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Tuesday, March 19, 2002
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In Remembrance
U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife, Lynne, bow their heads after laying a wreath at the Yad Vashem Holocaust
Memorial Museum Monday in Jerusalem.
Date Night
Airlift group returns
to base after stint in
Germany and Asia
FBI errors detailed in McVeigh case
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Italian Restaurant
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404 University Dr.
ABILENE, Texas (AP) - More
than 200 members of the 317th
Airlift Group returned to Dyess Air
Force Base on Monday after serv
ing in Operation Enduring
Freedom since late November.
They were deployed to Germany
and Southwest Asia.
Fourteen C-130s taxied onto the
tarmac during the day.
Base spokesman David Honchul
said several B-l bombers and their
crews from Dyess remain
Crossing Place
Hie Hear V
.. ■irmvwz*?.
You asited for it You got it!
Vou asked the Crossing Place team
to create apartments for students
uiith contemporary furnishings and a
comfortable, uibrant clubhouse
where you’d hang out... We heard
yQu! Then you said, match the prices
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said, you bet! And if that’s not enough,
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for Rugust moue in. LUe really listen
and take prompt action to please
Department internal review has concluded two
FBI supervisors knew as early as January 2001
that documents had not been turned over to
Timothy McVeigh’s defense, but they waited five
months to alert the proper authorities, people
familiar with the findings said Monday.
The Justice Department inspector general
identified a string of human errors that resulted in
the belated discovery of the documents and a
stunning one-month delay in McVeigh’s execu
tion last spring. But the probe concluded there
was no intentional effort to conceal materials and
that none of the papers disproved McVeigh’s
guilt, according to the sources.
“Ultimately, the IG concluded the documents
would not have changed the outcome,” one per
son said, speaking only on condition of anonymi
ty. The inspector general, however, recommends
the two FBI supervisors be disciplined, the
sources said.
FBI Assistant Director John Collingwood said
late Monday the FBI has been implementing
numerous changes since last year to ensure
mishaps like this one don’t occur again.
“We have brought in new records manage
ment experts, consolidated our records functions
in one office and retrained our employees—all
intended to enhance operations and increase
accountability,” he said.
“More importantly, with funding ffom
Congress, we are rebuilding our computerized
information infrastructure in ways that will not per
mit many of the things that happened here while
increasing security at the same time,’’ he said.
Collingwood said a key phase will occur next
spring with the unveiling of a new computer sys
tem that will not allow FBI agents to create doc
uments unless they are attached to the master
case file so that the lead investigative office
knows about every piece of evidence.
He added another key is the re-education Hi
agents that record keeping is essential.
“Overlaying all that has to be the crearion of
a culture within the agency that understands
records management is critical — although quite
mundane compared to the spectacular other
things we often do — and is just as important in
protecting rights and supporting strong investiga
tions and prosecutions,” he said.
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Survey .
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people’s use and help to plan
community programs to help
assess better health care,”
Burdine said.
The results of the survey
will be analyzed and presented
to the partnering organizations
in June, where they will form
groups and discuss problems
and their possible solutions.
In addition to the survey,
approximately 20 to 30 commu
nity meetings are being held
across the Brazos Valley to
obtain information from resi
dents about their concerns and
issues related to health.
“We have spoken with 100
people already about their percep
tions and concerns,” Burdine said.
Graduate students at the
School of Public Health are
assisting in the collection of sec
ondary and background data,
which includes recent informa
tion from other surveys conduct
ed in the region.
These surveys are a techni
cal resource across the state and
are ongoing in eight to 10
regions. They are only conduct
ed every one to four years
because of cost.
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400 Southwest Parkway
Leasing Center
(Culpepper Plaza):
1619 S. Texas Rue.
College Station
changes to hold CARFT members to a higher
standard and underscore the extents of the com
mittee’s duties.
“The document has evolved to be exactly what
it was expected to be,” said John Pike, an
employee of the Department of Engineering.
The faculty is being careful to take its time in
the finalization of the rules, said Speaker Richard
Carlson, a professor of geology.
In other business, senators are still discussing
a grade replacement policy that would potential
ly leave students with no Q-drops. Under the pre
liminary proposal, students who retake a class
they failed would erase the lower grade from
their grade-point ratio and replace it with the sec
ond grade they receive. Currently, the two grades
are averaged and the averaged grade is weighted
in the students’ GPR.
Under the proposal, the number of classes a
student could retake would be limited, and Q-
drops would not be allowed.
“We should call other schools for empirical
evidence from their use of this policy. The
University of Missouri, Illinois and UCLA area
few schools where this policy is employed,” said
Don Hellriegel, professor of management.
But the plan may leave some students who
cannot afford to retake a class in the dust, sena
tors said during discussion.
Senators are expected to draft a resolution to
present before the Faculty Senate soon.
In other business. Dean of Faculties Karan
Watson discussed the results of a faculty poll
taken this year that found many faculty members
were dissatisfied with their work and positions
within the A&M System.
“As a part of the poll, five of the colleges with
in the Texas A&M University System were mon
itored for their faculty turnover rates,” Watson
said, “and the rates were up.”
Watson cited a lack of resources as a problem
that contributed to the increasing faculty turnover
rate. She said faculty members should focus on
sharing resources rather than try to win resources
for their individual department.
The Faculty Senate also approved a dance
minor for the College of Liberal Arts.
Itupe Cm Center, fyuM Mf
$ 1 — Longnecks
all day / every day
Across the street from Traditions Dorm
Support Counseling
24-hour Hotline
Support Groups
Anonymous Internet Support
Educational Programs
feb. H.Cmter Orientation • Offender Profiles • Police Protocol
Feb! 12..Prosecution Options 1 Support Groups
Feb. 13,.Hospital Twins • Rape Kit * STOs
Feb. 18,.Child Sexual Abuse • Friends of the Faintly
Feb. ZfLSafety Awareness • Escort Policy#rocedures
Feb. 21..Suicidal Clients * Women Molested as ChiSdren
Fob. 25..Hotline Skills
Feb. 2S,.Face to Face Skills
Ftb. 27,.Wnp-up
P.O.Box 3082,Bryan,TX 77805
- (979)731-11)01)
%ging Editor
Opinion Editor
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News Editor
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