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Wednesday, January 20,1993 The Battalion Page 7 Tubularman By Boomer Cardinale y 20,1993 n -ere at the ice, to the aughlin's tired, but mocrats. aid Elaine or Lufkin ie Wilson, ae air." hards, in onounced - a feeling 3ria here," one Texas eaking on y. "That's he word early ap- IBS "This Adolescents face morbid events daily, journal says Because some people play to win. tezyk" By Clay Welch its Texan sells steer for $30,500, will use money to attend Texas A&M d you," he g?" asked THE ASSOCIATED PRESS asked how he herself "not to do the contra- did some- n pressed ig adminis- aid, would •ime bill in n Clinton's officers on r handgun i. "Clinton is an agent of Ameri- Iicans and see an im- ; of the na- at attitudes ient will be ie country, to see Clin- d. ire excited of the new doctrinaire; igs work in DENVER — Randy Rash's steer. Flipper, won the grand champion award at the National Western Stock Show and became the Texas youth's ticket to p|lege. Lombardi Bros., a meatpacker, and Paul's Place, a restaurant, on Monday paid $30,500 for Flipper, a 1284-pound Maine Anjou steer, raised by Rash, an 18-year-old from Crockett, Texas. ; "I've raised market steers for eight years, but it's toing to be hard to let go of Flipper, because he's the tetl ever had," Rash said. The $30,500 sale price is the second highest ever paid for a grand champion steer at the Junior Live stock Auction of Champions, one of the highlights of ihe stock show. The normal price would be about $1,027. Rash donated $1,000 to the National Western Scholarship Fund and plans to use the rest to go to Texas A&M to study law and become a politician. It marked the second straight year Lombardi Bros., aad Paul's Place made the high bid for the grand champion steer. Joaquin Crego of Fort Collins sold the grand champion lamb for $5,500 to Gasamat, a perennial buyer at the grand champion sale. Jennifer Holt, owner of the Rattlesnake Ranch in Wyoming, paid $5,300 for the grand champion hog, owned by 17-year-old Jennifer Bullard of Elmore City, Okla. The auction is a popular way for businesses and individuals to encourage and reward the efforts of the next generation of stock raisers, and many buy ers traditionally donate the animals back to the Na tional Western Scholarship Fund. "It is the kind of charity where you see where the dollars are going," said Holt. Results of the auctioning of reserve grand champi ons: — The reserve grand champion steer, owned by Jon Wosje of Milford, Mich., sold for $7,000 to Col orado Rockies baseball club. — The reserve grand champion hog, owned by Eric Bright of Le Grande, Calif., sold for $3,400 to Su per Value Stores Inc. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS NEW YORK - Memo to moody adolescents: If you think everything has been going wrong lately, you may be on to something. Researchers have found new evidence that one rea son life is so unhappy for many young adolescents is that they face a bumper crop of distressing events. What's more, adolescents seem to be thrown more by a pileup of bad events than younger kids are. Evidence for this double-whammy in early adolescence is presented in Janu ary's issue of the journal Devel opmental Psychology by Reed Larson of the University of Illi nois in Urbana and Mark Ham of the Human Development Center in Duluth, Minn. The work supports earlier studies, commented child devel opment expert Jeanne Brooks- Gunn of Columbia University in New York, adding that even pos itive events may contribute to an adolescent's emotional turmoil. Puberty and the transition to junior high also generally con tribute, noted Dr. Daniel Offer, director of adolescent research at Northwestern Medical School. He and Ham studied 483 stu dents in fifth through ninth grades. They were drawn from four predominantly white neigh borhoods in two Chicago sub urbs that Larson declined to identify. The students wore a beeper for a week. When it beeped at random times, they recorded their moods on scales ranging from happy to unhappy, friendly to angry and cheerful to irritable. Negative events included things like worsening relation ships with parents and siblings, being disciplined in school, changing schools, breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend and falling out with a close friend or group of friends. Rainsticks 1 Throws Bali Carvings T-Shirts 210 W. 26th St. Dwtn. Bryan' 775-2984 ^ JL T-Th 12-6 Sat. 10-5 LSAT • GMAT GRE • MCAT 696-9099 Not affiliated with ETS or Princeton U. 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