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Page 2 The Battalion Wednesday, March 31,1993
Endowment offers students opportunity to study abroad
The Battalion
Twenty-five Texas A&M University
undergraduate students will have the
opportunity to study in Europe be
cause of support from the James Earl
Rudder Normandy Scholarship pro
gram offered through the Study
Abroad office.
For 10 weeks prior to leaving the
United States, students study the caus
es, effects and aftermath of World War
II; then, they travel to France to visit
the actual site of former University
President James Earl Rudder's success
ful D-Day invasion during World War
"It's really a moving and awe-inspir
ing experience to go to the 1944 loca
tion of the Allies," said Dr. Larry Hill,
history department head. "It brings
home the terrible nature of war to see
the vast cemeteries with tens of thou
sands of graves."
The program is named after Rudder
for his accomplishments and contribu
tions during World War II. A private
endowment from the Battle of Nor
mandy Foundation in Washington D.C.
pays transportation, housing and food
expenses for the students.
Ross McGlothlin, a junior history
and English major, said by studying
and learning about the horrors of war,
it might be avoided in the future.
"Our duty is to see that it never
happens again," said McGlothlin, who
participated in the program last year.
McGlothlin said everything at the
invasion site remains the same as it
was in 1944. "The bomb craters, Ger
man guns, weapons. Everything is the
same as it was 50 years ago," he said.
Three-day weekends permit the stu
dents to travel to Paris and London,
but these extra excursions are not paid
for by the program.
Mary Beth Butler, assistant to the di
rector for the Study Abroad Program,
said competition for the semester-long
program is high. The selection com
mittee looks for high GPAs, participa
tion in outside activities and good ref
erences, she said.
The program is an intensive, high-
level semester, and the classes are
taught on the honors level, Butler said.
The Normandy Scholarship Program is
open to all undergraduate students, re
gardless of majors.
"Last semester, we had students
with majors in pre-med, political sci
ence, history and others," said Dr.
Frank Baumgartner, associate professor
of political science. "Since the first
group has returned. I've written four
letters of recommendation for students
going to medical school."
Rudder commanded the 2nd Ranger
Battalion during the D-Day invasion of
Normandy to capture the German guns
strategically placed at the top or the
100 ft. cliffs of Pointe du Hoe. The ene
my guns had the capability of shooting
troops on Omaha beach and at the Al
lies landing ships.
The mission was accomplished with
in 30 minutes, despite heavy casualties.
Rudder was wounded twice.
Gen. Omar Bradley, commander of
U.S. ground forces in France, later
praised Rudder's performance in his
biography, "A Soldier's Story."
"No soldier in my command has
ever been wished a more difficult task
than that which befell the 34-year-old
commander of this Provisional Ran e er
Force," Bradley said.
Rudder also commanded the 109th
Infantry Regiment in helping to drive
back the Germans in their last big
counter-offensive, the Battle of the
Upon his return to the States, Rud
der was mayor of Brady, Texas, Vice
President of Brady Aviation Corpora
tion and Commissioner of the General
Land Office of Texas.
In 1957, he became Vice President of
Texas A&M and in 1959, he was ap
pointed president.
Under Rudder's guidance, Texas
A&M enrollment nearly doubledin
size, mandatory participation in the
Corps of Cadets was abolished, women
were admitted on an equal basis as
men, and the campus was racially inte
Rudder died in 1970 at the age of 59.
Margaret Rudder, wife of the former
Texas A&M president, will be a special
guest at a reception honoring the fall
1992 and 1993 Normandy Scholars to
Police Beat
The following incidents were reported to the
University Police Department between March
16 and March 25.
Burglary of a Vehicle
•Hensel Terrace Apartments - The rear
sliding glass window on the victim's 1982
Ford Pickup truck was pried open and a
white cloth work glove was stolen from the
•Hensel Terrace Apartments — The victim's
1991 Mazda Protege was entered and a lug
nut adapter was stolen from the dash board
ash tray.
Burglary of a Building
•Reed McDonald Building — A large
quantity of camera equipment valued in ex
cess of $4,000 was stolen from a first floor
•University Housing Air Conditioning
Shop - A Refrigerant Recovery Technologies
Inc. CFC Recovery Unit was stolen from the
Burglary of a Coin-Operated Machine
•A-l Lounge — The coin changer was re
moved from a copy machine in the building.
