The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, May 26, 1960, Image 4

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Page 4 College Station, Texas Thursday, May 26, 1960 NEW CADET OFFICERS (Continued from Page 1) cer, Milton R. Martin, First Lieu tenant; First Sergeant, D. R. Griffith, First Sergeant. Headquarters Fourth Battle Group Commanding Officer, William F. McFarland, Lieutenant Colonel; Executive Officer, Larry Dubisson, Major; Scholastic Officer, Roy Edward Spencer, Major; Adjutant, Charles E. Oualline, Major; Opera tions Officer, Ronny Joe Hampton, Major; Supply Office)', Darryl Glenn Bush, Major; dohn Dee Beasley, Technical Sergeant; Wal ter Bruce Moore, Technical Ser- gant; Jack 0. Harrington, Techni cal Sergeant. Company “E,” Second Brigade Commanding Officer, Randall L. Yeargen, Captain; Executive Offi cer, Edward D, Rigsby, First Lieu tenant; First Sergeant, John R. Anthis, First Sergeant. Company “F,” Second Brigade Commanding Officer, Billy M. M^Cutchen, Captain; First Ser geant, T. L. Sims, First Sergeant. Company “G,” Second Brigade Commanding Officer, Frank A. Fitzgerald, Captain; Executive Of ficer, Richard Mays, First Lieu tenant; First Sergeant, William A. Shaw, First Sergeant. Company “G-3,” Second Brigade Commanding Officer, George Voght, Captain; Executive Officer, Martin Garcia, First Lieutenant; First Sergeant, Jerry B. Payne, First Sergeant. Company “H,” Second Brigade Commanding Officer, Tommy J. Davidson, Captain; Executive Offi cer, Robert R. Blakewood, First Lieutenant; First Sergeant, Robert C. Neely, First Sergeant. Headquarters Fifth Battle Group Commanding Officer, Clyde Nor ris Hale, Lieutenant Colonel; Executive Officer, Ralph B. Hen dricks, Major; Staff Officer, Marc B. Powe, Major; Joe Neal Ran dolph, Technical Sergeant; Richard F ; . Halter, Technical Sergeant. Company “I,” Second Brigade Commanding Officer, Roy E. Simmons, Captain; Executive Offi cer, Alton Galvez, First Lieutenant; First Sergeant, Tilmon J. Reeves, First Sergeant. Company “K,” Second Brigade Commanding Officer, David C. Coleman, Captain; Executive Offi cer, James W. Williams, First Lieu- G. L. tenant; First Sergeant, Santerre, First Sergeant. Company “L,” Second Brigade Commanding Officer, Larry W. Ayres, Captain; First Sergeant, J. Steadman Davis, First Sergeant. Company “M,” Second Brigade Commanding Officer, Herbert H. Campbell, Captain; Executive Offi cer, Paul Knight Piper, First Lieu tenant; First Sergeant, Frank Haynes, First Sergeant. Headquarters First Wing Commanding Officer, Kenneth Demel, Colonel; Executive Officer, Edwin H. Harris, Lieutenant Colonel; Stephen W. Seale, Jr., Master Sergeant; Jimmy L. Cash, Master Sergeant. Headquarters First Group Commanding Officer, Jerome W^ Kahanek, Lieutenant Colonel; Ex ecutive Officer, Donald W. East^* wood, Major; Charles M. Cloud, Technical Sergeant; Paul F. Heye, Technical Sergeant. Squadron 1 Commtfhding Officer, Gerald J. Walla, Captain; Executive Officer, David W. Anderson, First Lieu tenant; First Sergeant, Jay . W. Terry, First Sergeant. Squadron 2 Commanding Officer, Richard L. Williams, Captain; Executive Offi cer, Bernard A. Selensky, First Lieutenant; First Sergeant, Ber nard D. Trail, First Sergeant. Squadron 3 Commanding Officer, Joseph E. Wheeler, Captain; First Sergeant, Z.ay W. Gilbreath, First Sergeant. Squadron 4 Commanding Officer, Bobby D. Underwood, Captain; Executive Officer, William C. Cunningham, First Lieutenant; First Sergeant, Eldridge E. Goins, First Sergeant. Headquarters Second Group Commanding Officer, A. C. Hill, • It takes two to fill the bill TWO BY TWO CLASS For Aggies and Aggie Wives First Baptist Church College Station Everything you want in Continental Styling! en the! T ~ Etuder. L dV| The Station, Eeptemb Entered matter i to Colle under LOOK AT THE FEATURES! Slim, plain front Continentals with extension waistband, adjustable side-tabs, Riviera front pockets, LEVI’S famous FLIP-TOP back pockets, no cuffs! And they’re