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Interested students should contact: Dr. Gerald Meininger Texas A&M Health Science Center 113 Reynolds Building Telephone: 845-0370 Fax: 845-6509 FREE TO LOCAL CALLERS (409) 774-1222 IMPACT - A FREE INFORMATION SERVICE ■ IMPACT is a free information service provided by Bryan/College Station businesses and VMA Information Systems. Simplicity! 1. Dial Number 2. Enter 4-Digit Code 3- Have Fun! » INFORMATIOiV Directory 1500 t VMA, Inc. Customer Service 1010 | Bossier Chrysler-Dodge Jeep/Eagle Time and Temp 1000 | Neru Services 1900 * Health Line » > Medical Updates 2010 Dental Updates 2020 ♦ 2JMIC5 Horoscopes Aquarius <010 Aria <020 Cancer <030 Capricorn <0<0 Gemini ...<050 Leo <060 Libra ... ... .....4070 Pise a <080 Sagittarius <090 Scorpio ... <100 Taurus <110 Virgo <120 » > > Sports Li Basketball Aggie Update Line... Dallas Cowboys....... Houston Oilers Collegiate High School 3210 3020 3030 3040 3060 Opinions <5- Info listen to AGGIE 96 for details. 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Individuals with symptoms of panic attacks are being recruited to participate in a three month study of an investigational medication for the ‘treatment of panic disorder. If you would like more information, §i call VIP Research. $200.00 will be paid to those individuals who ‘ qualify and complete the study. |§ CALL Volunteers in Pharmaceutical Research, Inc. A 776-1417 1 ■ -- Friday, March 12,1993 Page 6 'Already a Legend' big success for Class of '96 Kudos and many thanks are due to the Class of '96 Ball Committee for all the hard work and enthusiasm shown during the months of planning and preparation for last Friday's ball. I simply cannot thank them enough for the incredible job each did. Thanks to all of those individuals who at tended this year's ball. Their attendance at events such as this are a direct reflection of the true Aggie Spirit. Certainly in the future, we expect even larger crowds at Class of '96 spon sored events. In a word, overwhelmed is how I felt about the tremendous response we received from ticket sales. As a result, a strong foundation now exists for continued development for the Class of '96. Each and every member of the Class of '96 has reason to be proud — even those who could not attend the ball. Let the record show that the Class of '96 is "Already a Legend." Gig 'em. Raymond Boney Class of '96 Class Ball Co-Chair Hart Hall: No dumping allowed during school Because of the beautiful weather last week, we thought it would be appropriate to open the windows and let in some fresh air. It seemed like a great idea because in Hart Hall, you don't get too many chances too enjoy a cool room. However, the idea instantly turned sour when, after the windows were opened, we were greeted with the fresh, hot, malodorous fragrance of manure. It seems the individuals with the important job of managing the bushes outside our windows thought it would be wise to lay a fresh compost of dung to help them grow. Was this really a necessary maneuver on their part? .If it really was, couldn't they have waited until Spring Break to stink up our rooms? If it is indeed necessary to fumigate our rooms while we are here, can they not at least provide some air freshener? It's bad enough sweating like an animal in a non-air dorm, but is it necessary to smell like one too? All we ask is that these geniuses exercise improved judgment next time around, because our dorm isn't a zoo, and we aren't animals. Craig Pritzlaff Jeffrey McKinnie Class of '96 No more whining about stupid stuff (yeah, right) I am writing in response to Mark A. Magee's letter in the March 9 Battalion. First of all, I would just like to say to everyone who has written a letter to the Battalion condemn ing some part of Texas A&M and or its stu dents, to just sit back and relax. This is one of the finest universities you will ever find, and your are very privileged to attend here. If you would stop looking for such little petty things to complain about, and just live your college life the way you see fit, you will get a much more rewarding experience from it. Magee stated that Texas A&M was the "Beer Drinking Capital of the World," and that was a reason behind some people choosing not to attend this university. I don't know where he gets his statistics on "beer drinking schools," but I hardly think that really serves as a deterrent for those seeking a fine educa tion. Last time I checked, a degree