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Wednesday, January 20,1993 The Battalion Page 5 y 19,1993 Endeavour returns to earth THE ASSOCIATED PRESS about 25 Iway out- Gaither's tely and door and o the jury hen I went ) see if any . I saw this down the the court- >rge Allen he John F. light. The a Gaither's t when the •ne bailiff, ing judges offices to igns were ming citi- ■turn when be provid- ier ime adjust- jnn, hospi- s Women's prohibited unless they )llider. For- i and many you don't don't know hard and wife, Maya, ation, engi ne move to nile under- Novosi- ling part of ncy instead elatives. with spacewalking experience to 11. Harbaugh and Runco carried each other to see how hard it would be to haul bulky objects in space. They said it was hard. They also tried out tools and compared different ways of mov ing in the open cargo bay. They said handrails were easi er to use than slide wires. In another station-era preview, the astronauts shut down one of Chilton told the 77777 , " j , 7—7T7" 77 77—T— tee power gen- crew after the ^Ve wanted to start the year out in great fash- orators for nine s f. a , c t e s h ’ p ion, on the right foot, and with this landing hours. rolled to a stop 7 0 c 7 Ma^a wanted ii Kennedy here today at Kennedy Space Center it looks to see if the fuel ipce Center, xike we did that." would restart — it did. CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Endeavour and its crew of five glided through a hary sky and landed Tuesday, completing a mission that featured a space- walk and other preparatory steps ior building space station Free dom. "Welcome home. Congratula- lions on a super flight and a great start to the shuttle '93 man ifest," Mission Control's Kevin said he was "real excited" about the crew's successes, most no tably Sunday's 41/2-hour space- walk by two crewmen. The four-man, one-woman crew also released a $200 million Tracking and Data Relay Satellite during the six-day flight, held a toy demonstration for children in their hometowns, rang in the Clinton administration, and broke in a $23 million toilet mak ing its space debut. "It's always good to do your Mission Control moni tored the weather until the last possible moment before directing shuttle commander john Casper to an 8:37 a.m. land ing at Kennedy. "We wanted to start the year out in great fashion, on the right foot, and with this landing here today at Kennedy Space Center it iooks like we did that," said launch director Bob Sieck. Sieck said a quick inspection showed Endeavour to be in good shape. It was the third flight of NASA's newest shuttle and the 53rd shuttle mission overall. Jeremiah Pearson III, head of NASA’s space flight program. Bob Sieck launch director effortlessly. Fuel cells will have to other missions, throwing the TDRS out and doing that success fully," Pearson said. "But to me, this was the start of building a base of EVA (space walking) knowledge and prepa ration tor assembling our space station." NASA plans to start building Freedom in orbit in 1996 and have astronauts living there full time around the turn of the cen tury. Sunday's spacewalk by Grego ry Harbaugh and Mario Runco Jr. — the first spacewalk by Ameri cans in nearly a year — boosted the number of shuttle astronauts be turned off for extended peri ods when shuttles begin docking with Freedom. The crew said it was pleased with the new toilet, considered by NASA to be a major improve ment over the old shuttle com mode because of its unlimited ca pacity for solid waste. The toilet attracted consider able attention long before En deavour lifted off. The General Accounting Office cited the rising cost of the commode in an Octo ber report that called for im proved financial management at NASA. MSC AGGIE CINEMA THE FILM SOCIETY OF TEXAS A&M CMINNER-CRNNES FILM FESTIVAL.) "★★★★! Erotic, tiiipnotic and mesmerizing!" -James Verniere, BOSTON HERALD All shows $2.50 Presented in Rudder Theater Complex A masterpiece! Astonishing!" tH E NEW Eft"* ''° N TR'ER THURSDAY : January 21 @ 7:00 & 9:30 Court throws out restrictions Ming to allow newspaper distribution on college campus THE ASSOCIATED PRESS iare I :D IN IE Hilton ^3 WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court today re used to let Southwest Texas State University restrict k on-campus distribution of most newspapers. The court, without comment, let stand a ruling that aid such a regulation violates free-speech rights. Southwest Texas State, in San Marcos, expanded its inti-solicitation rule in 1989 to include all newspapers pat contain advertising. Distribution of such newspapers was limited to