made by LEVI'S-a famous name in men’s sportswear! THE EXCHANGE STORE “Serving Texas Aggies” i freas of - The dispatch* ipontanec to are a] Mail A-dvertisii College 3 News rditorial j BILL Hi Robbie Joe Call Bob Sloi Tommy I Ben Trij Joe JacM Lieutenant Colonel; Executive Offi cer, Marvin L. Schneider, Major; Richard L. Forgason, Technical Sergeant; Dean K. Pettit, Tech nical Sergeant. Squadron 5 Commanding Officer, Malcolm Finney Bolton, Captain; Executive Officer, Robert Joel Laird, First Lieutenant; First Sergeant, Jack Harold Price, First Sergeant. Squadron 6 Commanding Officer, William L. Murray, Captain; Executive Offi cer, Ronald E. Thomasson, First Lieutenant; First Sergeant, James M. Hill, Jr., First Sergeant. Squadron 7 Commanding Officer, Richard L. Smith, Captain; Executive Officer, Allen C. Johnson, First Lieutenant; First Sergeant, Homer -L. Henning, First Sergeant. Squadron 8i Commanding Officer,; Larry C. Sudderth, Captain; Executive Offi cer, Charles E. Brame, First Lieu tenant; First Sergeant, Ted L. Hodges, First Sergeant.; j- Headquarters Second Wing Commanding Office)',! Bobby L. McDaniel, Colonel; Executive Offi cer, Bernard Berman, Lieutenant Colonel; Scholastic Officqi', Thomas W. Woodard, Lieutenant Colonel; Adjutant, Gerald R. , B.rieden, Major; Operations Officer, Elton M. Jordan, Major; Scholastic Ser geant, Robert R. Hinton, Master Sergeant; Operations Sergeant, Stewart B. Carpenter, Master Ser' geant; Supply Sergeant, George Michael Crawford, Master' Ser geant. Headquarters Third Group Commanding Officer, John A- Winship, Lieutenant Colonel; Ex ecutive Officer, David N. Loupot, Major; Scholastic Officer, Richard E. Nagy, Major; Scholastic Ser geant, Robert F. Lindsay, Tech nical Sergeant; Operations Ser geant, Richard E. Withers, Tech nical Sergeant; Supply Sergeant, Thomas L. Fields, Technical Ser geant. Squadron 9 Commanding Officer, Vernon L. Yanta, Captain; Executive Officer, Billy C. Sewell, First Lieutenant; First Sergeant, Paul W. Hilburn, First Sergeant. Squadron 10 Commanding Officer, Douglas F. Olbrich, Captain; Executive Offi cer, Phillips R. Cranberry, First Lieutenant; First Sergeant, Donald L. Holipes, First Sergeant. Squadron 11 Commanding Officer, Anthony J. Giardina, Captain; First Sergeant, Joseph W. Ashy, First Sergeant.' Squadron 12 Commanding Officer, Marvin J. Girourard, Captain; Executive Of ficer, Robert 0. Burnside, First THE BATTALION Lieutenant; First Sergeant, Gerald L. Webb, First Sergeant. Headquarters Fourth Group Commanding Officer, Tim M. Cockburn, Lieutenant Colonel; Ex ecutive Officer, Michael H. Wilson, Major; Adjutant, Norman Ayers, Major; Operations Officer, Paul 0. Romere, Major; Scholastic Ser geant, John W. Hamm, Technical Sergeant; Operations Sergeant, Walter G. Dahlberg, Technical Sergeant; Supply Sergeant, Robert D. Hatinger, Technical Sergeant. Squadron 13 Commanding Officer, Thomas R. Murray, Captain; Executive Offi cer, Ray A. Dupree, First Lieu tenant; First Sergeant, Don C. Ince, First Sergeant. Squadron 14 Commanding Officer, William R. Vance, Captain; Executive Officer, Charles M. Cole, First Lieutenant; First Sergeant, Sammy Piccollo, First Sergeant. Squadron 15 Commanding Officer, Ronald 0. Whitely, Captain; First Sergeant, Thomas C .Morris, First Sergeant. Squadron 16 Commanding Officer, Jerry S. Jenkins, Captain; First Sergeant, Russell E. Hill, First Sergeant. Squadron 17 Commanding Officer, James S. Austin, Captain; First Sergeant, John M. Beakley, First Sergeant. KifittfM* ■HUH PRICES SLASHED! NOW BRAND NEW 6.70-15 Firestone Champion for Fords, Chevrolets, Plymouths, Ramblers TERRIFIC SAYINGS on FIRESTONE NYLON SAFETY CHAMPION TIRES ★ The tires with the same tread design as the Firestone tires on NEW 1960 CARS ★ S/F Safety-Fortified NYLON cord bodies ★ Made with Firestone Rubber-X for extra long mileage ... quiet ride recappable' tire 6.70-15 BLACK TUBE-TYPE, NYLON ALL SIZES at REDUCED PRICES! 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