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AGGIELII THE BATTAll 4 Monday, November 3, 2003 EEHRITim tlDHMhniihinniiiFfTf IkiniiiiiliHllllliniiiii^iiiiiniimniiid^iiiiiniil Lost in Translation Focus Films Starring: Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson, Giovanni Ribisi Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) sits on the window sill of her posh hotel room in Tokyo, Japan, looking onto the city feeling small and alone. A few floors up in the same hotel. Bob (Bill Murray) gazes out his window adorned in a kimono with the same sad eyes. Charlotte is in town with her celebrity photographer husband, who is constantly jet ting off to the next exotic locale for a shoot, while Bob, an American movie star, is in the country to do a commercial for a Japanese whiskey that will earn him $2 million. These two unsuspecting, lost people meet one late night in the hotel bar, marking the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Spending time with Charlotte keeps Bob’s mind off of his passive-aggressive wife, who cares more about the color used in their study at home than how her husband is doing. Charlotte needs someone to listen to her and comfort her about the fact that she “doesn’t know who she married.” As the couple sings hor rible karaoke one night in a little Japanese bar and hits up a first-class strip club, joy is brought into their lives again. They find in each other just what they need at this point in their respective lives. It isn't neces sarily sexual, although there is jealousy and obvious attraction, but it is a connection between two lonely people. Though the film is as dramatic as it is true-to-life, it is also somewhat a comedy. From Murray’s unique rendition of Roxy Music’s “More Than This” to the horribly off key, big haired Southern lounge singer of the band called Saulsalito in the middle of the hotel bar, there are many moments in which you will find yourself laughing out loud. Coppola (Virgin Suicides), who wrote and directed the film, finds the perfect bal ance between comedy and drama. There is Oscar buzz all around this film, particularly around Murray for a standout performance in which he makes the vulnerability and loneliness of Bob so authentic that it shines through the screen. Johansson, 18, playing a 25-year-old woman, keeps up with veteran actor Murray every moment. This film is crafted in a way that is pure, simple and so intoxicating you will not think about anything else while watching it. You will want to see it again, if only to hear again the last thing Bob whispers to Charlotte before they part. But, maybe the secret of what they found in each other and how they managed to say goodbye should remain pri vate, just between them. - Lauren Smith Th? Hulk Universal Starring Eric Bana & Jennifer Connely When “The Hulk” came to theaters last summer, it suffered one of the worst marketing campaigns in film history. Billed as a kid-friendly superhero romp, audiences instead received the near equivalent of a Greek tragedy starring a not so jolly green giant. Director Ang Lee’s previous work includes the solemn and soulful dramas “The Ice Storm” and “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” Audiences swanned theaters opening weekend, and not finding the fun adventure film promised, turned around and ran. Newly released with a somewhat impressive DVD, “The Hulk” is a movie that deserves a second look. Based on the Marvel Comic character of the same name, “The Hulk” is the released Id of Dr. Bruce Banner. Unleashed in a laborato ry accident involving gamma radiation. Banner finds himself turning into the Hulk whenever he gets angry. While many Hulk purists were outraged at the liberties Lee took when transporting the Hulk to the big screen, they all manage to create a tightly woven story with an almost believable aura. Eric Bana plays Bruce Banner with an awesome inten sity while Jennifer Connely is delightfully angelic as Banner’s ex-girl friend. The real standout is Nick Nolle in his insanely ecstatic per formance as David Banner, Bruce’s father. When “The Hulk” was released in theaters, critics bashed the movie’s computer generated creature. The effects are not as bad as crit ics would lead you to believe. One of the movie’s better features is the visually appealing editing style that emulates the movie’s comic book origins. Broken into split screens and fade-in dissolves, the visual style is a sight to behold; unfor tunately, it is also part of the movie’s main problem. The humorless drama and the tongue-in-cheek editing violently clash. When viewed with the proper mindset, “The Hulk” is a film that shoots for the stars and manages to hit near enough to be entertaining. The tiny nuances that permeate the story help to create a movie that is open to repeat viewing. The DVD promises greamess, but unfortunately leaves viewers with an empty stomach. Several deleted scenes offer nothing incredibly essential to the viewing experience. Ang Lee delivers a somewhat informational audio commentary bursting at the seams with his passion for the film. An entertaining collection of animated artwork from world-renowned illustrators deserves a viewing. Several brief features on subjects ranging from the history of the Hulk, some of the fight scenes and a portrait of the