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Over the‘TOP’
Interview with Carrot Top reveals the man
underneath the comedy and copper locks
: if
By Chris Martin
Staff writer
hat has three arms, two heads,
one semi-trailer full of toys and
is red all over? A demonic Santa
Claus? Wrong answer, but it is the right
frame of mind for a night of comedy with
Carrot Top.
! Carrot Top and his toy chest will be live
onstage tonight at 8 in Rudder Auditorium,
i Forthose unfamiliar with CarrotTop’s
| e a Tverblown, observational comedy, it is a
1 frit like being locked in a toy store
‘d by the^’^hi while watching tapes of Sein-
went to® on f ast forward through 3-D glasses,
ercenttc ^ addition to his many sold-out,
to chairs itanc *' u P tours > Carrot Top has the top-
2 percent 13 ® show on the Cartoon Network
ent “Carrot Top’s A.M. Mayhem”), a book
anageroi®^ ' n t ^ ie Trunk”), a Web site
he A&.\i iww an d an upcoming
ram sup' D10v ‘ e ca d e d Chairman of the Board.
port that ^ arrot Top grew up in Cocoa Beach,
cific stir 1,31 ^ attended college at Florida At-
ncludinglffl c lJm vers ' t y in Boca Raton,
mprove^ '^ en we hdked to Carrot Top last
rarv ani' e ® was in Florida preparing for
Wormances in Texas.
idations®^ / ' 0,/: S° what were your college
l do\h^ like?
Carrot Top: Those were the good old
days! No stress, no nothing. Just sleep in
and get drunk. I did get my degree in
marketing, thank God. Well, actually, I
should say the guy I sat next to gave me
the degree.
1 haven’t been backdown to that part of
Florida in a few years. I’m afraid my stu
dent loan guy will find me.
Batt: Is college where you started your
comedy routine?
CT: Yeah, I was just a regular old college
kid. They had a talent night at the school
bar one night. I went up on stage and
did jokes. That’s how it all started.
Batt: I’ve heard your show is almost like
a Kiss concert.
CT: I think they say that because I have a
lot of pyrotechnics and lasers and lights.
Most comics don't have that kind of
stuff, but I wanted to have a big show. I
think I wanted to be a rock star deep
down inside. So I kind of mixed the two
and made it a rock ‘n’ roll comedy show.
Batt: If you could rock on stage with
anyone, who would it be?
CT: I would say the Gratefid Dead, but
they’re dead. I’d like to rock with the
Stones one night. It would be cool to be
that close and see how old they are.
All the people I'd like to rock with are
dead. Jim Morrison, dead.
Batt: Hanson’s still alive.
CT: I thought they were chicks'.I
thought it was like a Mentos commer
cial. I had no idea they were guys.
Batt: There’s no shame in that.
CT: Okay, good.
Batt: The Jaggerian theory of the Rolling
Stones was sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Is
there a Carrotopian theory of comedy?
CT: Yeah, it's dirty magazines, coffee
and the remote.
Bath Is TV where you get your inspiration?
CT: I get it mostly from just walking
around. People make me laugh. You see
things that make you laugh, like how
Hooters has food to go. Why would you
want food to go from Hooters? The food
sucks. That’s why I’ve got a to-go bag
with tits on the side, so you can take the
atmosphere home.
Batt: Have you been to Texas very often?
CT: Only a few times, but I've always
had a blast. The Texas crowds are al
ways really energetic and ready to
laugh. I’m looking forward to it.
Batt: Do you enjoy country line dancing?
CT: Countiy line dancing? I invented it,
what do you mean? I’d be a cowboy, but
I can’t get a hat over my head. I’ve got
too much hair. I think I'd look like a
chick in a hat— like Hanson.
Please see Carrot on Page 4.
|hink vvC
Wakeland promotes new self-titled album tonight
By Stephen Wells
Staff writer
r akeland, the Oklahoma-
based power pop group
who played at last year’s
Ag Final with Jackopierce, is coming
back to Texas A&M to celebrate the
release of their new self-titled CD.
Wakeland will be bringing their
new release with them to Marooned
Records today at 5 to perform an
acoustic set of new and old material.
The Marooned concert will be a pre
cursor to a two-hour concert at the
Dixie Theatre later tonight.
Wakeland is the combined talents
of Chris Sullivan (guitars and vocals),
Brad Heinrichs (Guitars), Shane
Litsch (drums), and Andy Nunez
(bass). Together, these four have
forged a sound of infectious grooves
without all the staged melodrama.
Singles such as “Falling Again”
and “Half of You” demonstrate
Wakeland’s ability to produce clean
and memorable pop songs.
Heinrich said the band takes an
honest approach to songwriting.
“I never like to write about
something I don’t personally know
about,” Heinrichs said. “If I don’t
feel it, if it isn’t true for me, how can
I get it across?”
Wakeland began as cover band at
OSU with no long-tern plans in mind.
In a press release, Sullivan ex
plained the attitude most people
hold toward cover bands.
“People trash cover bands,” said
Sullivan. “But if you start out as one,
it really makes you tight. You learn"
to play together.”
With previous performances at
the Tap and the Dixie Theatre, this
band has experience with A&M
“We do fairly well in College Sta
tion,” Sullivan said. “We started off
playing at the Tap, but our last cou
ple of performances have been at
the Dixie Theatre. It’s actually one of
our favorite places to play.”
The new album represents a new
direction for Wakeland, who have
recently broken away from the
record label that produced their last
album, Magnetic.
Please see Wakeland on Page 4.
jpAY N 1
-Presents the 1 st-
November 15, 1997 - 9:00a.m.
Will begin at Oaks Park, located on the corner of
Harvey and Stallings in College Station. Run will end at
Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winncia.
All participants will receive t-shirts with registration.
Entry Fees Prior to Nov 15th are SI2.00; On Nov 15th
Copy Corner, Bullwfnkles Grill & Bar, un tne border, Ada u. him
CPA, Greek Boutique, Nutritec, Outback, Fajita Rita's
Registration forms will be available in the MSC a week prior to the run, or
from any Delta Zeta member. Return forms to Delta Zeta house at
1501 Olympia Way.
f questions contact, Kan at 6V3-V/43 or Kathleen at bV^-2ID/
November 24 & 25 at 8 PM
Rudder Auditorium
an 845-1234 for tickets.
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