The company representative reported $30 in
change missing, however, the machine was
not damaged.
Misdemeanor Theft
•Sterling C. Evans Library - A gray wallet
and checkbook were stolen from an unat
tended study carrel on the second floor.
•Rudder Theater - A 46-inch by 49-inch
painting titled "Naked Ladies" was stolen
from the first floor restroom lobby area.
•Zachary Engineering Center - The vic
tim's purple backpack was stolen from a third
floor room. It was recovered in the southwest
stairwell on the first floor. The victim report
ed a Hewlett Packard calculator, two text
books and a checkbook were missing.
Criminal Mischief
•Intramural Sports Complex - Someone
entered the golf ball storage area and dam
aged the golf ball washer by pulling it over
on its side. The reporting party also advised
his vehicle was damaged by someone who
used a sharp instrument to scratch a deroga
tory message on the hood.
•Horse Center Pasture - Someone cut four
strands of wire on the south side of the pas
ture and allowed eight horses to enter the
•Brayton Firefighting School - Someone
used a sharp object to damage the hood,
roof, trunk and both sides of the victim's
1 988 Dodge Shadow.
Indecent Exposure
•Hart Hall - A subject was observed ex
posing his genitals in a manner intended to
arouse or gratify. The subject was arrested
and was found to have two outstanding war
rants for indecent exposure. He was served
with these warrants, escorted to the Brazos
County Jail and arrested.
Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon
•Hensel Park - A subject was found in
possession of an illegal club. The club was
placed in evidence and the subject's parole
officer was notified.
•George Bush Drive - An intoxicated mo
torist was arrested and found to be in posses
sion of an H&R .32 caliber handgun. The
subject was transported to the Brazos County
Jail and incarcerated.
False Alarm or Report
•Zachry Engineering Center - two calls
were received from someone who claimed an
explosive device had been placed inside the
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vote," she said. "Students need to get involved and get to know the
people running."
Even if someone doesn't know anything about the people run
ning, Campbell said, students can write-in a name on the ballot il
they choose not to vote for any of the candidates listed.
This week students will elect a student body president, senior
and junior yell leaders. Residence Hall Association officers, Off
Campus Aggies officers. Class Council officers and student sena
A referendum on the ballot asks students to approve a $15 se
mester fee to fund the library.
If students approve the fee, student leaders will meet with the
Texas A&M University administrators to discuss details before pre
senting the proposal to the Board of Regents for final approval.
Election results will be released at midnight Thursday in front of
the Lawrence Sullivan Ross statue near the Academic Building.
Any runoffs will be held April 6.
Correction . . ^ ,
The Battalion reported Tuesday that on-campus students must
renew or cancel their housing contracts for tHe 1993-94-academic
year this Wednesday and Thursday.
The dates for updating housing contracts are Tuesday and
Wednesday of this week.
The Battalion regrets the error.
WED 3/31
THU 4/1
SUN 4/4
MON 4/5
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ELEN 306
5 PM - 8 PM
ACCT 230
CH 10-11
MATH 1325
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MATH 1325
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MATH 1324
CH 7.1 - 7.2
10 pm - 1 2
ACCT 2402
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PHYS 208
CH 32 - 33
PHYS 208
CH 30 -31
MEEN 212
PHYS 222
CH 6-7
PHYS 208
CH 28-29
PHYS 219
CH9- 10
CH 10- 11
R. I fvl
PHYS 201, 202, 208, 219, 222 MEEN 212, 213, 327, 328
ACCT 229, 230, 327, 328
MATH 150, 141, 142
ELEN 306
CALL 846-2879 • 846-2146 (TICKET OFFICE)
for Students
Find out how to apply for work in
England, Ireland, France, Germany,
Spain, New Zealand, Canada, Costa
Rica, Jamaica, or Australia
Wed. March 31 at 4:00
Thurs. April 1 at 2:30
in 251 Bizzell West
Study Abroad Programs; 161 Bizzell West; 845-0344
Total Quality Management Committee &
The College of Business Administration
and Graduate School of Business
Your Advisors Want You to Succeed...
In a continuing effort to improve the service of advising
in the Undergraduate Programs Office (Blocker 330), we
will be providing preregistration advice for fall 1993 on
the following schedule:
April 5-15
April 12-21
April 16-27
April 22 - May 3
Please assist us in our improvement efforts by observing this
new schedule.
Blocker Room 330
Undergraduate Programs Office
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