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r v- 1 Page 2 , ■ . . if • r '• ~ < r M, LaivrenceSullivan Rogs, Founder of Aggie Traditions "S lTv n 1 Bat,aiu* :.;r Editorials I ,, I WEDNESDAY, MAY 26, 1948 1 i. ! i ^ ; : ■ ■ • - I' I ■ oldier, Statesman, The last Long Hurdle ■ ' : T V Each ye^ir at thit time j 11,potential gml- uates face ifhe two ifiost unpleasant parts of a sehoo] semester--final jxams and com- mencement* addre ss ;s, * For some time a&M h? s maintained the custom <)f fexempjtii gL.tHeiif graduates from finals. This year-th jyl are turning their fire on the othir beast of sen ester, All con|men4om?nt ^programs this year are being jlannel .vjfth'bievity jas the key note. Lenglhy aiiid rieanin ?lass ritual is be ing pared twayUnl all sp eakers have been .cautidnetl tb vvatjdi the cloik as well as their " ' rhetoric, j . ; ' < J Long sleeches lave'brought about some unpleasajrftTepisode i in the past: Only last year a crowded lal and a long address com bined'to overtax; the patience of the seniors. Several joff then: 1 :ft the exercises shortlj Good ‘Career’ Appointments What’s the Dirt, Buby inet rank, I' Knightly\ Gentleman" - • ' ' '! '1 ’ r * l: I; I * •; 1 ! 3 il.i- " ■ H ! ■ ' ! V THE LOW* SEW ' ! I after t tey were opened and people continued to drift out until the program concluded be fore a yery light house. Smjh antics mar what shoifld be one of life’s most pleasant ceremonies. Both speak er and audience were probably equally at fault. ;Both should try to avoid any recur rence this year. The speakers will be cau tioned to be a bit more brief. The seniors should have a little more patience, After sweating out eight semesters or more j?? labs, a commencement address should scarcely dent the armor. Leaving with j a comjplaint of being tired is comparable to | fhe bverly-proud young woman who called iattentjion to her engagement ring by remov-1 ling if and complaining about the heat. [Shucks,'men, your rings aren’t that heavy. i !!: Letters to the ditor CHESTNUT OR RACE’ Editor, The Battalion: Just what do you find so un pleasant about Chestnut Street in Philadelphia? I was born and raised in Phil- or ati the Ea$t Gate on Friday i. can Range-Forestry Students Plan 2,500-Mile Field Trip June E By H. Z. WHITE j Range and forestry majors taking Range Practice 407 Saturday afternoons. ,,, Another thing, we would, lik see the names of some carps s< omores who do not know th|i m ing of upstreaming. Hjialar ., . , , . ... seeded to be a direct insult to adelphia, and feel that your enti- Sophomore Class. Upatr^j cism is unfair. Had you referred to st ju j u8t a8 diuch Race Street, I would have agreed was “during the with you wholeheartedly. fore ” Sincerely yours, MRS. DAVIS HESSER •4-' Llewi;, t’s Cooking? aJs summer political campaigns get undeii an !> Problems 408 during the first summer session , all across the nation, we miuht as well 'V 1 " hlt the r oad .J|une 8 for a 22-day field trip that will carry By appj|)intin ? a nother career man to cabf- j Presk en ;.Trum m appears to havfe | way jail across the nation, we might as well ' + u ^ 9 caa l^-i Linci if.i ■ t Viaao win Uor<Am 3 i ..+r,ai / Ca». ivia kiawo wWaVi wa irnAur tnem over z,{>u j miles. given iippftus to vfhat wt hope will become steel ourselves for the blows which we know will come.. Stops will‘be: made at Victoria, Beeville, Carrizo Springs, Do| Rio, Sonora,-^-—— : -f King Ranch, T standard ^pgratinr procedure. Perhaps his .... I action \vi| heln-s lence.,c|riticism, of “play- Tjwo years ago, in the Texas gubernator-1y“|.j“s to ^Von K , 3 Big U Isprmg8rLub’ - ing politic^ 5 ’ arfipfe from both the Republf- ial race, the issue raged hot and fiery about bock,'Amarillo, Dalhart, Wichita j J?Ij' A Democratic parties. what was- being taught in the state school;Fall*, and Lufkin, i j 'T E iCoCfllvil Aside from tjhe brief rfecord mentioned in systems. John Dos Passes’ book “USA’’ wasL The > P' 0U ^ wl11 ivisit ranches,; . *-....Ll.vfA,i; M*.J A1cv«CaV, vAtmo 1 inr bic oo „„ rlnvll and TcX ^ ^l^nmcnt SUbstatlOnK, SOll | the Asspc|ated dispatch revealing hjs c^rjged off as an instrument of the devil and ; JonSvSr’dTtrictr'aT'ctheE A |VrU»Vlltlli*«jl accredited to Homer Rainey. Grover Sellers experiment areas to [get first-hand: ILUlHli dl sperjt the summer reading choire excerpts, information on rangt; management i V ~ uppbintmqht, i4.