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The Battalio
Vol. 92 No. 17 (10 pages)
‘Serving Texas A&M Since 1893”
Tuesday, September 22, 1992
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DARRIN HILL/The Battalion
Fifty-nine-year-old graduate student, Bart Branden, of Bryan, lifts
himself vertically off the ground on Monday by grabbing hold of
the goal posts of Kyle Field and lifting himself off the ground.
Branden keeps fit by running an average of four miles a day.
Socialist party
vies for support
Nominee speaks on issues at Rudder
J. Quinn Brisben, the Socialist
Party's 1992 presidential nominee,
admits many people take his can
didacy about as seriously as the
physical reincarnation of Elvis. He
continues his long odyssey across
the United States, however.
Last night in Rudder, Brisben
addressed a small group of A&M
students, reiterating socialist
themes and ideals.
Brisben, who has traveled over
70,000 miles by car since his nomi
nation on Labor Day 1991, said
the United States needs change
and won't get it from the Democ
rats or Republicans.
Brisben addressed a number of
issues, including health care, the
environment and equal rights for
He said the job of raising chil
dren is a very important one and
those that do it should get paid.
"We have proposed that
women have the choice between
staying home and taking care of
the children and being out in the
economy," he said. "But .there
isn't enough day care opt there.
"We'd like to see day care cen
ters attached to every large educa
tional institution and every large
employer in this country.
It would help to establish a
principle that is very dear to the
socialists, that raising children - as
pleasant as it may be - is also a
It's probably the most impor
tant work you can do in society
and work that ought to be paid."
Brisben also discussed the need
for additional quality housing in
communities like Bryan-College
"Things need to be planned in
(College Station), very obviously,
for the large student population,"
he said. "Housing should be bet
ter adapted to young, single peo
John Marhoul, a member of
Aggie Socialists and Socialist Par
ty USA, said Monday night's dis
cussion was a success but often
times socialist views are not given
enough consideration.
"We don't have the funds for
things like this like the Aggie Re
publicans and Democrats do,"
Marhoul said. "Whatever we do
has to come out of our own pock
"And the response is that peo
ple usually ignore us. That's kind
of sad, because college is a time
when people should want to
know how other people think and
then make decisions on their own.
It's a little disappointing for me."
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DALLAS — The Libertarian
presidential candidate has re
ceived backing from an anti-gun
control group, which also de
nounced President Bush for
supporting limits on automatic
The North Texas Arms
Rights Coalition on Saturday en
dorsed Andre Marrou, who
made his second visit to Dallas
this year.
"The two greatest lies in
American politics are 'Read my
lips, no new taxes/ and 'No new
gun restrictions/" said Marrou,
53, a native of Nixon, Texas,
who now is a realtor in Las Ve-
^'The incumbent president
has, of course, broken both
promises he made."
Marrou said the constitution
al guarantee to own a gun is
He criticized Bush for ban-
rung imports of semiautomatic
weapons and for considering
support of the Brady bill, which
requires a waiting period before
a handgun is bought.
Marrou, whose name will ap
pear on the presidential ballot m
all 50 states, told more than 100
supporters that the endorse
ments will help him in Texas.
"Texas is an important state
to appeal to gun rights," Marrou
Libertarian candidates seek
ing local office joined Marrou in
front of the Old Red Courthouse
in downtown Dallas.
Libertarians argue for shrink
ing the size and functions of
government at all levels.
Key points of the party's plat
form include dismantling the In
ternal Revenue Service and
abolishing the personal income
Wayne Burnham, the arms
coalition's president, said his or
ganization backed Bush four
years ago, but that members are
disillusioned at his failure to
fend off efforts to pass gun lim
Assault reported
at CS apartments
College Republicans host rally
Staff Writer of THE BATTALION
The opportunity to host the
vice president of the United States
is one the College Republicans
have been waiting for, and they
have been working around the
clock to see that Dan Quayle's vis
it goes smoothly, said the group's
"We've been working for this
ever since our organization was
started, and we're grateful to the
Quayle advance team for laying
this responsibility upon us be
cause they didn't have to do
that," said Phil Meuret, president
of College Republicans.
The organization sent out invi
tations to Republican politicians
in August, offering them the
chance to speak to A&M students,
Meuret said.
They did not hear of Quayle's
acceptance until last Thursday
evening. Since then, they have put
in many hours preparing for his
If the visit had come any earli
er in the semester, the Organiza
tion may have had a harder time
pulling the event together, Meuret
They just finished committee
"I think that's one of the main
reasons why they chose A&M and
our organization because they felt
that we could handle something
of this magnitude," said Brandi
Smith, vice president of public re
The College Republicans have
been working closely with
Quayle's advance team since Fri
day, laying out the details of his
visit. They have printed and post
ed over 25,000 flyers announcing
the event.
