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    -With Hnb Johnson-
Who will protect the home and
the wife when Johnny goes away?
Saturday in Denton the Aggie
Rifle team found the answer to this
as they fell to the T.S.C.W. rifle
toters by two points.
It was shoulder-to-shoulder on
the range that afternoon. That
night it was cheek-to-cheek on the
dance floor. The later results were
not reported.
Roy Bucek saved the Aggie thin-
ly-clads from disgrace at Laredo
Friday might by carrying off
the 120 high hurdles.
Albert Ricks had two boils lanc
ed that morning and found the
going a bit rough in the high
jump and pole vault.
W. L. Clapham of the Okla
homa Aggies complained in an un
boastful way that the jumping
pit in Sain Antonio wasn’t quite
long enough. A few of the by
standers laughed but later sighed
as he cleared the hoed pit to jump
24 feet ll 1 ^ inches.
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North Gate
Texas Swimmers
Nose Out Aggies
In Sat. Meet 49-44
Taylor and Hensley
Better Own Records
In 220 and 100 Free
Both holding a win over the
Sooner Aggies, the Texas Univers
ity and Texas Aggie tankers met
here Saturday night to decide
the conference favorite in the wa
ter games with the Longhorns tak
ing the upper hand, 49 to 44.
The Aggies opened fast and got
off to a nice lead as the 300-yard
medley relay race team nosed out
the steer three.
Bob Taylor cut his 220-yard
record two and a half seconds to
beat out Chonoshi of Texas and
McKey of A. & M.
Harold Hensley bettered his pool
record and at the same time bet
tered the conference record as he
nosed out Harris McClamrock hold
er of the '39 title in the fifty yard
free style.
McClamrock returned in the next
event, the individual medley, to
aid the Texas squad in catching
up with the Aggies. He won over J.
H. Stephens and Nickey Ponthieux.
Bab Papick and Ted Dunham
proved to be much better than Bub-
ba Reeves and Mike Cokinos, and
carried off the first two places to
move the Texas team to the front
23 to 22.
Hensley topped McClamrock and
Denton in the 100-yard free style
lowering his pool record nine-
tenths seconds.
This tied the score 27-all, the
Longhorns taking second and third.
Wade Smith and Holland New
man took the first two places in the
breast stroke for Texas to beat
out E. W. Conway and move the
Longhorns into a 35 to 28 lead.
Dick Beeler nosed out Ponthieux
and Ken Tarleton claimed third
place in the breast stroke to still
widen the Texas lead.
The outcome changed tide a bit
as Taylor came through in the
440-yard distance race with a time
of 10.3 seconds under his pool
record and 11.8 seconds under the
conference record. Hensley was
placed in the distance event to try
for those three points in second
place but cramped up in his fourth
lap. Chenoshi and Moise carried
off the remaining places for Tex
In the four-man 400-yard relay,
the Aggies came through with a
close win, moving up to within
four points of the Longhorns.
Both teams were forced to put
out their very best in every event.
This match usually gives a pre
meet picture of the conference run
ning which will be held at Texas
later this month.
Here’s the pick for the 1941 All-
Conference Cage Squad. We didn’t
see the champs play but from what
we’ve read, the records produced
a bit of last year’s continuance—
they placed three on the proverbial
From Arkansas—Hickey, Frie-
berger, and J. Adams.
From Rice—Carswell and Kin
Derace Moser came from the
shade Saturday to throw the
Whites to a 54 to 0 win.
It’s a funny thing—in Austin
the Aggies wore maroon, Remem
ber. In the first charity game, the
Maroons lost. Saturday afternoon
the Maroons lost again. I don’t
believe in jinxes though—still I’m
glad Thanksgiving comes on Kyle
Field this year.
Next Year's Juniors
Mendl and Hornak present
their credentials . . . talk to
any of the long line of juniors
who have worn uniforms bear
ing the Symbol of Distinction
“Made by Mendl & Hornak”
and you will find a satisfied
Order N6w . . . prices will
not be raised as long as the
material lasts . . . small de
posit required.
MARCH 11, 1941 PAGE 3
Champ Racquet Wielders
B CWS, winner of the first semester class A tennis championship.
Reading front row left to right, Frank Lewis and Romie Davis; back
row, Sam Mencyer, Jack Elliot, Bill Lynch, and William Morrison.
Finals in Intramural Wrestling to
Be Held Tonight in DeWare Field House
By Bob Myers
Tonight at 7:45 all wrestlers
who have run the gauntlet this far
will have their chance at the
school championships. With pre
liminaries and semi-finals out of
the way, only the finals remain
to complete a per-
| feet season of
| wrestling with the
$ precision of a well
Mgfjgi oiled machine,
ip Following in a
v logical sequence,
the first boxing of
this year will be
come a reality on
Thursday night.
All entries were
completed Satur
day and weight classifications are
now being made.
My ere
D Engineers
H Infantry
D Field Artillery
A Signal Corps “Fish” took their
handball game from M Infantry
2- 1 through the play of Hargis,
Huss, Stegall, and Wiggins. Crews
and Fowler came through for M
Fishmen Sones, Foster, Hola-
day, and Patrick managed for two
of the three matches on the hand
ball courts to account for the win
over B Signal Corps by H Field
Artillery. Johnson and Bittle got
on the same' beam and won the sin
gle for B Company.
