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Longhorns in Hot Water at Swim Meet Here Tonight
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Sports Day Festival Begins 1:15 This Afternoon
Second Piacings Will
Possibly Decide Winner
— With Hub Johnson
Dawson, Duncan, Dwyer and
Lang fought a hard battle for their
final game on Forty Acres Thurs
day. night but it was all in vain.
In their years, the Aggies have
never starred on the courts of the
Southwest but these four have
played with fight and determina
Champions meet tonight in
Downs Natatorium as Harold Hen
sley the ’40 champ and Harris
McClamrock the ’39 champ of the
50 and 100 yard dashes meet to
decide the bearer of the ’41 crown.
Adamson has his strongest tank
team in many years and will be
near the top if not on it when the
final score is marked up. A loss
tonight does not necessarily mean
Texas will take thg title but it
will make them the favorite. Bay
lor and S. M. U. might come
through to take some of their
Last night the track team open
ed their season in the Border
Olympics in Laredo.
Today they run in an invitation
meet in the Alamo Stadium in
San Antonio. Look for Roy Bucek
and Albert Ricks to be the sparks
of the cadet thinly clads this year.
The Texas Dairy Products As
sociation will meet in Fort Worth
April 9 and 10.
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“It’s Always You”
Tommy Dorsey
“I Drempt I Dwelt in
Glenn Miller
“You Stepped Out of
A Dream”
Sammy Kay
“Anything” (Tommy Dor
sey’s New Theme Song)
Tommy Dorsey
“Dancing In The Dark”
Artie Shaw
Ash about the new RCA Victor
Long Life Needle
Track Team
Enters Meet
In Alamo City
Bucek Looms as
Star Hurdler from
A&M and Southwest
The Texas Aggie track team
continues its jaunt around the
country when it stops at the Alamo
City today to participate in a San
Antonio' invitation meet which will
be composed of selected teams.
Prospects for the track team
this year seems to be better than
eyer before with such talent as
Captain James Thomason, Roy
Bucek, “Bama” Smith, and Pete
Watkins, gracing the cadet lineup.
Of the four, Roy Bucek is prob
ably the most sensational. He is
the star Aggie hurdler, and prom
ises to develop into the leading
timber topper in the land. Last
year, competion proved to be too
much for Roy, with such stars as
Freddie Wolcott, Boyce Gatewood,
and the Aggies’ own Ed Dreiss,
cluttering the southwest confer
ence. This year all have graduated,
and Bucek is destined to take Wol
cott’s place as the top hurdler in
the conference.
Jim Thomason should also add a
few points to the Aggies’ cause.
He was formerly the shot-put
champ in this conference but suf
fered a setback in the last cam
paign. This year, he is out for
another fling, and will make it his
business to regain his former title.
Others making the trip include
the following: Pete Henry, star
discuss thrower; Ralph Henderson,
long-distance runner for the ca
dets; Jimmie Knight and Carleton
Bush, who run the relays for the
Ag'gies; and Albert Ricks, soph
omore star of the high jump, pole
vault, and broad jump events.
T.C.U. Gridders to
Play Kansas in 1942
T. C. U. and the University of
Kansas will meet on the gridiron
in 1942 and 1943, on a home-and-
home basis.
The Jayhawks will play in Fort
Worth Oct. 10, 1942, and the Horn
ed Frogs will open the 1943 sea
son in Lawrence, Sept. 25.
The game will be the first be
tween T. C. U. and a Big Six
“We are pleased to have the
University of Kansas on our list
of football opponents,” Coach
Dutch Meyer comments.
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Football Game
With 1941 Squad
Is Festival Climax
Day’s Activities Will
Also Include Baseball
And Water Polo Games
Rain, snow, or sun will not ham
per the annual Sports Day Festiv
al, which will get under way at
1:15 p.m. All preparations have
been completed, with football, base
ball and water polo taking the
spotlight this weekend.
All proceeds will go to the “T”
Club whose dance will be held here
next week.
The water polo game will open
the proceedings, with a tilt between
the varsity and picked members
of the corps being in the offing.
Following that, a regular nine
inning intrasquad game will be
offered by the baseball team. This
will be the first chance for the
“twelfth” man to get a preview of
how the team will fare in the con
ference race. Such players as
“Lefty” Bumpers, John Scoggin,
Jack Lindsey, “Dookie” Pugh, Roy
Peden, and Bill Black should fur
nish ample thrills to the baseball
hungry fans.
