The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, February 13, 1907, Image 4

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m (MWlpD. Tucker
I.*sl Saturday aflermion several
jard* and (he hurdles will be finished
.; this sreek and pat on the field where
i every man will have a chance At them.
(l f T*he jumping lift is already there, and |
nhl t«e
It wbt»%itee impossible to dose
without tuei^tioaing “Datch” Berg.
What it really is that apakes him
^ the baseball men were out atprpctke. •mneral men have shown good ability, SUnd out among the rest of the
for the first time, arid quite a number
of them showed up well. In a short
time regular work will commence in
t-arrurst and every man who is a good
ball player shouldigo out aud try for
the squad. V^e have heard of sever
al men who are Koine to play com-
panyiball when chev should be trying
fer the regular' team. Of course, it
which we hope will develop in^> reo-1 fneahmen, we have been utterly uu
ord-breakers before the- spring meets able to find oat, although hre em-
are held. | J ployed such' stfientista as Messrs.
1 • "Holmes, Procter, Ph^nhy gad Mr*
BASKF.TbAi.L, cral others to utveatigate. vjM**
lliis branch of athletics is ne»w re- i fact in, that since the night of. the
ceivine a d r ** t amounk of atferuion : 4th insthnt Mr. Berg has frequently
tr»>in the boys, some of whom have]heeu seen in the company of such
shown good ability’, only • ntpdmg , literary men a* Mesan>. Jennings,
practice to develop it Into star j 'play- j Lillard, Copeland, etc. The height
of hia standing collars has also in
creased considerably, without any
apparent cause. 'Roaster^, ‘i
is alltVary well,o have good company ^ ^ ^ ^ to play
«am.. and ” d^uld be on the court three evening,
much a» anyl>ody. hu, a * ft^t ^ ^ the weelc for practH:c # (hi ,
duty «* sm iris h,v. ; a gornl hasket-
after hia^rnMn^ [* tq »*« for no #cho0 | the . We ire all sorry of the cha.rce
*der«d It rs to- be hjped ujj, better raw material; than wl. | -A|J:h»at threatens to take ‘. ^ish’' J«**
on * > . wll l . |MW T l nl* 1 X .“ffilL schools have exprdi^d thef ide* oifig* from ns. That gentleman!,
neglott h.f colknte reaoijto WMf • tlSt , lo pUy this college, but no deb- has lately made such remarkable!
mUnjanir. for the JOU m ly , r answer . cart ^ gjyin them! and diseweries in several branches of l
u second consut r.Mon ^'th • n >- no games cart he matched uhtii a physics that he ha* been advised.
Went S £v i er ' (w iko^he jlmnt '* organia^d. Tfi.s shootil be; by authorities on the subject. »ol
l .ho ^to t e ror t . ^ once.
j ,
Only Stable on Main Street.:
laought A. i5c ^.1. so far
list ybar, IS to jbei with ^
again this
is powol' to develop
try tt> iday.: Nnither
the coa<f» can alone
and to do
ppesOnt them in book form to the
scientific world. We suggest lhati
Mr. P. L. Holloway join him in
It, will strengtheu your brain^ and ' tl L. tttlderUkin ^ jg*. Holloway,
; namely, is very well versed in the
at in ' sul»ject of ateel. We hope that the
• remarkable success that attended
V 1 Garwood. tl^ese two gentlemen heretoforetwill
:I have been hsin£. “Garwood’s romain true to them in the future,
r”. and fibd tlmt it
the men who
the ciipmm n<
make our team a winne|,
this, riles must have the hearty co-op-
eranan of the whole col ps. Encour
age the boys a* much M vou Can and
barurday afternoon a meeting j was
held for men interested cross-*-<>un-
try running, at vfhicb Winters vjras
elei ted capcaiil <4 the ti am. Hu de
sires that all nieit wishia g to nest
in this sport will give hu n their names
•s si>on as posadde. so he can peart
the practice at *>i»ce with men who in
tend to stick. In the ,| runs already
taken. w>me \t> v good material has
showti Up. and he thinks that with
suffitrient training the ,ra*'k m«h Can
put forth a wijlning team. You wfao
can not run, eas oura^e these men all
vou can and l^t chum know' that yjbu
appreciate the vwjrk th*v are domg
for the school;
tease#. *nd ari jh h« axd client coach
ing. We should have die leading team
tg the state and one of H e Iwst in the j]prevent dunking,
untike South. | Terms—mode rate. Sold
Now, boys, to put foiih a winning stfcllmentu when preferretl.
team, the College mu*: rave the best!
possible maternI at hand and noe rely
UltogUther on the tx.achL though j** hp^ndmmda Beer" and flbd tlmt .
will do U<l in put powdt to ‘ 1 « ve *°P ij ai . ts ve ^. beneficiently ou the'*■ Mil- ;Grave injustice wau done to Mr.
Lry. Fhelibg.” !, » 1, ^ Carrel ^rhen^votte wepe taken as on
— Gdnnpr. ^l^e “College Beauty,” at least, so
I have; hever believed in
anyl far as we know
pUtert drihkr medkeihesor thi like everybody had
Thursdiv <
1 practi
Aiooitimirtel. hap been appoinged
,0 sup^rtmeiul the cleaning of die
athletic field they will have
laid a* soon las it
the wtqk.
good finder tr^i k laid as s«Kin
possible to get men t<» do
i ^ITie first ‘'hire and bounds*’ race
ojf the season Will be fun the ‘fib ’;°f
March, and the captain expects quite
a! nnmber of pien to take par,, las
mam^have alri^dv offeried tq do *c
.before. But the regular uic of
Garwood’s Persimmon Beer'
taught me otherwise. I am
able to work two examples in
; ics every week, whiclj before
“Persimmon Beer” t have
been able to do. ' »
—-1J. Kram
The attention of the compos|tion-
wriking public is cordially dittected
to the well-known firm of
Fatty Black and Jack Doug turn
Preparing of essays or any oilier
jikind of literary work is done very
carefully and by expert men. (Two
ears of Experiment fit tis to suit
Tauy in st rue tor.
