The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, March 22, 2002, Image 10

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Students from Texas A&M and University of Texas sailing teams were preparing to race when a van plunged into the water and sank 10 feet Diving into the water and forming at assembly line, students pulled two adult women, two children and an infant from the van alive. Center Continued from page 1 Texas is the fourth largest exporter to the European Union, exporting $8.9 billion in goods, which supported more than 77,000 jobs in 1999. The center hopes to establish a closer working relationship with other European Unions across the nation. “We are interested in academics to better prepare the students coming out of our school for the future,” Laubsher said. “We hope to promote a greater understanding for Texas citizens and people throughout the United States by providing outreach activities and research.” Research performed by Texas A&M faculty, graduate students and visiting scholars will generate new insights into policy issues affecting the European Union and United States, he added. Research includes studies of interdisciplinary policy issues related to European integra tion and an annual symposium on policy issues affecting the United States and European Union rela tions. Speakers from the United States, Brussels, Belgium, Germany and France discussed the “US-EU Cooperation in the Aftermath of Sept. 11: Terrorism and Security" at the first center symposium, which took place at the Presidential Conference Center March 20 and 21. The center’s primary goal is to promote greater understanding of the European Union and related issues through curriculum develop ment, research and outreach. Assistant Director of the center Lucero Carranza told 77/c Battalion earlier this year. The center will work with the George Bush School of Government and Public Service, the Center for International Business Studies in the Lowry Mays College of Business and the Colleges of Agriculture, Architecture, Engineering and Liberal Arts. The center will also play a role in a new international business certifi cation program. “We hope to enhance academics between the EU and other EUs,” Laubsher said. “We hope that stu dents will be able to use this venue as well. Hopefully we’ll be able to help students to be better prepared for professional careers with other European Unions.” By Jarly planni ional Center roved by the ter will make onal efforts tc in biohazs icnses and so< J.S. Rep. Kev slature Wedne ih’s requests tud NEWS IN BRIEF Palestinian bomber kills or r Aggie v anTge Station C ;e up over half of College Sta response to S todents is runn s on the city JERUSALEM (AP)- Palestinian suio bomber blew himself in a main downto l0me Texas A Jerusalem shopping? 1 an Thursday in Israeli attack that ki :e 44,000 two bystanders. At It 5 '' v i n g * n Co 60 were woundi police said. In blast, Israel canceled round of U.S.-broke!: make cease-fire talks withtf eheard. Palestinians plannedl later Thursday. The explosion wt ling for mayoi off at the foot of the o ion so he car tallest office tower, dor the studei King George Streetrc hCollege Stat the site of several oil minority ruli recent shooting s Sty being ign bombing attacks. 1 want to be The Al Aqsa Briga: students, a voic a militia linked to Yas non deaf ears Arafat's Fatah fact; Tiis May, four ( claimed responsibility! tcil positions v the bombing. y Christina THE BAIT, aime Cruz, Jr. senior econom NEW SHIPMENT OF LOOSE DIAMONDS! ROUND DIAMONDS MARQUISE DIAMONDS 1.35 1.31 1.26 1.16 1.16 1.15 1.13 1.12 l.l I l.l I 1.09 1.07 1.02 1.01 1.01 1.01 1.01 1.00 1.00 t9-8— D G H E G H H H L H E F SI, Zenhoyko Cert. sp SI 2 vs, SI, SI, vs- Sl H K J K H H-90Lt>" SI, .97 .92 Tee- F G G SOLD **T- Sl 2 7350° 2975° 2295°° 5500 00 EGL Cert. 4600 00 ECU Cert. 5250°° EGL Cert. 4900°° EGL Cert 4800°° EGL Cert. 1850 00 2700° 2250° 5750° 3875° 2950° 2 5 00 00 I 795 00 ^OO 00 29500° 4350°° EGL Cert. 3750 0 ‘ 1 EGL-cerr- 1.21 1.0 I .75 .68 t54— SP VS I SI- SI .54 .49 .31 VVSy 3450° 3950 1 ’ I 750° 995° 1450 ni vvs 2 SI vs. 1100° 1450° 395° Zenhoyko Cert. PEAR DIAMONDS Zenhoyko Cert. 1.05 K/L s, 3 2350°° 1.00 G vs. 5880 00 GIA Cert. .92 H SI, 2965°° for election, ii [lion of mayor, ion City Count second and four :v ery month. It administrath ^ said. ihe mayor has rr elp with decisior efore, his young krhis ability to ncil. T’heir duties a that the polici ^ are in sync w elation, as a wh 12 said. “We mo PRINCESS CUT DIAMONDS .80 .78 .77 G G G G SOLD Si 2 -VSj- 3900° 4327° 3250" EGL Cert. EGL (Ideal Cut) 1.15 1.06 1.01 1.00 t&6— E H H G F SOLD SI, VS2 SI, "Sfi 2624° 2975° 2475° 2700" .72 VS2 vvs 2 S'3 VS, VVS2 5 I 87°° EGL Cert. 48 I 0°° 2750°° 5460°° EGL Cert. 3400"°- vs- 3 I 00°° EGL Cert. ANTIQUE CUT DIAMONDS bGL Cert. ' .75 .74 .72 .72 .71 .71 .68 .59 .55 .55 t54- S, 2 'l SI, vs, SI I SI: VS [\ ■SOLD VS .51 .50 .37 I I 50° 2850° 1890° 950° 2450° 2650° 1550° 950° 1550° 850° 1575“ Old European Cut 5.86 1.91 1.81 1.52 t96— ■2 Sl 2 VS 2 vvs 2 -VS~|— 16,950° 6750° 5600° 5400° 2500" Swiss Cut andi i Cut Old Europea Old European Cut Old European Cut uid European LuT OVAL DIAMONDS Old Mine Cut Sl 2 VS I *1 950° 1575 01 375° 1.06 1.00 .32 SI- H SI, 2400° 3200° 550° EMERALD CUT DIAMONDS Old Mine Cut candi RADIANT CUT 1.52 .68 VVS, SI, 6490° I 275 01 1.01 H SI: 2750° John D. Huntley, Inc. 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