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They're sightseeing and party ing and shopping. Some of them also are desper ately trying to scrounge tickets to Wednesday's swearing-in ceremo ny, inaugural parade or to one of the inaugural balls. And they're turning to their Texas congressional offices — even the Republican ones — to get those prized tickets. "It's pretty busy," said Ray Sul livan, spokesman for Rep. Sam Johnson, R-Dallas. "There's lots of horse trading going on with swearing-in tickets and ball tick ets and so on." " We're getting a lot of panicked phone calls from our fellow Texas offices asking for spare tickets." Phil Duncan, chief of staff for Amarillo Democrat Bill Sarpalius, agreed. "It's been just sheer bedlam," he said. ''Everybody's calling everybody else looking for tick ets." "It would be funny if it weren't so desperate." Staffers in the state's 32 con gressional offices were busy Tues day greeting the hundreds of con stituents dropping by, camera in hand, to meet their representative. grab a cup of coffee to ward off the cool temperatures, or score some inaugural tickets. "We are kind of on a continual open house basis, with coffee and cookies for any constituents that come through/' said Scott Suther land, spokesman for Rep. Ron Coleman, D-El Paso. Members of Congress some times got involved themselves in the never-ending ticket hunt. A Gonzales couple turned to Rep. Greg Laughlin, D-West Co lumbia, for inaugural ball tickets after flying to Washington and finding nary a ticket in sight. "They came up here in a panic and Greg made a couple of phone calls and I guess they were at the right time, the right place, to the right people," said Laughlin's spokesman Donze Lopez. The staffers may be tired, but spirits are high ... for Democrats. "It's a nice feeling," said Elaine Lang, press secretary for Lufkin Democratic Rep. Charlie Wilson. "There's a real thrill in the air." Texas Gov. Ann Richards, in town since Sunday, pronounced the mood "euphoria" — a feeling not shared by all. "There ain't no euphoria here," grumbled a staffer for one Texas House Republican, speaking on condition of anonymity. "That's for sure." Euphoria wasn't the word when Richards had an early ap pearance Tuesday on CBS "This Morning." Baird apologizes for hiring illegal immigrants THE ASSOCIATED PRESS WASHINGTON — Attorney-general-desig nate Zoe Baird apologized Tuesday for hiring illegal immigrants and said she acted as a mother instead of a lawyer when she broke federal law to obtain care for her young son. "It was a violation of the law," Baird told the Senate Judiciary Committee. "Our decision to hire the couple was wrong and I deeply re gret it." Baird recounted for the panel her difficulty in finding the babysitter they wanted for their child. She repeatedly asserted she was offering explanations and not excuses. "I was acting ... more as a mother than as a person who would be sitting here designated as attorney general," said Baird, 40, the $500,000-a-year general counsel of the Aetna Life & Casualty Company. She and her husband, Yale law professor Paul Gewirtz, paid a Peruvian woman and her husband, who served as a driver for the family, a total of $2,000 a month plus free room and board, she testified. Since being named by President-elect Clin ton to head the Justice Department, Baird has paid back Social Security taxes and $2,900 in civil fines for hiring the couple. She asked the committee to consider the vi olation in the context of her overall career. Committee chairman Joseph Biden, D-Del., said he would have opposed the nomination had she not come clean. "Everybody does not do it," Biden said. "It is not technical." "I think . . . people are fairly questioning whether there is a class of people who hold themselves above the law," he said. If she had given excuses such as they were just following a lawyer's advice, Biden said: "I would cer tainly be opposed to you." Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, the panel's top Republican, said the episode would not stand in the way of Baird's confirmation by the full Swarming issues Continued from Page 1 sues during his campaign. Not only did he promise to tax the rich, but Clinton also talked about cutting the military budget. Clinton will not cut back the military as much as he initially said because of the recent military involvement in the Persian Gulf, Lewis said. The new president will have to follow in George Bush's footsteps in regards to Sad dam Hussein, he said. Edwards agreed, "Clinton will ask for less cuts than the liberal Democrats would like. Clinton knows that Saddam Hussein will challenge him and that he [Clinton] will have to hang tough." James said, "Clinton will con tinue to make military cuts no matter what the situation with Saddam Hussein." Other expectations of the Clin ton White House are that it will have a completely different per sonality than the Bush White House did. Lewis said that the Clinton ad ministration will stress style over substance. "The Clinton White House's strong point will be public rela tions and communications, while Bush >yas not good at tooting his own horn but got the job done," he said. James said the biggest differ ence between the the two admin istrations is attitudinal. "Clinton will have more diver sity of ethnicity, economic back ground and viewpoints," he said. The Bush White House is like a "country club." Edwards said Clinton is an ac tivist and has a bigger public RESEARCH Skin Infection Study VIP Research is seeking individuals 12 years of age or older with uncomplicated skin and skin structure infections. 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Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, asked how she could enforce the law that she herself broke. Baird said she could tell people "not to do what I did" and that she didn't see the contra diction he did. "I recognized that I did some thing that was wrong," she said. Baird was more general when pressed about the policies of the still-forming adminis tration. One of the first priorities, she said, would be passage of a comprehensive crime bill in Congress that would make good on Clinton's promise to put 100,000 more police officers on the beat and a waiting period for handgun purchases. agenda than Bush did. "Clinton sees the government as an agent to improve the lives of Ameri cans," l\e said. While, both Republicans.and Democrats hope to see an im provement in the state of the na tion, Edwards said that attitudes toward the new president will be performance driven. "For the sake of the country, the Republicans want to see Clin ton do well," Lewis said. 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