-jnhw.-little of Charles F. accredited to Homer Rainey. Grover Sellers experiment areas to get first-hand Brarmah’g quailjfic|atioiis. He has been witjh sperjt the summer reading choire excerpts,.information on range management from “USA” to closed groups Of thrill-seek- problems and to see range manage- ers. .And mud flowed like a tidal wave. ' l »°" t "I'crat.on. V. ■j. the depalamentjfor thirteen years. He star . - ed as regi{maj ajftorney in Denver, his native . city,=back in IjSpi Branran has been assii- = tant’secretary: ||n|e 1944, working with the .. United jN itiondi cimmittoes concerned witjh agricultiuje m<S>|r of the time. Evidently his ‘ work wa4 satisfa^tdry d iring this time, ds former Sejcretaiy d Agri :uiture Clinton: Aij- - derson reijues'tid that ^resident Truman I withdrawj Brajiltau’s appointment as a mem ber of tlae India: i Clair is Commission be cause he needed tho Denver attorney in h s r department, i i ! ; ■ Last Npveiirbe -JPresic dnt Truman named Jesse jL Donalds ni, a l ost Office Depart ment official, 1o ; be Postmaster General. Ue succeedetf Robert Hannegan, a career piolihi- ciah. (poiigreSsj approved the appointment wit'h few? dissfent ng vdljes. Fi-orn the way the pressiof the nation received the new post-'i masteij v\|e maj.- >p4 c l utle l office $o far in this edectipn year there have! I been few charges. There is still time tor one types of Texas, range conditions; 1 .of the “fur hat boys” to discover that Karl means of range improvement, brush > Maiix’s name is mentioned (without hisses) eradication and control, poison ue School Plaq By ROGER B. LETZ The A&M Future Farmers of (Ed. Note: Mrs. Hesser is re ferring to our editorial on the hospitality being offered the Madisonville Cattleman Associa tion’s most anti-Texas individual Mr. jHaHoran. , For non-Philadelphia visitors, Chestnut Street is one of the more cosmopolitan drags in the “friendly" city, while Race Street is the main Negro district. We used the reference to Chestnut as a light suggestion that we would like to visit Phil adelphia again. After reading Mrs. Hesser’s letter we aren’t too sure. Maybe that old rebel malady of racial prejudice has seeped farther north than we thought. Thinking back on it all, it does seem that we recall Race Street for the pleasant music of Duke Ellington and Chestnut for the expensive drinks that were ser ved some of our fellow sailors and refused to; others. The friendly city is probably still just as cordial as ever, but it seems that even the metallic William Penn atop city hall has turned his back on Race Street and prefers to smile down at Chestnut.) ★ HITCH-HIKING Editor, The Battalion: In regard to Mr. William C. Barnard’s article on “hitch-hiking” we would hke to soy he has collet-, ted some so-called facts which are untrue. Evidently, he has never Today, Aggies much as before anyone doupti jthi« travel a little th letin hoard may be some, but for fhe corpjs, hitetoj-hik will be thf pi travel. RAYMOND A. TED TATE, 7,® ] E. B. TAYLOR, 7.0 BILL COUCH, ’50 JOE BENSON, ’W BOB COX, 7)0 Dr John S. Optometrist} Caldwell’s Jewelry Bryan, Texas: — MTh. m., W< Room. 3lans ft 7:16 lesday, Hr.' CLUB, Roofn 2?V For MODFL A IK PI \NE "UPPMES Jones Sporting Goods U0:{ S. Main Bryan Ph. 2 II TT i 'i TT mmm irr QUEEN NOW SHOWING (Contin ued from Page 3) oipien our program today the . lort subjects listed below will be shown with the first feature ' TJ —DOORS OPEN 12:80 P.M.