director are mildly informative and enter taining. One truly bizarre feature is “The Anatomy of the Hulk,” an interactive exploration of the Hulk’s body. The DVD also features a playable demo of the Hulk videogame for the X-Box. With Universal’s history for releasing multiple versions of its DVDs, casual fans may want to wait to pick up the lackluster DVD. - Robert Saucedo &&&&& MM &MM If you see it on the video shelfi walk away as fast as you can Only watch it to please your date Good for Saturday afternoon TV Pick up a copy when you have a chance You should have bought this yesterda Fountains of Wayne "Welcome Interstate Managers Virgin Records Newcomers Fountains of Wayne have been making largest in music lately. With its first single. "Stacy’s Mom,” beingthnwi rather heavy rotation around the United States and other pause!) world, FoW has been propelled to the front line. “Stacie’sMoms great indication of FoW style, both musically and lyrically. the album, “Welcome Interstate Managers" follows suit. With most songs probably falling into the category powerW gum pop, FoW has perfected the music of this generation. Eacb is usually between three and four minutes long and follows thes dard verse-chorus-verse-chorus-break-chorus format. Catchy ly well constructed instrumentation and the occasional dmmmxi hand clap keep the toes tapping. The band has basically takenk aspects of pop rock from the past five years or so, cleaned il up- made it sound good. The CD starts off w ith the song “Mexican Wine” follow; “Bright Future in Sales" which tells the tale of an aspiringo worker who can’t stay away from the “whiskey sour.""Stacysi: tells of a young lawnmower boy’s love fantasy with a friend's®; er. Other songs worth a listen are “Peace and Love,” "SuperColl I and “Hey Julie.” This album is worth your time. It’s fun and lighthearted theme! I a welcome change. - Daniel Chap- Make it stop, my ears are bleedim Don' t waste your hard drive spi: Download it Burn your friend's copy Spend the dough, buy your om Buy it, burn it, tell a friend PEOPLE IN THE NEWS Actress Innes honored with award LOS ANGELES (AP) — Actress Laura Innes received thisyei Artistry Award from the gay rights organization Power Up forherp trayal of a gay character on the hit medical drama “ER.” * Innes plays Dr. Kerry Weaver on the NBC show. "1 hope her inclusion in prime time helps break down barrier) prejudice and injustice on-screen and off,” Innes said. The Power Up organization promotes the visibility and integral of gay women in entertainment. Also honored were the Bravo Network and Judith Light, for! portrayal of the mother of Ryan White, the boy who was ostracize!! his school after being diagnosed with HIV. 10:00 a.m. 10:45 a.m. 11:00 a.m. 11-4:00 p.m. 11-4 :00 p.m. 11:30 a.m. 12:00 p.m. 1:30 p.m. Chinese Food Carving Demonstration - Memorial Student Center (MSC) Flag Room China Week Opening Ceremony - Stark Gallery Steps, F’miimt ty&tet to luynote. Lion Dancers - Rudder Fountain Knot Tying, Paper Folding, Cutting & Calligraphy Demonstrations - MSC Flag Room Research Poster Display - MSC Flag Room Kung-Fu Demonstration - Rudder Fountain (Rain Venue - MSC Flag Room) Tai Chi Demonstration - Grassy Area Between Bizzell & Rudder Plaza Kung-Fu Demonstration - Rudder Fountain (Rain Venue - MSC Flag Room) Twsfaijt 4 10:00 a.m. Chinese Cooking Class - University Apartments Community Kitchen 10:30-11:30 a.m. A Journey Back to Ancient China by Linda Fang, Bush Museum Storytellers Guild - Presidential Conference Center (PCC) 12:30-1:30 p.m. A Journey Back to Ancient China by Linda Fang - PCC 7:00 p.m. An Evening of Chinese Music and Dance with Pipa musician Ms. Changlu Wu, dancer Kelsey Ni, Chinese vocalists and children’s dance group - PCC 2-4:00 p.m. Demonstration by artist Li Man - Stark Galleries 7:00 p.m. The Next Space Race? Chinese Space Program - MSC Forsyth Center Galleries . 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. Tfiundjctj, 'HeVi^Pir £ The Story ofQiu Ju, lecture & film by Bing Yao, filmmaker - Rudder 301 Gallery Talk & Reception with Li Man -.Stark Galleries Trifavj, 'HvVetnfor 7 10-1:00 p.m. Research Poster Session - PCC 1011C 5:30 p.m. Ping Pong Diplomacy Lecture by Judy Boehenski Hoarfrost & Table Tennis Demonstration - Rec Sports Center, Room 281 7:00 p.m. Wonders of China - University Apartments, Room 1 d'k-u'k Out S.Ufcte.<{ Z-VmU! 8/30-1/4 Treasures of China Exhibit - Bush Presidential Libraries 10/23-J 2/15 Chinese Art Exhibit featuring the work of Li Man & Xiao Ping - Stark Gallery 10/20-11/8 Cultural Displays - TAMU Campus Libraries, International Center, MSC, PCC, Bryan/College Station Libraries ■ ' : 11/2-11/8 China Week - Children** Museum of the Brazos Valley yoir{$tb u/->dj v> -itt jot «d Mii Their Mission: Save Lives Do you secretly fear that in an emergency, doctors won't save your life just to get your organs? Do you think there's a black market in organs for transplant? Misunderstandings about organ donation are costing people their lives. Get a brochure in the student center or health center and get the facts. Don't let your fears about donation keep you from signing a donor card and talking to your family. Come talk to us on November 4th at the Commons Lobby or in Zachry. ffjf GET THE FACTS TELL YOUR FAMILY 1.800.355.7427 1.800.788.8058