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Todd Phillips
;w Actives &
Kristi Kilgore
Karen Kopinitz
Brooke Massengill
Rachel McLarry
Allison Pace
n Christo'
odd Phillips has had the sort of
moviemaking career that people dream
of. His second documentary film Fra/
'ousemade it into the Sundance Film Festival
ud won the Grand Jury Prize. That in turn led
ban introduction to Ivan Reitman.
Meeting with Reitman led to a studio deal to
rite and direct a picture for Dreamworks Pic
tures. That movie is the hip, college-themed
flick, Road Trip, and it opens nationwide May
] l ). The Battalion was able to ask the up-and-
oming director a few questions.
Just to confirm a little something.
You are the man in the feet scene
on the bus.
I am the man in the feet scene on the bus. Let
flie record state that I do love women’s feet.
How was it working with Ivan Re
itman? Did that make you nervous
at all?
Did the final film do justice to the
1 was not nervous to work with Ivan. I was so
excited to work with him. 1 hate to use the word
mentor because it makes him sound like he is
done. But he was like a mentor to me.
To have the producer of your movie be a di
rector and be the guy separating you from the stu
dio. It is really an incredible thing to have. He’s
been there and he’s done it.
Yeah. We lost a lot because we cut a lot. In
comedy, you like to overshoot so you can cut stuff
that is not necessarily working or is too plotty. 1
think the important thing is the tone and the tone
of the movie is the same as the script.
How did you guys get hooked up? moments.
Did you guys have any problems
with this film and getting rated?
This movie definitely had some
We met, Ivan and I, on the Internet, in a chat
room. (Laughs)
That is some kind of role to write
for yourself. So were you nervous,
this film being an actual feature
and all of your experience had
ken with documentaries?
• What chatroom?
Yeah, we did. You show them the first cut and
you really push it because you know they are go
ing to cut some.
You put stuff in that you are not even sure if
you want because you are hoping that that will
be what they cut. It is a hard R, hut we are hap
py with it.
Yeah. I was very nervous. I was the shinny
nervous guy. You do a documentary and you are
sed to working with four people. You, the cam-
ra guy, the sound guy and the guy who is just
inning around and doing stuff. You go on the set
of a feature and there are a hundred people stand
ing around looking at you. But 1 did come from
! commercials and commercials do kind of set you
up for that.
That’s secret. No, 1 am kidding. We met at
Q * When we talked to Ivan, he told us
# that he kind of pitched the idea of
a roadtrip movie to you? So what
was your next step in coming up with a
Me and Scot [Annstrong] who I wrote it with,
we just started pitching around ideas. We always
drive when we write. So we got in the car and drove
and started throwing out ideas.
Were there any scenes that you re
ally like and they asked you to cut?
Tom Green (left) and Sean William Scott star in Road Trip, which was written and di
rected by Todd Phillips.
No, no scene like that got cut.
Tell us about the dog in the movie.
Where did you come up with that
Did you write the Tom Green char
acter for him?
Well, it was written originally, but when I asked
Tom and he said he would do it, then 1 went back
and rewrote it lor him.
It was just such a random idea. It was just
something to take a funny scene and make it fun
nier. We probably added that joke a little late.
• This movie was great. Just when it
• seemed like the momentum was go
ing to die, then you threw something else out
there. You even had a midget in there.
Yeah. When this gets to DVD, you can freeze-
frame that scene with the midget. Nearly all of those
guys in that scene had shirts on with their names on
the back. The costume designer came to me and was
like, “What names do you want on these shirts?” I
was like, “I don’t care, except for the midget.” The
name on the back of the midget’s shirt is Embryo.
ilid at this Little Caesars location onlf
i, no rain checks.
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