW
and paroonags near tho A. 4 M, mtid Fun, "There wore sojmo,
•smpue, gala for every seller I hot day
1 1 w \ In iq i in I \ . ' IT, , , riST* I
rws . * V, J, warning we* Ilk* any other
I WO Extenilionrni I morning tor wmon Hsm
, - _ . maud who wts stotlonod st Oar-
Attend 4-H Parley ;
I mM^OAamal as4rf I si u *^toraAa4 A fhMI a 1 su4#%mm
• Yl raa,, - *. _ as a _a I WWTWfuM DAIOfllPm WwfIB eAr leril\IfiiVl T
State NyrnuT rirtlk r*" "toorty, "All of the fitltenry
tin XI rl: Sir moltow”, M&.
supenrisor for th# A. sxmd aooerte. "The women Were
rnu. Extension Service, attended a hissing tveryone, there was a earn
('onf..r,r»cJ JhSToJZSaSZ \ KH*5s;
, It ing on top of the cars, ana every -
tons this week. The conference end. ^ Upey-turvy.” While
ed today. | trying to fight his way out of the
Tractor maintenance work to i crowds, Hammond was picked up
4-H Club* originated in 1P44. This ; by two afeef?) girls who hod a
conference to designed for mom- convertible (believe it or not). He
bon to exchange experience* and returned to the bam early th* next
successful togwlquaa sad to eoor- morning so the next liberty seemeu
dinote literature on th* subject. 1 could toove
Rill Hetehktoo, veteran student
from Courttoud Atobsma, was to
Idas Austria, with tho Mih In
fantry Division They hpd just
eomototsd sight wooks of tratoing
Oermsny and had rrlrimpd to
upy th* elly they bod wrested
from ih* hand* »f th* K»uut# torer
and s half month. |M*viuueiy, The
Austrian Frauieina were s* gbd
lo hrar of Dm Mod new* so wore
lloti hhIs* and hto huddle* T»>*(
■Bwbwjh AtRwAfMA mtuy
•ooa for tho second Um* Hous
ton was to a turmoil "E was ex-
rise to drive one blosk"
Si«ht Quito and aevsral frtortda
2v*wwsa tv*
Muetrial Bduraliot mo
■AntMto, op (luom
fmm Son An
had returned front s
C r Irw en th* U J.R,
Ft before th*
Abeul twshto •ksosii that night
Khmu *
41 day
_ „ JRI to*
hmarine Beit Cnmp ( ommandet
gov* each man three can# if b.. r
some "rink lad/” (gyro alsohol to
the untoformod), 0M toffMgl sh
cohol to solebrat* with. Wcb-i-
declare* that of win# and song
they had
Iw had a
pient, women
wonderful time just the
(The Fifth Infantry Division wh«
being redeployed to the Pacific
Goa Gallo, Economics senior from
Houston, waa ovcrjoy.d when he
heard of th* surrender. He j
home on whet would hove been hto
right Quito and ravoral frioruto hod
s party si ill gMN fipg, ffes
i«si day wsa sprat to rraupoful
AtogJgflpNMhTWlq serving no
t|w storraft .wirier, CVF 107 with
►4,Chftoto uf hto
to* day wm routine with two gra.
rasl quArtsta sotts, and mitorad
Y*e, that wo* a mem.imbi* oe-
«mpto Ivory one let hto *81?
'^ws and raleaeod the pent uf
emotion* of throe and s half long,
m»«ltns years of war, shortages,
i.n.) hardships. The entire world
u *' J-ycuRly greeting the sdven-
of s new poriod./HMOe. prosperity,
and happme^wuro just orsuad
the corner, /