from Texas A&M was very highly respected, and not thought of as a piece of paper from a "Beer Drinking School." If you look around, I think you'll find that every college has students who do consume alcohol. I am not trying to condone anything, nor am I trying to condemn anything. I am just tired of Texas A&M being looked down upon by students who take the littlest thing and make it into a huge crisis. Drinking is not a problem here, and until AA becomes a class we get credit for, I don't think it, or any other minute problem needs to be addressed. Lisa Cantu Cristie Gill Class of'96 Reader gets the most out of All-Sports pass Having missed only a few of the A&M men's home basketball games in the last three ears, I suppose I have a perspective that is a it different. One thing I have seen at many games this year is Greg Hill, smiling comfort ably as he sits behind the basket with the other athletes. It just warms my heart to know that I can't get into that section of G. Rollie White be cause it is being reserved for the small number of athletes who actually show up by game time. My message to the athletic department is that the athletes have not made use of their special seating privileges, so the bleachers be hind the basket should be opened up to the student body. Besides, where are the special seats for academic scholarship holders? As for Greg Hill, he just doesn't seem to un derstand the situation. If the average person had done what he did, it would take a long time for that person to regain the respect of his peers and society. When someone in a promi nent position commits an indiscretion, it drags the entire University through the mud. We all know that Hill made a poor decision, and I guess my message is that some things cannot be fixed by carrying a football. I don't doubt that he is a good guy, and I hope that he and the other players who messed up can learn from this experience. While I'm on the topic of athletics. I'll say that the firing of A1 Givens, the Lady Aggie Volleyball Coach, has me puzzled a bit. Lynn Hickey, assistant athletic director and women's hoops coach, stated that the volley ball program needed to move up to the next level, thereby justifying the dismissal. That's all good and well, but it seems to me that the women's basketball and volleyball programs have had about the same success over the past few seasons. Hmm, was somebody messing with the speck of dust in her neighbor's eye, or is there more to this than meets the eye? Just curious... After the Aggies knocked Rice out of the Southwest Conference basketball champi onship Saturday night with an 82-76 victory, coach Tony Barone said that his team's effort this season has been largely unappreciated. Talk about your basic understatement! Most people here on campus thought the Albritton victory bells on that night were a fire drill. After I told several students of the signif icance of the ringing bells, they looked at me incredulously, perhaps hearing for the first time that A&M has a basketball team. If we'd spend more time supporting our basketbal team and less time worrying about Spike lei and Ron Wilson, life for Barone's kids would be a bit better. Of course, if the state legisla ture decides to "shut this sucker down," wi won't even have Aggie basketball anymore. Congratulations to the Texas Aggie Basebai beam on its hot start. Perhaps this will finall; be the year that Mark's boys make it to Oma ha. Either way, it's a pleasure to be a fan d such a fine program, even if most of the guyi could use some intensive bunting practice Wouldn't it be great if we got to host anothei regional! Finally, what's the deal with the yellow tape surrounding the Simpson Drill Field? Isil mined or something? I can understand why the University wouldn't want people playing rugby or driving all-terrain vehicles in the! middle of it, but restricting pedestrians is a bit I ridiculous. I mean, what's the point of havingl a beautiful green field if you can't even wall I on it? Brooke Small I Class o/'ftl Aggie mom angry over food services' conduct Is this any way to treat an Aggie mom? Ap parently yes! My first encounter with A&M was whenl attended freshman orientation with my son. Ij so admired the strong sense of loyalty and spirit at A&M, in addition to the eagerness to help one another. During a luncheon with the Student Body President and food service personnel, my son was told that if there were any changes or ad ditions the students