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SWC Race Narrows Down to Aggies And
Texas; May be Decided at Austin May 8, 9
The Southwest Conference race
has finally narrowed down to two
teams—the Aggies and the Texas
Longhorns. Both have lost two
games, and are favored to win all
the others until their crucial meet
ing at Austin May 8 and 9.
Before the S.M.U. series with
Rice, I had figured that the Owls
would give the Ags more trouble
than anyone because of a certain
pitcher named Jimmy Pendarvis.
However, it develops now that
Pendarvis is all Coach Cecil Griggs
has because the aged Rice mentor
has used him in almost every
game. For instance, Jimmy was
knocked off the mound in the first
game with the Mustangs. He came
back the following day, but fared
no better. He will probably toe
the slab again this afternoon when
the Owls play the Ags in a one-
game stand.
Meanwhile, Coach Lil Dimmitt’s
nine combined great pitching and
hard hitting to swamp the S.M.U.
Mustangs Saturday. Charlie Stev
enson is still the Ags’ big hope
in their championship quarry, and
the way this buxom blond has
been going, he may be just the
answer. The heavy hitting, which
had its initial start against S.M.U.
at Dallas last month, is still in
evidence. The team has averaged
more than 15 hits per game, and
that’s enough blows to win any
kind of a fracas, Texas included.
Incidentally, the Steers, too,
had a big time this past week-end.
Friday afternoon, they pounded
Baylor pitchers for a 12-8 win, and
the following day Bill Dumke, ace
Texas flinger, outdueled Manuel
Garcia of the Bears, 2-0, in a ten
inning affair. Dumke, who pos
sesses one of the best curves in
the conference, is an exceptional
pitcher when he is right. This year
his arm has been troubling him no
end, and until this past Saturday
he has not bee nable to fare so
well against conference competi
It looks like everything is clear
now for a championship battle be
tween Texas and A. & M. as pre
dicted by sports experts at the
start of the year. The Aggies beat
the Longhorns with Charlie Stev
enson on the mound, and there is
considerable doubt that the Aus
tinites can return the favor.
Coach Rollins To
Take 10 Trackmen
To Drake Relays
33rd Annual Meet Will
Be Held at Des Moines,
Iowa, April 24 and 25
Co'ach J. W. “Dough” Rollins
will leave College Station with a
squad of ten trackmen tomorrow
morning on the 9:53 train for
Des Moines, Iowa, where they will
take part in the 33rd annual Drake
Relays. This is the most important
track and field event which is held
each year in the nation, and in
1941 more than 2,500 athletes rep
resenting 86 colleges and univer
sities took part in the relays.
Men who will make the trip
with Coach Rollins include Roy
Bucek, captain of the Aggie track
team, who is expected to give
plenty of competition in the hur
dle events, Albert Ricks, Aggie
pole vault ace, Emerick Labus,
quarter-miler, Derace Moser, 100-
yard dash man, Ken Stallings, also
a dash man, Truman Cox, hurdles
and quarter-mile, Bill Mitchell,
hurdler, and Bama Smith, ace 100-
yard dash man.
Also making the trip will be
Johnny Ziegler who will be entered
in the two mile run, and Pete Wat
kins, ace Aggie high jumper. Wat
kins jumped 6 feet 8 inches in the
meet last Saturday, and the exist
ing record for the Drake Relays
is only 6 feet 6 inches. This rec
ord has been standing since 1922
when it was set by Harold Osborne
of Illinois.
Sports Squibs From Here and There; Jim
Newberry Suffers Spike Injury in Sat’s Tilt
It looks as if Lady Luck just
won’t smile on Jimmy “Ducklegs”
Newberry, little Aggie outfielder.
. . . Following the Baylor tilt, Jim
immediately went to the hospital
with the mumps, which, incidental
ly kept him out of action until
last Wednesday . . . “Duck” start
ed the game Saturday, banging
out two safeties ... On a forceout
at second, Jim, in sliding to sec
ond, spiked his leg . . . this will
keep him on the sidelines at least
another two or three days . . .
Notes on some of the batting av
erages of the leading Aggie hit
ters . . . Sam Porter, by getting
four for four Saturday elevated
himself to the top of the Aggie
batters ... he is hitting a .431 clip
. . . next in line is John Scroggin
with a .417 average . . . Leo Dan
iels has a good chance to grab
an outfield all-conference spot if
Crushing 18-inch thick concrete
and gently cracking egg shells are
equally easy for a new two-and-a-
half story testing machine in the
techonlogical institute of North
western University.
The University of Wisconsin has
become the first school to send
three full squadrons of men into
the naval air force.
he continues his pace ... At the
present, Lightnin’ Leo is banging
the ball at a .363 clip, while he
has yet to make a flaw in his field
ing .. .
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King’s - - Pangburn’s
Aggies and Rice Fight It Out In
Track, Baseball and Tennis Today
Battalion Sports
Aggie Tracksters and Baseball Team
Both Win Handily Saturday Afternoon
Thinly Clads Score
HO 1 /^ Points; Watkins
Betters SWC Mark
Big Pete Watkins cleared 6 feet
8 inches in the high jump Satur
day as the Aggies ran away with
a quadrangular meet <m Kyle Field
with T.C.U., S.M.U., and Baylor.
