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Thursdays, 1 R.Del hursday, March 8, 2001 Page -3 Pack it up * indents can bring the necessities on vacation without straining muscles Jy Brooke Hodges hi/ 1/ | Battalion •Vyif-' More college students will be packed into cars, hotel rooms and tents next week than any other time of the year, nat going to if: Full of dreams of beach bunnies and snow bunnies, spring breakers’ minds may be on everything but packing. manlLetim:* Mike Morgan, a graduate student in the wildlife and n just a link fisheries sciences department, said one should pack light- Hinless carrying a heavy bag sounds like fun. He said this ice is especially important if camping is the plan instead of a hotel. have to carry around everything yourself,” he ■ said. "And there aren’t any bellboys in the woods.” mihe idea of packing lightly for a week of adventure is ier for guys to grasp than girls. Guys could bring two rs of shorts, three shirts, one pair of shoes, a dirty cap and a toothbrush and survive for more than a week, r This scenario is a little stereotypical, but remember that packing a whole closet into one or two bags is not necessary. Instead, bring versatile clothes that can be ||xed and matched and worn more than once. Even though the beach is the hottest spot on the map, do not forget to bring at least one warm sweater or jack et because coast nights can get chilly, even if you are cud dled up with someone. Also, sudden rain showers are common along the Texas shores. If you are going camping or skiing, wear layers of clothing so you can remove or add a layer if the temper ature changes, Morgan said this is a good in case a hiker falls in a river and gets wet. It is easier to dry thin layers. suggests taking sample sizes of toiletries that will last the trip instead of taking a huge bottle of shampoo. Call and ask the hotel what toiletries they provide to be sure everything needed will be there. Another suggestion for campers is putting toiletries in plastic baggies and rolling them inside of clothes. This keeps bottles from breaking and conserves space. This works not only for camping, but also for any traveler who wants to combine a toiletry bag with a clothes bag. Not all of the toiletries will fit into one shirt, so space them throughout the wardrobe, and the rolls will be thinner. Stuff underwear and socks inside shoes to save space and keep the shoes from bending. If leaving on a jet plane is part of the travel plan, ex perts and moms alike suggest bringing a change of clothes, clean underwear, a toothbrush, toothpaste and all important documents in a carry-on bag. ' Check luggage restrictions for the airline. Another way to save space is to combine bags witlna roommate. Just be sure to not give any embarrassing items to the person just in case he or she is a prankster who is always looking for a laugh. learegokj me respoEj Jsion you et behind tkl in the carrcf ecision. ive been drl need to gd f your fri&l has beeni need to i >ii are tk a place wte 1 rest.” ick, chain la Program ;dical sciett Lupe Medic inform studs nf drowsy i' fliers and ft us. otelsofferiii idents aref im'sl t thing sttJ nber is poll’ i the first p fou always * 1 * * * vake withtit! e a lot of i g drowsy nr drinking if you are i will fall^ one second 1 KRISTIN MCNEFF/The Battalion MSC Cepheid Variable presents: BRING AN ALIEN, GET A COOKIE MARCH 22-25, 2001 IX THE MSC & RUDDER TOWER Julie Caitlin-Brown Actress: NaToth-Babylon 5 iaster id* is PU! log semes® 5 * * * * * ssion m U" 85 ** j 7840. ws™ 1 ;* H&MUniw* 11 ' ianai ( lent Media, > ^ are inO!4W |lf ■ Fax: ME# "snotimP^f. i. local, laid, and 845-26® . cesFeeei*^' ,5 $60 pei sU®', forttesinw® ; ..iiOM* Express, Charles de Lint Author: Forests of the Heart, Triskall Tales Joe Lansdale Author: Rumble Tumble, Freezer Burn Melanie Rawn Author: The Mageborn Traitor, The Ruins of Ambrai Martha Wells Author: Wheel of the Infinite, Death of the Necromancer Pre-Registration Prices: $20/Non-student, $ 16/Student, $6/Child (3-12). Pre-Registration ends March 9. Purchase tickets at the MSC Box Office in Rudder Tower. For more information visit http.7/ or call (979) 843-1313. /5 5i-200 V Persons with disabilities please contact us at (979) 845-1515 to inform us of your special needs. The Tradition AT NORTHGATE. As close to class as a dorm can be. The Tradition at Northgate is campus living at its best. Located one block from the A&M campus in historic Northgate near restaurants, banks, churches and shops. The Tradition is close to everything a college student could possibly need. With amenities to facilitate studying, relaxing and having fun. The Tradition provides a comfortable environment that encourages students to make the most of their college experience. radition AT NORTHGATE A dorm with a difference. 301 Church Ave., College Station, Texas 77840 979-268-9000 Toll Free: 866-268-DORM