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Monday, October 20, 2003
Gay church’s bishop-elect
answers Anglican warning
By Anne Saunders
“I’m a little surprised that it
went this far,” diocese
spokesman Jim Goodson told
The Dallas Morning Morning
News. “A majority of our dele
gates disagree with the policies
of the national church.”
In New Hampshire on
Sunday, parishioner Paul Apple
of Mont Vernon asked
Robinson to consider stepping
aside in the interests of preserv
ing the larger church.
“I personally think it’s not
worth losing the family,”
Apple said.
Anglican leaders, represent
ing 77 million members world
wide, have called homosexuality
“contrary to Scripture.”
Robinson and his supporters say
that is outweighed by the
Scripture’s call for love and
acceptance of all.
“We’ve always had gay bish
ops,” Robinson said at one point.
“The difference is I’m being
honest about it.”
Robinson, 56, is widely
known and admired in the state,
where he has been assistant to
the retiring bishop
for years. He has
lived openly for
years with partner
Mark Andrew,
who was applaud
ed by the congre-
if do feel that’s coming gatlon when he
J & WAS Hi!
The Episcopal Church’s first
openly gay bishop-elect said
Sunday he agonizes over the tur
moil he is causing but believes
God wants him to go forward.
“This is one of the hardest
things I’ll ever do,” the Rev. V.
Gene Robinson told about 40
people during religious educa
tion hour at Grace Church. “I do
have this sense I’m supposed to
go forward, and I do feel that’s
coming from God and not my
own ego. But I don’t know.”
Robinson was elected by New
Hampshire clergy and parish
ioners in June and confirmed by
the national Episcopal Church in
August. He is scheduled to be
consecrated as bishop of New
Hampshire in two weeks.
The election and confirma
tion of Robinson outraged some
conservatives, who threatened to
divide the Episcopal Church in
the United States and the world
wide Anglican,
Communion of
which it is part.
At an emer
gency meeting in
London last week,
Anglican leaders
warned that
Robinson is conse
crated Nov. 2, “the
future of the com
munion itself will
be put in jeop
ardy.” However,
the Anglican
spiritual leader,
the Archbishop of Canterbury,
has no authority to discipline the
self-governing national churches.
Conservative Episcopalians at
the meeting said they plan to
form an independent network of
churches opposed to Robinson’s
elevation. The announcement
came a week after 2,700 dissi-
faEpiscopalians met in Dallas.
In a close vote Saturday, the
Episcopal Diocese of Dallas
voted to withhold $512,000
from the national church to
protest Robinson’s election.
I do have this
sense I’m supposed
to go forward, and I
from God.
—The Rev. Gene Robinson
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was introduced on
Robinson said
the vigorous and
sometimes bitter
church debate
over homosexu-
ality will contin
ue even if he
leaves the stage.
“It’s not all going to go back
to being nice and pretty again.
It’s going to be messy for a
while,” he said. He added:
“This is not our church to win or
lose. It’s God’s church.”
Robinson predicted the
church ultimately will survive
the turmoil.
“I’ve been here an hour and
look! The roof’s '»still on. I
think it will calm down when
people see not a lot has
changed,” he said.
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