"We hope, come Tuesday, that
all of the students will come out,
hear the vice president speak,
show their support and help us
prove that we are a university ca
pable of handling this kind of
event," Smith said.
The president of the Aggie De
mocrats, Patrick Gendron, also
encourages students to attend the
"People ought to hear Quayle
out, see what he has to say, and
don't distract others from hearing
him," Gendron said. "But, I
would remind people that he is .
not here as the vice president. It is
a campaign stop."
He disagrees with restrictions
allowing only signs made by the
College Republicans into the coli
"I do believe a person should
be allowed to have a sign to show
that there is dissent/^ Gendron
said. "Not everyone follows
The Aggie Democrats have
been working since the summer
to get Gov. Bill Clinton or Sen. A1
Gore to speak at A&M.
Though at this time, Gendron
said, they have not received any
word from the Clinton-Gore cam
Members of the College Re
publicans will be stationed
around the G. Rollie White Coli
seum to offer assistance and infor
In addition, voter registration
tables and issues sheets (outlining
Republican stances) will be avail
able in the coliseum.
Texas Agriculture Commis
sioner Rick Perry will serve as the
master of ceremonies for the rally
which begins at 1 p.m.
"We want a real, Aggie wel
come because that's why the
Quayle team is coming here,"
Smith said. "This is our chance to
Officials offer
tips for event
The College Republicans and
the University Police Department
offer tips for attending the rally.
• Cameras and tape recorders
will be allowed inside the G. Rol
lie White Coliseum contrary to
earlier reports.
• No identification is needed
to get into the rally
• Students are advised to
leave backpacks behind as they
will need to be searched by the
Secret Service, slowing down the
line to get in.
• Only front entrances of the
coliseum may be used by the
• Parking areas 37 and 60, be
tween G. Rollie and the Bush Li
brary offices, will be closed.
• Visitor parking is available
in the parking garages on cam
pus and Duncan Field.
• Only signs made by the Col
lege Republicans will be allowed
inside the coliseum.
• Seating in the coliseum is
first come, first-served and doors
open at 12:15 p.m.
Staff writer of THE BATTALION
A 20-year-old Texas A&M stu
dent was sexually assaulted out
side Briarwood Apartments as
she was returning home early
Thursday morning, said Lt. Mike
Mathews, head of the College Sta
tion Police criminal investigation
The woman was walking alone
to her apartment, located at the
1200 block of Harvey Rd., be
tween 2:45 a.m. and 3 a.m. when
two assailants, white males in
their 20s, attacked her.
"There were two suspects,"
Mathews said. "One held her
down and the other one sexually
assaulted her."
The Brazos County Rape Crisis
Center was contacted and the
woman was checked into St.
Joseph Hospital in Bryan where
she was treated and released.
The woman was able to give
only a vague description of her
assailants and the case is still un
der investigation.
This brings the official 1992
rape count for College Station to
The victim has assumed a
pseudonym for the duration of
the investigation to protect her
Paula McCune, coordinator of
volunteers at the Rape Crisis Cen
ter, said many rape victims use
false names as a means of protec
"It gives them a sense of secu
rity," she said. "Usually fake
names are used throughout the
McCune said women should
be aware of their environment
when they travel alone. She en
courages women to travel in pairs
whenever possible.
If you are attacked, it is not al
ways best to try to fight the per
son. This may spark a more vio
lent rape.
"What is important to get
across is that if you survived the
rape, then you are a survivor,"
she said. "Whatever you did, you
did it right."
Briarwood Apartments and
several surrounding complexes
posted notices on residents' doors
informing them of the incident.
They urged residents to report
any suspicious activity and to ex
ercise personal security measures
while outside their apartments.
Members of Briarwood Apart
ments management refused to
comment on the incident.
Richard Smith/The Battalion
Lisa Avila of the Aggie Republicans listens to Ben de Leon of the Aggie Democrats discuss policies.
Aggies talk
on opposite
end of issues
In an effort to help college stu
dents make an informed choice in
November, two campus political
groups debated the merits of the Re
publican and Democratic presiden
tial candidates Monday evening in
Wells Hall.
Three members each from Aggie
Democrats and Aggie Republicans
squared off in the residence hall's TV
lounge in front of about two dozen
hall residents in a structured debate.
After the debate both groups of
fered information on their parties'
platforms and voter registration.
Aggie Republicans meet every
Tuesday at 8 p.m. in 224 MSC, and
tonight Rep. Steve Ogden will ad
dress the group.
Aggie Democrats meet at 7 p.m.
on Wednesdays.
This week Jim James, chairman of
the Brazos Valley Democratic Party,
and Ellen Richards, daughter of Gov.
Ann Richards, will be guest speak-