The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, November 10, 2003, Image 10

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You’ll Feel Better, Fast! Sports r»__Back Clinic Helping Ags feel better for over 20 years. Rehabilitation for: • Sports Injuries • Orthopedic Injuries • Occupational Injuries Vehicle Injuries Back & Neck Injuries (979) 776.2225 2011 A Villa Maria • Bryan, IX 77802 10 Monday, November 10, 2003 HE BATTALK! Kennedy Continued from page 1 Peace Corps needs Americans with skills in Environment EduC ation Health Peace Corps needs 5,500 graduates with skills in agriculture, business, education, environment, health and information technology. All majors are welcome. Benefits include medical, dental and housing, as well as a monthly stipend and 24 vacation days a year. Graduates can defer student loans while serving. Visit the TAMU Career Center 209 Koldus Building to pick up a Peace Corps Catalog. were delivered from both ends, even admitting that he often used Kennedy to fire up Republican crowds, causing Kennedy to laughingly pretend to walk offstage. “If I know tonight’s honoree, Monday morning he will be back in Washington fighting with every ounce of passionate conviction for his longstanding beliefs,” Bush said. While on stage. Bush and Kennedy were jokingly poking fun at each other and accepting their mutual differences, though a few audience members were not. Upon beginning his speech, Kennedy was interrupted by the shouts of an audience member who was promptly removed. The A&M Young Conservatives of Texas also protested the award, standing outside of Rudder Tower with anti- Kennedy posters and T-shirts. Kennedy’s comments regarding President George W. Bush’s dealings with the war in Iraq were the source of this unrest. “A few of my friends told me it might be a little awkward to be here right now, in light of my strong disagreement with President George W. Bush over Iraq,” Kennedy said. “But they told me not to worry. If any demonstrators stand up and walk out, just pretend they’re all leaving early to go up to Oklahoma to cheer on the Aggies against the Sooners in tomorrow’s (Saturday’s) game.” Kennedy emphasized the importance of debating issues such as the war in Iraq and added that, despite the disagree ments between the two families, they shared a common commit ment to upholding the nation's founding ideals and ensuring that America lives up to its high est principles. “We are a stronger nation when ideas are debated,” Kennedy said. “In truth, the greatest respect we can give to an idea is not to blindly embrace it or instantly oppose it. but to think about it, study it and yes, test it and debate it.” Bush said Kennedy’s com ments towards the current presi dent did upset him hut that he respected Kennedy’s courage in expressing his opinion, despite the offering of the Bush Award. “Be nice to my son. will you?” Bush said. Israel’s Cabinet bard] approves prisoner swap By Peter Enav THE ASSOCIATED PRESS JERUSALEM — Israel’s Cabinet narrowly approved a prisoner swap with Hezbollah after eight hours of anguished debate Sunday, overriding warnings that the deal could signal weakness and encourage more kidnappings of Israelis. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon lobbied hard for the swap, which excludes Israel’s most famous missing serviceman. Air Force navigator Ron Arad, who was shot down over Lebanon 17 years ago. The vote was one of Sharon’s toughest leadership tests in three years. The deal for the swap could still collapse — and the Lebanese guer rilla group threatened Sunday to kidnap more Israelis if that happens. Under the deal, about 4(X) Palestinians and several dozen prisoners from Lebanon, Syria, Morocco, Sudan and Libya will be released in exchange for ^olUHK Israeli businessman Tannenbaum and the bo& three Israeli soldiers. The Palestinians havete pressing Israel to tela Palestinian prisoners - ^ jEnirth; the exchange might not have immediate effect on the Palestinian conflict. Itcc ther boost Hezbollah's p t \ among Palestinians ana t force a belief that Israel responds to force. Some Israelis believe Palestinians have beenenci aged in their ongoing by Israel’s withdrawal fo southern Lebanon in M seen by Arabs as a victor) !] 1 lezbollab’s years of resistaiu against Israeli troops. In Sunday’s Cabinet sessis the ministers voted without to ing the names of most of those! be released, hut were assured^ the> would not have bee involved in killing Israelis-w the exception of several beta prisoners on the list who hi; Israeli soldiers in south Lebaii 0 0 Me Wc • 800.424.8580 Bikes Continued from page 1 (979)693-9501 1 I Ima Sip: “My doctor said 1 need to take my contact lenses off every night, but 1 always cheat.” ** Student Specials ** Most insurance accepted ** Scott and White Provider ** Free LAS1K consults Ag E. Fann: “My doctor said with the latest technology I can sleep m my lenses for up to one month.” Once Again: Aggies Know Best Matthew T. Greene, O.D. TAMD ‘94 I I I I I I I I I I I JP areas such as the underground passageway at Wellborn Road. “We want the bicyclists to have access to the passageway in order, to avoid the dangers involved in crossing the tracks and the inter section at Joe Routt and Wellborn,” Weis said. "But we also want to try and ensure that we don't have a bicycle-pedestrian accident that kills or severely injures one of our community members.” On campus, TS regulates parked bicycles while UPD regulates moving bicycles. University Police Sgt. Allan Baron said there were eight bicycle accidents reported from January to October of 2003. Three involved an automobile, two involved a pedestrian and three involved anoth er bicycle. All eight accidents involved minor injuries. Most bicycle accidents that do occur stem from a lack of knowl edge of state laws, Baron said. State laws require bicycles operating on public streets to follow all the rules and regulations that someone in a vehicle is required to follow. Baron said the two biggest bicycle problems he sees on campus are failing to stop at stop signs and failing to have headlights on at night. If a person is caught doing either one, he will be issued a tick et by UPD through the justice of the peace, which could result in a tine of up to $500. According to the TS Web site, state laws require a bicycle# ing at night to have a white lamp in front and a red reflectoronii lamp in the rear. Mosley said she is aware that bicyclists must follow the si rules as automobiles, but that she does not always follow (tier Although she rides her bicycle on campus at night andhasreffe tors, she does not have headlights. She said she stops at stops® if traffic is heavy. “If I’m going and there are no cars, I’m not goingtostoj she said. Weis said another big problem on campus is vehicles parked bike lanes. “Parking in bike lanes presents a huge risk to bicyclists inti they have to move out of the path and into the traffic, greai increasing the risk to them and to motorists whose attention mayk focused on the vehicle that is partially blocking the lane of tifi and may not see the bicyclist,” Weis sad. Baron said if a bicyclist is not paying attention and a vehicle's door opens, the bicycle may run into it. Mosley said she often sees vehicles parked in bike lanes,bin# she doesn’t consider it a major problem. “You just go around them ” she said. “It's better than having fight people walking on the sidewalks.” DiiNKRiN, Testim [il suit A&M Par lave hr University ild H credit evi< Departme its finding violated h Mem b suing A& individua ade case files ing trial h of Studen Jacqui Departme flict resol ued her which act which rig members heai students ' 24,26 an student < am Testin Lightsy, Judicial Services, tioned S FT O KNOW A B O U| Break a Sweat with Rec Fitness E‘At i cmm/iBCSOon Go All Out with TAMU Outdoors FACULTY/STAFF MEMBERSHIPS—Now has never been a better time to check out Rec Center memberships. Rec Sports makes living a healthier life even easier with bank draft options for membership and locker payments. ADULT AND PEDIATRIC CPR—Register at the Member Services Desk for next class on Nov. 1 3th and more that continue through the entire Fall semester. $25/$35. 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