Freshmen from C Chemical War
fare and L Infantry each chalked
up a 3-0 win in water polo by swal
lowing just a little less water than
did K Infantry and B Cavalry
Herring, Jones, Clark, and May
berry cashed in for A Coast
Artillery under the stadium for
two horseshoe matches to over
shadow the singleton made by
Bennett and Walker of D Infantry.
119 Pounds:
Ball, G Field vs Crist, F Engineers
129 Pounds:
Durham, G Field vs Little, F Coast
139 Pounds:
Newton, E Field vs McCarthy, G Coast
149 Pounds:
Merritt, MG Cavalry vs Crawford, F
159 Pounds:
Vick, C Engineers vs Donnell, E Field
169 Pounds:
Wells, D Cavalry vs Prowell, E Field
179 Pounds:
Kiser, M Infantry vs Ogdee, G Field
Fritsch, M Infantry vs Wade, B Infantry
119 Pounds r
Barrier, D Cavalry vs Clubb, A Infantry
129 Pounds:
Hooks, E Engineers vs Hopkins, B Eng
139 Pounds:
Vick, B Cavalry vs Conner, I Field
149 Pounds:
Bergin, H Infantry vs McMinn, B In
159 Pounds:
Harper, G Coast vs Halton, H Coast
169 Pounds:
Simmons, E Field vs McMinn, H Inf.
179 Pounds:
Beckley, I Field vs Howard, H Infantry
Montgomery, G Coast vs Hadley, I Field
A farmer’s son is more likely to
follow his father’s occupation than
the son of a man in some other
kind of work, according to a sur
vey at Cornell university.
Another Successful Football
Season May Pay Stadium Debt
By Hub Johnson
Where does all the money go?
This is one of the thousand ques
tions asked daily in every part of
the country.
Here at Aggieland some thirteen
years ago a large stadium was
erected, seating 35,000 people. It
was named after Dean E. J. Kyle,
chairman of the athletic committee.
The Constructors went deep into
debt and in the fall of ’37 they
were refinanced at $206,000 in
The next payment due included
a year’s back interest, yearly pay
ment on the principle and the
year’s interest.
After the football season, $32,-
260 were paid the bond holders in
interest and principle.
The ’38-’39 season gave $21,420
for payments.
With the southwest conference
title in ’39-’40 came the payment
of $64,447.71 in principle and
$6,980 in interest.
Last season four notes were paid
on the principle, totaling $67,500.
$4,420 were paid on interest.
Though some $53,680 were paid
off in the years 1937 and 1939,
■f-only $29,000 went toward the prin
There now remains a balance of
$43,000 with interest rates at $1720
per year. This rate puts the pay
ments ahead 16 to 18 years. Next
year an effort will be made to make
the final payment and call in the
last bond.
One bowl game can turn the
card or a game drawing an out of
the ordinary gate would do the
The top gates for the Aggies
next year will be the Texas game
here and the Rice game in Hous
The season opener with T. C. U.
in Fort Worth should draw a large
crowd and the Southern Methodist
game here should come close to
filling the stand if both teams
come through with fair records.
Arkansas is met this year in
Little Rock which will increase the
gate to a height above those us
ually met between the Aggies and
the Razorbacks.
It’s an awful lot of money but
Kyle Field will belong to the Ag
gies before the original date of
T Dance Friday;
Seniors Invited
Battered faces and smooth
faces, tight muscles and lim
ber muscles, and jitter-bugs
and pile drivers will take to
the floor Friday night as
the Aggie T Club dance to
the music of Johnny Sulli
van and his orchestra at their
annual celebration.
For the first time in the
history of the club the sen
iors of the school have been
given an open invitation.
This will be the last time
that the four sport lettermen
—football, baseball, basket
ball and track, can gather to
gether with the seniors to
talk over the “remember
when’s”, beat S.M.U. again
in that 6 to 2 battle on Kyle
Field of last year, or beat
out Texas in the closing min
ute of the final cage game
of 1940 with a one point win.
TSCW Defeats
Aggie Riflemen by
Two Point Margin
Denton Match
Results In Second
Successive Defeat
By Mary Alice Brown
Lass-O, T.S.C.W.
Proving that women can hold
their own with the opposite sex,
T.S.C.W.’s sharpshooters outshot
the Aggie team two points to win
a shoulder-to-shoulder match Sat
urday in Denton.
Winners for the second year,
TSCWites this time received no
handicap of poihts, yet their total
score was 981 points to the Aggie
total of 979 out of a possible 1000.
A milling crowd of girls, Ag
gies, faculty members and towns
people waited impatiently as the
twelve giils and eleven men each
fired twenty rounds with .22 rifles
at bulls eyes 50 yards away. Win
ner of the contest was determined
by totaling the five high scores
of each team.
Surprise of the afternoon was
the high point score winner, Irene
Chamberlain, junior TSCWite from
McMahan. Scoring 199, Miss Cham
berlain hit for the first time in her
shooting career a “possible.” (100
points out of a possible 100).