would like to see in the area of food service to please let them know and the request would be taken into considera tion. One of the things my son and his friends wanted to see was more low-fat snacks. Being a distributor of soft Bavarian pretzels and pret zel buns, I thought I would bring it to the at tention of food services. I placed a call to Col. Jim Moore. He was extremely enthusiastic and told me to bring him a sample. He saidit sounded like a great idea. I made the 90 mile trek to A&M, excited that my pretzels could soon be in the hands of thousands of Aggies. Upon my arrival, it was apparent that Col. Moore had no authority to make this decision. He then directed me to Lloyd Smith. Smith said that if I could get a certain ration of pretzels and buns, I would have myself a deal and that I should them the next day. Exhilarated, I called the next day. All I re ceived was "Mr. Smith is not at his desk,' "HeTl return your call," "He's in a meeting,' etc. After two to three weeks of this nonsense, I received a call from a man named Mike who said he was sending me a BID SHEET! It turns out, I would be bidding against a giant corporation! I feel duped and betrayed, not toj mention disappointed. Honesty 15 fill the best policy and I would expect that from any loyal, devoted Aggie. Vc r i A* dif ba in de Cc no se’ G( ag Fe wl fre Sc wc Bo for de: ter N h b P thi Stl lot su elc ch ho art Pe Pa; nn yo po ch: att th< co fin Shelia Goosby Katy, TX Editorials appearing in The Battalion reflect the views of the li editorial board only. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions j of other Battalion staff members, the Texas A&M student body, I regents, administration, faculty or staff Columns, guest columns, and Mail Call items express the opinions I of the authors only. I The Battalion encourages letters to the editor and will print as many as space allows in the Ma3 CoS section. Letters must be 300 words or less and include the author's name, doss, and phone number. Due to space restrictions, guest columns wl not be accepted unless the author contacts the opinion page for prior approval before submitting columns. We reserve the right to edit letters for length, style, and acaracy Letters should be addressed to: The Battalion - Mai) Cali 01 3 Reed McDonald /MaJ stop 111 I Texas A&M University Colege Station, TX 77843 Mi clc 8 a sei evi kn wl be me arii de; SOI co nu wh er the SOI The Texas A&JVt University Student Publications Board is accepting applications for Editor, Aggieland 1994 The editor of the 1994 Aggieland yearbook will serve from August 1993 through August 1994. Qualifications for the position are: Be a Texas A&lM student with a minimum 2.0 overall and major GPR at the time of appointment and during the term of office; Have at least one year experience in a responsible position on the Aggieland or comparable college yearbook. Have completed or be registered in JOUR 210 (Graphics) or equivalent. Application forms should be picked up and returned to the Student Publications Manager's office, room 230 Reed McDonald Building. Deadline for submitting application: 5 p.m. Wednesday, March 31, 1993. Applicants will be inter viewed during the Student Publications Board Meeting be ginning at 3 p.m. Monday, April 5, 1993, in room 327 Reed McDonald. The Texas A&M University Student Publications Board is accepting applications for Editor, The Battalion Fall 1993 The fall '93 editor will serve from August 16, 1993, through December 10, 1993. Qualifications for editor of The Battalion are: Be a Texas A&.M student with a minimum 2.0 overall and major GPR at the time of appointment and during the term of office; Have at least one year experience in a responsible editorial position on The Battalion or comparable student newspaper, OR Have at least one year editorial experience on a commercial newspaper, OR Have completed at least 12 hours journalism, including JOUR 203 and 303 (Media Writing I and II), JOUR 301 (Mass Comm Law) and JOUR 304 (Editing for the Mass Media), or equivalent. Application forms should be picked up and returned to the Student Publications Manager's office, room 230 Reed McDonald Building. Deadline for submitting application: 5 p.m. Wednesday, March 31, 1993. Applicants will be inter viewed during the Student Publications Board Meeting be ginning at 3 p.m. Friday, April 2, 1993, in room 327 Reed McDonald. we thi; Pai are wh 18 ree 1 shi Wo lea tioi vet D e he; pis opt Pol sta pei wit bac