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dnesday • November 12, 1997
C “
L The Battalion
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She said the class has also
ighther how to act swiftly if a
iigerous situation were ever
The techniques have to be
acticed because when you are
lacked you have to do these
ings automatically,” Shaheed
id “Some things in the class
sple would never realize.
1 learned that if you see
ineone behind you look at
umstraight in the eye so they
low that you see them and
Ityoii are aware of what is go-
|Shaheed said students should
fttbe deceived by appearances,
saults can happen anywhere.
‘It is very important for girls
realize what is happening,”
tsaid.“People think that be-
jseA&M is so friendly, noth
ing can happen.”
Shaheed said the class is not
limited to girls because anything
can happen to anyone anywhere.
“It is worthwhile for guys to
take the class," Shaheed said.
"They are not just learning how
to defend themselves, but they
are learning the techniques.”
Tom Cross, lecturer for the ki-
neseology department and phys
ical education activity program
mer, said he began teaching
some of the self-defense classes
because he was interested in de
fending himself.
Cross said the interest amongst
Aggies has also increased.
"When the classes first started
there were four to five classes be
ing taught, now it has grown to 13-
14 classes, with an average of 36
students in each class,” Cross said.
Cross said the classes were
first started by instructors who
had martial arts training.
The classes then incorporated
self-defense techniques so it
would be applicable to the real
Cross said many students
have been able to incorporate
what they have learned in class.
“This semester I had one stu
dent who had a falling out with
her boyfriend,” he said. “She was
able to defend herself.”
“There was a student who was
accosted in the women’s bath
room in the library.
She used the techniques she
learned in class to take him apart.
She went out and called the cops,
and when he got up, she jumped
back on him. They had to pull her
off of him.”
Cross said it is important for
all students to learn how to de
fend themselves.
“Government statistics state
that violence is going down, but
from what I have seen around
town, it does not seem to be get
ting better,” he said.
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here are ways to safeguard against this. Instead
fcepting mixed drinks from strangers, students
r id, for example, ask for a bottled beer they can
open themselves. The best defense for students is
to avoid taking risks and trust their instincts.
Students at Texas A&M should not underesti
mate the strength of rohypnol as a narcotic or its
effectiveness as a date rape drug. After all it takes
24 beers to last 24 hours, but just six milligrams of
rohypnol can knock a person out just as well.
TV T.»o<$£VJL Saorec::arrci tor Totoaoco
Novemtoe** X2R, JL^^*7**7*00 i»*yk* Hudde** 30X
.1. .1.4- f- i «* -*> Jp 1
* x, .i. u 4 r, - a r» i v. o j. >
lelrose’ star
ues Spelling
JS ANGELES (AP) — if Hunter
jliadgone to “get an abortion,”
jneTV executive allegedly sug-
d, she might not have been
ifrom “Melrose Place,” her at-
‘ysaid in court.
i opening statements in her
^ful termination and breach of
tact lawsuit, attorney Nathan
tog said Monday the sugges-
came from Jonathan Levin,
sdentof the production compa-
ioelling Entertainment,
ton Spelling’s company said
;who is seeking unspecified
ages, was fired before she ap-
ledonthe prime-time Fox show
auseher pregnancy made her un-
’ able to play a sexy seductress.
oOldberg accused Levin of ask
ing Tylo’s manager: “Why doesn’t
she just go out and get an abor
tion? Then she can work."
Levin did not immediately return
a call to his office Tuesday.
Goldberg pointed out that the
show worked TV magic to conceal
star Heather Locklear’s recent preg
nancy. Lisa Rinna, who plays restau
rateur Taylor McBride on the show,
recently announced she is pregnant.
“What will Spelling do?” Gold
berg asked jurors. “Stay tuned.”
Streisand envies
Clinton’s family
MALIBU, Calif. (AP) — Barbra
Streisand says fiance James Brolin
is a lot of things rolled into one.
“He’s my lover and my romantic
other self. But he also fills a need.
I now know what it is to have a fa
ther,” she said in Tuesday’s New
York Times.
Ms. Streisand’s father died
when she was 15 months old. If
Brolin is a father substitute, then
President Clinton’s mother, Virginia
Kelley, was the kind of mom she al
ways wanted.
“I called her my Southern mom,”
Ms. Streisand said. “She knew how
to soothe with words. Virginia would
say, ‘Do you know how precious you
are? Every conversation, she’d say,
‘I love you.’”
So what would Ms. Streisand
have turned out like had Mrs. Kel
ley, who died in 1994, been her
real mom?
“Either I would have become
president or a very happy Long Is
land housewife with no artistic am
bitions and no need to express her
self beyond children and a house.
One or the other.”
El 1 lr* ; . I
Earth Info
Did you know...?
The first sauropod footprints ever discovered are in
the Paluxy River bed in Glen Rose. Texas, about
150 miles northwest of College Station.
Hindfoot tracks are often more than a yard long!
This herbivorous dinosaur moved slowly,
at about 2.5 mph, and may have
weighed 30 tons.
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% .y IL fi'
I * mMm *
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