Emblems were awarded to the
three A. & M. high scorers by
Luella McManus, captain of the
TSCW team. E. C. Cunningham
took first place with 198. Russell
Cook, with 197, was second, and
G. B. Caperton took third wjth
196. Other firing in the contest
were De Vilbis, Teal, Filco, Thenn,
Kaufman, Holmes, , Leurs and
Crossland. Captain of the Aggie
squad is C. A. Lewis.
Although all the Aggie scores
were in the 190’s, TSCW scores
slumped from 199 to 181, with sev
eral in the 180s. The five leading
TSCWites were Miss Chamber-
lain, Miss McManus, with 196, Ger
trude Lyon, 198, Florence Rice,
195, and Josephine Albert, 193.
Other girls shooting were Caroline
Brown, Josa Lou Bullington, Fran
ces Wall, Edna Schmidt, Jerinel
Lamar, Shige Nagai and Eugenia
Officials were Miss Mary Boone,
of T. S. C. W., and Lieut. C; A.
Williams and Sergeant H. Richard
son from A. & M.
In the contest last year, the A.
& M. squad gave the girls a 40-
point handicap, and then were de
feated 514 to 487 in a match at
College Station.
Baseball Team
Preps for Beaumont
With Intra-Squad Tilt
An open house has been pro
claimed by the Aggie baseball
team Wednesday afternoon as they
complete their practice in prepar
ation for their two game series
with the Beaumont Exporters here
Friday and Saturday.
Bad weather caused postpone
ment of the intra-squad game
which was to have been played
last Saturday as a feature of the
annual Sports Day. However,
Coach Marty Karow promises the
local fans and Aggies a thrilling
game between his “A” and “B”
Another factor in the intra-squad
game will be the preview of the
1941 baseball squad. According
to authoritative sources, the Ag
gies’ main problems will be the
hurling and catching staff. All
this will be answered when the ca
dets clash against each other to
morrow afternoon.
AggieTrackTeam Defeated
By Texas U and NTSTC
Bucek Win Hurdles
At Laredo For Ags’
Only 1st Place Show
South on the border Friday night
and again on the field of the Alamo
Stadium Saturday afternoon, the
Texas Aggie track team met de
feat at the hands of the Univers
ity of Texas and North Texas State
Bucek Wins at Laredo
Roy Bucek went down in the
books as the only member of Dough
Rollins squad to take a first place
on the trip. He stepped the 120 high
White’s Drub
Maroon Team In
Sports Day Event
Water Polo
B Team Defeats
Cadet Corps Team, 6-2
“Old Man Winter” had his say
last Saturday when he caused a
postponement of the varsity base
ball gAme in the fifth annual
Sports Day Festival, but the foot
ball game and water polo tilt were
played according to schedule.
In a game that was filled with
thrilling spectacles, the Aggie “B”
team defeated a team composed
entirely of members of the cadet
corps, 6 to 2.
Inclement and cold weather
brought only a handful of fans to
witness the gridiron tilt between
the maroon and white teams, but
they were served a match that was
filled with thrills and spills. The
game proved without a doubt that
Coach Homer Norton has a few
hidden aces up his sleeve with
which to open the gridiron cam
paign next fall.
Moser, Williams, and Pickett
proved too much for the Maroon
team as the trio paced the Whites
to a 54 to 0 victory. They hit for
the airlines 18 times, completing
ten. Derace Moser proved that he
will be a valuable cog in Homer
Norton’s machine as he sparked
his team to a one-sided victory. His
kicking, passing, and running,
brought a satisfying smile to
Coach Norton. Elvis (Boots) Sim
mons showed up.well on his pass-
snagging, as did Dick Sharke and
Jim Sterling. The battering of
Willie Zapalac, who is groomed to
fill Kimbrough’s shoes, and Dennis
Andricks, freshman ace, showed
that the Aggies have more than
one kind of attack. In the line, Les
Richardson, ever-hustling guard
from Houston, Leonard Dickey, re
cruit from the freshman team, and
Euel Wesson, big, husky tackle,
showed up to advantage.
The Aggies will continue practice
with light workouts until March
12, whereupon they will hang up
their togs until Fall training starts
next September.
Dr. A. Benbow
Phone 375
Astin Building - Bryan
4-hurdles in 14.7 seconds, three-
tenths slower than that set by Fred
Wolcott of Rice.
However, all was not well with
the rest of the Aggie cinders in
the Border Olympics as they took
down only 13 points to come out
in fourth place. Texas University,
with 33% points, took first place
in the meet, with North Texas
State Teachers College getting the
runnerup position.
Watkins, Ricks, and Henderson
were the other Aggies to place in
the Laredo meet. Watkins came
through in fine style to annex sec
ond place in the high jump, while
Ricks tied with Small of Texas U.
to take runnerup honors in the
pole vault. Henderson came through
with third place in the 880-yard
"run, while the Aggie team as a
whole was third in the 880-yard
Thomason Places Third
Jim Thomason, Aggie cinder
captain, came through in fine
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