ending machines at five campus locations, a single free expression area" or by subscription. The Hays County Guardian, a free newspaper then listiibuted throughout San Marcos, challenged the Jhiv’ersity's pojicy but U.S. District Judge Walter feuth threw out the lawsuit in 1990. The 5th U,S. Circuit Court of Appeals last August aid the school's policy on solicitation could not be ap plied to newspapers. "The anti-solicitation regulations cannot be applied »forbid an individual student from handing out a newspaper solely because the paper contains adver- isements," the appeals court ruled. The appeals cour t rejected arguments by university officials that they merely were regulating commercial speech. "The Guardian is not commercial speech," it "The advertisements . . . were included to fi nance the publication. Under such circumstances, tommercial speech was inextricably linked to the newspaper's non-commercial speech, making the whole paper noncommercial." Past Supreme Court decisions have given govern ment more leeway to restrict commercial speech. For example, the court in 1989 ruled that the peddling of Tupperware and similarly sold products can be banned from college dormitories. The 5th Circuit court also rejected the university's arguments that most of its campus is not a "public fo rum" where free-speech rights are most ardently pro tected. And the appeals court said the university was mis guided in trying to limit distribution of the Guardian to preserve the academic environment for its 22,000 students. "The handing out of a political newspaper filled with editorials and reportage about matters of public concern is compatible with the university's academic mission," the appeals court said. University officials also cited litter control, security and preventing fraud and deception as reasons for its anti-solicitation policy. In the appeal acted on today, Texas Attorney Gener al Dan Morales argued that "without significant limi tations the campus would eventually be dominated by unwarranted hawking from every salesperson in town." The appeal drew no distinction between newspa pers and commercial speech. In a friend-of-the-court brief, the American Council on Education said the 5th Circuit court's ruling would "hamstring the ability of colleges and universities to create the relaxed environ ment ... so conducive to higher education." She was their teacher. - ^ They were her hope. Whoopi Goldberg Leleti Khumalo SARAfINA! 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COLLECE STATION LOCATION 615 University East Inside of Randall’s College Station, Texas 77840 409/846-9338 BAYLOR COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND RICE UNIVERSITY ANNOUNCE A SUMMER PROGRAM FOR MINORITY STUDENTS INTERESTED IN MEDICINE THE HONORS PREMEDICAL ACADEMY MAY 31-JULY 9, 1993 Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University offer a six-week summer program for college students interested in a medical career. The goal of the program, funded in part by a grant from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is to increase minority representation in medicine. PROGRAM BENEFITS: academic enrichment in the biological sciences and communications practical research laboratory and clinical experiences counseling regarding the selection of a medical school program and the application process preparation and review for the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) • housing/financial support (Out of town students will stay in Residence Halls on the Rice University campus, across the street from Texas Medical Center. Housing will he provided at no charge). A modest stipend will be paid to all students. college credit (6 semester hours for courses taken at Rice University,* and 3 semester hours for Baylor activities**) *The Rice University courses are: English 317-Technical Writing (3 semester hours), and Biology 403-Special Topics (3 semester hours) **The Baylor College of Medicine course is AHS-399: Preceptorship in the Health Sciences (3 semester hours) APPLICATION DEADLINE: MARCH 5, 1993 SUPPORTING DOCUMENT DEADLINE: MARCH 15, 1993 For additional information write or call the Office of Admissions, Baylor College of'Medicine, One Baylor Plaza, Houston, Texas 77030, 798-4841 (Houston) or 1-800-633-6445 (outside Houston). , 1993 an- ould Df its bout ear- em- tegy n its ould yees k no ;ht. sary ness 0s," ■ong ?ally on esti- :e of ap- : re- vith pse- the t on it to ver- ha- any een ;ad- the the »rsi- in- ite- she nal are ant t Bnt )n. tu- snt >ut >n. ed os of ve :a- se- he is, gi- at- l a P- ts, n- ar :a- n- D- at MEMBER FDIC