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Texas Eastman U.S. Space & Rocket Center UFE Incorporated Valspar Corporation All Majors Majors CEEN CHEN ELEN PHYS CHEN ELEN MEEN BANA BUSI CEEN CPSC BUSI CPSC ENGR LBAR CHEN ELEN ELEN INEN MEEN ELEC ELEN MECH MEEN COSC CVEN MEEN CVEN MEEN PHYS BANA CPSC ELEN MEEN CECN CEEN CPSC ELEN BANA CECN CEEN CPSC CHEN ELEN MEEN AERO CECN CEEN CPSC CHEM CHEN ELEN MEEN ELEN MEEN CHEN MEEN PETE CPSC CEEN ELEN AGEN MEEN CHEN CHEN ELEN AERO ELEN MEEN BUSI CHEN CPSC ELEN AERO BIEN CEEN CPSC BIEN ELEN MEEN INEN CHEN ENGR MEEN CHEN Invited ECON ELEN LANG LBAR MEEN ELEN ELEN MEEN Environmental "V A T" The Battalion W ASHINGTON Tuesday • October 7, Clinton: Answer to global warmin lies in energy-efficient technolog WASHINGTON (AP) — Presi dent Clinton said Monday the dan ger of global warming is real but higher energy taxes to fight it “won’t pass muster with the American people” and probably would doom an anti-pollution treaty. Clinton, at a White House con ference, said the United States must commit to steps to control global releases of heat-trapping gases. But he said the answer lies in promoting new energy-efficient technologies — and not imposing steep energy price increases to en courage efficiency. “If all we do is raise the price of coal and oil... it won’t pass muster with the American people,” said Clin ton. Any treaty to curb greenhouse gases by forcing higher energy costs would be “a grand gesture” likely to fail a ratification vote by the Senate. Some economists and labor leaders, meanwhile, urged cau tion, fearing the new carbon emis sion cuts would hurt U.S. indus tries and lead to jobs being sent overseas to countries facing less stringent requirements. “The economic stakes for the United States are enormous. It is es sential that we do whatever we do carefully,” AFL-CIO President John Sweeney said during a panel dis cussion on economics, wrapping Clinton up the daylong conference. Deputy Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, who in internal adminis tration debates has urged a go-slow approach, said any U.S. program should include flexible programs to ease the transi tion for U.S. indus tries and reduce economic costs. Clinton said he is “completely persuaded” by the argument that manmade pollu tion from burning fossil fuels will cause a dangerous warming of the planet if not checked. Capping such pollution is essential “to avoid leaving our chil dren and grandchildren with a cat astrophe,” the president said. Clinton also said “a global agree ment must take into account devel oping nations” but that uncertainty about the role of such countries as China and India is “not an excuse for us to do nothing.” Later, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said the United States would seek a global agreement that is fair to such developing countries as China, which has said it would not commit to pollution controls until developing countries have acted. m um% IE Industry groups have wag $15 million advertising camp; predicting that Clinton’s gk warming policies will causeen; prices to soar and tries at a disadvantage against! na and other countries. The conference, attended h enlists, business groups and ronmentalists, was designed tog er support for the administrai global warming policy in advant international climate talks ink in December to negotiate bk caps on heat-trapping emission “I’m confident that thescieno climate change is real,” Clinton the conference held at Geoi University. "Although we donotk everything, what we do knowisn than enough to warrant action. “It would clearly be a grave take to bury our heads intotta and think the issue will go® Clinton told the audience, including most of his Cabinet senior White House economic environmental advisers. Business groups haven intense campaign in recentw against committing the States to binding reduction; greenhouse gases when more! 160 countries meet in Kyoto,)a[ in December to chart the next! in dealing with global warmin' The Veritas Forum at Texas A&M r\CW 'sC’-V AW ' October 9th, 13th, & 14th *^•11 the Real Creator Please Stand Up?" Titoe, the Big Bang, and the Creation of the Un iverse Dr. William P^Isday^October 9th- Rudder Theater. 7:00-8:30 p.m. Another Thursday presentation— Has Science Made Faith in God Impossible?" MSC 292A, 3:30-5:00 p.m. "Throwing a (Monkey) Wrench into Danvin's Machinery" The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution Monday. Oct. 13th. Rudder Theater, 7:00-8:30 p.m. Another Monday presentation- Dr. Michael Behe "A Scientific Defense for an Intelligent Designer" Biochemistry 108, 4:00-5:30 p.m. "Confessions of a Faithful Atheist" The Psychology of Atheism Tuesday. October 14th, Rudder Theater. 7:00-8:30 p.m Another Tuesday presentation- "The Religion of Psychology" BSBE 115, 4:00-5:30 p.m. Dr. Paul Vitz The Veritas Forum is presented by The Christian Faculty Fellowship of Texas A&M and over 15 area churches and recognized Christian student organizations.