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t () lxT9 'frursday • October 9, 1997 C gr* The Battalion AMPUS & OTATE fii 1( >eminar offered for sufferers of depression man resources department to give free screenings for A&M staff, faculty By Jenara Kocks Staff writer Ison: or National Depression Screen- P) — Buriijg|Day, the Texas A&M Human Re- within the ources Department will sponsor a ae symptiyepression seminar for University ease for ai acuity and staff from 9 a.m. to 11 iy found. ,rn. today in 410 Rudder Tower, h, called pal According to the National Insti- /ed considiute of Mental Health (NIMH), 17.6 intyears.Iifii]]ion American adults or 10 per- >ng the largtent of the population have a de- ition. iressive illness, relieves soiift)r. Anna Jenkins, counselor 3f the disea|| , include trcL ; well asufNLINE el legmove-ip «mmm medicinf iohtinued from Page 1 tse. ip.eslie Polak, a freshman general studies major, said study, d he has signed up to play on College Jeopardy Online, ntsandfo ihe says she enjoys Jeopardy on television and can o two ye mswer most of the questions given, nts showe® IthinkI can hold my own,” shesaid. “IjusthopemoreA&M ents get involved for our school. It’s too fun not to play.” olak said her goal is to make the Top 10 at least one k. She said she will try to not let the online game get ne way of her studies. 'olak already has recruited another student to play, ustin Willis, a freshmen civil engineering major, d clearinroined the online game this week because Polak asked ater. lim to. He said he likes Jeopardy, but he does not thinkhe he surgery will he any good at the game. e-sizestniciil'T am not as smart as most people,” he said, rain callecBut the game is still fun, and there are some cat- Thispart sgories that I can answer.” itrol moveJ with the employee assistance program and a licensed psychol ogist, said human resources is sponsoring the event to address concerns A&M employees have about depression. She said participants can take a 10-minute test which will tell them if they have depression or not. She said mental health professionals will be at the seminar to tell people who to contact if they need help. Dr. David Rosen, a McMillan pro fessor of analytical psychology and a professor of psychiatry and behav ioral science and humanities in med icine, said he will give an overview of the problem and will talk about how to understand depression and what to do about it. A video about depres sion also will be shown. Jenkins said having depression is different from “having the blues.” “Depression is diagnosed if cer tain symptoms persist more than two weeks,” she said. Jenkins said getting the blues is a normal reaction to events that up set people such as making a bad grade on a test. She said symptoms of depression include a depressed mood, loss of in terest in activities that a person usu ally found pleasure in, change in weight or appetite, fatigue or loss of concentration. Jenkins said a person who is diag nosed with depression should talk to a doctor or mental health profes sional about their symptoms. She said the illness can be treated by medication and counseling. The NIMH said that more than 80 percent of those who have depres sion can be treated successfully. ROW ovement ledicatiom bund thru ■nefits begc bout ayeai Continued from Page 1 Haus was brought to Texas A&M by Dr. Michael Waters, a Texas A&M professor of archeology, anthropolo gy and oceanography. The camp at Hearne was disman tled at the end of the war, and Waters began excavating the camp a year ago with the help of A&M students. Hundreds of artifacts, such as Ger man buttons, canteens and coins, have been recovered from the site. Haus said he appreciates the diffi cult times in his life because it has completed him as a person. “At the end of my life, I can say I’ve seen everything,” he said. “I’ve done everything, I have everything.” Truan to run for another term . CORPUS CHRISTI (AP) — Carlos Truan, dean of the Texas Senate, ended rumors that his tenure was near an end Wednesday night by announcing that he’ll run for re-election again next year. The Corpus Christi Democrat, in a tearful speech to about 2,000 supporters, said “there is more that we can accomplish together.” “This is all very emotional for me,” Truan said. The announcement was particularly significant be cause the 28-year legislative veteran had declined to discuss his political plans in recent months. Even De mocratic Party officials didn’t know what he would do. Truan, 62, has served 20 years in the Texas Senate, longer than any other lawmaker. He earlier served eight years in the state House. His tenure earned him the title of dean of the Senate in 1995. Pal active in the patient'j ng careoftla to livemdel Its after set ley were still themselves I aw long the owever, ail IUSH Continued from Page 1 | City Manager Skip Noe said at the last city workshop, that the grant to Brazos Beautiful would help beautify the city. He said the city wants to make e the expected 300,000 tourists en- tiful is a necessity to any city to pro mote a clean environment. The project encourages the com munity to recycle, keep highways and Bush Complex to dedicate statue niversmi j°y their visit to the library and want to return. : may las! iy was com ny E. Lanf ronto Hoff ed inlhurff England Joti! “We are proud of this city,” Noe aid, “and we want everyone to enjoy Everything about it, including the landscape, which says a lot about how uch we care.” Brazos Beautiful, Inc. is an on-going project with the goal of cleaning up and improving the landscape. Katie Gibson, recycling coordinator for Brazos Beautiful, handles the recy cling for the city. She said Brazos Beau- “We are proud of this city and we want everyone to enjoy everything about it, including the landscape, which says a lot about how much we care.” SKIP NOE CITY MANAGER roadways clean and improve the envi ronment. The Bush Foundation will help the project if approved by the City Council. “The Day the Wall Came Down,” a five-horse statue, will be presented to the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum at 10 a.m. Saturday. The statue commemorates the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 during President George Bush’s administration. The statue, which is one and a forth times life-size, is a repli ca of horses leaping over the broken wall, it was created by Santa Fe artist Veryl Goodnight. The sculpture is 30 feet long, 18 feet wide and 12 feet high and is placed in a plaza between the Bush Li brary and Museum, the Pres idential Conference Center and the Academic Building-West. It was on temporary display at Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park during the 1996 Olympic Games and was installed at Texas A&M in August. Speakers at the ceremony include Dr. Ray M. Bowen, the University president; Don Pow ell, chairman of the Texas A&M University System Board of Regents; and David Also- brook, director of the George Bush Presidential Library Cen ter; Bethany Burnam who is representing the Class of '96 and the artist. the Taking the PRINCETON December LSAT? review you are not ready. V 846 Register now! 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