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Michael C. ‘85
Sun. - Thurs. 3 PM-10 PM • Fri. - Sat. 3 PM-Midnight
3803 South Texas Ave. • Bryan
Universal Computer Systems, Inc.
UCS will be holding an Information Session
for Graduating Seniors
Tuesday, October I 4th from 3pm - 6pm
At the College Station Hilton on University Drive.
To attend, please R.S.V.P. through the Career Center.
Representatives will be on hand to discuss career
opportunities available for Houston and College Station.
Positions available include:
• Software Support • Regional Systems Consultants
• Outside Sales • Programming
For more information, visit our website or call
1 -800-883-3031
UCS Hires Non-Tobacco Users Only
dTf irvL/
or just TROUEL
All over the WORLD
with CISC
Come to
Oct. 9. 10:00 - 2:00
Main Hallway of the
MSC or Rudder 504
3:30 - 4:30
Study Abroad Programs Office
161 Bizzell Hall West
MSC L.T. Jordan Institute for International Awareness
’ Internship and Living LlBroad ^Programs
Spend 5 weeks of your summer living abroad in:
The Dominican Republic
•Experience a new
•Intern in a field
related to your major
•Become a part of a
host family
Come to one of our
informational meetings:
for more information or to inform
us of your special needs, please
call 845-8770
Oct. 8 7:00-8:15 Rudder 401
Oct. 20 4:00-5:00 Rudder 510
Oct. 28 7:00-8:15 MSC 216T
C The Battalion
Tuesday • October 1,
Heads up
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If the board accepts the]
mittee’s recommendations,i|
gents will reveal the names
finalists and announce theb
choice within 21 days.
Until then, the process il
confidential to protect the idej
“Fm anxious to actual
meet the candidates
DEREK DEMERE/The Battalion
Aston Hall roommates Jim Pike, a freshman computer science major, and Rudy Cassol, a freshman electrical
engineering major, practice their soccer skills at the Rec Center indoor soccer court Monday. Both play on the
Aston intramural soccer team.
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Canales said although the future
of global warming is unknown, it is
an important enough issue for the
White House to focus on it.
Canales joined Dr. Gerald North,
head of the A&M meteorology de
partment; Dr. Thomas J. Crowley,
an A&M professor of oceanography
and deputy director for the Texas
Center for Climate Studies and Dr.
Robert Hariss, an A&M professor of
civil engineering, in a local discus
sion and question period at A&M’s
downlink site.
North, local coordinator for the
conference, said similar presenta
tions and informational fomms were
presented across the nation.
“I agree that the evidence is com
pelling that the globe has been
warming because of man’s influence
and will continue,” North said. “The
president and vice president, along
with leaders around the world, real
ize that something must be done.
Countries are now able to come to
gether to make decisions on global
climate problems.”
The Clinton administration be
lieves citizens do not know enough
about global warming, North said.
Attempts to educate the public will
help pass legislation on climate
Opponents of the conference, in
cluding the Citizens for a Sound Econ
omy, say there is not enough infor
mation about global warming to
consider it a major problem.
Carol Jones, a field director for the
Texas Citizens for a Sound Economy,
said the group is working to inform
the public about environmental is
sues but does not believe there is
enough data on global warming to
implement industrial changes.
“The government should not
spend billions of tax payers’ dollars on
something that hasn’t been proven to
hurt the U.S. economy,” Jones said.
“We are proponents of clean air and
clean water, but there is no conclusive
evidence that we should remedy the
problem (global warming). More re
search should be done to find that
there truly is a problem.”
The Kyoto Conference, sched
uled for December in Kyoto, Japan,
will bring world leaders together to
discuss the problems of global
warming and identify international
of candidates who don’t wani
names known unless theyhy
chance of being chosen. SomtC'
didates could still drop outbfifojlic j ^ | ^
21 days begin. frheA<
Two other members ofthe^
committee, UT professor W , '
Gilbert and Student Goverrrfe. s( ( l | 1( ,
President Marlen Whitley, ak:j|., (|( l( | .,
they were pleased with thep::L/ \ us{ ^
and candidates. g^,,, N
I m anxious to actuallyj .
the candidates face-toiL^ ;|m ,
Whitley said. "There’salotOM ol ] l ,| 1
ipation on campus... tofindim ss
leadership, and we’re lookiii;L| lout
ward to delivering that.” Itched.
Gilbert said the campuscoim f orm
nity had been respectful ,m )VVS is ’
process, and “we’re very our
things have been kept veryiMhardst
dential. (Finally
It will be a real exciting*^ggie
when everyone knows whcB^g
candidates are” during dM sw jth (
days, she added. Bierbei
Biter rea
fends on
v : (l the o]
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Twelve girls will attendarjfoni the/
shop and will be inductedOci.:of quartei
the University of Texas chawidyMc
Sigma Lambda Gamma. j: The Ag
Olivia Cortez, a foundingrMarterba
her of the organization andaso^ive throu
more psychology major, saidrad passu
mation of these organizatic: against th
another way to promote HisjEfehse in Bi
on campus. fggie fans
“We want to be recognized. - rj ie m;
have a voice on campus, jAefc.J ac ] ies ’ a
“Sigma Lambda GammviM ct
ious in tl
Jpnb to (
Don’t get stuck
behind the Eight Boll!
Play against the
best that A&M
has to offer!!!
October 7,1997 at 7PM
at Hullabaloo in the
Memorial Student Center
$5 Entry Fee
Brought to you by MSC NOVA. ^
Persons with disabilities please call us at 845-1515 so that we may best assist you at the event.
Taking the
Princeton December LSAT?
review You are not ready.
Courses star
October lit!
Call NOW!
+ 7 Point Average Incret NOT!
# 46 hours In-Class Instricii
# Satisfaction Guaranteei
# Free Extra Help
# 4 real, Full-Length LSAi
Given Under Test Condition
# 10 Additional Real LSAl
# Computer Analyzed Scos
# Maximum Class SizeofI |mmed
ther wee
stin an
ms to c
the Agg
ds frou
Off Campus
General Meeting
Tonight 8:00pm
at Gattiland
(on Briarcrest near Kent)
The Texas A&M University
PreMedical Society
Dr. Joye Carter
Harris County Chief Medical Exami
Tuesday, October 7
7:00 p.m.
Room 292 B MSC
Dr. Carter will discuss her position and responsibilities as wep
describe many of the cases on which she has worked. Pleaserj
your plans now to attend this exciting event. For more informal
please contact Roxanne at 260-0187.
PreMedical Society Fall 1997 Schedule (all events'
take place at 7:00 p.m. in room 292B MSC):
October 21
November 4
November 18
AIDS Panel
Dr. Nancy Dickey, President-Elect]
the American Medical Associafo 1
Registration Social h ch Joh
^Bn presei