The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, December 01, 1893, Image 12

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lo THE BATTALION. LOC^AJL DEPARTMENT DIRECTORY. College Dramatic Club Prof. AV. B. Philpott - - Manager. Frank Roes - - Sec. and Treas. A. Gross - - Property Manager. Fat Man’s Club. Dan Cushing - - _ President. I. S. Goldberg - _ - Secretary. Divine Worship. Rev. W.- S. Red - - - Chaplain. Services, Sunday morning and evening. Chapel every morning at 7: 45. Sunday School. Rev. T. C. Bittle - - Superintendent. Meets Sunday morning at 10: 30. Young Men’s Christian Association. A. M. Todd - - - President. T. W. Merryweather - - Secretary. Devotional exercises Sunday afternoon. Gymnasium open every afternoon ex cept Sunday. Austin Literary Society. E.C. Jonas - - - President. E. G. Abbott - - - Vice-Pres. A. Gioss - - Recording Sec. A. M. Ferguson - - Cor. Sec. A. W. Watkins - - - Financial Sec. P. P. Mills - - Treasurer. R. Fowler - _ - Censor. B. C. Pittuck - - S’gt. at Arms. F. N. Houston - - - Librarian. Calliope an Literary Society. E. L. Bruce . - _ President. A. W. Bittle - - Vice-President. W. M. M^assenberg - . - Secretary. A. W. Polk - - - Cor. Secretary. A. H. Fitzgerald - - Treasurer J. Gilbert - - - - Librarian. H. Spec- ----- Critic. R. H. Mayes - _ _ Censor. J. W. Leary - - - S’gt. at AT-ms. A ’Possum and Coon jdunt. The personnel of the party was Pro fessor Adriance, Dr. Gillespie, Mr. Frank Ross, H. B. Suber and Sergeant Wm. Fenley, all of the Agricultural and Me chanical College. Each was well mount ed and met at Mr. Suber’s residence where Mr. Suber was in waiting with his famous hunting hounds, together with, two of Governor Ross’ hounds and Old’ Jim, the Sergeant’s dog. Soon they made a start. In less than an hour’s hunt—about four miles from the College, a trail struck which proved to be that of a fine* fat ’possum, which took refuge in a fallen tree. Then the fun began. Old Jim was into the hole in a very short time and! brought out Mr. ’Possum, holding with a tight grip on the side of his neck. Then all the dogs came to Jim’s assistance and made it very exciting for a short time. Sergeant Fenley took the ’possum from the dogs alive and with the help of Ms. Suber broke his neck and tied him. to the saddle. All hands then mounted and rode a lively race for about thirty minutes, the dogs being on a hot traiL During this time a slight accident hap pened to the sergeant. His saddle girth broke a nd he was thrown from his horse- Dr. Gillespie was quickly to his rescue and both soon caught up with the other hunters. About this time they met a few more hunters of another party, . and all joined the dogs in making splendid music. A brisk ride through bushes, up- and down hills, across creeks, etc., made it very exciting. “Treed again!” was the- glad cry from all. Sure enough, there- were two coons up a tree. As usual the sergeant went up and dropped one coon-' at a time. The dogs eagerly caught the first and made short work of him ; then the second was let down and met the same fate, the dogs having a splendid fight came out victorious. Again all mounted and proceeded to ll unt up a fox. Soon a trail was struck and a lively chase was made for about