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Thursday, September 9, 1993
The Battalion
Page 9
An Eagle's eye Thomas TUSheS with TCSpeCt A&M awaits NCAA
view of Smith
versus Dallas
By David Winder
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V V Dallas
[Cowboys and
Redskins on
Monday night
confirmed sus
picions that I've
had since day
one of the Em-
mitt Smith hold
Let's face it
Cowboy fans,
without Emmitt,
the thought of
championships ' *
stops at "re" in repeat. One can't fath
om "the Boys" getting back to the Su
per Bowl, or even making the playoffs
unless number 22 is in the backfield.
Derrick Lassie is indeed impressive,
and he put together a very nice game
on Monday. Unfortunately, I've seen
Emmitt run, and Derrick Lassie, you
are no Emmitt Smith.
Wide receiver Michael Irvin and
tight end Jay Novacek are two impos-
pass receiving threats, but unless
the Cowboys can establish a running
game, the passing game will not fully
open up and the offense will be a far
cry from where it was last year.
In a sense, I am smiling that Emmitt
isnoton the field (I guess, in part, be
cause I am a Philadelphia Eagles fan).
On the other hand, Emmitt needs to
return to the Cowboys to make it an
enjoyable season for ALL football fans.
The sad fact is that the once domi-
iant NFC East is slowly falling in
stature. Not because the division that
iascaptured three straight Super
Championships is any less com-
etitive, but with big name losses from
early all five teams, the Smith hold-
See Rush/Page 10
Thc Battalion
Texas A&M running back Rodney
Thomas has what might be called a
Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hy'de type of per
Off the field, he's been known to
help the A&M equipment crew and
shake the opposing player's hands
after every game. Thomas even goes
as far to thank reporters for their
time after they' are finished inter
viewing him.
But he's got as many moves on
the field as he does manners off.
Offensive coordinator Bob Toledo
once called him a "violent runner"
when he is between the goal posts.
Usually, Thomas is the one initiating
the contact and not the defense.
He's not the type of back to step out
of bounds to avoid a tackle.
"You have to turn one switch on
and the other one off," Thomas said.
"Football is a very intense game, a
very tough game. Your personality
has to change because it takes a lot
of intensity and mental prepara
He said much of his off the field
demeanor comes from the way he
was brought up.
"It's just the way I was raised,"
Thomas said. "I had good people
raising me and was always sur
rounded by good people."
Toledo has always been im
pressed with Thomas' temperament.
"His character, his attitude, he's
humble, he's a very gracious pier-
son," Toledo said. "He's an extreme
ly hard worker. He always plays
hard but he's still a nice guy.
"He's the kind of guy you would
want for your daughter to marry.
He's just a great human being that
happen to play football."
He is also proved once again that
he is a great football player. Against
Louisiana State last week, he rolled
up a career high 201 yards which in
cluded an 80 yard touchdown run.
His performance made him the
word on suspensions
By William Harrison
The Battalion
Texas A&M Vice
President for Finance
and Administration
Robert Smith said
Wednesday that the
A&M football program
can only wait on the
NCAA's decision re
garding the status of five
suspended players: Greg
Hill, James Brooks, Bill}'
Mitchell, Brian Mitchell
and Jessie Cox.
Smith confirmed that
he, A&M interim Presi
dent E. Dean Gage and
A&M System Chancellor
William Mobley met
with NCAA officials in
Overland Park, Kansas
Tuesday to discuss facili
tating the decision.
"We expect to receive
a communication from
them regarding our ear
lier request for agree
ment on the institution-
imposed penalties,"
Smith said.
"We're seeking from
them a decision: you
either agree with our
See NCAA/Page 10
OU's Beavers hopes to
bust out against A&M
By Julie Chelkowski
Darrin Hill/Tnc Battalion
Texas A&M running back Rodney Thomas (20) congratulates Louisiana
State free safety Ryan Huffman (15) after A&M beat LSU 24-0. Thomas
gained a career-best 201 yards and is the NCAA Division I's leading rusher.
top rusher in the NCAA Division I
and put his name in the Heisman
trophy race.
"Rodney gets stronger as the
game goes on," Toledo said. "I was
really happy to see him do what he
did. He's not a back-up in our opin
ion, he's a starter."
Even after his performance
against LSU, Thomas still does not
feel he is the feature back.
"I never thought as myself as a
premiere back," Thomas said. "I al
ways thought of myself as complet
ing a role."
Exemplifying his team first atti
tude, Thomas does not consider his
performance or touchdown the high
point of the 24-0 win last Saturday at
Kyle Field.
"I don't think there were any
plays that were really highlights,"
Thomas said. "But I know one of the
highlights that I'm going to remem
ber is the way that we stuck together
as a team. The way we came togeth
er, kept after it and worked things
out as a team."
See Beavers/Page 1 (j>
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The Battalion
Norman, Oklahoma may not be the most appealing
vacation spot. The land is flat, the air is dry. In fact,
there is not much to do and not much to see.
Except for one sight in Memorial Stadium that cannot
be missed.
Oklahoma outside linebacker Aubrey Beavers is one
Norman attraction that many football teams would
rather avoid. "The Beav" is not easily forgotten, espe
cially by those who run in his direction.
This Saturday, the Aggies will test the defensive
strength of the Sooners, and Beavers said he is ready.
"I've been waiting on this game for a while," he said.
"They're a great team. But they need to watch out be
cause I'm coming in and they're coming to loner d."
Texas A&M head coach R.C. Slocum said he is very
much aware of Beavers' playing abilities and potential
on the field. Beavers had considered coming to A&M,
but opted for Oklahoma in an effort to leave the South
west Conference.
"He can run like a deer and he's big," Slocum said. "I
don't know what you do about it. If you run away from
him, he tracks you down, and if you run at him then he
wrecks things.