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THE BATTALION Thursday, March 17, 1960 College Station, Texas Page 5 Busiest port in Finland is lum ber-shipping Kotka, 75 miles east of Helsinki. KGDL ANSWER (3SB HHESQS A A UP Schedules Panel Talk A panel discussion by A&M library officers will be presented at a meeting of the A&M Chapter of the American Association of University Professors at 7:30 Wednesday night in the Biological Sciences- Lecture Room. Topic for the panel will be “The Role of the Library in the Total Educational Program of the Col lege.” Robert A. Houze, librarian, and Michael V. Krenitsky, Cushing Memorial Library staff, and Frederick S. White of the Texas Engineers Library will compose the panel which will discuss the over-all role of the library at A&M, the integration of the library with undergraduate and graduate course work, its function in special re search and service areas and its teaching program. The discussion will be given in conjunction with National Library Week, April 3-9. Instituted two. Oil was discovered in southeast ern New Mexico in 1927. Lea County, in this area, today pro duces crude oil worth over 200 mil lion dollars a year. years ago, National Library Week is observed by libraries of all types —school, college, public, specialized —throughout the United States. Its purpose is to alert people to the importance of their libraries and to the resources available in them. A major aim is to encourage the reading of more good books. This program will serve as a pre lude to the Cushing Library's own observance of National Library Week. Following the discussion, mem bers of the A A UP will conduct a business meeting. performance!” Users of new Esso Extra are the best friends of this improved gasoline. They recommend it to you. No other gasoline in its price range exceeds new Esso Extra’s over-all quality. No other will give your car better performance. Octane rating reaches a new high. Mileage is better — you get all the mileage your car can deliver. And a chemical additive, perfected at Humble Research Center, conditions your engine so that perfonnance improves mile after mile. Esso Extra,at intermediate price, is the per fect gasoline for hundreds of thousands of Texas automobiles. Try it in yours. new £sso Extra You will be a happier motorist when you become a Humble customer HUMBLE SIGN OF HUMBLE OIL & REFINING COMPANY HdpfUf /ff&tdtMttf "HAPPY MOTORING” IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK Scene from;. Presentation of Members of the Texas Woman’s University Modern Dance Group are shown here in a scene from “Little David, Play on Your Harp,” from the Negro Spiritual Suite. This will be one of the many numbers performed by the Modern Dance Group when they appear Friday, March 25, at 8 p. m. TWU Modern Dance Group in the Memorial Student Center Ballroom. The MSC Dance and Music committees are cooperating to arrange the presentation. Seventeen girls from TWU will appear here on the presentation. Admission to the event will be free. TWU Dance Group Scheduled The Texas Woman’s University Modern Dance Group, featuring 17 girls, will perform in the Memo rial Student Center Ballroom Fri day, March 25, under the sponsor ship of the MSC Music and Dance committees. There will be no admission charge to the one-hour program, scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. Music Committee Special Events, Chair man Richard Nagy said that all students .and residents of the area are invited to attend the program. The program will feature.-five Negro spirituals, “De Gospel Trail,” “Let My People Go,” “Go Tell It on the Mountain,” “Little David, Play on Your Harp” and “Walk Together, Children.” Also featured will be three theater dances, “Chopsticks Fan tasy,” “Waltz Ballet” and “It’s Old—It’s New—It’s Dance 1 ,” and a saga of a Texas cowboy called “Sun and Sack.” Group Members The members of the group are Armida Barela, Ann Brown, Karen Cohenaur, Carolyn Cox, Elaine Davis, Dora Gonzalez, Genevieve Hogue, Andrea Keepers, Mary Martha Monroe. Nella Nagy, Enriqueta Olivares, Kay Osborne, Gloria Padilla, Betty Poindexter, Ann Wilson, Nancy Wright and Ros.e Anna Zamora. Misses Gonzalez, Osborne, Mon roe and Madeline Sowards will be featured in solo numbers. Also featured will be a trio consisting Osborne and a quartet with Misses Cox, Keepers, Nagy and Zamora. Organized 23 Years Ago The group was organized 23 years ago as an extra-class club. Since that time, the group has pre sented 23 formal evening concerts on the TWU campus. Twenty of t hese were presented by the Drama and Concert , Series of the Univer sity. ■ , * . They have performed at 'five convention of the "Southern, D: trict of -the American Assn, for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, in Houston, Tulsa, Birmingham, Louisville and Nash ville and three of the association's are choseri from the choreography national conventions in Louis, Kansas City and Dallas. In addition they have also per formed for several international conventions, highlighted by an ap pearance at the International Con vention of Physical Therapists in New York City before more than 2,0(10 international . delegates. They have also pcrfprmed on na tional television and have been ac claimed by numerous newspaper critics. ‘ v Original Compositions All of the dance compositions presented by the TWU Modern Dance Group are original. Themes developed for the group numbers through contributions from all members of the group. The chor eography for soloists and for a small number of the dancers is de veloped by the individuals them