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Monday, August 31,1992 The Battalion Page All i 0r; u KE members escape itdifire; fraternity house, vmipersonal property lost TEDI By JULIE CHELKOWSKI Reporter of THE BATTALION AT10N - ersity proffl- The members of Tau Kappa assistantii Epsilon (TKE) were left empty- lers injured handed the night of August 20th i Saturday, when a fire destroyed their frater- Hargis,35,;Hty house and all property inside. , 26, were:|. Three members of the social the sceneo: fraternity safely escaped the a-Marketl; .house, located at 102 Parker St. in ^e Station, Bryan, and attempts by fraternity ne Dobrovol-Members and the Bryan Fire De- as a poultn&rtment to extinguish it were un- the univer;successful. rom BeaumJ Mike Donoho, assistant fire slant. chief of the Bryan Fire Depart- Hargis,Haient, said the department was a Texas Aimiccessful in containing the fire to professor,fraternity house, and a neigh- al injuries Hboring house, cars and a carriage night front Mouse that belong to TKE were izos Valley saved. 10-mohthJ ; Jeff Erler, vice president of TKE jffered headftid he and two other men were ted in guaJfp the house when they discov- ed the fire in a locked bedroom, [he room was unoccupied at the [me. of College® "When we opened the door, we found the couch and the air treated and lconditioning unit on fire," Erler laid. "The house was 90 years lid. And since it was all wood Public SafitBnd so old, it burned in about 30- crash occur to 45 minutes." a the carT | The fire was considered a is headed w "two-alarm fire," Donoho said, , When Hailwhich means a second station re- r t, he was rc sponded to the scene when it is •iven by Bra? Determined that the fire could not pushed Haip |e controlled by one station's g traffic in : equipment. I Donoho said the cause has not ruck driven! Been officially determined, but 1 Johnson tin laid they believe it began because assengerside! If an inadequate extension cord Is said. fliat was'connected to the air con- everyonerijitioning unit. He said the cord i woreseatiiyas not capable of handling the not believed‘power of the unit. 1 Although no one was injured, Bie members of Tau Kappa Ep silon suffered heavy losses. Erler laid they lost the chapter's char- |lT|fer, awards, composite pictures of C/V/lrmembers from the past nine Bears, countless official docu ments, all ritual equipment, and me personal property of 11 men who were living in the house. re Amy Racj and id bruises, he was beat: ?ason by blai doesn't belie: h because th: in the Midd Dr. Mike Leese, Texas A&M's greek adviser, said the members are currently working to put the past behind them and start focus ing on the future of their chapter. "They'll all try to pull togeth er," Leese said. "They just have a lot of work to do now. They have to replace a lot of stuff." A major factor of the future for TKE is the outcome of the 1992 Fraternity Fall Rush which Erler said is one of their main concerns. "We've already taken all steps to make sure it (rush) is still going on," he said. "We only had three (rush) functions scheduled to take place in the house, but we have al ready rescheduled those." Erler said the house had al ways been an important tool in rush, but ironically this is the first year they decided to use it as part of their theme and print it on the back of their rush t-shirts. "The house was one of the fo cal pbints of rush,"* Erler said. "This is one of the first years that we incorporated the house into rush. "The emphasis on rush week has suddenly changed." The Tau Kappa Epsilons have occupied the house since 1983, but it's history goes back to 1912 when the neoclassical style house was called the Chance Mansion built by James Chance. Erler said the chapter is work ing with their national officers, in surance company, and alumni to help brothers who lost property by redirecting part of their budget to assist them. We already have a new TKE headquarters and already have bought a new place for the offi cers to live," Erler said. "Our budget process also had to change to assist people. We've done all we could to ensure that everyone is taken care of and has a place to stay." Even though the TKE house is nothing more than dust and ash es, the members are trying to keep a positive outlook and look to ward the future. "Even though it's a big loss, we're trying to look at this as a learning experience," Erler said. bout the iblication, sail assed theWeii atoning phon id to help hit Lack of modern transit Tinders trade between United States, Mexico her son wen lors and then This summei liber rifles an > showed 1 ting Klandot THE ASSOCIATED PRESS NEW ORLEANS - Economic ?aders say primitive roads and ridges and a lack of vehicles are eeping trade between the United tates and Mexico backed up at [escribed ash he border for days. Substantial bottlenecks are be- inning to appear. . . . My under- tanding is that you have delays showed Trap| If 72 hours in Laredo to get across he border/' said Diego C. Asen- tape of thecqCio, the executive director of Flori- d to Judaism la's International Affairs Com mission. about the trif e soon. "I dou : Laredo, on the Mexican-Texas [border, is a key entry point for [Mexican and U.S. merchandise. Asencio was one of 26 represen- jtatives to the Association of Gulf tates meeting in New Orleans laturday to work on a coopera- ive plan for the region. Trade be- een the two countries is expect- to double or even triple once ie North American Free Trade greement goes into action. Asencio says trade could sky- icket to $120 billion or $180 bil- on a year, but the border can't landle rtiaf irw-ropco There are some natural condi- ions on the border that make it essential to develop some ship ping and air transportation be tween Mexico and the United States/' he said. "Florida has 14 deep sea ports and the second busiest airport in the country. . . . This gives us an exceptional opportunity to inte grate our lines of communication, to promote shipping, to promote joint ventures, to promote invest ment, and to promote trade," Asencio said. The Port of New Orleans is looking for an increase in Mexican trade as well. Louisiana's Director of Interna tional Trade Larry Collins said ports in both' the United States and Mexico are underused. "We have virtually ignored each oth er," he said. The meeting produced a com munique that was 'described as a first step toward making the re gion an economic unit. Asencio noted Mexico is a leader in labor-intensive mass production. On the other hand, goods or services requiring higher technology and higher invest ments are naturals for the United States. 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