Serving as a climax for the day,
a full length football game be
tween picked players will be offer
ed. The game will be given as a
preview of the 1941 gridiron squad
and will give the pigskin minded
fan a chance to see what kind of re
placements Coach Homer Norton
has molded in place of the nine
members of his star studded cham
pionship teams. Only two members,
Derace Moser and Jim Sterling,
are left from the team that amass
ed a total of 20 victories out of 21
tilts. What possibilities the team
possesses will be the question ans
wered tomorrow.
Water Polo—1:15 to 1:35 p.m.
Baseball—1:45 to 3 p.m.
Football—3:10 p.m.
Introduction of players and
B squad.
A squad.
50 yard dash:
Winners of above races—50 yard
Kicking drill
Passing Drill
Formations to be used next fall
and mechanics of 1 or 2 plays
There is a ten minute interval
between each event for the pur
pose of going from one place to
another. Each event will start
promptly at the scheduled time.
MARCH 8, 1941
Procrastinators Have Until Six
For Entering Intramural Wrestling
BY Bob Myers
Very few entries have been made
for boxing up to date and the
deadline is just a matter of hours
^ w away. All outfits
that plan to have
men in the mat-
|' ches must have
.them weighed in
Ifl at the Intramural
office by 6:00 p.m.
All entry cards
for soft ball that
have not been
turned in will be
Myers accepted at the In
tramural office for a limited time
this morning.
Three games ended in one-sided
2-0 scores but not because of the
lack of enthusiasm of the losing
players. All games were fought
to the last ditch and were repre
sentative of the spirit shown in
all intramural games.
3rd. Hq. Field Artillery
C Field Artillery
G Field Artillery
E Engineers
E CoaSt Artillery
A Signal Corps
G Infantry
B Coast Artillerymen Adams,
Driess, King, Whitmore, Trotter,
and Cox teamed up to take a 3-0
decision over L Infantry in their
horseshoe match.
Horseshoe pitchers from E In
fantry capitalized on their ability
and cunning to down D Engineers
2-1. Zerr, Brittian, Pankey, and
Yancey threw winners for the
“paddlefeet” and Shurley and Bur-
rus took in one for the “slide-
Speedballers came through with
four games before the weather
brought things to a standstill. H
Coast Artillery defeated C Field
Artillery 8-5 with their consistant
play, B Signal Corps took D Field
Artillery 6-2, B Field Artillery
won over A Signal Corps in a hard
fought game, and the Machine
Gun Cavalry mowed A Infantry
down 4-1.
G Coast Artillery brought F In
fantry to the net in their well
earned 2-1 volleyball game, as did
G Infantry over C Engineers in
their contest that ended in a like
Some late wrestling results:
Jones, F Fied over Phillips, B Inf.
Conner, I Field over Mayer, 2hq. Field
Bergin, H Inf.' over Hatfield, Ihq. Field
McMinn,' B Inf. over Benitz, C Cav.
Halton, H Coast over Mercer B CWS
Ball, G Field over Dixon, F Field
Crist, F Eng. over Kerr, Hq. Cav.
Newton, F Field over Stantzenberger, B
Decker, D Field over Laney, 4CHQ
McCarthy, G Coast over Cupples, 2hq. Field
Edwards, I Field over Dubose, E Field
Vick, C Eng. over Law, E Eng.
Pittman, C Cav. over Hall, H Field
Perkins, F Eng. over Creatum, F Field
Wells, D Cav. over Goodman, 3hq. Field
Mouser, I Field over Cowling, H Coast
Prowell, E Field over Honea, H Coast
Barrier, D Cav. over Mauldin, K Inf.
Clubb, A Inf. over Foote, G Inf.
Hopkins, B Eng. over Schumann, E Eng.
Beckley, I Field over Sparkman, D Field
Howard, H Inf. over Glaze, 2hq. Field
Montgomery, G Coast over Bates, E Inf.
Radley, I Field over Jenkins, A CWS
Durham, G Field over Riley, B CWS
Cokinos, H Field over Pinkerton, F Field
Denny, B Eng. over Drake, E Coast
Coffee, B Sig over Wilson, E Eng.
Crawford, F Eng. over Sparks, F Field
Tennison, G Field over Monteith, H Coast
Scheumack, E Eng. over Pittman, C Cav.
Donnell, E Field over Gray, C Eng.