The Cadets racked up 110% points
to 24 for T.C.U., 21 for S.M.U.,
and 17% for Baylor.
Ken Stallings was high point
man with a total of 11% points,
picked up by winning the 100 and
220-yard dashes, both in excel
lent times, and taking a leg on
the winning 440-yard relay team.
Albert Ricks, Aggie vaulter and
jumper, and Jack Wilson of Bay
lor, each scored 11 points. Pope
of T.C.U., and Tate and Lineham
of S.M.U., were outstanding for
their respective teams.
440-yard dash—Won by Lineham, SMU;
second Towles, TCU; third, Cox, A&M;
fourth, abus, A&M. Time, 51.1.
UJ. l/JU, tlWUO, jrc.lX.-LVA> A HAIC, L/A.A.
High jump—Won by Watkins, A&M,
6 feet 8 inches; second, Ricks, A&M, 6
feet 2 inches; third, Henderson, A&M,
6 feet; fourth, Tomlinson, SMU, 5 feet
9 inches.
Shot put—Won by Wilson, Baylor 48
feet 9 inches; second, Henderson, A&M,
45 feet, 6% inches; third, Montgomery,
A&M, 44 feet 5 inches; fourth, Johnson,
SMU, 39 feet 8 inches.
100-yard dash—Won by Stallings, A&M ;
second, Moser A&M; third. Pope, TCU;
fourth, Smith, A&M. Time: 9.9.
Mile run—Won by McGlothlin, A&M;
second, Vajdos, A&M; third, Zeigler,
A&M; fourth, Garrett, A&M. Time: 4.29.
220-yard dash—Won by Stallings,
A&M; second, Moser, A&M; third, Pope,
TCU; fourth, Lineham, SMU. Time: 21.3.
120-yard high hurdles—Won by R.
Bucek, A&M; second, Tate, SMU; third,
Mitchell, A&M; fourth, Watkins, A&M.
Time: 14.7.
Pole vault—Won by Ricks, A&M, 12
feet; second, tie between Nye, A&M, and
egg, Baylor, 11 feet 8 inches; focrth,
Schwarting, Baylor, 10 feet 6 inches.
Discuss—Won by F. Bucek, A&M, 130
feet 6 inches; second. Palmer, TCU, 130
feet; third, Cox, A&M, 126 feet 1 inch;
fourth, Wilson, Baylor, 123 feet 5 inches.
880-yard run—Won by Vajdos, A&M;
second, McGlothlin, A&M; third, Garrett,
SWC Standings
W L Pet.
A. & M 6 2 .750
Texas 5 2 .714
S. M.U 5 4 .556
T. C.U 1 2 .333
Rice 2 5 .286?
Baylor 2 6 .250
This week's schedule:
Tuesday—A. & M. at Rice;
T.C.U. at Baylor.
Friday and Saturday—Rice at
A. & M.; T.C.U. at Texas; Bay
lor at S.M.U.
Leading Aggie Batters
AB R H Pet.
Seay, c 3 12 .667
Porter, lb 51 11 22 .431
Scoggin, c 60 24 25 .417
Peden, 3b 51 14 20 .392
Stevenson, p 29 2 11 .379
Daniels, rf 33 10 12 .363
Rogers, If 59 19 21 .356
Aldrich, c 6 2 2 .333
Glass, 2b 66 16 20 .303
Ballow, ss .....47 17 13 .277
440-yard relay-—Won by A&M (Smith,
R. Bucek, Moser, Stallings) ; second, SMU;
third, TCU; fourth, Baylor. Time, 43.0.
Two-mile run—Won by Zeigler, A&M ;
second, Elmore, A&M; third, Kofnovec,
SMU; fourth, Bibbs, A&M. Time, 10:36.2.
Broad jump—Won by Pope, TCU, 22
feet 1 3-4 inches; second, Ricks, A&M,
21 feet. 11% inches; third, Schwarting,,,
Baylor, 21 feet 11 inches; fourth, Webb,
TCU, 21 feet 1 3-4..
220-yard low hurdles—Won by Mitchell,
&M; second, Tate, SMU; third, Sch-
A&M; second, Tate, SMU ; third,
wartz, A&M; fourth, Montgomery,
Time: 24.2. Roy Bucek did not compete
J ue to meets coming up this week.
Mile relay—Won by A&M (McGlothlin,
due to meets coming up this wei
Mile relay—Won by A&M (M
Utley, Brush, Cox) ; second, TCU. Time,
3:33.2. Only two entries.
Javelin—Won by Wilson, Baylor, 186
feet 1 inch; second, Watkins, 175 feet 6
inches; third, Webb, TCU, 174 feet 11
inches; fourth, Mangum, SMU, 172 feet
7 inches.
