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1805 Briarcrest, Bryan
Ag Appreciation Nights
on Wed & Thurs Nights: 6:00 & 8:00
Open Tuesday thru Saturday
Speed 6:00pm, I st Session 6:30pm, 2 nd Session 8:00pm
Sunday - I st Session 6:00pm, 2 nd Session 8:00pm
1/2 price paper
*10.00 1/2 price Bingo Magic Machines
*2500 package prize each session
$ s GENEROUS s :
For the return of (or in
formation leading to the
return of) a ruby & dia
mond ring lost in Target
parking lot on 8-25-04.
Family ring with stones
from Great, Grand &
Mother (all deceased
now). Ring has 3-small
rubies, 2-large, I-medium
& several small diamonds
in yellow gold swirling
Please, Please,
Please Help!
979-828-2781 OR
September 12 -
September 16
Biol 111
Tue 7p: Wed 9p
Biol 111
Mon 7p
Biol 111
Sun 8p
Chem 101
Mon 9p; Tue 8p; Wed 8p; Thu 5p
Fine 309
Mon 6p; Tue 6p; Sun 6p
Fine 341
Mon 6p; Tue 6p; Sun 6p
Rhys 201
Mon 7p; Tue 6p; Wed 6p; Thu lOp
Rhys 208
Mon lip; Tue lOp; Sun 8p
Zool 107
Sun 6p
Tickets Go On Sale Sun. 5pm
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Monday, September 13, 2004
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rap-rock hacks before it, the band proved
faithful to its Blattarian moniker and has re
leased a third major label release, “Getting
Away With Murder.”
Now Papa Roach is not alone in the pool
of bands that fooled an unwitting public
into believing it is good by making one re
ally decent album and following it up with
a string of pandering, money-grubbing pab-
lum. It joins a sacred fraternity of trickster
has-beens such as Smashing Pumpkins,
Bush, Creed, Collective Soul, Disturbed,
Godsmack and, to an extent, Linkin Park.
Truly these are the Reggie McNeals of mu
sic, apparently resting on their laurels after
one spectacular performance.
This release is somewhat frustrating in
that the band does some things really well.
Jerry Horton may have been born with a
Schecter custom in his hand, and he plays
it competently enough with a no-frills ap
proach. Some of the guitar riffs are genu
inely creative, and the instrumentation is
solid all the way through. He hasn’t lost the
ability to write a catchy riff, but his sound
has lost some of the raw edge it saw on
The main detractor on this album is pre
dictable: the vocals. Shaddix takes cliche
subject matter and refuses to bring it to life
with any sort of actual human emotion (un
less whining is an emotion, in which case
Shaddix shows it in spades). Unfortunately
for him, though, whining is to rock what
crying is to baseball.
For a casual fan, this album will prove
absolutely impenetrable until the sixth or
seventh time through. The songs run to
gether; none of them is outstanding. High
lights on the album include “When the Last
I rack is Over,” “Every Song, Until
Vocals Come In” and “When I Tumedi
for Store Credit at Hastings and Bouglt
Decent Album.”
This album does nothing to distingn
itself from its predecessors or any other
resentation of the rap-rock genre. If you
going to eschew originality, you need
make up for it with a flawless executi)
that this album just doesn’t deliver.
★ ‘uT'w'ft!
Make it stop, my ears are bledrc
Don' t waste your hard drive a
Download it
Burn your friend's copy
Spend the dough, buy your ovs
Buy it, burn it, tell a “iea:
TI EN Si:FT 14 »»t TtSO PM
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Field trips, Internships
Social Events & Scholarships
Free pizza/drinks & Door prizes
Fall leases from $200.00/mo. + utilities
With continuing lease at regular prices
See us for details!
Casa Blanca Apartments
4110 College Main
Bryan, TX 77801
(979) 846-1413
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King Crab Legs
Roast Duck
Mongolian BBQ
available all day long!
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Texas Ave. S
2402-D Texas Avenue S.