selves. The group also presents lecture- demonstration assembly programs for audiences comprised of high school and college students, teach ers, administrators and parents. Miss Poindexter is wardrobe mistress of the group, Phillis Don aldson is stage manager and Miss Sowards is the vocal soloist ac companying the group. Lifelong Ambition Fulfilled Despite Civilization Advance DALLAS UP)—When Russell Thorp was a kid he wanted to be a stage coach driver like his dad. By the time he grew to young manhood the train had replaced the stage coach and Thorp became a cattleman instead. At 82 he is the oldest member of the American Cattlemen’s Assn. His career parallels a romantic era of cowmen versus homesteader cowman versus sheepman and frontier justice against the rust lers. He made his first roundup when of Misses Cohenaur, Monroe and i he was 15 and for more than 50 years he was a rancher and work ing cowboy. The Texas trail hands he met in his early days, he says, laid the foundation for the cattle busi ness in Wyoming. He believes it so much that he headed a cam paign which resulted in five monu ments being placed along the Tex as Trail as tribute to the Lone Star cowpokes who ran their herds to Wyoming in the 1880’s and 1890’s. But he kept his father’s stage coaches and gave one armored treasure coach to the Smithsonian KGDL KROSSWORD No. 8 THE HUMBLE SERVICE STATIONS & DEALERS IN THIS AREA ARE: L. M. BEAL 408 S. College Ave., Bryan, Texas L. J. KIRKPATRICK Highway 6 S, College Station, Texas FRANK A. BOWMAN 701 Sulphur Springs Rd., College Station, Texas J. H. LOPEZ 106 San Jacinto Ave., Bryan, Texas BRICKHOUSE SERVICE STATION 118 So. Bryan St., Bryan, Texas L. E. McCALL 815 Highway 6 S., College Station, Texas CARROLL’S SERVICE STATION Tabor Road, Bryan, Texas CARL RAHNERT 700 N. College Ave., Bryan, Texas COURTNEY’S MEADOWBROOK SERVICE STATION 3210 Texas Ave., Bryan, Texas RICHARD’S SERVICE STATION 601 W. 25th St., Bryan, Texas HERMAN EIDSON’S SERVICE STATION Wellborn, Texas JIMMIE THWEATT 4311 Highway 6 N, Bryan, Texas M. B. GOUGH SERVICE STATION 1111 S. College Ave., Bryan, Texas EARNEST WALKER 19th & Highway 21 Cutoff, Bryan, Texas JACKSON’S SERVICE STATION 100 Old Highway 6 N., College Station, Texas WALTON’S SERVICE STATION Highway 21 East, Bryan, Texas JANAC BROS. 1911 S. College Ave., Bryan, Texas W. F. DAVIS, Bulk Agent Box 134, Bryan, Texas ACROSS 1. One-legged dance? 4. Boot, training, enemy, etc. 9. Ate backwards 10. Soap 11. Officer in line for getting the bird 13. Jabbed 14. Univ. at Ft. Worth (abbr.) 15. Mai de’s last name 16. Chat’s partner 17. Patsy’s quarrel 19. Ungirdled 20. Submoron 23. Made childish noises 24. Get a fresh supply of males 25. Like a Kool, obviously 26. Discover 27. When hot, it has wheels 28. Has a midnight snack 32. Had a midnight snack 33. Fiddled with the TV set 35. Netherlands East Indies (abbr.) 36. How you feel smoking Kools (2 words) 39. Worn away 40. France, creator of “Penguin Island” 41. English male who sounds good for a lift 42. Weil, it’s about time! DOWN 1. Message in a fortune cooky 2. Turk in the living room? 3. What the British call a cigarette pack 4. Even cooler than Kools 5. GI mail address 6. “Come up to the Magic of Kools” 7. Exact 8. Greeted 11 Across 12. Over (poetic) 16. On which windshields sit 17. Don’t go away! 18. Engaging jewelry 19. Lionized guy 20. Whipped 21. Re-establish 22. A kind of Willie 23. Real fancy “new” 25. Not the opposite of prefab 27. Street of regret 29. Kools are 30. Contemporary of Shakespeare 31. Stuck up for 33. African jaunt 34. Put your cards on the table 37. Compass point 38. Little station "are Y( ENOUt KRACK i i j DU K 3H T : THI GDI- 1 2 . 3 4 5 6 7 8 o S?" 9 10 il 12 Il 17 13 tel TT - 15 P||| 16 20 ~ ii I'o 19 21 23 25 26~ ___ _ n ■ 28 29 30 31 32~ m 33 34 "is - 36 37 38 39 Pi 41 J 42 Wheh your throat tells you its time for a change/ you need a real change... YOU NEED THE -KGDL j CIGAR ETTE S ©19UQ> Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp, Institution in Washington. The early days of the cattle business in Wyoming were filled with cattle rustling and frontier justice. In 1867 in Cheyenne vigil antes hung 8 rustlers, shot 4 try ing to escape and * sent several V others to prison, the leather cow man recalls. But the Wyoming Stock Growers Assn, never condoned such tactics is “dry gulching” suspected evil doers, which was the custom of the time. Thorp ran cattle in the Black Foot Indian Reservation of Mon tana and operated two ranches in Wyoming, one of them the Dam- fino Ranch, with as unusual a name as can be found in Western history. Thorp says he drew out a new brand in the dust one day just after the turn of the century and asked some of his cowboys what to call it. “Damned if I know” was the answer he got from all of them, :-o Damfino was its name. One of the Wyoming rancher’s favorite stories concerns a cow boy going by the name of James Murray in Wyoming in the early days. The cowpoke wrote Thorp, who then was an official of the Wyom ing Stock Growers Assn., and said he wanted to marry a schoolteach er but that he had shot a man in Texas and his real name wasn’t Murray. Would Thorp help him clear his name. Thorp contacted Texas Governor Hogg, who cleared the cowboy of blame so that he could take back his real name and marry his schoolteacher. The man, said Thorp, was James Dahlman, who was later to nom inate William Jennings Bryan for the presidency and who served as mayor of Omaha longer than any other man. It takes two to fill the bill TWO BY TWO CLASS For Aggies and Aggie Wives first Baptist Church College Station