Prices range frofn fuo glasi es of
milk to tep cush
Old shots and pipes are als > ac
cepted in payment
Fishes Jobson and Robert!
cit your jiatronage whenever
may be in need of an orcb<stra.
Mr. Jobson has .recently gown
very proficient in playing
It is certain that,
to feel in Ills cu*i-
1 Kvdo
Cadet in (He College should
. --in
take parr in some kind of athletics
If you Can not play hasebalUi don’t
get disheartened, you might make
leader irj track w ork. Come out ahd
see w han you can do. for the team
needs vmir hern- !
We npw hane three hammers, sev-
efal shoe and a diacus, and the men
Who intend to participate in this branch
ate requested to
jfield every day and prac-
iite a number of men
shown themselves ip
there are a bunch
here who ought to
ith these weights, arid
to the good they
exercise, even if
dw teajn. It is to be
men will soon
those already
of ath
out on tl
who havi
of h
t icing).jj |
The jumptegl and Vaulting stand-
ted that the
examples 1
drum and Mt- Roberts's ability as
former ion the French harp fs too
.-ell kno
* v»“ v
w4> to
need any comtkent
Their s|>ecialty is the new, hut
already well known. “TurltEy in
the Straw j*’ which they are
ons to play fer the weekly “St:
, You need a good, clean
when going to guard-mount.
ijP. i* HeBowav's
new and thoroughly up-toi^late
barlier shcq> is the place to get fcq.
Notice.—We are not in the tftist
. Dtssolutfon Notice.*
Tucker &
Solved, on account of Mr. J
strong's continued illness.
Tucker will hereafter tnanags
business of the firm in the old reli
able way. He has just prepared a
new treatise on love affairs
For Sale—Subscriptions to tbq T.
W. C. Annual. Apply to any of
the following: Ross, Carrol, Bethel,
Connor, or Amsler, Special Agents
at College.
Everybody knows " Speck’’
Bogel. If, by sheer good luck, you
should chance not to know him, dor
your own sake profit by the exper-
ieace of others and try to remain in
that blissful ignorance.
s- Leading Druggist
i 1 i ■ j* 4- !* " j mJ n h h
, Pipes, Tobacco!
Toilet Articles of 'ail (-kinds
science that this position wns due
Mr. Carrol , But jealousy! Jeal
ousy! a . . That was what kept
most of the boys from voting; for
him. There was a rumor, how
ever, that Mr. Carrol himself said,
“it was, only because of his capkital
appendages that the boys would not
vote for him!” But that’s hotair.
Nevertheless, there must be a little
fire, at least, where there is so
much smoke.
• :Mr. J..S, Anderson is famed fori
his parliamentary accomplishments. :
Just ask any A . L. S. member I
about it. . And Anderson knows!
wgll enough that the freshmen |
fully appreciate his accomplish- j
meats and. on that account, he |
took good precautions to be able to
stay with tbgt class whenever there
was any danger of his being com
pelled to leave it. Mr. Anderson
has hail some experience in the pro
hibition line, too.
* 'Tubby'’il Allen sonnds quite
homely, and yon would’ scarcely
believe that the bearer of such a
name is a notable person. But you
would be wrong in thinking that.
You really o&ght to see 1 'Tubby” in
tlie Mess Hall; that is where he
got his naim-. The limit is reached
when he has to go to Gparti Mount
—why it’s simply imposeilile- for
anylody else to “get off’’ when
“Tubby’’ i* there. ■ jf. !
Mr. Ljillard is easily the bright
est light in oUr literary department.
He is familiarly called “Fatty”
Uillard, but we feel a little embar
rassed to call him Sorinee his latest
remarkable Success. Mr. Lillard
confines his work mostly to mili
tary lines, and he has the singular
good lucac to see it fully appreciated.
There is no doubt that “SHly”
Manes* is a lady’s man. and a red
hot lady's man, too. You ought |
to see him smile when a lady passes
him! Why, the face of a “coon” (
on seeing a dinner of‘(’possnm and
’Miters” is nothing compared to 1
his! 1 The ladies smile ad him, too.
after they have passed.
Like Harusal Rashid. Mr. Ber
ing disguises at times to hunt for
adventures. And be is quite suc
cessful too, at times, for the roll be
assumes is so very natural to him. '
Ask Wadlingtoo about it.
’ *1
Yt>r nkbi> a nkw Pair t>B ] |
Trousers or Uniforms
The T a i I o 1
<’AN M AKt?
i } Mi ■ -
igf. Pressing: and Repairing:
DON’T KOKQtfr tlv« f'l.At; E—NORTH «»f OATH RIO HT HALL#
r% A z$.
aldwell BRYAN, TEX.
Give you^i i ndcrfor
And all repair work to
The jeweler
All kiiniiL’j'iVHtrhf* Mid Alanh Cloqka at the
I-i vrelry “f Hand PaiotediChioa. Out CM*
lest line of Clfi4a|if> BryHi.. ! • V;‘
m . j? ,...... 9*mw
China. Out (Ha**, uud the fla
il •l! il Uil'ti U
Huyler 1
" M 4 3' '' j •- i n
Stationery Qigars Tob
>al4ing ? s Athletic Goods|
>ia— 4— r- T- 1
! H 1 l^ij-1
rjrra than cvck at font
■ srtt iAL AtrtMio^
Phone 36