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Page 10
Tuesday, J
Taxicab drivers’ boycott
causes delays at DFW airpor
GRAPEVINE (AP) — Judd Gilgen
was not oft'to a good start. The Arkansas
businessperson’s flight into Dallas-Fort
Worth International Airport was delayed
30 minutes because of wet weather, and
now that he was grounded,
there was no ride in sight.
Hundreds of cab drivers be
gan boycotting the airport Mon
day to protest new regulations
calling for newer cabs, daily in
spections, proven English and
map-reading skills and accep
tance of major credit cards.
Gilgen stood outside the
airport for about 15 minutes
before a shuttle van arrived
to pick him up.
Some taxi companies continued send
ing a steady stream of cabs to the airport,
including the area’s largest. Yellow Cab.
Others operated with far fewer dri
vers. Cowboy Cab office manager Tanya
“These are our drivers. We
will back them up, but DFW
is one of the main places cab
companies can work."
— David jini
manager for Executive Golden Taxi of Dallas
have a vehicle that is fewer tk
months old or has less than 40,1
on the odometer. That driver can
driving the car to the airport for
years from the model date
All vehicles in servicct
airport as of June 3 hi
been less than 5 years
The regulations makeil
er for drivers to stay in bus
said Kamal Aldomour, a
for Ranger Taxi who ow
own vehicle. Stagnant cab
rates and an increase in gas
prices already have cut ini
its, he said.
Aldomour said he soot
have to lease a vehicle fromih
“I can’t believe I’ve had to wait this
long at DFW,” Gilgen said. “I’m late for
my meeting.”
Most passengers weren’t standing in
the rain long, said airport officials, who
called in shuttle buses, limo services and
outside cab drivers to meet the need at the
nation’s fourth busiest airport.
“There hasn't been much of an inter
ruption,” said DWF spokesperson Mel
ba Williams. “We’ve had a contingency
plan in place since April.”
Howard said more than 150 drivers did
not report to work on Monday.
Abdu Mohamed, a spokesperson for
the Association of United Taxicab Oper
ators. estimated that nearly 600 drivers
that serve the airport stayed home or
showed up to picket at airport entrances.
He said the demonstration w ill con
tinue until the DFW Airport Board
agrees to reconsider the new rules.
Since last June, any new driver
wanting to pick up airport fares must
w hen his car turns five years
“My costs will double and!wot
able to make ends meet,” he said.
David Jini. a manager for Exec
(iolden Taxi of Dallas, said he
porting his striking drivers, even
company loses money.
“These are our drivers,
them up, but DFW is one of dis
places cab companies can wort'
said. “We hope to help both sides
to an agreement.”
We will
Student accepts settlement after
punishment for controversial photo
uesday, May 2,2000
hildren cluster aro
heelchairs, their r
oo floppy to hole
iome faces bear si
lead, cleft palate, t
ases, babies may I
These children
he National Instill
rope that Muenke
Sometime durii
elopment, some'
topped these chil
lormal right and le
md five new brair
iegun the first real
ove these childn
The reason: A v
loctors' inability
aised almost $ 10
'enters for Brain
dde expert care.
Muenke's ques
lunting which one
arent asks: Will t
‘We need to le
would be lying tc
lext years.”
Yet while he w
autiously excited
Mdrenmove bet
sealing cognitive
MIDFAND (AP) — A high school
student, barred from graduation cere
monies after a photograph of his prin
cipal’s car was taken outside a teacher's
house, has accepted a $150,000 settle
ment with the school district.
Casey Riggan was punished for be
ing disrespectful and fostering rumors
after the photo of Neil Richmond’s ve
hicle was shot in front of the female
teacher’s home. Riggan said a friend
actually took the photo and he just kept
it in his closet, although he said he and
his friend talked and joked about it.
After Riggan refused to turn over
the picture, the principal, who is mar
ried, suspended Riggan and ordered
him to apologize.
Riggan sued in federal court. When
he refused to apologize or drop the suit,
he was suspended for three days, placed
in an alternative school and barred from
attending graduation exercises.
“What they took from me, it’s real
hard to put a price on that,” Riggan
told the Midland Reporter-Telegram.
On Monday, Midland school dis
trict spokesperson Barney Welchb
n't received legal documents show
Riggan had accepted the district's*
tlement offer, which was approve;
a school board meeting April 25.
“The superintendent nor 1 kt
anything about it on Friday aft
noon,” Welch said. “It wasasurpt
for me to pick up the paper and si
on Saturday morning that the easel)
been settled for $150,000. Asian;
understand, there is nothing thatis:
nal. We just have to wait and see.'
may be
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ing new weai
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ed future folio
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