The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, November 01, 1893, Image 7

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THE BATTALION, College Station, Texas. Who was the first lieutenant who told his company to march straight up? Well, I guess it was the “ice cream blonde.” Mr. Robert Dinwiddle returned from the World’s fair last week and says he had a nice time. The first class would be much obliged to Mr. Dan C. if he would explain to them why he is so nervous when they are to gether in the chemistry laboratory. Dan C.—“Gosh! Do you people suppose I am tired of liv ing? Notbya sightl I am afraid you would smother me if you got half a chance with NH 3 or some such stuff. Some of you have made several unsuccessful attempts at it already. College Dpatnatie Club. On Wednesday night, October 18th, there assembled in one of the society halls, for the purpose of organizing a college dramatic club, thirty of the most talented young men of the college. The meeting was called to order and the popular young professor, W. B. Philpott, unanimously chosen as gen eral manager and F. R. Ross as secretary and treasurer. The following are the names of the members enrolled: W. B. Phil pott, general manager; F. R. Ross, secretary and treasurer; G. Abbot, Anglin, Bruce, A. Bittle, P. Bittle, Cook, Cohn, Dinwiddie, Dazey, Descheaux, B. Fitzgerald, Gilbert, Groos, F. Houston, Hollack, Jordan, Law, F. Martin, McMillan, H. McDonald, Mills, Mathews, T. Myer, Pittuck, Polk, Ward and Watkins. The club decided to present a play of some kind the latter part of November. This, is one feature of the col lege that has long been lacking and now that it is supplied, we, Avith the co-operation of the ladies, professors and the corps, will endeavor to make it a credit to the club as well as the college. The pat JWeri’s Club. Club Room, Oct. 20, ’93. The club met with President Cushing in the chair. The roll Avas called and showed a good attendance. Minutes of last meeting read and adopted, after which President Cushing arose and in a feiv well chosen Avords mentioned the advan tages that were deriving from the organization known as “The Fat Men’s Club.” President Cushing is an orator of no little "ability and will certainly distinguish himself Avhen he goes into the world to shift for himself. Mr. Houston then enter tained the club by a declamation entitled, “Casy at the Bot.” A motion Avas then made and carried that we accept as mem bers no one Avho measures less than 36 inches around the waist. The names of Messrs. Cook, Burney, Barnett and Blount 3., Avere put before the club as candidates for member ship. They were elected. On motion the club adjourned to meet next Friday night. Dan Cushing, Pres. I. 3. Goldberg, Sec. B. U. Club. Those members of the corps aaJio Avere eligible to belong to a B. L. C., recognizing the interest spme of their classmates had taken in a club known as the F. M. C., decided to acceler ate with the times and organize a club suggestive of their phy sical deformity. Accordingly they met one night in room 23 Pfeuffer hall and at once proceeded into election of officers? and it was unanimously decided that ‘the one whose lower limbs conformed most perfectly to the appearance of an elipse was to be chosen president and so on down. Result: George Benjamin Oglesby, president; Felix Mosay Roberts, vice president; Frank B. Lewis, secretary and treasurer; Wm. Eichelberger, corresponding secretarj^; Joseph Fullbend Gil bert, sergeant at arms; Charles Half bend Cook, assistant ser geant at arms; Aler Hyldebhrandt, librarian; Photo Ellis, as sistant librarian. Meeting’ adjourned to meet in Cadet Ellis’ room on 32nd ult. R. S. V. P. We have received Volume 1, number 1 of The Battallion, a neat little paper published by the students of the Agrscul- tural and Mechanical ^Jollege of Texas.—Jefferson Jirnplecute. CO (1 ce o S Oj G'Ph aa O >5 CD ;o & rf, CD a; O k. a> . O Q g ^ ^ s ^ © - r—( a OQ O CD O * S © a £ S £ fa o.; M w <M „ cc .r O i—i % f ©,Q a, 2? ©.« .3 o £t-l © M 3 "H . 3 . • M O fa fa O fa f—t -fa> o s a 7--\ & O • cj l-M 0> -sSG c3 fa 2 fl ^ G 53 5 -u £ G jS c$ © © fcC oj W3 S— 02 o § a «o -CO o o CO a ^fa 01 01 rd © 2 s j 3 © 3 c fa -fa © 2 s 2 ‘ ” fa © & n 2 O, O C?5 ® oT S o 2 ^ § 0° o . o iO 30 to . ©^ - <—r 3 >1 — oj © 3 - fa be © 3 St fa q S fa fa - s fa" - o ^ w S|3||| fa s a fa ^ CO co o 3 fa®*. fa -tt' DQ w ^ © fa 3 fa © •© X Sis.'©- -2 ©.Sf2 5 a a fa m Webb Bros. (Barry ike most complete line of Bents fFurnisping Grooss in the city, a specialty of Then’s fahees. Gi-eo- ‘W. rsTorrell, Druggist, - Brian, Texas. The Place to flaire Yodf % ♦ prescriptions filled. An elegant line of Toilet Articles, Perfumery, Toilet Soap and Tooth Powders. The finest line of Writing Tablets, Box Paper and Envelopes in the city.