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The Austin-based bluesrock band is set to play tonight at Dixie Theatre to promote the new album, This the Trip. Guitarist Wayne Sutton said the album is different from the band’s previous releases. “I would say to people who have heard us before they might be a little surprised,” he said. “It’s a little more produced. Maybe we’ve gotten better at this — we hope so.” Sutton started out playing acoustic sets with lead singer Patrice Pike when they were 16 years old. The two joined forces with a high school buddy of Pike’s, bass player Darrell Phillips. Drummer Sean Phillips joined the group at an impromptu jam in a Dallas club in 1991, and Sister 7 was born. The band originally called itself Little Sister, but changed the name because there were five other bands in the area with the same name. The first single to be released off This the Trip is “Know What You Mean,” a song about falling in love with a friend. The single was also released by BMG records in Germany. Sutton said although the album was re leased in July, the members have already started writing new songs for their next al bum. “Pretty much right now, we’re going to just keep doing what we’re doing,” he said. The band is constantly touring, and re cently spent nine days in Germany perform ing seven shows. Sutton said the band has gained its following by word of mouth. The band has a fan club of over 15,000 members nationwide. Sister 7 performed at the largest ticketed music event of the year, Blockbuster Rockfest for 300,000 listeners at Dallas’ Texas Motor Speedway. Although the lead singer of the band is a woman, the music of Sister 7 does not fall into the category of “bitter woman music,” as has been the trend in recent female artists. Sister 7’s music has been labeled blues, rock and “groove-heavy” by Gig Magazine writer Kenny Kerner. Sutton said the band calls its music rock, although it can be interpreted differently by each listener. Sutton said the band’s focus for tonight’s show is simply to play some good music. “We’re still out there working and trying to find new fans,” he said. Not just a fluke: Electronica band rips itself off with sophomore slump album Date: October 15 Time: 7 PM Place: Rudder Theater Q mmm mmmm Tickets arc now ON SALE in the MSC Box Office located in the Rudder Complex. j.lI Trl Persons with disabilities please call 845-1515 to inform us of your special needs. We request three (3) working days prior to the event to enable us to assist you to the best of our abilities. Fluke Risotto ★ ★★ 1/2 (out of five) By Ryan Locker Staff writer isotto, the latest release of electronica act Fluke, has been anticipated since the release of the popular singles “Atom Bomb” and “Absurd.” These singles were released earlier this year, and there were even two singles re leased with mixes of “Absurd,” so not all of these songs are new to our ears. The breed of electronica that Fluke brings to life is very deep and bass saturat ed. This darkwave type sound is character istic of Fluke’s previous albums. These songs have almost an industrial feel, like Marilyn Manson hooked up to a computer or Machines of Loving Grace with the bpm’s doubled. This vibe has caused Fluke to be pop- These songs have almost an industrial feel, like Marilyn Manson hooked up to a computer or Machines of Loving Grace with the bpm’s doubled. ular with ravers and jungle junkies. Jungle be ing techno that is characterized, by almost purely drum and bass. . r i Despite the band’s popularity in Ameri ca, it has been very difficult to see the elu sive European act until this year. The album, released Sept. 29, actually has only four new songs on it. The album has 10 tracks, but six of them have either had mixes on other albums, or have had singles out for awhile, like “Absurd” and “Atom Bomb." | The songs “Squirt” and "Setback"are straight off the previous album, Oto.Tiv:ML * er tracks off the new album are remixerWlCl songs from Oto (e.g. “Mosh” is justareiiMj “Tosh”). Fluke is noi Irving to pull on us, since the album is titled Risotto:$i LOS might as well be Re-Oto. on NBC This is not to say the album is nog etc., etc because, in truth it is superb, but Oto J That ers might be slightly disappointed.He j^untles it is Fluke in its best form ever, withit which IV honed and kicking out some fiercegro.L Also The tracks are either coated in fun! “The Jer realistic lyrics, or have none at all. Fo: kst spri ample, listeners will hear odditieslike! Ditt0 “Captain Kirk from planet earth fightsiphd-All with Papa Smurf.” f lntro ' There are other tracks on RisottoMi experimental for Fluke, such as “Goodnigfo ne d d ( Lover,” which has a Dragnet old-schoolh# r ° om feel to it, similar to Orbital’s “The Saint." Siie „ There are also other tracks on this newall^9^ y ’ that broach the field of trance music. So there is truly somethingforevenj. ■. s well, for everyone who can connectwip techno beats. BivinL. Howell IW MATH • ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING • MECHANICAL ENGINEERING* BUSINESS ANALYSIS When something is too extreme for words, it's to the Nth degree. And that's the level of technology you'll experience at Raytheon. Raytheon has formed a new technological superpower - together, Raytheon Electronic Systems, Raytheon E-Systems and Raytheon Tl Systems are driving technology to the limit. And we're looking for engineers who want to push the envelope. Break new ground. Make their mark. 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