— •I Shprt Subjecta Start 12:45 j —Features Begin - 1;40 - 4:26 - 7:i0 - 10!00 Bette Dat is ‘“Winter Me N been at' (he Aggie lines in Bryan •' ine bin - did inqt " choice^ term of take i a that for once du r- President Trurm: n “regreljtable error” in his : j , f . ' : Perhajps bjyt el ivatingjcareer men to cabji- I. net rank! we can I avoid ducb public servants' - as fobrndr Sedrefery of j the Interior Albert T Fall or Ijormer ^ ttornet-GCnenil Harrv- M.; Daugher|y, both daring! examples of the in eptitude pi po|iti< al appejintmentees. At leai(t T we ate i)oki% orwartj to a peaceful an-j honesl:vahimin)atration from those two dq-i. X partmenls. j ! * ;j •] T ; j : ; : 90iPr^of! | A mba^ador The Ihousc hbs votijd not to ship corn whisljey 1 to Ejurojpe as part of the Marshal i' Plan, j {I ; i• j ! Is thjit the way to win friends and intoxi- date beetle 7 in Texas classrooms and start ao-itatimr to control, reseeding of range America were announced winners u I n A c u a ^ Il f tln g. 10 land, and many types of range ex- in the School of Agriculture’s have all the institutions of higher learning penments. y yi : -I membership and attenSncc con- , shut down as subversive; j I test sponsored by the Agricultural Such an occurrence is not too far-fetched. ..j* . grout ’ w ' 11 -if.® 0 * Council, Jack Timmons, chairman III Michigan State College-it has happened, j; ^?£3ia£?2* lhc •“" M,nwd Su '“ la! -- ;A real, live Communist fumed UO there, ing experimental information on A plaque will be awarded to the The state senate promntly demanded that the ra,ngl ‘ vegetation. president of the 1- FA Chapter, J. colljeke be Investigated. It was. Now they (I Harold F. Heady, member of the ’ C. ^ShepLdsom The. ifaque w'iB say that no doggone Communist is gonna, get range and forestry teaching staff, be permanently placed in the Ag-1 a dlinloma from one of their state schools 1 ['will be in charge of the field trip. ; licultural Building. : The school authorities, at least those of StUfie,lts will carry their own ^ t , t b in t!l school i them who have what « called ^vut.s" take in .he issue with an outside agency’s telling them 'consider a picnic, | Heady said.I«» nt ? !5t v ' hlL ' h ,),,gari ,ast Septcm- who to give diplomas to. So Michigan hai-* its j Transportation for tjhe trip will he ber - potitTcal issue cut and ‘dried. That’s the May b >' tn,ck . an ' 1 there will he only I Pole for all the candidates to dance around. Texas still lacks a good knotty problem to sink ifs teeth into. But we have a great deal of faith in our candidates. We feel r^r- teiln that they will-rake up some sort of dirt. They always do. GUY H. DEATON Typewriter Exchange New & Used Typewriters Guaranteed Repairs 116 S. Main Bryai Bunny Cartoon— “RABBIT PUNCH’? eolle Pie Cartoon— “I TAW A BUTTY TAT" f Three Stoogee’ Comedy— •TIDDLER’S THREE;’ ’RUUNOFF A VIOLIN"—•Mushu I Sfarfr-^’Ifavjr Cjrew Championa’’ TODAY I ! r.4»»v “ALWAYS TOGET1 e pei Wov Strike Against Strikers . . . Such a life as labor leaders have novv-a- daiys! AFL officials labeled AK-anl^v Johnston a -‘strike breaker” and “back-door” operator in: the midst of a strike at Pnrk T.-jii 0 V ,n a. Johnston heads the Brotherhood of Lo- cojmotive-* Engineers, an independent union that barely missed a strike on the nation’s The FFA Chapter scored 222 two days in which jthc group will j point* out of a possible [i00 The go over 300 miles, j; j Agronomy Society was second Since thje purpose: of the trip is to study range conditions and range plans in operation, the tour with a total score of 2\2 points. Other clubs rated in the following order: Ag Engineering Society has been planned so that most of j 207 points, Krearn and Kow.Club the time will be Spent on the range j 202, Radge and Forestry 200, Hor- Heady explained. ! ’ J ticulture 192, Wildlife Management 1 190, and Marketing and Finance In each area the; group will be (had 155 points, accompanied by ranch owners, . : j , county agents, soil conservation In . order to equalize the require- specialists, and experiment sta- numts s 0 hat both large and small tion and substatidn workers of club® would hayo the same oppor that region. • Heady requests that all students planning to make the trip to meet Wednesday evening at 7 so that final plans may be; made. wou ;* tout «»< I I ' "hete is .require! foi don t btilieve for tha -CLEANERS- (Continued frotn Page 1) tunities ;to win the plaque the Ag ricultural Council set up the fol lowing rules oh a point system: 1/3 of the points were based on total attendance, 1/3 on percent of potential membership as to ac tual: membership, and tho remain ing 1/3 of the points were based on percent of attendance against paid-up membership. Potential membership was based on total TODAY ami THUR. iff Tec+wicoioR /UREY PARKS EVELYN KEYES WIUIAM DEMARBT * COio«Ma p<rwtf FRIDAY—DOUBLE BIIJ. Dennis O’Keefe “MR. DISTRICl’ ATTORKNY” 2nd Hit—Hop-A-Iyong Cassidy “COLT COMRADES” cfer tjlie jiufluenc) of alcohol than Commun-i W-j i. ■ I Ojt c^ursei ctpn whiskey may not be in dicated.].'ERI; sotmda liike something rnoye closejly ussoctiate 1 with Ibeer. <, In f let, comic to think of it, maybe it dn’ be wits a to send intoxicants to a :nei|t ahead ' in feijment. After allj, yen can’t buy good will with whi^keyi—no: w;tiskdy ivith good will. Wajck Tarver, Atlanta Constitution some talk pf reducing the time al college education, but we football cbaches will hold still i : If a man mskps a Ijetter atom bomb tjhe world will bfcat it away front his door. . From • May 7: i , tickets - spokesmen tepefe-ted that approximately 3 j • .1 i 4 . i ii. % * ilVealdy had been sold The of jColl afl,erno hi thf Gh'and Forks (N.D.) Herald, lib C “A capacity cijowd is expected, and railroads and is still conferring on that with the government. ; ; tx *2iii.vL u Li. i i. V v j ^18 union 0\\ 118 the I aik Lane, a j ^ Produced, and service will j undergraduate enrollment in each HouMttt it bn bettet to have Europe uit-> o00-room swanky apartment hotel op Gleye- broadened to include handling department as recorded in the 1 of- ' * n land-S east side, where some 32 AFL maids of new types of leather goods. The | Gee of the dean of agriculture, and elevator operators have been striking dyeing end of the business also ex- not including freshmen at the an- f©r almost two weeks for a union contract; to make a ki k in 8. Ed en says., ncx. and retroactive pky. i —-- --1—- - : Even before the strike began, Business Afgent Al Fisher of the Building Sendee Em ployes Union (AFL) maintained that John- 1 ston has been behaving “more like a mem-1 bjer of the National Association of Manu-; ffictiirers than a pnion leader.” Fisher even claimed in AFL meetings ! that Johnston in private has defended the ■ Taft-Hartley act as a “good law ” Then on : Wednesday, William Finegan, secretary of the Cleveland Federation of Labor sa’d the 1 hotel was advertising in newspapers for re placements for the strikers and accused I Johnston of “trying to break the strike.” To understand this paradox, j we’H just have to take Dr. Randle’s labor course this summer! .42 PALACE i •• . ? NOW SHOWING! 4-Regular Short Subjqcta- Thm*' Stooges Comedy-* "FIDDLER’S THREE" rwwt)e Pie Cartoon— “I TAW A PUTTY TAT" m v; LI t 1 : • THlIiN. — FBI. — NAT. - ^Features Begin ! 1:40;- i:25 1- 7rl5 - 10:04 1. (f7“ -1— — • V >5. THi JQADS sMp right out 1 gptf. of Ao phm•( tM mil rA i 0. K wyNW ! IlfRo WN/rr - MrorNd SL (..»)• I-r~- !' / ■ —Lius-- ’ DONALD DUCK CARTOON JOHNNY LONG ORGTI. Of LATEST NEWS /i ; i ri —r-t i-- -> ^dy- j There was once a time the farmer raised everything he needed. Even farm laborers. The Battalion NOW AT REGULAR PRICES! DAVID O. SELZNICK’S M Battalion official newspaper of tho Agricij Itjural and Mechanical College of Texas and the City e Stjatioii, Tekafc,} is published five times a I week and circulated every Monday through Friday , • ’ ’ ’ - J J During the summer The Battalion is pub- eXcept during j holidays and examination periods. During ed sfmi-ujeeklj. Subscription rate $4.30 pet school year. Advertising rates furnished oil request. News cojitrib itions rr The to it Rights Batercd Oil ice ut Act <t C01 ?B3 s coiui-< Coll lli Be Si T'* 3 GUAR n~& (4-6444) or at the editorial office, Room 201, Good* ^(ay be made by telephone _ win Hall. 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