Sparked by a desire to win and
perfect track weather, the annual
intramural track meet was held
Sunday. The meet, put on every
year by the in-
tramural depart-
% ment, had a deep
spirit of compe-
p. tition running all
|| through it. This
. / i meet brought to
Ip;:, light one of the
prime purposes
Jilli of intramural
Oxford sports ~ that of
having a program whereby non
varsity men may participate in
varsity sports.
The high point men of the meet
have not as yet been tabulated but
it is significant that Raymond Ter
rell of E Field Artillery won both
the high jump and the broad jump.
Class A:
3 CHQ, Softball
B Replacement Center, Soft-
A Replacement Center, Soft-
I Infantry, Softball
Class B
A Cavalry, Softball
6 CHQ, Tennis
F Replacement Center, Wa
ter Polo
E Replacement Center, Wa
ter Polo
A Field Artillery, Tennis
K Infantry, Softball
B Replacement Center, Soft-
G Infantry, Water Polo
This feat won his organization
many place points.
Class A
In the class A division, F Field
Artillery won first place with 23
place points. Running right behind
F Battery was E Battery Field
with 15 place points for second
hole. Third spot went to D Engin
eers who had 12 place points. At
the end of the meet, B Infantry
was holding down fourth place and
A C.W.S. placed fifth.
In class B, the Artillery again
dominated the win column. 3
Headquarters Field Artillery was
first and C Coast Artillery placed
second. These teams had 29 and 14
place points each. A Engineers
came through with 8 place points
for third place. 2 Headquarters
Field Artillery placed fourth with
a total of 6 place points and the
members of D Coast Artillery
brought their team in to place
All Recreational Officers are
asked to turn in their list of pros
pective Departmental Managers to
Spike White not later than Wed
Lt Spear Transfers
To U of Arizona
First Lieut. M. E. Spear has
been transferred to the University
of Arizona where he will serve as
Cavalry instructor in military sci
ence and tactics. He will move as
soon as he can arrange to have
his furniture shipped.
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Stevenson’s Three
Hitters Is Too Much
For SMU Mustangs
The Texas Aggie nine pounded
out 11 runs and 13 hits Saturday,
and, coupled with Charlie Steven
son’s brilliant three-hit perform
ance, defeated the S.M.U. Mus
tangs, 11-0, and tightened their
hold on the Southwest Conference
This marked the second white
washing Stevenson has given
Southwest Conference clubs. His
other one was a 2-0 win over Bay
Atwell Tessman, Mustang ace
SMU (0)
Ab R H E
Hohl, rf 3 0 0 0
Davis, 2b 4 0 12
*Maley 0 0 0 0
Haggerman, cf 4 0 10
Gonzales, If 3 0 0 0
Sebeck, 3b 4 0 11
Townsley, lb 3 0 0 0
Tessman, p 3 0 0 1
Harris, c 0 0 0 0
Witte, ss 3 0 0 0
Aulenback, c 3 0 0 0
Tinsley, p 0 0 0 0
TOTALS 30 0 3 4
*"Maley run for Davis in 9th.
A&M (11)
Stevenson, p 4
Daniels, rf 4
Newberry, cf 3
Black, cf 1
Score by innings:
Ballow, ss
Rogers, if
Glass, 2b .
Scoggin, c
Porter, lb
Peden, 3b .
000 000 000— 0
100 301 60x—11
who trimmed the Ags at Dallas,
14-8, last month, was in trouble
almost every other inning. The
Dimmittmen opened with a tally
in the opening frame as Ballow
walked, stole second, went to third
as Rogers was thrown out on a
dropped third strike, and came
(See TRACKSTERS, Page 4)
Diamondeers Go
To Houston For
Fray With Owls
This afternoon will be quite a
busy one for three of the athletic
teams of both the Texas Aggies
and the Rice Owls. The Aggie net-
ters will engage the Houstonites
in a tennis match on the home
courts here, while Coach “Dough”
Rollins’ Aggie tracksters clash
with the Owls on Kyle Field at
2:30 o’clock.
Meanwhile Coach Lil Dimmitt’s
fast stepping Aggie baseball team
leaves this morning for Houston
where they will meet the Owls in
what will be the initial series be
tween the two teams during the
current season. Charlie Stevenson
will be the probable starter on the
mound for the Cadets, and he will
probably be opposed by Jim Pen
darvis, ace hurler of the feathered
The Owls are roosting in fifth
place in the conference standings
at the present date with a record
of two wins and five losses to their
credit. The Aggies are still in first
place in the conference race having
won five and lost two. Besides the
game today in Houston, the Ag
gies and the Owls meet twice more
this week, a two game stand Fri
day and Saturday here at College
Coach Emmett Brunson of the
Rice thinly-clads will bring a
strong squad up from Houston for
the dual meet, and it is expected
to be one of the most closely con
tested meets of the year.
Coach Manning Smith’s Aggie
netters have enjoyed one of the
best seasons in Aggie tennis his
tory, and are expected to furnish
plenty of competition for the
strong Owl squad in their dual
meet this afternoon.
University of Michigan students
donated 350 pints of blood during
a recent campus “blood bank”
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