^ College Station, TX
Parkway Square Shopping Center
(Next to Stein Mart)
694-7959 • 694-7482
JP Biato* THE I
Texas A&M Football Coach Dennis Franchione (right) gives comedian Bill Cosby a signed football at First Yell Friday night
Cosby entertains at First Yell
Reed Arena was packed Friday
night with an audience that had
paid $30-plus per ticket to see
comedic legend Bill Cosby. They
got their money’s worth ... and
then some. Cosby, who appealed
to his 20-something-to-middle-
aged audience with tales of col
lege days and parenting, kept the
jokes coming for more than two
When Cosby headlined First
Yell in 2000, he delighted students
and parents alike "with wholesome
tales of raising his then-college-
aged children. This time, however,
Cosby’s material tiptoed the line of
PG-13. While Cosby retained his
Cliff Huxtable persona — dictating
each anecdote with a combination
of fatherly wisdom and diy amuse
ment — he crossed the boundar
ies of traditional family fare when
he ventured into the topics of sex,
pregnancy and childbirth.
Lucky for Cosby, this year’s
First Yell was not a repeat of
2002’s, when Texas A&M stu
dent comedian Kamran Hamid
upstaged a decidedly awkward
and boring Martin Short. In his
defense, Hamid was still hilari
ous this time as he infused his
10-minute show with contempo
rary culture (coughing and then
apologizing for his “SARS acting
up,” demonstrating a Plano, Tex
as greeting by miming a heroine
injection, and recounting the time
he met the valedictorian of Texas
Tech and thought, “I didn’t know
community colleges ranked their
students”). And, he was willing
to admit the imminent backseat
he would take to Cosby; “Being
funnier than Cosby is like com
ing to Texas A&M and running
for yell leader against Jesus ...
and he’s in the Corps.”
Other opening acts — includ
ing the Singing Cadets, Apo
theosis, Aggie Wranglers, Delta
Sigma Theta and Mountain Aire
brought a diverse range of
talents to the stage. The Cadets
lightened their usual play-it-by-
the-book military selections with
choreographed oldies, including
“My Girl” and “Sweet Darlin’.”
Meanwhile, Apotheosis, an all
male a cappella group, provided
a more soulful sound with Seal’s
“Kiss from a Rose” — which
sounded better than the original
— and BBMak’s “Sympathy.”
The Aggie Wranglers and
Delta Sigma Theta brought
rhythm to the stage with two dif
ferent styles of choreography.
The Wranglers wowed the audi
ence with dips, turns, lifts and
spins (think two-stepping and
multiply it by 100), while Delta
Sigma Theta brought attitude
and style to the show with a step
dance routine. Unfortunately,
the sorority's performance
marred by an attempt to fuse
dance with a non-sequitursk
“Kids Say the Darndest Thii
(a program hosted by Cosby
the 1990s).
The last act. Mountain Ai
brought a whimsical style offi
music to the stage with a
mered dulcimer, autoharp
guitar music. It wasn’t the
of thing you'd see on MTV,
it was perfectly appropriate ft
traditional Aggie event.
In the end. Cosby aficionai
weren’t disappointed withtbl
favorite ‘80s dad. He might
have been as enchanting
family-friendly as he was
2000, but he likely didn’t I
any fans in the process,
stead, he kept First Yell lij
entertaining and full of
kind of humor family man Cl
Huxtable might not have
proved of, but that kept Fri
night’s audience amused
the lights came up.
Kendra Kingslt
Broadway music
lyricist dies
NEW YORK (AP) - Fred Ebb,
who wrote the lyrics for such hit
Broadway musicals as “Ghicago"
and “Cabaret” as well as the big-
city anthem “New York, New York,”
died Saturday of a heart attack.
Ebb died at his home, said David
McKeown, an assistant to composer
John Kander, Ebb's longtime col
With Kander, Ebb wrote the
scores for 11 Broadway musicals,
many of them for such leading la
dies as Gwen Verdon, Chita Rivera,
Liza Minnelli and Lauren Bacall.
Keys cancels
JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) —Sing
er Alicia Keys and British violin act
Bond have canceled concerts in
the Indonesian capital after
week’s deadly suicide attack
the Australian Embassy.
A spokesman for promoter Ja«
Musikindo said that both actswei
due to play Jakarta next month bi
have pulled out due to Thursday
bombing, which killed nine peopi
and wounded more than 170
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$ 200 - 3 hour outside bridal photo session
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Belter t/isoi t/ie rent/ s/ie If /ud'e yen feekt/ul yrHir lent'
s~/ L
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Engineering Eratei-nity
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Wo I^roT>Iom ! Just show uj~> to JR..ush Event
IVIonclsay (0/13) IV1SO Bowling /rpr-tn
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Wednesday <9/Tf5> Billiards at B.O.E.T.S. 7-pm
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