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Page 4 •The Battalion
Friday • October 6,
Soma strives for mainstream appeal
By Amy Collier
The Battalion
F our A&M students are do
ing what they love most
while they’re in college —
playing music across Texas.
The students came together
in the fall of 1993 to form Soma,
a heavy metal band.
Chris Kline, drummer for
Soma and a junior industrial en
gineering major, said the mem
bers are influenced by old Metal-
lica music, Smashing Pumpkins
and White Zombie, creating a
sound he describes as a “hard
core, psychedelic groove.”
After the band formed, it im
mediately wrote 15 songs and
recorded 11 of them on Nibble
With the Happy People, which
was released in January. The
tape is being sold at record
stores in College Station, and
150 of the 200 the band distrib
uted have been sold.
Despite the success the band
has had selling its music, Kline
said the members have encoun
tered some problems performing
in College Station.
“I don’t know if it’s just people
in this town,” Kline said, “but for
some reason, I get the vibes that
people don’t like us.”
Kline said he gets these neg
ative vibes because the fliers
the band puts up to advertise
its shows are often torn down.
He said the reason for this may
be that the band’s audiences
sometimes get rowdy, and
fights occasionally break out
during its shows.
But Kline said the members
can’t control its audience.
“We just have real good inten
tions,” Kline said. “We don’t
have any bad intentions. We just
want people to support the local
music scene.”
The band is trying to over
come these difficulties and es
tablish itself in the music indus
try. Kline said the members’ im-
mediate goal is to get signed
onto a record label.
“We just want to have some
one who could back us,” Kline
said. “There’s a lot of things w
need right now — like bettei
Spears brings high energy honky tonk to Shadow Canyon
By Rachel Barry
The Battalion
A self-described honky-tonk
original Texas musician
will perform at Shadow
Canyon Saturday night, mark
ing the first live performance at
the dance hall.
Ronny Spears of Honky Tonk
Hardcore said he wants to give
College Station a taste of Texas
music. Spears said his music is
upbeat and sincere and that his
shows are high-energy.
“You won’t cry at any of our
shows,” he said.
Spears said that in Fort
Worth, where the band is based,
it has to keep its performances
on a positive level to keep its au
diences entertained.
“You’ve got to be on a positive
scale, or they’ll walk to another
place where it is rocking and
kicking,” he said.
Spears said his music stems
from his roots and is influenced
by musicians Jerry Jeff Walker
and Robert Earl Keen.
“I’ve never been real comfort
able with people from Harvard
telling me how my music should
be played,” he said. “I stick with
my roots and go with it. ”
The band has had surprising
success overseas. Spears said
the success is because Texas mu
sic is rare outside of the United
States. He also said that when
there is a song that is -heartfelt,
it goes over well overseas.
“When they hear something
that is straight out of J.R.’s living
room, they get fired up,” he said.
Spears said the six-piece band
tries to keep people dancing. He
said that he gets the same rush
from performing that he experi
enced when he was involved in
sports in high school, only this is
more fun.
“When I’m singing, it’s just
like I go to another place, and
when I finish, I come back to see
how I did,” he said.
Spears said the only fear he
has when performing is forget
ting words to the songs. He
said, however, that he has been
able to ad-lib and keep the
songs going when he has a
memory lapse.
“It’s not that I’m an actor,”
he said, “it’s just that I am
afraid of failing.”
John Muzyka, one of Spears
agents, is bringing Spears here
as part of an effort to brinj
more music to the area. Muzs'
ka graduated from A&M in
May 1993.
While he was a student,!
Muzyka put together a showcase
for local amateur musicians.lit
said that after moving to Fort
Worth and being exposed!)
Texas music and the peoplewb
play it, he wants College ShtE
to experience it.
Muzyka said Spears’mnssi
has a lot of genuine roots.
“The music embodies whatil
means to be a Texan,” he sail
“People here have so muchpril!
in their state.”
He said the musicians willb
able to relate to Aggies because
they share Texas pride.
Muzyka began his job asai
agent for some of the musicians in
Fort Worth as a hobby andasi
favor to his friends. He saidbrin'
ing Texas music into CollegeSta
tion can be a risk, but thatitisa
risk he is willing to take.
“I love the music, andifyot
don’t risk anything, you don't
gain anything,” he said.
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