Kiser, M Inf. over King, B Coast
Ogdee, G Field over Crown, H Coast
Fritch, M Inf. over Cook, B Inf.
Wade, B Inf. over Jones, A Coast
Simmons, E Field over Caloin, B Sig.
Hooks, E Eng. over Ivey, I Inf.
Possibilities for
First Places Appear
Evenly Distributed
For the second time this week,
Texas University and Texas A. &
M. meet on the athletic field of
battle. Tonight the Longhorn mer
men will swim against a deter
mined Aggie team in what prom
ises to be one of the best meets
of the year. The meet will be held
in the P. L. Downs, Jr., Natator
ium at College Station and is
scheduled for 7:30 p.m.
Main eventers will be the four
free-style distances, in which are
entered only the best swimmers
of both teams, and the breast
stroke that should feature a photo
finish between Beeler of Texas and
Ponthieux of the Aggies.
Hensley, Aggies, holder of the
Spring Training Over Today With
Sports Day Intra-Squad Football Game
Eyes of the Texas Aggies will
be focused for the first time
this season on their championship
team of ’39 and ’40 when they cli
max their 30-day training per
iod with an intra-squad game as
a feature attraction in the annual
Sports’ Festival today.
The “twelfth man” will get a
chance to see what Coach Homer
Norton has molded in the way of
replacing nine lettermen of his
two-year champions. Only Derace
Moser, triple-threat back, and
James Sterling, stellar end, are
back from the starting lineup
which defeated the Fordham Rams
in the Cotton Bowl.
Norton certainly has a big job
on his hands replacing Kimbrough
Thomason, Pugh, Robnett, et al.
However, all is not lost, as some
promising freshmen and former in
eligible gridsters are well reinforc
ing the squad. Among those show
ing great promise in developing
into big threats include Dennis
Andricks, powerful 220-lb. line
plunger, Leo Daniels, swivel-hipped
broken field runner, Dick Sharke,
one of the best blocking backs on
the squad; Willie Zapalac, who is
destined to take up where Kim
brough left off; Bob Williams,
sturdy and hard running back; and
Jake Webster, power runner and
place kicking artist.
Norton’s main trouble lies in his
tackles and passers. Loss of Ernie
Pannell and Chip Routt left the
Aggies with only one proven
tackle, and that’s Martin Ruby. The
other tackle spot is being taken
up by Euel Wesson. These two are
the only experienced tackles on the
squad. Bob Tulis, ineligible las?,
year, is showing up well at prac
tice and is giving Wesson a hot
fight for the position.
Passers on the squad are few
and far between. Some of the more
prominent pass throwers include
Derace Moser, Marshall Spivey,
“Butch” Bando, and Tom Pickett.
The spring training this year
has not been filled with intra-squad
games as has always been the
fashion. Instead, fundamentals on
blocking, tackling, and passing have
been given daily to the hard-work
ing gridsters.
Practice will continue through
March 12, whereupon the boys will
hang up their togs until Fall train
In a frozen food locker, if tem
peratures rise above zero, odors
may transfer from one to another.
Texas Gagers Defeat
Aggies 53-36; Annex
Third in Conference
Loosening a barrage of field
goals on the hapless Texas Ag
gies, the Texas Longhorns took
the final cage tilt of the season
in Austin, 53 to 36 Thursday night
to gain undisputed possession of
third place in the conference race.
The Longhorns grabbed an early
lead in the first period which
they never relinquished. Starting
out with a 9 to 8 lead, they stret
ched it to 27 to 18 at the half.
Captain Chester Granville and
“Slue” Hull hit the bucket time
and again to take down scoring
honors for the Steers, with 19
and 13 markers respectively. How
ever the cadets weren’t to be out
done in the scoring department,
as their ace cage star, Bill “Jitter
bug” Henderson, came through
with 8 field goals and 4 gratis
shots for a total of 20 points.
In a preliminary tilt, the Texas
Yearlings thoroughly thumped the
Aggie Fish in a fast moving af
fair. It was the sixth straight set
back for Coach Manning Smith’s
crew, and left them without a vic
tory this season.
Texas ranged third among all
the states in the number of federal
credit unions established in 1940.
The Farm Credit Administration
issued 131 Charters in New York,
75 in Pennsylvania, and 55 in Tex-
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some, for music that will
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■Conference championship in both
50 yd. and 100 yd. free style is
scheduled to defend his record
time against McClamrock, who held
the two championships in 1939.
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