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sday • March 7, 1995
■■■■■■■■■■■ I
The Battalion • Page 5
: : : ::
ouston Astros beat
incinnati Reds
PLANT CITY, Fla. (AP) — Only
out 100 fans stuck around
onday to see the Cincinnati Reds
main the worst replacement team
spring training.
The winless Reds rallied to tie the
me in the ninth inning on Rick
Hers’ two-out single, but the
juston Astros went on to win it 9-7
Tim Evans’ two-run single in the
th inning.
The Reds sold 1,006 tickets to the
me at Plant City Stadium, which
Ids 6,800. The actual attendance
around 300, and only about a
rd of them stuck around to see the
me team lose again.
Cincinnati fell to 0-5, the worst
cord among the 27 teams fielding
A lack of enthusiasm was evident
the Reds’ offices as well as the
ands Monday. Coach Ray Knight
alked into manager Davey
ihnson’s office before the game
ith the lineup card and said,
low’s this?”
Johnson, who was eating soup
id reading a newspaper, didn’t
/en look at the names before
going the card.
aseball Hall of Fame
andidates chosen
TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Richie
hburn and Larry Doby, who
ild've played in the same outfield
the Cleveland Indians except for
ruling by Kenesaw Mountain
andis, are considered among
e top candidates for election
lesday to the Hall of Fame by the
eterans Committee.
Nellie Fox, Gil Hodges and
egro Leagues star Leon Day also
and a chance to be chosen. Hall of
amers Ted Williams, Stan Musial
nd Yogi Berra are on the 17-
ember panel that will vote, with 75
ercent required for selection.
"It would be a great honor,
question,” Ashburn said. "But
oiv could I be optimistic after all
K$e years?”
In an effort to enhance the
iportunities for 19th century
ayers and former Negro Leaguers,
e committee’s rules have been
ivised for a five-year period,
larting Tuesday, there will be a
ipplemental election for one player
each of those categories, in
Won to the usual two people the
mel can pick.
Roger Hsieh/THE Battalion
Senior center Debbie Bierman reaches for the ball in Saturday’s
game against Baylor.
Sports writer
W ho should
be the the
most valu
able player in the
NBA this year?
Some say Ha
keem Olajuwon of
the Houston
Rockets should
repeat as MVP
while others say it should be
Orlando’s Shaquille O’ Neal.
However, I think the award
should go to Mr. Controversy
himself, Dennis Rodman of the
San Antonio Spurs.
That’s right, Dennis Rod-
man. Now, I know those Hous
ton “Sprockets” fans and you
“Shaq-Fu’s” out there are cring
ing about that statement, but I
honestly be
lieve he de
serves the
Maybe he
doesn’t pro
duce any of
fense, but
he makes
his presence
known on the court. Forget
about the many colors on his
head or the numerous tattoos
found on his body. Just look at
what his presence on the court
does to the opposing team.
Ask Olajuwon about the re
bounding performance Rodman
has done on the Rockets this
season. Can Hakeem say 57 re
bounds in the last two games?
□ The team is confident
after a successful
regular season.
By Jim Anderson
The Battalion
Success brings about in
creased notability. This fact was
not lost on the Texas A&M wom
en’s basketball team this season.
Last year’s appearance in the
NCAA Tournament Sweet 16
caused increased expectations
for the Lady Aggies this year.
They met these expectations
with mixed results, going 18-8
overall and 9-5 in the Southwest
Conference, tied for second with
Southern Methodist behind
champion Texas Tech.
Coach Candi Harvey was not
disappointed at all with the
team’s results.
“We had a very good season
considering the fact that the
conference has improved so
much from where it was at a
couple of years ago,” Harvey
said. “Everyone played us tough
because we were no longer a
surprise this year.”
Big wins against nationally
ranked Texas Tech and rival
Texas were balanced out by
disappointing losses to SMU
and Baylor.
“We had some losses to people
Okay, Rodman averages only
7.0 points per game, but the bas
kets he does make charges up
the team as well as himself emo
tionally. Shaq and the Magic
know about his ability to posi
tion himself to score. Can Shaq
say game-winning bucket made
by Rodman at the buzzer?
So what if Rodman lets his
emotions take over his mind
sometimes. And yeah, maybe
he does get suspended by the
team or the league sometimes.
But once he gets back on the
court, watch out.
Case in point, is the 1995
Spurs team. At the beginning of
this season, Rodman was sus
pended for supposedly throwing
an ice bag at Spurs head coach
that we shouldn’t have lost to,”
said junior guard Lisa Branch,
who lead the Lady Aggies in scor
ing with 16 points a game. “This
was something that hurt us a lot.”
However, the team was able
to rebound from some early sea
son setbacks and finish strong
going into the SWC tournament
this Wednesday.
“We played our best game of
the year against Baylor last
Saturday,” Harvey said. “This
has us pleased and optimistic
about what we will be able to
do in the tournament.”
The players are confident of
the teams chances going into
post season action. Junior guard
Bambi Ferguson believes that
with a few breaks a tournament
victory and NCAA Tournament
berth are not out of the question.
“We feel that we have the best
team in the conference,” Fergu
son said. “Now we just have to
go out on the court and prove
that to the teams that we are
playing against.”
Coach Harvey said despite
the second-place finish in the
SWC, the team has no reason to
feel disappointed.
“We had the second highest
win total in school history this
year and were ranked the en
tire season,” Harvey said. “This
team doesn’t need to be
ashamed of anything.”
into A&M
record books
By Robert Rodriguez
The Battalion
Texas A&M swimmer
Kent Willis wanted to be in
the Texas A&M Corps of
Cadets and on the A&M
swimming team his whole
life. Instead of choosing one,
he decided to do both.
Willis, a redshirt fresh
man from Spring Woods
High School in Houston, is
in Company E-2 of the
A&M Corps of Cadets and
also swims distance
freestyle for the Aggies.
“The Corps is something
I’ve wanted to do my entire
life,” Willis said. "Joining
the Corps helped me
with my grades to get a 3.5
last semester.”
Willis has also excelled
in the pool. He posted the
third-best time in A&M
swimming history in the
500-yard freestyle with a
time of 4:29.60.
He has also posted the
team’s season-best times in
the 500-yard freestyle and
See Willis, Page 6
Bob Hill. Because of the suspen
sion, the Spurs struggled and
looked like a team that could
maybe sneak into the playoffs.
Once Rodman was reinstated,
the Spurs did a complete turn-
Maybe he (Rodman) doesn't
produce any offense, but he
makes his presence known on
the court.
around and now look like the
team which will give the defend
ing champion Rockets an early
exit in the playoffs. Since Rod
man’s reinstatement, the Spurs
are 32-7, and the Spurs haven’t
been beating the Clippers and
Timberwolves either.
The Spurs have taken 5 out
of 6 games against Houston
and already have beaten Orlan
do once this season. The only
team that really
has given Rodman
and the Spurs trou
ble this year is the
Dallas Mavericks.
The Spurs are 1-2
against the “Mav-
wrecks”, but they
still have to play
three more games.
Plain and simple, Rodman is
a rebounding machine. If some
one gets 25 rebounds in one
game, it’s his career night. Not
See Rodriguez, Page 6
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