The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, May 26, 1960, Image 5

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THE BATTALION Thursday, May 26, 1960 College Station, Texas Does studying for exams make you want to zzz-zz-zz? Let safe NoDdz® alert you through study and exams! If hitting the books ever makes you drowsy, NoDoz is the fast waker- upper you need. NoDoz Stay Awake Tablets deliver an accurate amount of safe stimulation to keep your mind and body alert during study and exams. How? With caffeine—the same pleasant stimulant in coffee. But ^§| non-habit-forming NoDoz is faster, handier, more reliable. Buy some— L and he in good company. Millions of tintes a year Safe NoDoz helps busy people keep alert and awake. P.S. When you need NoDoz, it'll probably <be late. Play safe. Keep a supply handy, NoDoz, the safe stay awake tablet — available everywhere Honored These five retiring A&M professors were honored May 24 during the school’s annual Spring Faculty and Staff Meeting. Recognized for their long and beneficial services to the college and the State of Texas were C. B. Godbey, professor and head of the Department of Genetics; Otis H. Miller, as sociate professor, Depart ment of Journalism; Dr. Guy W. Adriance, profes sor and head of the Depart ment of Horticulture; Dr. C. C. Doak, professor and head of the Department of Biology, and H. J. Reinhard of the Department of En tomology. Have a reaj cigarette-have a G Sl. ~ * JJ # %. AX' rmmm®.mME8Tfc §g fees! tobacco makes the best smoke! \ ^ . 3.. J. -BeyaokU Tobacco Co.., Wmton-Silemi ***** Dean Page Receives Tribute SpeciaP tribute was paid Thurs day to Dr. John Boyd Page, Dean of the College and Graduate School by President Earl Rudder. The tribute was made at the an nual Faculty and Staff meeting. Page, who will assume new du ties July 1 as Dean of the Grad uate College at Iowa State Uni versity in Ames, la., joined the A&M faculty in 1950 as professor of agronomy and in 1955 was made head of the department. A year later he was appointed Dean of the Graduate School, and in 1957 was also named Dean of the Col lege. ‘Outstanding’ President Rudder, in recognizing Page for his outstanding contribu tions to the College, told the fac ulty and staff that “Dean Page is an outstanding sicentist, admin istrator and scholar. His leaving will be a great loss to A&M. “I want to express to you, Dean Page, our sincere regret at your leaving. It has been our privilege to be associated with a man of your talents.” “On behalf of the faculty, staff, administration and the student body, we wish for you and your family every success in your new life at Iowa State,” President Rud der said. While at A&M Page has done outstanding work in soils physics and soils chemistry. In 1953 he was national winner of the Steven son Award for excellence for teaching and research in soils physics. He is the author of sev eral technical articles on soils structures and compositions and their effects on plant growth. Prior to coming to A&M Page served as an instructor at the Uni versity of California from 1939- FACULTY, STAFF (Continued from Page 1) ing^ placed on many national com mittees concerned with traffic mat ters. R. 0. Reid Reid’s college career was inter rupted by military service in World War II and he returned to college to receive his BS degree from the University of Southern California and later the MS degree from Scripps Institute. He divides his efforts between teaching and research and is a recognized authority in both. R. J. Beamer A native of Iowa and a graduate of Iowa State College, Beamer joined the faculty of A&M in 1954 after a wealth of practical exper ience in his field. During his sojourn here, he has demonstrated skill as a veterinary surgeon. THE EXCHANGE STORE “Serving Texas Aggies” 43, and was promoted through the ranks to professor at Ohio State University during the period from 1943-50. A native of Payson, Utah, he received his BS degree from Brigham Young University in LEVIS SANDLUBBERS THE EXCHANGE STORE “Serving Texas Aggies” 1936, his MS degree from the Uni versity of Missouri in 1937, and his PhD degree from Ohio State University in 1940. Page is married and has two children. The Page’s son, John, who attended A&M in 1957-58, will graduate in June with a de gree in physics from the Univer sity of Utah. The daughter, Ann, who was a 1959 graduate of Ste phen F. Austin High School in Bryan, is now a freshman at Brigham Young University. SHARE YOUR WEALTH We are not socialistic but we do believe you can share your wealth of knowledge with another Aggie by placing your old textbook on the market. (He might draw the same profes* sor you had this semester!) On second thought, perhaps you should keep that personally annotated copy. It might be worth its weight in gold to you sometime in the future. 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